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Revisiting the need for a receiver in the second round

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We stirred some considerable debate Saturday when we suggested the Bears were locked into a wide receiver in the second round with the 49th overall pick.

Now that they have quarterback Jay Cutler, it's time to outfit him with the appropriate weapons.

Not everyone saw it that way. Some feel the addition of three starters on offense--Cutler, left tackle Orlando Pace and projected to left guard Frank Omiyale--signal a move to defense in the draft. At least in the early rounds. Certainly there are those out there who feel the Bears need some real work on the defensive side of the ball. Clark Judge of writes that Cutler is not necessarily a cure-all for all things wrong with the Bears.

The thinking is Cutler will be a boost for Devin Hester as well as Earl Bennett, the third-round pick from last season who went without a catch as a rookie. The Bears said when they drafted that not only was Bennett a starting-caliber receiver, but that he was the highest receiver on their draft board. Remember, none were selected in the first round and then 10 came off the board in the second round. With the prior relationship between Cutler and Bennett at Vanderbilt--they played together for one season--it can only help Bennett.

But the pick at No. 49 could also be used on defense. General manager Jerry Angelo is in the market for a free safety. The Bears like Alabama's Rashad Johnson, who comes with a sterling recommendation from Angelo's good friend Nick Saban. Here is a statistic on Johnson for those who question his size at 5-11, 203 pounds, and his speed at 4.49 seconds in the 40-yard dash--Johnson had 30 pass breakups and interceptions over the last two seasons. That is the most for a safety in the draft since Sean Taylor and Ed Reed came out of Miami.

There is some debate as to whether or not Johnson will be drafted that early, but he might not last to No. 99 where the Bears pick again with their compensatory selection at the end of the third round. But if it's not a safety in the second round, what position do the Bears target? Can they find a defensive lineman worth taking there? Angelo said there wouldn't be a sure rush end at No. 18 and there sure as heck will not be one at No. 49. A cornerback isn't going to solve one of their needs directly there. A linebacker doesn't seem to be a need, not there any way.

I come back to receiver. Without help there, they're rolling the dice on Bennett going from being a zero to a productive starter in one season. Keep in mind, Bennett wasn't held back by Kyle Orton from being successful. It wasn't his fault Bennett barely saw the field. Is Cutler going to make that much of a difference? Because if Bennett doesn't work out, then you're looking at Rashied Davis back in the starting lineup. The Bears could choose between Juaquin Iglesias, Mohamed Massaquoi, Louis Murphy and Brian Robiskie at No. 49. That would give them some protection with Bennett. The Bears will work out Iglesias on Tuesday and Massaquoi on Wednesday to get better looks at them.

There is a chance Johnson hangs around deep into the third round or the Bears could possibly target Texas Tech's Darcel McBath or Troy's Sherrod Martin. They will work Martin out on Friday.

Yes, there are option, but if the Bears have the first big-time quarterback in forever, shouldn't they do all they can to make sure he succeeds where those who have come before him have not done so well?

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yes, cutler should have a chance to succeed in chicago, thats why they need to draft a WR. lets see what those people we got in FA can do for the team, before we waste a draft pick on those positions. as of right now we havnt picked up any WR in FA, so lets address that first! even if those people we picked up for defense dont pay off, atleast we will still have an offense who can carry the defense for a change.

Well getting cutler was a great cost saving -team improving move (Kyle Orton fan). But now we need at least another 2nd round and possible a 3rd round pick to make this move have a higher chance of immediate success in the division. I wonder if Desmond Clark could generate that kind of value for teams in need of a tight end like the Falcons or Jets of the 6 possible NFL suitors this year.

"That is the most for a safety in the draft since Sean Taylor and Ed Reed came out of Miami."

If that's not a telltale sign to draft Johnson, then I don't know what is. He's in fantastic company.

Personally I want to see the Bears use their picks to build the D back up; and maybe get a few linemen for the future. WR is important, but I feel that a playmaking FS is even more important. And as mostly everyone agrees, the chances of a receiver coming on and contributing in their first year are minimal. Why take the bigger risk?

Also, what's wrong with bringing Brandon Lloyd back in? Sure his "100%" comments rubbed some people the wrong way, but you have to admit that when he was healthy he made some darn good plays.

I want the Bears to build the "Greatest O-line Ever" to protect our most important player for the next 10 years.

The "Greatest O-line Ever" will give the QB more time to throw and break down coverages, open up holes to run through, get the short yardage 1st down and control the time of possession so that your Defense is fresh and strong and gets less injuries caused by fatigue. The O-line will make the Defense better. This is long term thinking.

If you want to win the Superbowl this year, you're going to have to get Torry Holt and Plaxico Burress. Free Agency is the best way to get your proven WR's to win NOW. If you draft WR's the history shows they need up to 3 years to develop, which is okay if you want to go long-term. But if you need to win now, FA is what you must do.

If Burress doesn't work out, you can always cut him. If he reforms, then you have a steal! Don't be negative and say you can't get Holt. Show him you want him and overpay if you have to. We're talking about winning a Superbowl here! Maybe a dynasty.

But I say we still need to get the best O-line we can and should use our 49th pick to get one if the talent is there or possibly trade up for one. I like it when they say Center Alex Mack is the best center in the draft in the last 5-15 years and that you can just plug him in and he'll be a Probowler and be your Center for the next 12 years. It sounds good. I like it. Perhaps we can't get him, but that's the kind of guys I want. Guys who will make a difference and last for years. And maybe we only need to get 2 or 3 O-linemen to get the best line and I think the draft maybe the only way to do it as of now.

Make the O-line "outstanding" and you'll fix your Defense. And you'll win 3 Superbowls and have your dynasty.


And please be aware. This is the new age Jay Cutler. There was "before Cutler" B.C.; and now "after Cutler" A.C.

Any of the players the Bears look at from now on will reflect the fact that things have changed now that Cutler is here. Whoever they looked at before may not matter since they don't have the 18th pick.

So whoever they look at from now on is the most likely one they will pick.

I would like to see Angelo try to shop a few of the mid-round picks for a chance to get an extra selection in rounds 2 or 3.

