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Pitt WR Kinder making official visit to Halas Hall today

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Back in 2004 the Bears found a receiver with a story not to unlike the one that belongs to Derek Kinder.

Bernard Berrian was projecting to be a first-round draft pick going into his junior season in 2002 when he blew out his knee in the first game of the season.

His recovery from the injury, combined perhaps with the departure of Fresno State quarterback David Carr, led him to fall a year later. The Bears grabbed him in the third round and felt confident they had gotten a player who could have gone two rounds earlier. They proved to be right. They wish they still had him today.

Nobody is saying Kinder will be the next Berrian, but the Bears are going to give him a good look. The Pitt receiver will be at Halas Hall today for an official pre-draft visit.

He's a sleeper going into this draft and might surprise a lot of people how early he winds up being chosen. Kinder ran the 40-yard dash at his pro day March 17 and one watch had him at 4.46 seconds. At 6-foot, 202 pounds, he can stretch the field vertically, which makes him similar to Berrian in that respect. He was a semifinalist for the Biletnikoff Award in 2006 and then Kinder had a medical redshirt season in 2007 after suffering a torn ACL.

He is considered a solid blocker who will work hard on special teams and he's just now getting to full strength with the knee. The Bears, of course, will give him a physical to see how it checks out. Kinder might just check out in pretty good position on their draft board. Keep an eye on him.

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Another midget!! We need taller,stronger WRs that can win a jump ball and not get jammed at the line of scrimmage! They would be a better complement to Devin Hester! BEAR DOWN!!!

With the Bears bringing WRs for the majority of their Private workout visits you get the feeling they may take two WRs in this draft class. One early in round 1 or 2 and perhaps another later on with one of the picks they have from rounds 5 to 7.

Chicago Bears Private Workout List

Waiting for Creighton or someone to come in whining about bringing in a guy who got injured... Come on where is it? OMG a football player was injured playing a very rough game, If we could get a player that has this much talent in 4th or 5th round, lets do it. Midget? 6'2 is good size for a receiver.

A good run-blocking WR is what the Bears need, not some diva-reciever. The Bears are not a passing team, so it makes no sense to bring a receiver that cannot run block. If you find a good run blocking giant of a WR with great hands, good, but it's hard to get the best of both worlds. Give me a run-blocker, add some more weight to the O-Line and watch Forte run down the opponents throats.

BigDaddy, he's only 6' and that's what they say at Pitt. How tall did they say Grossman was? I bet he's 5'10" or 5'11" in cleats! Midget!!YES!

I agree with Hadji 100%, this guy looks like another Earl Bennett or Rasheed Davis! With the way cornerbacks are now, we need more height!Don't waste your time, Jerry & Co.

Hey Brad, did we get Cutler yet??? What's this lying around sh#t?

Derek Kinder could be a draft day steal if he is fully healed, especially being a Biletnikoff semifinalist in 06. The fact he ran a 4.6 40 shows he could be ready to go.

I think Chicago is looking at a lot of the projected 2nd-3rd round receivers as kind of a backup plan in case Missouri receiver Jeremy Maclin is gone at #18, its becoming pretty obvious the Bears are gonna pick a receiver in the first three rounds. I think the Bears will go with Maclin if he's there at #18, if not they'll probably go with Mississippi defensive tackle Peria Jerry at #18 and take a receiver in the second or third, maybe Derek Kinder?

I like Maclin the most because he's a straight up game breaker who could come in as a rookie and make an impact. Maclin has great hands having had 102 catches last season at Missouri. Maclin could come in as a rookie and play in the slot, and with his game breaking ability and elusiveness, be very effective there for Chicago. Maclin could also return punts for Chicago which would allow Hester to concentrate on playing receiver, Hester hasn't been very effective as a return man since he's been moved to receiver anyways, especially full-time. Having a game breaker like Maclin would open a lot of things up for the Bears. Maclin would be a nice addition to go along with Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, and Devin Hester. GO BEARS!!

What makes me happy is that they are finally looking at receivers. Give me someone who can catch the ball. Hester is the only receiver on the roster worth anything. Bennett yet to be seen, Drops Davis enough said, Brandon Rideau a big receiver we all hope gets a chance this year, then no one else. They need to bring in 3 receivers to compete, that gives them at least a shot at finding a gem.


bigdaddy or whatever your name is, its all good you calling out creighton, and we all know creighton deserves it, but your kinda the pot calling the kettle black there aren't ya? i mean come on, your just as bad as creighton, all you seem to do on this board i've noticed is go behind the other bloggers and critique them, or make yourself think you are? give me a break, every fan has their own opinion, just because its not the same as yours, who cares!!?? you are correct, creighton will probably come on here and whine about kinder being injured, but the fact your whining about creighton makes you just as much of a whiner as he is get it?

Hadji is right on the money...another 6' WR ??? What's wrong, jerseys for WRs over 6' are too expensive? Where's our Lord Creighton...he'll tell ya !

