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Report: Broncos don't need a QB in return for Cutler

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According to reports, the Denver Broncos have the pedal to the metal in efforts to drive Jay Cutler right out of town.

Word is that a deal could be struck as soon as Friday for the Pro Bowl quarterback. Washington, Tampa Bay, the New York Jets and Bears are believed to be primary contenders. and the Tampa Tribune are reporting that the Broncos want at least two first-round draft picks and it is not necessary that they receive a quarterback in return.

That has to help the Bears as it's no sure thing Denver would want to receive Kyle Orton to put him in the mix with Chris Simms as the next quarterback of the Broncos. It could be Denver will pursue a passer in the draft. The Broncos' own first-round pick is No. 12 overall. The Broncos likely want to put this embarrassing fiasco behind them as soon as possible as it is not going to go away easily for their fan base. Consummating a deal quickly will allow Denver to switch the focus to the draft and prepare for the team's first minicamp April 17-19.

Our colleague Mike Mulligan reported that the action got so intense for Cutler on Wednesday that the Broncos stopped answering the phones. They were having teams communicate via e-mail and text messages. Here is a comprehensive timeline by's Bill Williamson on the Mile High meltdown that is leading to this trade that that was really unthinkable even just a week ago.

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Would Angelo pull the trigger on something like this? I think the price would be too high for Angelo to want this. 2 1st round picks or more. Bears fans, stop dreaming cause I don't think its going to happen.

Get it done today. Not needing a QB in return really helps us out. Make it happen. Frnacise QB for the next 10 years.


This is a no-brainer 50% of fisrt rounders bust, that number is more like 75% if Angelo makes the pick

I would love to have Cutler, but as time passes the mojo fades and reality sinks through to me. I have taken into consideration the following factors.

1) Cost of Cutler in draft numbers: you really believe JA is going to giveu p so many?
2) Cost of Cutler in $: Enough said
3) JA being as conservative as he is going against a drunken sailor Redskins owner?
4) The actual cost of the fans emotions if and when Cutler begins to behave like a petulant child?

Once again I hope the stars and planets align for this event and he becomes a Bear, but I am that one shmuck that always hopes for the best but prepares for the worst.

Go Bears!

This kind of leak tells me that the Broncs didn't get the trade offers they wanted.

As for the whole email/text smells like a way to stir up a bidding frenzy. They should be able to handle phone contact with 10-11 teams. That volume happens in draft rooms every year.

If these presumptions are true - it shows that teams are being smart in their valuation...and aren't freaking out about Danny Snyder being in the bidding. (no relation!)

And that means the Bears are still in the game.

Will anagrams be the predictors of what will happen with the Bears quarterback position this season?

If so, an anagram of Denver Broncos 'soon-to-be-Ex' QB Jay Cutler 'A CURLY JET' would seem to describe where Cutler might be headed. One for Lovie Smith 'MO' EVIL HITS' may describe the hits Kyle Orton will take if the Bears don't improve the offensive line.

And, one for free-agent offensive tackle Orlando Pace 'PLEAD CORONA' will be what Orton may be begging for after games this year if they sign the 'aging' and 'gimpy-knee' Pace.

BTW: Does an anagram for Brett Favre 'BEER, TV, FART' explain his new hobbies since he retired?

And, does one for Brian Griese 'RAISING BEER', explain what his ex-teammates do when he is traded or released?

When's the last time they drafted a good first round pick?

Y'all need to think this all the way through. It's bad news for the Bears that the Broncos don't necessarily want a QB.

No matter your opinion of Kyle Orton, he is an asset belonging to the Chicago Bears that has value. If the Bears trade for Cutler and keep Orton what happens? What happens is that Orton sits on the bench telling jokes this year and then goes on the free agent market next year and makes some money. The Bears basically get nothing from a 5 year investment. Which is exactly what they got from Rex Grossman.

If they include Orton in a trade to the Broncos they get value from him, let's they agree he is worth a second or third round pick toward the trade. If the Broncs don't want a QB, that's not on the table.

Scenerio #1. They trade Orton plus picks to Denver for Cutler. Or Orton to somebody else in a 3-way. That's good for everybody.

Scenerio #2. They trade for Cutler without Orton being in the mix. In this case they either release Orton or have an unhappy camper until next offseason, when they lose him to free agency.

Scenerio #3. They don't pull off a trade and Orton plays good this year. You better believe that this whole Cutler thing will be an issue on the table when they talk long term contract. Orton's agent is salivating over this one.

Scenerio #4. They don't pull off a trade and Orton plays bad this year. He's not the answer. We wish we would have had Cutler. The only good news is there are lots of good prospects in next years draft and the Bears will have a good #1 draft pick.

Regardless of the outcome of this whole Cutler thing, the Bears are going to now have an issue with Orton.

"When you wish upon a star................." Pinch me, is this really happening?!? Come on Jerry...don't mess this up! PLEASE get this done..NOW!!! I can't sleep at night! GO BEARS!!!!!

I like that we are even mentioned in the group thats in the mix, my fingers are crossed. On another note.. Any word on Ken Lucas?

Just listen to you lowly worms "guessing" this or that about MY Chicago Bears. None of you insects really know what is going on like I do because you have to have PASSION for this team! My passion has led me to contact every member of MY Bears' coaching staff and leaving voice mails on their answering machine. Laugh all you want Cretin and Da Church but it's because of those voice mails that I am the #1 Bears fan!

I can guarantee you that my advice to Jerry was the soundest in the industry. I told him to get Cutler. Brilliant, no? I betcha ole Jer' never heard of that one. Not to brag but now you weak-minded buckets of krill know who to bow down to and worship when Jay becomes the Bears' new QB.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's back to the spaceship so I can return to my home planet.