That way he can still get a WR and a FS early in the draft to fill those needs with top-end draft talent.

Go Bears !!

Brad why do you keep brining up Massaquoi? The guys sucks. Anyway at best Bennett will be in the slot this year. Both he and Hester are Flankers and neither one can beat the Jam. Who is the Split End? Do we have one? Either draft one or sign one. But you need a guy who can start there this year and we don't have one on the roster at this point. Your chances of finding a starting WR this year after the second round are not good. Not saying ignore the defense or that it has to be done in the draft, but they need to get a guy there. It would be better for the Bears if they could get a guy at Split End outside of the draft who has experience. But that currently consists of Plaxico.

Just a guess on my part but I think the Bears will have to choose between Nicks, Delmas, Chris Baker, Paul Kruger, and Derrick Marks with there first pick.

The Best mock I saw for the Bears had them getting 2-5
Brandon Williams
David Bruton
Roy Miller and Mark Parson

Hector, Cutler is cheaper than Orton. Why are you worried about what they spend anyway? Spending is good cheap is bad. It's not about how many Picks you have it's what you do with the picks that counts.

Mike lots of second round recievers came out last year and participated, your problem is your not used to having a real QB yet. Eddie Royal, Jackson, and Avery, all had solid first years. Royal had the best year but he had a great QB throwing to him, some guy from Denver.

I know it's a longshot, but how about we trade a pick or two to Buffalo and get Terrell Owens? Since they just got him for one year anyway, they may take a pick and think they came out ahead on the deal.

If you want to win now, you do what it takes!


The game is always evolving, maybe start seriously considering OU's Harris @safety. Every game I saw he was knocking dude's on their backside and always seem to be around the ball. I know he's projected at Linebacker, but maybe the new fad to stop the run is being bigger.
If Nicks drops, that's Incredible! still like Robiskie..hard to pass them up

That's true, Creighton. But none of those guys were drafted by the Bears. Can we trust Angelo to get us a good WR to come in and help this season? Will Cutler reduce the receiver risk factor by that much?

I'd still rather see a safety come in with a high pick. What would you rather see? The O or D addressed?

You can look at this from a number of angles.

1. Cutler doesn't solve the Bears'problems on D. A great free safety would. They don't have one now, and if they don't draft one, the D will suffer greatly. This relates directly to Cutler: he was 12-1 in Denver when their crappy D held opponents to 21 points or less. That's what the Bears D averaged last year. If it can take some points off, it makes Cutler's first year that much easier, even with crappy weapons.

2. Maybe someone can clarify this, but read that the reason Bennett couldn't make it on the field was because he didn't practice "at NFL speed." That sounds like NFLese for he was too slow. If that's true, I don't see how Cutler makes him faster. So we have a problem here, Houston.

3. If the free safety is gone, or if the Bears don't see enough from Bennett in the OTAs this week (is he there?), then they should draft a WR who is not a big stretch to make it his first year. That would be Brian Robiskie or maybe the kid from GA. A project at WR might be OK at the end of the draft, but not in the second round.

4. They could make this a lot easier by stalking Torry Holt and making him an offer he can't refuse. That way they can get the FS, take a project at WR, and target it as a big priority next year.

Remember, Cutler is supposed to be here for 10 years. I don't expect the Bears to win the SB this year. But I do expect them to win the division and make the playoffs. And either a WR who contributes big time this year or a FS who contributes big time this year can make that happen.

If you got Holt and Buress, can you imagine putting Hester back to returning kicks again? If he returned to his previous form, we'd get excellent field position and another weapon to score TD's every time he touched the ball.

Sounds Super...Bowl to me!

Two or three ideas.

Number 1 option: If Duke Robinson OG would fall to #49 that would be a great pick. I do like the idea of protecting the QB and getting a new ROG to help the running game. Essentially that move could establish the Bears for the next 3 years for the OT and OG spots, with Kruetz most likely running out of steam in a couple of years, but we have possibly two backups at center that could work right now if Kruetz went down.

Number 2 option: You have to go Rashad Johnson if there isn't a top OG guy like Robinson that has fallen to #49. This kid has too much potential to hope that he falls to #99. It is almost a wash as to which guy to take at #49 either Robinson OG or Johnson FS, if both were available.

If a special WR falls to #49 absolutely go for him, like Nicks but don't give up value, pick the best athlete at #49 and that includes an OLB if none of the above talent was available and a top OLB was, which could happen. The Bears have had problems with the strong side linebacking position, no one in that position seems to be able to cover and tackle, last year TE's and WR's were beating the hell out of us on slants etc with the linebacker getting whipped on a consistent basis.

I am still all for picking up a proven Wideout either through free agency or after cut downs should a good one be available. There may still be some decent WR talent available as late as round 4.

Protect the QB, that is the dumbest comment I have ever heard...lets trade away the rest of our draft to get TO? Are you serious? Sure we all want to win now, but we want to have a team next year too. The smartest thing for the Bears to do is to sign Torry Holt, draft a FS in the 2nd and fill out all the other glaring holes on our roster in 3-7. If by chance Nicks falls to number 49 than we should draft him. It's not all about the now...we still need a team next year. You dont want to trade everything away for just one shot.

If I were Jerry Angelo, I would take the player with the best grade at 49 regardless of position. There is really no position we don't need some help at. I would also address receiver in the FA market, because even if we go WR in rd. 2 that player will likely not have an immediate impact. Obviously, Holt would be great but the word is that isn't coming. Some value pickups might be D.J. Hackett or Mark Clayton. Also, Harrison might be a good one or two year signing to bridge the gap.

The guy they draft is the guy they are not talking about, nor is anyone else...because they all want him to be there when they pick. See Jerome Simpson last year, going in the 2nd round when most scouting reports had him in the 4th, maybe 3rd. This year, that guy is Brandon Gibson of Wash St. Most accounts of his Senior Bowl where pretty much glowing, and I've read that the Vikes love him with their 2nd rounder just after Bears at 49.

