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Regular season schedule to be unveiled by NFL on Tuesday

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The Bears already know that their 2009 season will begin at Green Bay on ``Sunday Night Football'' Sept. 13.

The rest of the schedule will be unveiled Tuesday. In prime time. With the league doing all it can to strengthen the embattled NFL Network, the release will be shown on NFL Network in prime time starting at 6 p.m.

The Bears will travel to Denver with new quarterback Jay Cutler on Aug. 30 for their third preseason game. That is the contest in which most starters play into the third quarter.

This is the fifth straight season the Bears will open the regular season away from Soldier Field.

Once the entire schedule is set the Bears will be able to announce a reporting date and first practice date for training camp at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Ill. This is the eighth summer the Bears will be there. Contracts are out for the Bears' final three preseason games, but they have yet to finalize a date for the first game at Buffalo. Camp will begin 15 days before that game. The window for the game is Aug. 13-16.

The Bills play in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, Aug. 9. That means they might not want to have the fast turnaround and play on the 13th or 14th. Contracts for preseason games are due in the league office Wednesday, so there is a chance the Bears will not have their finalized preseason schedule until a day after the regular season slate is announced.

In the past, details on the schedule have leaked out early. Stay tuned to see what happens.

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I bet with Cutler now, we'll be on prime time a bunch. I can't wait, no Kyle, no Rex, SWEET!!!!!!

ESPN has the Schedule special listed on their website airing at 2pm. I don't get NFL network and don't know why you'd wait 4 extra hours to catch it on the NFL network

The Chicago Bears now have the best quarterback in the NFC north, hands down. For all the heat Bears GM Jerry Angelo has took, he's actually done a hell of a job putting together a winning team while he's been here. Agree or disagree with his methods, the guy got us to a Super Bowl, and a couple NFC north titles. And as of right now, things couldn't look better. Last season we barely missed the play-offs, Chicago could have easily beaten the Bucs, Falcons, and the Panthers which would have gotten them into the post season. Just imagine the outcome of them games and some other contest like the Titans game, if the Bears would of had one Mr.Cutler running the offense?!! This team is only gonna get better with young players like Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, and Devin Hester, who now have some experience. The o-line will be a lot better with Pace and Chris Williams manning the tackle spots. Throw Frank Omiyale inside to compete with Beekman, and may the best player win. Competition will only make the team better. And Chicago is looking pretty good on offense. If the defense can stay healthy and step up their play, Chicago might make a run GO BEARS!!

Hey, Bear fans.....I just returned from holiday overseas and see you aquired Mr. Cutler! Great job! Now you are assured 2nd place behind us! While Cutler is a tremendous upgrade from any QB you've ever had, he is still no Aaron Rodgers!! Besides, who will he throw to?? A converted DB, a guy who can't remember his playbook, an ex-arena DB, and some rookie you'll draft way down in the 2nd round that will not have an impact until 3 years from now, if that! Good luck and we'll see you Sept. 13. Sorry but we'll spoil Big Jays' Bears debute on primetime, national TV!!! GO PACK!!!

Hey FudgePackerBacker if you think Aaron Rodgers is in a class with Cutler I don't remember seeing him at the Hula Bowl in pads, that gay 3-4 will be exposed on nat'l tv for all the football world to see. Stay in your lane and off our blog who cares you were on holiday.

Hey Packer your just jealous that we have a team that can win this year. If I recall correctly you had a QB who threw for 28 TD's and 13-14 INT's yet you still went 6-10..... If I am not mistaken we did better than that with Kyle Orton.... hmmmmmm you know the saying you can lead a packer to water but they might not know how to drink it. Thats a little like your have a good QB and a WR but you couldn't win... You watch as Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson come out with a better record than you. Sorry to have to em"bear"ass you on tv this fall :(

In response to PackerBacker:
Thanks for the compliment on getting Mr. Cutler. Jay Cutler is not Aaron Rodgers, that part you got right. He is 10 times better, a pro bowler and is proven. Aaron Rodgers, well, really is not yet. The Packers season crumbled before Mr. Rodgers eyes.
The 2009 Chicago Bears have alot more going for them then the 2009 Packers will. So, in that respect, the Packers are assured 2nd or 3rd place if the Vikings get right. Kyle Orton was a step above Rodgers last year and you even had a better WR, why did you only win 6 games? We at the very least had a SHOT at playoffs in losing very close games over the course of the season...
Here's to 2009. Here's to Da Bearsss return to glory, and here's to you waking up from your dream.
P.S. Sign Farve, I hear he is available. Aaron was better watching the glory from the sidelines.

