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Pace deal $15 million over three years

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John St. Clair was seeking $5 million per season when he opened contract negotiations with the Bears.

He was a one-time backup to Orlando Pace in St. Louis.

That's what the Bears will pay Pace. He gets a $15 million, three-year deal, and will have the opportunity to earn $11 million in the first two seasons without having to trigger bonuses or incentives.

Pace is expected to be the starter at left tackle with Chris Williams and Kevin Shaffer working at right tackle.

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If Pace is healthy, this gives us two excellent pass blocking tackles on the field, assuming Williams is who they think he is. If he isn't healthy, we still have Williams for the left, Shaffer for the right, and Omiyale for the swing if needed.

Now all we need is a strong side linebacker, a free safety, a couple of receivers, and a pass rush....

Anybody else think this means Olsen is on his way to the Pro Bowl this year with our new FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK!!!!

I will never get tired of typing that....All of these teams that have had one guy play the position for a decade don't understand what this means to Chicago. We have one of the most talented players at the most critical position as he is still ascending into his prime....WOW!

I have been waiting for this moment all my life. I am ecstatic that the Chicago Bears FINALLY got a Franchise QB. And not just any QB......The best young quaterback in the league. The hardest position to fill in all of sports is the QB position and the Bears got there man. I still can't believe it. I'm floored!!!

Good luck to Orton in Denver. I hope he tears it up out there with some awesome wide recievers. Good Luck Kyle.

I been drinking non-stop since we got the news about Cutler. I started throwing down doubles when I heard we signed Pace to help give our QB some time to throw. I hope we don't sign anyone else tonight.....I gotta go to work tomorrow.....Thanx Jerry and Co. and a special thanks to the McCaskey family for "breaking open" the wallet. I'm 53 years old and still remember Rudy Bukich and Billy Wade. I thought I'd be dead before the Bears suited up a quarterback who didn't bring me closer to my creater...(Dear God..we suck...Dear God) Thanx again to the Bears organization and good luck to Kyle ....... GO BEARS !!!

Will someone pinch me? It is the trade of the decade and at the same time, maybe resurrect the Bears return of 1985 Super Bowl Champions. This definitely highlights the best move in Angelo's career. Just pure genius on Angelo's part. Don't know how long the fans have been looking for a quarterback, and here he is. Go get them Jay and show the NFL the true champion of a quarterback you are. Orlando Pace is bad to the bone. I mean bad to the bone. Just genius Angelo!!! Just pure genius!!!

im gonna have to say i dont even think orton will be the starter out there, i think itll be simms. just a guess. im like the rest of you, i cant BELIEVE this happened!!! ive been waiting decades for something like this to happen!!! with all of this cutler thing going on they also sign pace, holy cow, im giddy!!! ok, i think now there is only a piece of the puzzle missing and that would be tory holt, come on jerry your on a role, sign him. maybe jerry can trade 2 or 3 of his lower picks to move back up to get one of these top rated recievers in the draft, it could happen. ok, probably not but i can dream. i dont think we need as much help on defense as most of you think. we have some really good players on d, the offense just needs to give them time to rest, and i think theyll get that this year. goodluck this year bears

Couldn't have said it better myself nmbearfan. Good Luck Kyle! I am excited to have Jay Cutler in a Chicago Bears uniform, but I also want to thank Kyle Orton for the work and dedication that he put into the Chicago Bears. I wish him the best in Denver (and he has some pretty good WR's)and GO BEARS!

Good signing but I have to ask ... Does the signing of Pace (coincided with that of Cutler) a nice coincidence or is it to mask the fact that Jerry Angelo took Williams #1 overall last year, has back issues, and will now have to battle for a job at RT? Hate to be a downer and I'm all behind the Cutler signing but I have to look at this with eyes wide open and it seems to me an awful lot of good drowning out another 1st round bust.

The good news? We have a FRANCHISE QB and I can all but GUARANTEE Angelo will not have a 1st-Round bust for the next 2 years!!! WOOT!!!

I can't believe it! I have no words to say how happy I was when I heard the news. Living in NJ I can say there were a lot of upset Jets fans that think we robbed the Broncos blind. I hope Pace can stay healthy and we're on our way to a great season. GO BEARS!!!

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