I go with Gibson in the 2nd round, Troy's Sherrod Martin in 3rd at #99 or McBatch of texas Tech is he's gone, Melton at DE from Texas in the 4th, and Johny Knox in the 5th. Pick up a corner in the 5th and we've got a solid draft.

Johnson at FS in round 2
Mike Wallace receiver ole Miss 3 The way it will be. Mark my words.

Terrell Owens is supposed to have at least 3 more good years in him.

I believe in the long term and that's why I want to do what it takes to get the O-line to be the best and perhaps get another talented O-lineman with the #49 pick or even trade up for one.

But I do understand and recognize that the Bears do have the chance to get to a Superbowl this year if they get a couple of proven WR's.

When the Bears were saying they were "close" they meant that they thought that with the right coaching, they could return the Bears Defense back to it's 2006 Superbowl form. The Bears already think they have the Defensive players to win it all with some tweaking.

So, if that's true, then we may have a small window of opportunity to win a SB right now if we add 2 good WR's. Otherwise, you may have to re-build your Defense if you wait for the WR's you draft now to develop in a couple of years.

The New York Giants went downhill after Plaxico Burress left the team and you could see how much he meant to them and the difference he made.

A top WR can mean the difference between just making the playoffs or going all the way it seems. Maybe you can't get Holt, but doesn't Burress and Owens sound good? Yes, they have egos but they both have had humbling experiences lately. And with their careers in jeopardy, you'd think they would be on their best behavior.

And if we got them why does it have to mean just one year to the SB?
You're set at QB,RB,and TE already, just get the WR's if you want to win now. Are you telling me you can't get 2-3 more good years out of Holt, Burress, or Owens?

And if the Bears coaches are as good as they are supposed to be developing Defensive players, then I believe they can do wonders with lower round draft picks and Free Agents to replenish the Defense.

So, let's win 3 Superbowls in a row now, rebuild for three years, and then win 3 more Superbowls after that. Then Cutler can retire.
Does that sound good to you?


This is definitely a pickle of a situation. Do we draft WR, FS or best available? I guess all arguments are warranted here. And most of the guys make a very solid point. This team has a lot of holes to fill. Holes that cannot be filled in the draft alone. So free agency has to take up some of that slack. Yes, we all agree that WR is a position of need. And that position has to be filled. With the addition of Bullocks (plus better coaching) and the move of Bowman to FS (plus a lot of coaching), I feel that FS can take a backseat to WR. Devin Hester is still a work in progress. Bennett is still unproven. Plus, Bennett is a prime example of how record breaking college performers don't always translate to an immiediate impact in the pros. And that's suppose to be the best we have right now? We have zero veteran presence at that position. Which, IMO, is a must. Coaches are not the only one's that helps with a player's progress. With workouts beginning, we need a veteran WR on that roster YESTERDAY, to help teach these projects all of the nuances of the game and certain defender tendancies. So, what I'm saying is that the WR position should be filled by both free agency and the draft. As far as I'm concerned, a veteran should have already been brought in, regardless of the acquisition of Cutler. Once that position is addressed, then the rest of the roster should be filled out. That means signing a FA WR and drafting the best WR available with that 2nd round pick. Hopefully with good scouting the rest of the roster can be addressed nicely, afterwards. Go Bears!!!

I say draft D and get a FA WR! How about Mike Furrey, Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, Lance Moore, etc. I know some of those guys are criminals but with Cutler here they might get straight!! Receivers are a dime a dozen with a QB like Cutler. Don't waste our 2nd pick on an unproven. Cutler is 13-1 when the opponent is held under 21 points. We need more D!!!!!!!

I say draft D and get a FA WR! How about Mike Furrey, Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, Lance Moore, etc. I know some of those guys are criminals but with Cutler here they might get straight!! Receivers are a dime a dozen with a QB like Cutler. Don't waste our 2nd pick on an unproven. Cutler is 13-1 when the opponent is held under 21 points. We need more D!!!!!!!

A few things to consider for those who say fraft D and sign a FA WR.

Lance Moore and Hank Baskett are RFA's meaning if we pursue one of those guy's we will have to sacrafice the second round pick as compensation. Sign Moore or Baskett to an offer sheet, their repective teams decline to match and we lose pick #49.

Just something to consider.

Matt Jones and T.O. are not options, neither is Burress so we can forget those names right now. Angelo just cleared the team of Benson and Tank, he won't bring in anymore low character guy's unless they are absalute world beaters. Buffalo just obtained T.O. and I doubt they will be looking to dump him before he even put on the Jersey.

Mike Furrey, is he really what we are missing at the WR position ??? NO, he is just Rasheed Davis with better hands.

Holt is the best option right now. Angelo said he would turn his attention to the WR position after the Cutler introductions, did not rule out any FA options and hinted towards them waiting until after the draft to see who becomes available in the post draft FA market. He did say he would like to shore up a few positions on Defense as well so it looks like Jerry is on the same page as most of you guy's....

Go Bears !!

I don't think the Bears can find a receiver in this draft with the picks they have that would contribute in 2009 as much as Torry Holt would. Signing Holt gives them a legitimate professional WR that can be a mentor to the younger receivers. Signing Holt would be a huge upgrade for the offense, more than any draft pick would be this year. Signing Holt gives Jerry A. great flexibility in the draft. He can get the best free safety, the best defensive end, corner back or linebacker with their 2nd, 3rd and 4th picks. He should use his 5th on the most talented receiver available. Someone that has speed but needs coaching to develope. This scenario would upgrade the team for 2009 and start the defensive re-build that has to happen soon.

Mike I say take the best player available at a position of need period. We have a ton of needs and we need top end guys not average guys. Thats very true about Angelo as you may have noticed I keep requesting a GM who can draft or that someone call Mike Shanahan and ask him for help drafting a reciever. Have Jay do it, he likes Jay. jay could petend he is just calling to say high and be like yeah so the draft is comming up and Angelo really like this guy. Then Shanahan would be like really?? Him??? You must be joking? Then Jay could be like oh and who do like mister know it all, Angelo said your not very good at drafting WR's? Then Shanahan would be like is this joke you know I like such and such.