There is one big difference between Kinder and Berrian. He actually has the frame to play right away in the NFL. If I remember correctly, Berrian was about 180 lbs at 6'1" when he came into the league, and could be pushed around at the line. Height is not a big factor in beating the jam, unless you consider arm length as a way to keep the CB away from your body. This is a physical kid who should be able to do something, especially on special teams to start off. Not saying we should draft him, but don't be surprised to see him on someone's roster as a 4th WR when the season starts. Besides, I would take him over Rashied Davis even with the knee problems.

Where's our Lord Creighton...he'll tell ya !

ahhhh...very goosd bear-a-hole (hyu hyu hyu! i is so funy). a gurl like me could get use to it! anyway is ee you loosers now rekonize who your lord and master is.....SUPREEM RULLER CRAP-TON!!! oh tank you thak ouy....but enuff talk on how grate i am....i see ANGELO wants anoter player with a injuree history???? well me thinks he will be a BUST!!! i mean wahts kind of looser gets injured playing football??? he obvislly is too WEAK because wehn i play madden on rookie mode i never get injured.

do u loosers remember me teling you how i didnt want angelo to draft forte becuse he fumbles to much???? taht prety much prooves how i am always right and i only give facts because i now everything!

but you hguys now me old crap-ron jujts trying to ber posaitve...

P.S. "I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me"

Dude kinda reminds me of Hines Ward, who is also 6' and just over 200 lbs. (and a great run blocker as well). Anyone think Hines is a "midget?" Anyone see him having trouble getting jammed on the line, or being beaten by DBs? How about Steve Smith of the Panthers? At 5'9" and 190, he's significantly smaller. Yet he's a four-time Pro Bowler, and perennially one of the leagues top WRs in catches, yardage and TDs. Here's another: Marvin Harrison is 6' and 185 lbs., yet he holds numerous NFL receiving records, and is second to only Jerry Rice on the all-time receptions list.

Look, the Bears need TALENT at WR, not any specific physical type. Sure, it would be great to have nothing but tall, muscular, super-fast, fearless WRs with huge, sticky hands. Those guys don't come along that often, and not all of them are as great as they're billed. In fact, there are probably more busts at WR than most positions, which is why they're difficult to draft, especially in the upper rounds. The Bears are looking at this guy because due to his injury he might slip through the cracks. He may well be the next Hines Ward or Marvin Harrison. I'm happy they're exploring options such as this. Sure, I'd rather they drafted a big, strong, fast guy in the first round. But if none of those guys are available at 18 (most notably Maclin, as Kevin A. suggests), they need a backup plan (or perhaps even two backup plans, which is where I believe a player like Kinder fits in - not as the first WR they draft, but perhaps in the later rounds, after they have already selected a higher-profile guy). Clearly the Bears need to raise the talent quotient at WR more than any other position. It can only be a positive sign that they're identifying players like Kinder at this juncture.

Leave no stone unturned !!

That should be the draft montra every year. It is nice to see the Bears spend an inordinate amount of time slicing, dicing, picking and prodding WR prospects. With such a HUGE void of talent at the position it can't hurt to explore as many specimens as possible before we are on the clock come draft day...

Go Bears !!

Is he a flanker or a split end?

So disgusted how many times have you seen Kinder play? I mean he reminds of Ward and you compare him to Smith and Harrison so you must have seen him play right? I mean those are three realy good recivers and we know this kid can block so he is thet same as those 3??? I don't think so. How does he remind you of Ward?

Hines Ward
As a wide receiver for the University of Georgia Bulldogs (1995–1998), Ward's 149 career receptions for 1,965 yards placed him second in team history. He also played tailback and quarterback, and totaled 3,870 all-purpose yards, second only to Herschel Walker in Bulldogs history. In 1996, Hines had 52 receptions for 900 yards, and also ran 26 times for 170 yards. In 1997, Hines hauled in 55 passes and scored six TDs, getting All-SEC honors in the process. He also holds Georgia records for Pass Attempts, Pass Completions, and Passing Yards in a bowl game, from the 1995 Peach Bowl in which he completed 31 of 59 passes for 413 yards.

Looks like they really don't have much in common. Pat White is more like Ward than Kinder is.

With the Bears great history of drafting WR's, I am sure he will be as good as Harrison, Ward and Smith. Cause as you point out there all close to being the same size. So now they're all the same. Even though Ward and Harrison are both Flankers and Smith is a Split end. We already have a Flanker. So is this kid a Flanker or a split end, or is he a slot guy?

Maybe someone can find out were I have ever mentioned the hieght of a WR as being good or bad. Now I don't want a 5'2 reciever to be honest. Just want talent. Can you name the Bears last All Pro WR? Just one and don't everyone rush to answer. The Bears are without a doubt great at finding WR's and QB's.

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