Listen, you bunch of jealous losers! I tried to be nice in my last blog but you morons don't deserve it! You guys spent the future on some crybaby guy with a losing record but you dog Aaron for the same reason. Bad record because of a bad defense, not the QBs fault! We'll see what happens this year! Just don't get Cutler mad or he'll want to be traded!


First, going to Wisconsin Dells with your parents is not going "overseas".

Second, you are correct Jay Cutler is not Aaron Rodgers. Cutler can execute a 4th quarter comeback.

Third, Chicago had the worst WR in football last season and went 9-7 with Kyle Orton. The great Aaron Rodgers put up career numbers and went 6-10 ... So just so we're abundantly clear: a 6-10 team, who is switching defensive schemes, is going to win the division they finished dead last in despite teams around them getting better?

Dude seriously, you are a weapons grade tardbucket.

CORRECTION: Green Bay finished 3rd not dead last. They finished dead last of the 3 professional teams in the division.

I just heard Jay Cutler wants the Bears to bring in Plaxico. You better do what Jay says or Jay will want to get traded. Again!! BooHooBooHooBooHoo hahahahahahaha

The Gameface: Cutler, Bears go all in....this is from yahoo sports on April 3rd.
When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers heard the news Thursday afternoon that Jay Cutler had just been traded to his team’s biggest rival, his response was short and swift.

“What?????” Rodgers texted back almost immediately, reacting to the completion of the NFL’s biggest offseason saga since the one that involved him and a certain Titletown legend a year ago.

Your OWN QB is texting a phrase that comes off as shocked...more like, oh crap, Im not going to be on the field much 2 games of the year as we play chicago and jay cutler.
GO BACK ON VACATION, your season as mentioned above from Da Church of Da Coach will not be a pretty stay inside where its safe.
Crybaby guy with a losing record....check your facts buddy, we have a QB. You have a 3 Qtr. guy.
Best wishes.

You losers listen to a guy that calls himself Da Church of Da Coach??? Why would you name yourself after the most overrated, underachieving, loser of a coach like Ditka? He is and was nothing without Buddy Ryan, had all that talent and could only get one Superbowl victory, sucked as Saints coach because he didn't have Buddy around, and the worst thing of all, he didn't even let the greatest player of all time The Late, Great Walter Payton score a touchdown in the Superbowl!!!!!! What a chump! He'll always be remember for slighting Sweetness! How can he sleep at night???

Favre Fudge Packer seriously you have got to be the biggest dips%%& on this planet to think your team is gonna win the division and what ever you are smoking thinking Rodgers is better than Cutler you need to lay off of. I recommend that you pull out the Favre blowup doll you have and spoon all night in the fetal position. Also, what kind of team puts cheese on there head??? really the only cheese you like is "frumunda cheese" frumunda Bears fans nuts. Keep living in fantasy world you loser.


Im not gonna bash the packers. They lost just as many if not more close games than the Bears did last year. Now what PackerBacker may choose to believe is that Rodgers is better than Cutler. If he wants to thats fine. However, if I recall Cutler is younger than Rodgers and has 3 years starting experience compared to Rodgers 1. Also your big bad 3-4 defense is the same defense the Cutler has played against his entire career whenever he played San Diego.

Its not the defense thats played its the playmakers that make a defense good. Last I checked the Packers need to retool most of their front seven. They don't have a nose tackle and only one good pass rusher on the team. The team Packers need alot of help. They could very well go 8-8 or even 9-7 if the cards fall right.

The Bears defense is gettting older but with Rod Mirinelli as the new Line coach the Defense should get much better.

Whatever anyone wants to say about the offense let them it won't matter. With the running game the Bears have and the ability cutler has to throw the deep ball accurately. The bears should win 10 games if not more.

I, for one, am glad you Bears got Cutler, because now when we kick your @$$, you can't blame it on the QB anymore!! You now just plain suck all around!!! Go Pack!!

Leave Coach Ditka alone. He to this day apologizes for not giving Walter a touchdown when asked about it. Walter and Mike had a great friendship after and they both thought highly of each other. In this case, who the hell are you to judge? Ditka was a hard nosed, hard ass old term tough as nails kinda guy who fit the bears. Papa Bear Halas knew it when he signed him as a player and later as a coach. Ditka has his own issues, but he will always be near and dear to our will Walter.
Your reaching for something to say at this point in order to get at us bear fans. You were the one packer boy that came to chicago sun times on this blog to tell us bear fans to be rest assured of securing the 2nd place spot behind the Packers. Now, stranger things have happened, but with the facts as they are. Your not going to win this division, maybe a wild card....
With the schedule coming up, I see us winning more games. Cutler gives us a better opportunity then with your guys. We made some serious late moves here.