NBS/AR, bad, bad NBS, I believe Reggie Williams just got busted for Coke and they had to taser him when he refused to leave a bar. He will not be playing football in the NFL this year after two off season arrests. Matt Jones was arrested a month ago for violating his probation. I think Goodell is gonna suspend both of them. Furray?? Seriously?? You want that guy?? Lance Moore is going to cost a second round pick to get and outside of this year he has done nothing.

If any of you want to see Ortons press confrence go here. I myself watched twice after I noticed him saying Ahhh and Ummm a lot I decided to count how many times he said them. Some are real obvious and others more suttle and quick by the time i got to 4:30 in the interview I was up to 53 times. He also shaved the beard. Broncos fans are already talking about how McDaniels led the Pats to 3 Super Bowl victories. Reminds me of some of the guys around here talking about how Orton led the 2005 Bears to the Playoffs. Hahahahahha. There is also a Brandon Marshall interview there were he talks about Cutler which is good.

Trade up and get Heyward-Bey.

There will be more guys on the waiver wire come training camp time at the WR position too. There will also be some moves, which will start a domino effect. Chad Ocho Cinco, Anquan Boldin, and Braylon Edwards changing addresses could change a lot, and guys like Antonio Bryant might end up being the odd man out in that equation, who gets dumped for a more proven problem child...

I still think we are going to be limited in our WR options by the time we get to 49, but that doesn't mean there won't be talent available. It just may not be 2009 impact type talent. Rashad Johnson is a talented safety, but is he that much better than Martin? or Vaughn, or Bruton, or Clemons? Maybe he is, but the difference between those guys may not be as big as the difference between a 2nd round DL and a 4th (99th pick may as well be a 4th rounder). Or a guy like Nicks or Robiskie, and the guys available at 99. Earl Bennett, or Eddie Royal? Maybe Bennett gets better, but I would think all of us would prefer the guy who starts as a good player and contributes. It is obvious that we can't develop anyone, so we need to draft guys who don't need our help.

I've always liked Alabama free safety Rashad Johnson for his ability to play the ball, and his knack for the big play. Johnson had 5 ints last season and two of them he took back to the house. Johnson also had 11 pass breakups last year and 8 the season before. But I think I like Johnson the most for his football smarts, which is a key attribute especially for a free safety. Nick Saban called him one of the smartest football players he's ever coached. It could very well come down to Johnson or the best available wide receiver in the second.

Chicago does need a receiver that could come in and play the split end position. The best opition for Chicago at #49 will probably be North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks, Nicks has started the last two seasons at split end for North Carolina. Nicks is a strong receiver and has the ability to gain yards after the catch. I also like Brian Robiskie of Ohio state, he started at split end in 07 and flanker last season. Either Nicks or Robiskie would be nice picks.

The thing is, a lot of the receivers the Bears are looking at [Iglesias, Massaquoi, or Murphy] will be available in the third. Of the three, I like Juaquin Iglesias of Oklahoma the best. If Chicago drafts Johnson in the second, they could probably land Iglesias in the third, remember, its a pretty deep receiver class. Iglesias has been very consistent leading Oklahoma in catches and receiving yards the last two seasons. He can find the end zone having scored 10 times last season. Also, scouts say Iglesias is built for a west coast offense. Iglesias has the ability to generate separation from defenders due to his agility, and is naturally elusive runner after the catch. All traits of your classic west coast receiver. I say nab him in the third if they go with Rashad Johnson in the second. If the Bears go with Nicks in the second, they could still land another safety I like in Notre Dames David Bruton later in the fourth. Myself, I'd go with Rashad Johnson at #49, well see what Angelo thinks GO BEARS

Don't miss the bigger picture here. Our defensive end position is adequate for now, but most of our starters are free agents next year. Don't sell out the future to fortify your present. We have to go defensive line fairly high this year or we may regret it for years to come. Kinda like our O-line going into this season or our wide receivers EVERY season. No first pick overall, but maybe throw our 4th round pick at the best d-line available or we may wonder next year what to do about our d-line like we wondered (wondering??) about our o-line THIS year.

The time to get Terrell Owens is BEFORE he puts on that uniform and plays for Buffalo so they don't get used to having him to miss him.

And we're dealing with Dick Jauron as Buffalo head coach, he doesn't seem to have a stellar record of judgment, going 7-9 for the past 3 seasons in a row and from what he did with the Bears. So you could probably convince the management there to make a deal. We bamboozled Denver.

As for Burress, he already had a 4 game suspension last season relating to his current situation so he may not be punished this season by the league. He may get probation and no jail time; he's already been punished by losing his job.

I think Burress and Owens are big time WR's not just typical WR's.
And you can always cut them at any time! If it doesn't work out, so what? We can always go back to the mediocre, run of the mill, same old same old we've had forever!

Is your #49 pick at WR going to be better than Terrell Owens? When you want to win NOW?

Get Holt if you can. If you can't, get Burress and Owens. Just remember that you're getting them so that you can go to and WIN the Superbowl.

Otherwise, build the greatest O-line that you can with the #49 pick and draft WR's and Defense as projects in the lower rounds.


How do you solve a problem like reciever?
How do catch a ball and get a touch down?
How do you find a name that means reciver?
A drug addict, a wife beater, a clown.

So I decided to do a little leg work on the whole reciever question. Can the Bears solve there WR problem this year? Probably not, a draft pick is 50/50 at best. The FA market is bad in terms of talent and people keep talking about making a trade. Now I think the Bears will do what they did last year and try to find guys to fill a gap. Some over the hill guy, or a bad character guy like Lloyd. But there is something interesting. A glimmer of hope shinning off in the distance roughly a year away. Next years FA WR group looks really good. Of course you can expect some guys to get tagged. But there is one guy who is not expected to get tagged or resined. He has some issues, he is also a good friend of Jay Culter. His name is Brandon Marshall. Marshall is expected to be suspended this year, not a little suspesion either and the Broncos are reported to have had enough of his off the field problems. Then of course Cutler gate happened and we have not heard much about it. But make no mistake he will be on the market next year, maybe even sooner.