Truly yours,

THE #1 Bears fan, Bill

Well JA knows he has to do something to improve this team. Another poor off season/draft = hes gone next year. This would really help his cause not to mention give us an actual stud QB. Wouldnt that be nice....!?!?!?!

Angelo does not have what it takes to pull this off. He needs to keep his 1st round picks so we can have another bust or two in the draft. This is worth the gamble. As much as I would like to see it happen, you've got to remember; We are talking about the Chicago Bears here. There is a reason we have never had a franchise Q.B. This organization is afraid to take chances.

Oh Well,

If Chicago can't get this done, I'm cancelling my NFL Sunday ticket.

Two first rounders for a franchise QB? I do it in a heartbeat. And I think Jerry Angelo does it in a heartbeat too. All of you who say he doesn't have the stones or brains to do it, stop yourselves. And I'll tell you why. His number one picks have not fared so well. This resolves him of that chore this year and next. And you simply can't do better than a franchise QB who can step right in and make everyone better - the rest of the O and the D too (Cutler is 12-1 in games Denver held opponents to under 21 points).

Second, Angelo has shown a remarkable ability to recognize bad choices and move on quickly (see Grossman, Okwo, etc.).

He would make the deal. The ball is in Denver's court. It's really up to them, but you have to believe they would prefer Cutler go to a NFC team (Cutler on the Jets or Titans would come back to haunt them). The Bears, IMHO would give the two number ones for reasons above, and the Bears can throw in any number of serviceable D players (Urlacher, Briggs, Vasher) to help Denver's crappy D.

Remember, this is a franchise that traded one number one for Rick Mirer, so ownership is not philosophically opposed.

If the deal doesn't go through it will be because Denver got greedy and found more value from someone else.

Hey Bill, I was wondering if I could get the #'s to EVERY MEMBER OF THE BEARS COACHING STAFF from you so I could put my weak mind to good use.

completely agree with bh that, if true, this is a no brainer.

angelo's track record with first rounders is poor, plus he's very risk averse by nature. thus, why wouldn't you deal the first round picks, the associated price tags, and any bust factor for a franchise qb?

Dear Jay Cutler:
Well, one and one is two
Six and two is eight
Come on baby don't ya make us wait
Baby don't you wanna go
Back to that same old place
Sweet home Chicago

Is anyone else trying to imagine what a Jerry Angelo text is like?

I just intercepted this one from Angelo to Pat Bowlen

Hey PB it's JA watch ya doin? I heard it got so crazy last night with phones so i decided to text lol. Anyhow just an fyi we so want in on little Bret Favre, how much $$$ for JC i totally have the credit card right now? OMG almost forgot the new Fast and the Furious just came out, Paul Walker is so yummy. Whats with guys and Cars? LMAO. Anyway text back soon and hope we can work a deal K xoxoxox

Good thing Denver doesn't need a QB in return since we don't have one worth speaking of to offer them. Hopefully Angelo gets this done.

MSBearsFan, Are you nuts?? We're close to getting a franchise QB for the first time in Bears history, and you're worried about how some "back-up second rate" QB is going to feel. Who gives a rats a$$ what he thinks whether we get Cutler or not? You think he cares what we fans think when he underthrows Hester or stares down his receivers and throws another pick? It's a business and nobody cares what player gets his feelings hurt as long as you win! We'll win alot more with Cutler than Orton, that's for sure!

Even if they have to spend two first rounders, you do it. Look at the Bears' history in the first round since Angelo has been the GM. Only Olsen and Harris have really panned out, the rest have been busts. Heck, go back pre-Angelo and the Bears first round history gets really ugly. Angelo, however, has had good success in the middle rounds of the draft. I don't see this as being unattainable at all.


If the Bears do get Cutler can we take your mask off?

Also, if they do, it would be for you like the Cubs winning the WS . . . NBS & Cub Fans would lose purpose.

Stay in therapy, brother, as no way JA parts with 2 1st rounders, nor should he.

Bears fans, if we get Cutler, you'll never here from me again!!!!

Good bye NBS!! is reporting we got Cutler!!!!! Woo Hoo!

Denver get Orton this years 1st, and 3rd and next years 1st for Cutler and Broncos 5th this year.

JA is not stupid, he knows that his first round picks for the most part have been poor. He also knows that Chicago hasn't had a franchise QB for more than 50 years and that the Chicago fan base will give just about anything and forgive giving up two 1st round picks to acquire a purported franchise QB in Cutler.

Hell a move like getting Cutler would guarantee 5 more years in the windy city for old JA.

Don't make me start wishin

I just found out he did JA did he got Cutler!!!!!!!!

WOW OMG!! JA is a superstar!!!!

We got him. For 2 firsts a third and Orton. NBS goodbye.

Now comes Cutler throwing a tantrum next year and demanding to be traded elsewhere.

The thing that scares me about this situation is that Daniel Snyder and Woody Johnson are crazy. They would probably serve up their wives and daughters as slaves if they thought it would help their cause.

When you look at the Broncos, they desperately need help at linebacker and defensive tackle. The Bears can help them in that area better than anyone else. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

What makes me laugh is these talking heads on NFL Network saying "Well, Jay's not going to want to play in Cleveland or Detroit. Washington will be a great fit for him."

Is Jay really going to get a say in all of this? I seriously doubt it.

Anyone remember the last time we traded our #1 for a QB? How'd that work out?

Denver: Hey we've got some belly-button lint.

Bears: We'll give you 12 1st rounders and Kyle Orton

We got robbed!

There is a God. And is name is Jerry Angelo.

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