Kevin things can always look better. While I Love the Cutler trade, Josh Bullocks is our current starting FS and Tommie Harris cannot make it through a mini camp. We need a lot of help in the draft on defense, Hester needs to step it up, Williams and Pace need to stay healthy, Omiyale has to prove himself. Vasher or Garham need to step it up, Payne needs to step it up, and the Bears need to have a very good draft. While the Bears should have no problem winning the division and will probably address a lot of those needs, this is not a Super Bowl team yet. Cutler is a great foundation to build on but until Angelo starts hitting on his draft picks in a big way, the aging defense will not recieve the kind of help they need. You yourself have stated the same thing about Harris, the NT position and FS, the Oline still needs some help out of the next 2 or 3 drafts and WR is a problem. No matter what, if you want Cutler to have success with the Bears they better find him a guy at Split End.

That said there is a huge rumor that the Bears are going to get Plaxico. Like him or not he could help the team. I myself think that if Angelo continues on his new change of direction that the Bears may be looking at Holt and Plaxico, which would give them a Super Bowl offense, and then all they would need is a solid defense. It's wierd to say that the Bears are closer to a Super Bowl team on offense than they are on defense.

Guys why are you bothering with PackerBacker can't you see he is scared? Think about it, he came here being nice. Why does a guy who is always trying to pick fights with Bear fans suddenly show up and start being nice? Cause he knows next year his team is gonna get a beating and he is gonna be humiliated. He knows Cutler is better, he knows the Bears Had a better team than them last year with Orton and he knows Cutler is 3 times better than Orton. He is scared s#######. He knows his defense is gonna be real bad, and he knows his Oline is in a world of hurt right now. Plus he knows Rogers CHOKES. By the way now that Our Neckbeard is gone and has been shaved. I believe a new contender has risen to take that title. Have any of you looked at Rogers? He is the New Neckbeard of the North. Yes I believe Rogers is now the new "Neckbeard the butt pirate" and as we all know Neckbeard sucks. See NBS you don;t have to change your name, I found you a new Neckbeard to hammer.

It sounds to me like your so scared of your own crappy team that you need to try and post this useless information to try and make yourself feel better. You seem to have more of a lack of confidence in your own team that you try to pawn it off on us because we actually have a QB now and you didn't get him. I hope you had fun at the water park with mommy and daddy last week, but maybe you should reconsider trying to be a hard a$$ when you dont know wtf your talking about. Hopefully when your balls drop, and I dont mean the kind your receivers will drop you can come back in here and tell us how crappy your team really is once you go 6-10 again :)

By PackerBacker on April 10, 2009 11:42 AM
I, for one, am glad you Bears got Cutler, because now when we kick your @$$, you can't blame it on the QB anymore!! You now just plain suck all around!!! Go Pack!!

ARE YOU SERIOUS. Your chances are better at re-signing Farve then beating us ONE game this year. Kyle came back too early from that ankle injury the week we played you.... but I believe the 2nd game last year will be a vision of things to come for the 09 preview. But with a stronger line, better defense and a QB that will throw at least 3 TD's against your defense.
Again, best wishes fudgepacker, take it like a litte boy.
Go Bears.

I ain't scared of you bunch of crybabies. You are all fairweather fans anyway. You loved Orton but now he's gone, he sucks. If Charles Manson played QB for you losers you'd like him too. No wait a minute, you losers booed Rex as soon as he took the field, God be with Cutler if he throws a couple INTs. You'll boo him too but be careful, he'll start crying!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Everything is fine now...everyone is tied for first!! You chumps are tied for last with Det. and Minn. Enjoy the view down there, you'll be there a long time!!!

Interesting bit of new out of the Denver Post.

"Tight end Tony Scheffler has returned to working out with his personal trainer Steve Hess, who is the Nuggets' strength and conditioning coach. For now, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is not publicly making a big deal of Scheffler missing the team's offseason conditioning program."

"Although Scheffler has stated he's not happy his team traded Cutler, the tight end is expected to return for the team's first mini-camp, April 17-19."

"Scheffler and Cutler are good friends."

Now we all know a lot has been made about Jay Cutler and Mcdaniels and who is right and who is wrong. Denver would have you believe that Cutler is this problem child and a poor teammate. I myself think McDaniels is a moron.