Outside of Marshall
There is Roddy White a 27 year old Split End from Atlanta who is a stud. Still not extended but he will probably be.
Lee Evans another Split End form Buffalo, a very solid player who is 28.
Greg Jennings may also hit the market he is a very good Flanker for the Packers and only 26 like Marshall. If Hester does not become the stud reciever that Lovie wants there is a chance they would look at him if available.

My guess is all will be franchised or extended except for Marshall. Would anyone like Marshall on the Bears next year? If White is there they should grab him next year over Marshall, but at least there are some WR in FA next year who are really good. Or at least there is shot they will be there.

Oh almost 26 year old Vincent Jackson will also be a Free agent in 2010. He is a stud. Got a DUI a couple of months ago but nothing before that. So it could be an isolated incident.

Lots or Recievers on the market next year.

Man a lot of you guys are really tripping since we got Cutler, there are several good prospects at receiver to look at through the third round, Dali, forget about Duke Robinson, that bed was made when we signed Pace and Schafer the o-line is done until day 2 as far as the BEARS are concerned, I want Delmas from W. Mich in round 2 over Johnson , and would like to get Robiske, Massaquoi,Britt, Kelly-Clemson or Barden-Cal Poly in round 3 at 99, we need a big possesion receiver to offset the speed of both Hester and Bennett and to give Olsen more room to operate undernaeth with Cutler at the helm. We need a playmaker on defense and I like Delmas over Johnson here, we will be competing against the Eagles for him, but he would be a great BEAR, if we get a play maker on defense that would help to offset the aging of Brian and Briggs for a few years until we can find a replacement for them, its easier to get offensive pieces in free agency, you need to get defense from the draft.

Anyone that is planning to draft a player and have him take a starting position is planning to lose. There is no point in getting hung up on a safety or a WR or any other position because the facts are that the player is more likely to be a bust than they are a resounding success. Even if they end up being successful chances are they will have only minor success in their first year. The secret is being able to set your board, understand what value a player has to other teams, and understand the value he has to the Bears. I think a receiver has more value to the bears in the second round than a FS or a Guard or any other position. Because they have Cutler, they really need wide receivers, and they do not have a 1st round pick next year. I would not draft Ray Malaluga at 49 if he fell that far, because holes at linebacker or not, that is not a position of value to the Bears. I would realize the value to other teams, by trading the pick. Most likely a receiver will fall, if the value is there, they should take him. I like Robiski a lot. With a year’s development I think he could become a #1 receiver. If they like any of the wide receivers it is probably worth giving up a 5th and a 6th to move up 5 spots to get him (ahead of Giants). At some point in the draft we need in order of value a WR, FS, Pass Rusher, Guard/Tackle, special teams help. After that we can only hope that 3 or 4 of them will turn into starters and some good backups.


I've been thinking. The Bears are said to have an easy schedule this season. We will win the division and make the playoffs. Cutler is so good, we may win the Superbowl without Free Agent WR's but it's unlikely. Because of the refusal to do what it takes with the FA WR's we will not make the Superbowl.

When it comes time to draft next year we will have an even lower 2nd round draft pick than this years because of our better record.

Therefore, we will have even LESS of a chance to get the O-line help we need unless there is a big free agent out there who will want BIG MONEY.

We MUST draft the best O-linemen we can get THIS YEAR while we have THE CHANCE.

Both Orlando Pace and Chris Williams are at high risk for injury.

We can't have Cutler forced to drop back 3 steps and throw every game because of a weak O-line or a weak O-line made so by injury!

You see that the top picks in the draft are constantly O-linemen.

If we are going to have a dynasty we will need to DOMINATE with our offensive line! It's not enough to go to the Superbowl 4 times in a row like the Buffalo Bills did and never win! Yuck!

Ideally, you should trade next years 2nd round pick or the 2011 1st round pick to move up and grab another blue-chip O-lineman as well, since those picks will be lower and the O-line drafts may not be as deep.

So I want the Bears to go out and do what it takes to get 2 blue-chip O-linemen out of this years draft.

Fix everything else with lower picks and Free Agents.

Do not be afraid to go out and get 2 future Pro-bowlers. Trust me, you'll like it!

Chicago Sports Media, let the Bears know that they must seize this opportunity before it's too late.



Who made Scottie Pippen? Who made John Paxson and BJ Armstrong? Does anyone think Pax couldve started for any other team in the NBA (sorry my loyal Bulls fans)? The reason these guys were great and not just good was because of MJ (shot out for making the HOF). Translation, Jay Cutler has the ability to make players around him alot better not just because of his rocket arm and great feet, but because of his competetive nature. The Bears will be better at receiver with what they have no question.
The Bears NEED to strengthen a defense that lost at least 4 games for us last year. Remember.....we werent that far from being 13-3. Lapses by an often old lethargic looking defense cost the Bears several games. The offense looked really good early, almost shockingly good but the D was horrible. I can remember watching the games knowing we had it in the bag and then the D would break like spaghetti ready for the boiling water. D Line is where the Bears need the most help and where the free agent selction is slim to none. We could get a WR in FA. We can survive with Bullocks at FS (he will shock some people at how good he is in the Cover 2). We need some pressure on the QB. THis is the player the Bears need to be targeting in round 2.
Paul Kruger, Utah - this kid is raw and is a redshirt sophomore, great size, super-smart....Bears should seriously look at him...if not him and they feel Johnson from Bama will be 66 percent of what Ed Reed was then they gotta go there and look at a DE in th next round.

The Bears WILL FIX their Defense with BETTER COACHING and late round picks which is supposedly Jerry Angelo's strength.

Lovie Smith said Coach Rod Marinelli WAS THE BEST FREE AGENT SIGNING! And Lovie is getting "hands on" involved because he knows his job may be at stake.


NOW is the time to do whatever it takes to load up on O-line blue chip players while you have high picks to get those players or can trade future picks to get higher picks NOW while the TALENT IS AVAILABLE.

The Bears are going to start winning and we will have only low draft picks in the future to get the DOMINATING OFFENSIVE LINE we will NEED to WIN 3 SUPERBOWLS.