Scheffler is said to now be on the trading block and Denver is looking to make a deal with Buffalo.

So mister bad teammate Jay Cutler who the Broncos have said was a bad teammate, has had Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Tony Scheffler and Ryan Clady all speak up in his defense. Scheffler is now expected to be traded and Marshall who is in the last year of his contract and comming off back to back 100 catch seasons has yet to be offered a new contract or extension and it is believed he will be let go at the end of the year. So McDaniels has got rid of a 25 year old Pro Bowl QB who seems to be liked by his teammates, is trading his best 3rd down reciever and does not want to sign his 26 year old back to back 100 reception reciever and people think he is a genius. The man thinks he has upgraded the QB position by adding Orton. Tardo Supremo. No wonder Jay wanted out.

First its PackerBacker, now its PackerSmacker, they don't grow em to smart up there in "pack it up the party's over" land.

Lets review the last few years, the Bears were in the Superbowl 2006, the Porkers lost the NFC Championship at home in Rush Limbaugh field in 2007, boo hoo!! Then in 2008 the Porkers, favored to win the NFC Norris went 6-10 wow pretty darn good with that new star QB from Cal what's his name Mr. Rodgers? Where is your neighborhood Mr.Rodgers?

The Porkers supporters as noted above can't even bring it, if they think they can come on a Bears blog at least their comments should not be so lame and should at least have a little substance. It looks like the frozen tundra has frozen their tiny little brains.

packerslacker went on just got out of jail and had no access to the blog.....and with your comments you need to go back on hiatus....remember we kicked your azz with Kyle and we are sure to do it with Cutler need to find some defensive players to fix your lousy need to re-tool your o-line, and upgrade your coaching also...your team (I say that nicely) is a work in progress you will be lucky to go 6-10 again this us a favor and lay off the cottage cheese for a while and don't come on our blog unless your ready to convert to becoming a BEARS fan.....Da coach is a respected member of this blog, I got his back...come Sept 13th you will be pulling a BEAR paw out your behind, the pack sucks period....Go BEARS!!!!!

PackerBacker you sure talk a big game coming of a 6-10 season with shallow hopes of beating that this season. You think we have to get used to living at the bottom huh, well I think your wrong and you better get a good start at smelling bear butt a looooong time because your QB trio of Two rookies and a retard isn't going to get you very far. Any team that would tell their franchise QB to leave to let Mr. Injury play QB isn't very smart, and therefore since you are associated with them you must not be very smart either. Any who! Good luck this year and be careful not to step in the bear Sh** as you'll be walking behind us for a LONNNNNNG time.

PackerSmacker, my bad as I did not read your whole blog, I now realize you are a Bears fan.

I actually was running to an appointment and thought another Porker fan had joined dickhead Packer Backer on the Bears blog.

Let me make this crystal clear. The packers have a helluva lot more to work on at this point then the bears do. I still hope Torry Holt comes to chi-town, that will help cutler out alot as well as hester/bennett. The Packers have a good group of players, but are missing key ingrediants, they NO LONGER have a franchise QB.
Time will tell about the bears, but I believe we have finally found one.
Do I think your scared, yes I do. You may not have to go as long w/o a franchise QB, but you are started down a long journey still to find one. You currently dont have one on your roster. We do.
Packerbacker, pack it up and go yah little numb nut. There isnt anything left to say in beating a dead horse here, like the chances of packers playoff hopes. Dead. Im done with stats, kiss off, go to whatever packer site you have and type to your little friends.

Why is it you losers keep living in the past????? You say you kicked our @$$ last year but we split. 37-3 us, overtime, you. I think we kicked your @$$ worse. If our D stayed healthy we would have won the Superbowl. Like this year we will!!!! Kiss off, gaywads!!

just stay out of jail packerslacker......punks like you won't last long there, just like you don't last long on our all probably have no one to talk to on your own blog so you come in here to get some attention... your team is being RECALLED due to lack of relevance.........

Pack Dumb A$$ did you say your team will win the Super Bowl this year? You are the biggest douche ever. If there was an award for biggest douche bag you win hands down. Again quit putting frumunda cheese on your head and shove it far up your...... you know where it goes.

dahli you almost made me pee a little on your last post.