Philadelphia may want to trade their 21st pick.

Use the 21st pick, the 49th pick, and YES, even the 99th pick and LOAD UP O-LINEMEN WHILE YOU CAN.

Do whatever it takes but let's at least get 2 blue chip O-linemen to protect our most important player for the next 10 years and start to build our Superbowl dynasty.


i'm with creighton on massaquoi, that guy is not the 49th best prospect in this draft class, and would be a huge reach in the second round.

i'm inclined to say take the BPA at 49, but the bears still have glaring weaknesses at WR and FS, so they may be forced to reach for a guy they like and think wont be there when they draft again at 99.

First off, let's put this TO talk to bed. He signed a 1 year deal with Buffalo so it is not like he is a long term answer. Plus if they trade him they are on the hook for 100% of his signing bonus this year. No going to happen.

As for WR, I really think that they need Holt. The best FA option. I think that he at least makes the receivers respectable with Hester as the 2 and Bennett in the slot. I think Bennett will open some eyes this year. The Bears asked him to learn all 3 WR positions last year, which is a big transition for a rookie. You don't come out of college the all-time leader in receptions in the SEC and not have some talent. With Holt signed I don't think that they should go WR with the 2nd rd pick unless a guy like Hicks falls to them.

I do think the draft should be defense heavy this year. I would draft Johnson in a heart beat if he is there at 49 (and he won't be there at 99). FS is a HUGE hole. Steltz or Bullocks? Really? I still think Payne is a marginal starter as well (someone needs to sit him down and explain to him that he has arms and that he can use them when tackling someone; good God teach that kid how to wrap up on a tackle), but he is at least serviceable. I think from there on out they look to take the best athletes at DE, CB, SS and OLB (special teams). Plus they need to look for a WR in the Colston mold in the later rounds: big kid from a small school with excellent production and good quickness and route running ability. Who cares if he runs a 4.7 if he runs great underneath routes and has the quickness to get separation. I would like to see them draft OG or OC, but I just don't see it happening after the money they put into the line during FA. Also, if a great player at about ANY position falls to them then they have to take them.

I could go on and on about what is wrong with the Bears and how they should fix it, but who'd read all that...

I love the pre-draft talk. Lots of good points, but it's all meaningless if the guy they get is no good. I just hope Angelo drafts quality guys. It can work out lots of ways. The team does have several needs, as everyone knows.

RE Cutler making the WRs better. Hub Arkush said only Hester can make Hester better. That's nice, but who cares? It's not whether he's better, it's whether he is more productive. That's a group effort. If Devin is more productive, and I think he will be, then everyone will say he's better. It's just symantics. As for Bennett, lots of receivers take a year or 3 to develop. I hope he telling the truth when he says he's feeling a lot more confortable in the offense. We'll find out. Go Bears!

As mentioned by a poster Lance Moore of the Saints is a restricted FA. How about Jamar Williams and Garza for Moore. That might be over paying a bit as Garza is or was a starter and Williams was projected as a starter to replace Briggs if he left the Bears. If need be throw in a 5th round pick to close the deal as da Bears now have 2 of them this draft.

Here is a list of the Saints needs:

Saints Draft Needs
Urgent: Two dominant outside linebackers to flank middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma, along with healthy returning defenders could make the Saints a super team next year.

Strong: A center who could clear the way for runners could bring the offense to the next level.

Moderate: Another good corner, an upgrade at right offensive tackle, and a third offensive guard are needed.

The Bears would prefer not to help the Saints and vicey versa being in the same conference but this is a classic trade of both teams being improved by it. I would be willing to trade Beekman to fix their center need in place of Garza if that would get the deal done. Bringing in a proven NFL WR to take advantage of Cutler's abilities could be the move to take our team deep into the playoffs if Lovie fixes the defenses problems as well.

This would also allow the Bears to draft FS Rashad Johnson with the 49th pick. Lou Saban said this guy was one of the smartest players he ever coached. The acquisition of Lance Moore and Rashad Johnson would fill the Bears two biggest holes WR and FS with quality players.

protect the qb, enough already with the caps, and enough already with the same comment over and over. we get your stance.

lovie smith also said "mark bradley is a #1 wr in the nfl" so you can't take every thing he says at face value. be a fan, but remain objective.

however, the bears aren't in a position where their 2nd and 3rd round picks can't contribute immediately, they still need starters at WR and FS.

you have no idea what philly wants to do with the 21st pick, so don't start making things up.

Brian Robiskie!!!!!! Need I say more?? He will be the best option out there at 49. I just hope he is still there. I've watched him closely for the past 3 years, he is a stud! He will be the one who is the most ready to play NOW. We don't need another project. Draft him, Jerry. You won't be sorry!!

MUST get Tory Holt into the fold for the next 2 years.
Bring Panther's Lucas in as a band aid cornerback for the next year.....(point explained below).
Trade Vasher, 2010 2nd round draft pick, and a 5th rounder this year (#141, NOT #132) to get into the end of this year's 1st round or beginning of the 2nd round - where we take Bbbb-Brian Robiske.
With 2nd rounder this year take Rashad Johnson.
DE and cornerback in the 3rd and 4th rounds depending on best available.
Prospect OT in the 5th.
Clean tackling Linebacker in the 6th for special teams.
More special teamers for the multiple 7th rounders.


In Free Agency will be sitting the corner we REALLY need, in Dunta Robinson, who is currently PO'd by being franchised by Texas. He is saying only way he plays this year is if they promise not to fanchise him again next year. With the Hoke connection as coach in our secondary it should be a natural fit to bring Dunta in next year.

Protect the QB,
What exactly do we have that is worthy of getting Philly's #21 pick? We don't have a first rounder until 2011, and have nobody that anyone wants that we can spare. I agree that a dominant offensive line is the right way to build your offense, but we signed Shaffer, Omiyale, and Pace, and are getting Williams. That is 4 new offensive linemen. Beekman, Buenning, and Garza are still around, and all have starting experience. We went from a pretty poor group to a group with a lot of talent and potential. We need to build around that, not ignore it and keep building. If we were to take offensive linemen at 49 and 99, we could get maybe a center for after Kreutz retires, and possibly a developmental tackle who would languish on the depth chart behind Williams, Shaffer, and Pace. Probably wouldn't even be active on game day.