Let me ask this question "who in there right mind would ever go to a packer blog"?, but one douche bag keeps popping up here. Go find your green vibrator with Aaron Rodgers face on it and have a great time.


ahhhh....packerbacker is good to see you again sweety...uhh i mean WAHT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING HERE LOOSER???? sttay OFF our site sense its only for BEARS FANS who suport teh team and not loosers like you who only say negitive things abot DA BEARS!!
you now i cant beleave how some peoples are always so negitive and talks bad about the angelo lovie turner philip mccaskey ans my best frend staley da bear. i not like that and nevr was.

so i aks agian packer backer, why our you here looser? i now why. Cause he knows next year his team is gonna get a beating and he is gonna be humiliated. He knows Cutler is better, he knows the Bears Had a better team than them last year with Orton and he knows Cutler is 3 times better than Orton. He is scared s#######. He knows his defense is gonna be real bad, and he knows his Oline is in a world of hurt right now. Plus he knows Rogers CHOKES.

but you gays now me old carp-ton jus trying to ne posative...

ps I love you staley! my mommy jus bouht me a staley teddy bear ans i ams so happy! i play witt staley all teh time wich is fun sense before i only play with my self. tee hee!!

Why is everybody so excited about Jay Cutler? He's just a blown-up version of Rex Grossman!!!!!!!! Same guy, just taller!!!! The booing will start Sept. 13!!!!!!!

By PackerBacker on April 10, 2009 5:16 PM
Why is everybody so excited about Jay Cutler? He's just a blown-up version of Rex Grossman!!!!!!!! Same guy, just taller!!!! The booing will start Sept. 13!!!!!!!

Ummm hey dummy, your right the booing will start Sept 13. It's at Lambeau Field Dumb A##. If your fans are booing at a home game then thats not good sign for your team. It's never a good thing when the home crowd starts booing. It could only mean Cutler is lighting up the Packers(unless you think there going to Cheer him for that) or your team is stinking up the joint. See thats a Fraudian slip on your part Packerbacker/Brando/Crapton, even you know on a subconscious level your f#####, look at how mad your getting over this. You have not even mentioned Pace yet. I am sure your thrilled for us, just like you were so happy about Cutler.

Let me also Point this out to you nut job.

By PackerBacker on April 10, 2009 7:21 AM
"Hey, Bear fans.....I just returned from holiday overseas and see you aquired Mr. Cutler! Great job! Now you are assured 2nd place behind us! While Cutler is a tremendous upgrade from any QB you've ever had,"

But then you say this.
By PackerBacker on April 10, 2009 5:16 PM
"Why is everybody so excited about Jay Cutler? He's just a blown-up version of Rex Grossman!!!!!!!! Same guy, just taller"

First you call him Mr. Cutler and say he is a huge upgrade, then a few hours later he is just Rex. You are one messed up little cheese turd. But you got it right the first time and you showed you already know your place b####. It's Mr. Cutler and don't you forget it f##. By the way I hate to dog pile on you, but you just got back from holiday? What are you British now you fruit?

Coach by the way nice one. The Dells, thats classic. But BrandoBacker could have actually gone all the way to the Indiana Dunes, you know there is more than corn there.

Going to Wisconsin Dells with your parents, is not going overseas.

That is CLASSIC !!!!

That is the best line from anybody in a long time.

Creighton its Indiana Beach dumbass. Get it right. Indiana dunes is in Michigan city. Hey 2 weeks ago on the Simpsons the had the famous signing reverend from guess where Creighton...... Michigan City INDIANA.

So yeah there is more the corn in Indiana. Heck our QB came from Indiana yes its true Santa Clause Indiana.

Is this Comedy Classics or what? I bet all you Bear fans on this blog are the same guy with different names. You all say the same thing over and over and over. BlahBlahBlah. You're all fair weather fans too! I suppose that the Broncos are a great team now too because they have Orton. 2 weeks ago you were all bragging how Orton was so great, a Superbowl QB, now he sucks. hahaha You losers have both gray and blue coats and you just lost the Civil War, Rhett Butler. You are all clueless turncoats.

PackerBacker must be a little nervous if he has to come onto OUR blog and talk smack....get a life !!


Likewise, that Frumunda Cheese line is classic, first time I heard it.

PorkerBacker definitely loves it.

He must have some real issues or like pain or something to come on a Bear blog looking for insults!!

I am friends and have a lot of patients of mine who are avid Packer fans. All of them are good people with common sense.

They would all be sad to know someone like you (Packerbacker) is a Packer's fan. You would embarress them, and are overall just a mistake in evolution.

Still, good luck to your team, and I am definitely not worrried about the Pakcers this year.



Do you do a lot of full frontal lobotomies?

// I keed, I keed.

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