I say you take the best player available regardless of position, and hope we fill some needs. Right now, offensive line is not a need position based on the offseason results. QB is not a need position. Everything else is up for grabs.

Here, I'll be the first blogger on this site to take a crack at a Bears mock draft, post Jay Cutler.

Rd 2 Brian Robiskie wr 6-3 207lbs
Rd 3 T.J. Lang ot E. Michigan 6-4 312lbs
Rd 4 David Bruton fs Notre Dame 6-2 210lbs
Rd 5 Zack Follett lb California 6-2 236lbs
Rd 5 James Davis rb Clemson 5-11 207lbs
Rd 6 John Gill dt Northwestern 6-3 300lbs
Rd 7 Ellis Lankster cb W. Virgina 5-9 191lbs
Rd 7 Taurus Johnson wr USF 6-0 201lbs

I said above I like Rashad Johnson the free safety from Alabama. But the thing is, Chicago has already signed a free safety they think can start in Josh Bullocks, I still think the Bears will take another free safety, just not in the second. Also, I can't see Jerry Angelo taking advice from Saban, a guy that turned him down a couple years back for the Bears head coaching job. Chicago has done nothing to help themselves at receiver except cut Marty Booker and let Brandon Lloyd go. This is why I think the Bears will probably go receiver in the second. It comes down to either Nicks or Robiskie. I like Nicks, but the tweaked hammy at the combine on top of the fact he gained 14lbs since does raise a red flag. Nicks has been very durable in college but has missed parts of games with various injuries, throw in the tweaked hammy most recently, and you have to wonder how he'll hold up vs NFL corners smacking him around? Plus, I think Robiskie is the most NFL ready and has a lot of upside. I like both players, but I'd go Robiskie if I had a choice. In the third I look for the Bears to take T.J Lang and bring him in to develop for a season to be their eventual right tackle. I have the Bears taking a free safety in the fourth in David Bruton, he could be a draft day steal. With the 5th rounder the Bears got from Denver I look for them to take a linebacker in Zack Follett who is a punishing tackler who can also get to the QB. My 6th rounder is DT John Gill, the Bears are looking at him and I think he could help Chicago by coming in with his ability to penetrate from his DT position, his skill set fits what the Bears like to do from their front four on defense. My 7th rounder is Ellis Lankster, c'mon guys, we all know Angelo will take a corner at some point during the draft, the man loves corners. Ellis is good in run support and a solid open-field tackler. Also, Ellis has enough speed to run with receivers down the side line. He's a former JUCO standout who with development could turn out to be pretty solid for the Bears. Just a thought GO BEARS!!

Torry Holt wants to play in the AFC this year and will most likely sign with the Titans, who are building their team for another great run. I see them drafting a safety in the second round (Angelo is obviously better with drafting defensive players) and maybe signing some scrub in free agency. The organization was so high on getting Bennett out there as a starter that bringing in Cutler would make sense, besides it was a cost effective move and don't those McCaskey's love saving their money! The thing is, there is too much wishful thinking here....Cutler is not a all-around savior and cannot carry this team by all good quarterbacks, he needs at least a resepectable option at WR. Matt Cassell had Moss and Welker. Matt Ryan had Roddy White. Warner had Boldin/Fitzgerald. Big Ben has Holmes/Ward/Washington. So the big picture is, you don't need a T.O. or Plaxico to need a better option than Hester/Bennett.

So if we can't get a decent WR at 49 (Nicks and Robiskie both gone), and Johnson is off the board, would anyone be willing to take a shot at Chad Ocho Cinco with that pick? Sounds like Cincy is willing to unload him for a second round pick.

He is most definitely a head case, but he isn't facing felony charges like most of the wide receivers out there on the market. When he is motivated, he can be among the best WRs in the league. Good route runner, good hands, and has the ability to draw coverage away from Hester.

Certainly not an ideal fix, but it beats the idea of Plax in Chicago....Rather than go into May with the same WRs we have on the roster right now, we should at least get one solid, experienced option to join the team. Whether that is Torry Holt, Marvin Harrison, or a traded player, Cutler needs someone to throw to on the other side of Hester.

I like idea of trade up to get decent WR and Johnson at FS. I don't like the idea of wasting round 4 or 5 picks on DL UNLESS someone amazing falls. We're better off going OL with the mid round picks, or adding to WR, or how abount a decent that doesn't always allow his momentum to carry his top heavy a@# out of bounds for the 1 yard gain?

Really, are we gonna get a decent pass rusher in round 4 or 5? I don't think so.

Kevin: your mock looks good except for the RB pick. We already have 4 on the roster and probably will only carry 3. Other than that I like the picks.

Joe: I have been wanting the team to trade for Ocho Cinco all offseason. If all they want is a 2nd round pick he is way better than any receiver coming out of college. I think he has been to 2 or 3 pro bowls as well. This makes sense. Plaxico has no place on this team.


Chitown I got news for bud Britt and Robiskie are not going to be in the third round of this draft.

Kevin it's an interesting Mock. Is that what you want or what you think the Bears are going to do? There is a problem I do not see a guy from Louisana Monroe or Lafayette on your mock making it impossible to be an Angelo draft. Think about this, of all the players the Bears have looked at, who do they like the best? Cause that guy will be there first pick this year even if he is not a major need. Another thing to consider is Angelo has basically stated what he is going to do this year and gone out and done it. Said QB was his major problem, so he got Cutler, he said the Oline was not that good and he got Pace, Shaffer and Omiyale. He said there was a problem with coaching and that the coaches had to step it up. Fired and demoted a bunch of guys and got Rod. He is literaly telling everyone what he is doing. He said he thinks the defense can be fixed with coaching. Well don't expect a lot of defensive picks this year. He said he did not like this Safety class, and has not scouted a lot of them and only brought in 1 I think for a private workout. He tends to draft guys from private workouts. So Follett is probably not going to happen. This is what I think the Bears would like to do and who I think will be there.

My Mock
2nd Nicks WR cause he will be the best player available if there
3rd Sherrod Martin FS Troy
4th Antoine Caldwell C Alabama
5a Henery Melton DE Texas
5b Rich Ohrnberger OG Penn.
6th Eliis Lankster CB WV
7a John Gill DT NW
7b Jason Chery WR Louisiana Lafayette

By the way anyone talking about getting two blue chip prospects this year for the Oline is dreaming. Angelo has not drafted a single Blue Chip prospect for the line sense he got here and that is not going to change. He just made three solid signings for the line and one of them Omiyale will probably be long term. We also have not drafted pro Bowler in 5 years.

Lots and lots of comments here. I still want the Bears to get a defensive end who persistently pressures the quarterback. There is no use in scoring fifty points if the opponent scores sixty.Certainly a premier receiver would help,as would a free safety,and another offensive lineman, plus a better back-up quarterback. Eve so, the Bears look great right now and are likely to have a terrific season.

Why do people think that drafting a receiver would be likely to help Cutler or the offense now? It usually takes two or three years before a draftee makes an impact in the NFL. If the Bears want to help Cutler succeed now, they need to 1) get at least one established wide receiver who is significantly better than the ones they now have and 2) beef up the interior of the offensive line. If they are going to be a serious Super Bowl contender, they also need to fix the defense.

Drafting is for the future. It certainly needs to be done properly in order to build the core of the team, but it is totally foolish to expect draft picks to contribute significantly in their rookie seasons.

"would anyone be willing to take a shot at Chad Ocho Cinco with that pick? Sounds like Cincy is willing to unload him for a second round pick."

"If" on draft day, Cincy offered him to us for only the #49 selection I would take that in a heart beat !!

Cutler to Johnson would be devestating combo and how much better would Hester be with Johnson on the other side of the field ??

Go Bears !!

I'd have to agree with you on Cinco. While his antics are a tad kooky, he's a star receiver. And to my knowledge he hasn't been convicted of any crime like the rest of his teammates on the Bungles. The good of course is that he's a proven player, has great hands, great speed, and loves to play football. The bad is that any TD catch he makes will almost automatically result in a 15-yd penalty and also last season he got suspended for falling asleep at a team meeting (but if he joined the Bears, Lovie wouldn't be the only one LOL).

I think the pros outweigh the cons. Besides, hasn't it been long enough since we've had an eccentric, attention-seeking, pro-sports player in Chicago that colors his hair? (Hey, anyone remember those super-size McDonald's plastic cups on which Rodman's hair changed color with different temperatures?)

"Protect the QB" are you T.O. or his slimy agent Drew Rosenhaus? Owens will help us win a SB? Really? Just like the last three teams he was with? The guy has mental problems (perhaps you are familiar with that) in that he's a narcissist, has delusions of grandeur, can only blame others, is insecure, etc. etc. etc.

Every team he's gone to has self-imploded like Horatio Sanz on a children's go-kart. I mean, Jerry Jones let him go. Jerry Jones! And Jones would sign Rae Carruth if he was released tomorrow! You keep bringing up Buffalo. My final guess would be that you're a Bills fan hoping against hope that your team does what ever they can to unload themselves of that ticking time bomb. I don't blame you so keep trying buddy.

Creighton, I agree with what your saying, but remember, Angelo also said he doesn't think his defense will ever be as dominate as they once were. I still think Angelo will address the defense. As far as my picks, yes, I like most of them, especially David Bruton, Zack Follett, Brian Robiskie, and even T.J Lang. I like Rashad Johnson, but I also like Bruton as a young free safety for Chicago to develop. As far as Lang, he's tough and a good run blocker, he would be a nice fit and could develop into a pretty good right tackle for Chicago, we'll see what happens GO BEARS!!

Just a thought:
Do you think trading Urlacher for picks now, and then signing Derrick Brooks as a stop gap solution would be wise?

We could probable get a # of picks for him, and they wouldn't have to be any # 1's. Say to NE for 2 of their # 2's and a 3, or more.

Is Jamaar Williams capable of taking over? I guess I am just thinking of getting something in return before he is not worth anything. Or does he still have 4 good years in him?

I think concentrating on OL, and the D, is the smartest way to go. We can p/u a WR after teams make more cuts after the draft. I haven't heard anyone talk about Toomer from NY, would he be a good p/u for a while? There does seem to be a # of WR hitting the market next year.

Creighton, I actually think I could hang out with you now since the Cutler trade. You are reasonable and optimistic. Cool.

I completely agree that they should take Nicks if he is there. He is bigger, and a possession type. The perfect type to play opposite Hester.

That being said, the biggest needs (not to be confused with wants) are WR, Free Saftey, DE, and O-lineman, and pretty much in that order.

But remember that with Cutler, the passing game is instantly better than last year's with the same group. Cutler's prescnce will:
1. Make Olson a premier threat.
2. Allow Forte to run against 7 in the box ( the safeties will be back in coverage deep and scared to death of Cutler to Hester).
3. The defense should (key word: SHOULD) be playing with more rest and a lead more often. This will allow them to Tee Off on the QB.

Also ask yourself this question. If the Bears average a mere one more yard per play, how many more first downs and points would they have? Seems like there were a lot of third and short plays that they got stuffed on. Who knows I guess, but a nice thought.

A real question now: Say Plaxico Burress goes to jail for 6 months, and gets suspended for this season and the first 4 games of 2010. Could the Bears sign him this year, and put him on Injured Reserve for this season? Or is there some sort of rule against that if the player is not actually injured? Also, should they do it?

In the meantime, I say they should pursue Mike Furrey and Holt. Better to have something rather than nothing. Furrey is at least dependable. Probably better than a 2nd round draft pick this year anyways.


Protect the QB your post seem like you are a very confused person, I applaud you energy but question your resources. It's like throwing a substance agaist the wall to see if it sticks.
Please slow down do a little research, your posts are all over the map and often. Some of the veteran posters are real knowledgable fans you are not. Please be considerate and stop being so obnoxious.

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