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Orton: Denver has "one of the best systems in the league"

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Kyle Orton is excited to be a member of the Denver Broncos.

While the Bears will finally introduce Jay Cutler in a press conference at Halas Hall in about a half-hour, Orton has already made the rounds in the Mile High City. He said he was appreciative of the opportunities he had as a member of the Bears.

"My wife and I are so excited to get out here and be part of this community,'' Orton told Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Here are some more quotes passed on by Klis.


"I've taken the same approach my entire and that is, my job description is to win football games. And I've done a pretty good job of that and I plan to keep that up. I'm a hard worker. I'm not flashy by any means but my job is to play football and win and I plan to do that.''


"I'll take that every time. I've had a lot of great teammates back in Chicago, I know I'll have a lot of great teammates here. Leadership doesn't come overnight. I plan to put my head down and go to work and show the guys what my work ethic is.''


"I'm excited to be able to play with some great talent on offense. We have a great offensive line. We have some new running backs I'm excited to play with and obviously great receivers. I'm excited to have this much talent around me and my job is to get them the ball and let them do what they do.''


"It is a quarterback system. It puts a lot of mental pressure on the quarterback but I think that's my strength is being a smart player, making good decisions and doing things at the line of scrimmage. I look forward to being in this system. It's been one of the best systems in the league the last five, six years. It's going to be a lot of work to do to learn it but I'm very excited to get started.''


"I've been through a lot in four years, there's no question about it. Right now I appreciate the past I had in Chicago but I'm so excited for the future.''


"I passed the physical today and everything. It was a tough injury. There was a process to get back but I feel good. I've already been through one minicamp this year.''


"I don't really pay attention to speculation. I'm not a guy who talks to may agent every day either. I talked to Josh last night and like I told everybody here I appreciate them bringing in. I have a lot of confidence we can win a lot of football games.''


"The only thing I've ever asked for in my entire career is a chance to compete. I don't want to win a job, I don't want anything given to me. Chris is a good football player and hopefully we have a great quarterback unit.''

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Kyle is a class act, there's no denying that. Good luck!

I hate the Broncos as much as the Vikings but I wish All the Best to Kyle and Good Luck!

Kyle you were and are a class act. So long man. But, being a Bears fan at heart.... at least you went somewhere that bleeds the same color! Look forward to playing Denver down the road! :)

I am so glad that b#### is gone. He won games??? Please some class act, taking credit for a defense in 05 and Forte and special teams last year. He isn't even the starting QB in Denver. What system is he talking about, Denver just changed it's system and no one has ever seen that system under McDaniel's. No more starting on the 40 yard line Kyle I am sure Marshall will love you throwing behind him all the time.

Good luck you bum, go ride the Bench in Denver.

Creighton you are clueless

Creighton- wake up on the right side of Jack Daniels? Save some face, and wish him good luck.


We have had our differences on this blog and I have defended your right to your opinion. I still do. But here Orton is saying nice things about his former team, players and the city and then you opine.....

Abraham Lincoln said it best.

PS: Go ahead and continue to post but a dose of common sense will go a long way.

Creighton, are you always this much of a crying whino?

Kyle was a good game manager...but as he had more responsibility put on him to be a game maker..he failed.Looking down recievers is a pure form of insecurity in one's abilities,and that's what Kyle tended to do... plain and simple! Is he a Class act? sure, who's disputing that?The young man has a good future ahead of him,probably as a Griese-type mentor.
Management heard the calls from the fans who questioned him as a Game leader,and that's why we now have JC. Heard on Nfl Network that Bears management is under a TON of pressure to win NOW...makes sense when a coach reaches their 4-6th year in a contract nowadays, and apparently JA was getting some heat off that fire as well.

Glad to see Orton can finally take off the training wheels and operate in a real offense.

Orton was an 18th pick. Cutler was an 11th. Both first round. Ignoring the odd posts here, almost everyone in Chicago believed we could build a winner around KO. He is as solid as they come. I wouldn't be suprised to see him leading Denver five years from now, just give the man a chance.

Best wishes to Kyle in Denver, he did well for us and a lot of us really thought we were going into the season with him at quarterback, he won games and improved, but he would never had won over most BEARS fans unless he won it all......Creighton, I agree with evryone else here show some class and give the man his due....Kyle was the best we had there since terms of perfomance with the given abilities he has......I'm excited about Cutler too, but I will not do disservice to a man who did nothing but represent the BEARS with class and heart during his tenure in Chicago..

ALL I have to say in this entire matter is.... Thank God Almighty that there will be NO MORE Grossman VS Orton debate/debacle/drama. Thanks Kyle, and good luck from a fellow Iowan. That said, if for ANY REASON Cutler struggles it indicates one of two things. Either we haven't surrounded him (or any QB) with the proper weapons, in which case Angelo screwed up and deserves to get fired by not addressing an OBVIOUS need. OR The system is flawed and no QB could be expected to succeed under Turner, in which case Lovie screwed up and needs to be fired and because Angelo stood by Lovie for so long, fire him as well. Either way, no IMMEDIATE PAYOFF THIS SEASON. Fire them both, yesterday.

I hope Kyle has a prosperous career in Denver, I was excited to see KO's development this season with the likely addition of a real WR. It'll be interesting to see how he does.

Orton was drafted in the fourth round. I hope he does well in Denver. We can finally can see if Orton can play with more talent than what he had here.

Sorry fans, I ain't done yet! Orton, you sucked!! You had a good won-loss record for the same reason Rex did, THE DEFENSE!! By the start of this season, you won't even be Denvers starter. The best view of Kyle Orton is in the rear view mirror!!!!!! Get lost, scrub!!!!! Did anyone notice he shaved off the neckbeard??? What a loser!!!!

Say Ortons a clas act?, Like you never went out and partied with some friends and had a Hot chick sitting on your lap before ??

Yeah, proabably not. You must be one of those geeksquad guys !!

Best of luck Kyle....

Bear Down !!

What's interesting is that all those east coast writers are miffed that Cutler didn't land in NY or Wash. In fact, Denver thought more highly of Orton than the Wash qb. What happened in Cleveland will probably remain a mystery. Mangini probably couldn't pull the trigger.

By BensonSucks on April 4, 2009 7:55 AM
Say Ortons a clas act?, Like you never went out and partied with some friends and had a Hot chick sitting on your lap before ??

hot chick? uh dudue did you see the picture? do you also think your moms friends are hot?


Chicago paid a hefty fee for a quarterback with some amazing physical abilities. I've been pretty critical of Cutler (here in Denver and well before all the drama) for some of his shortcomings, but I think he has the makings of a Hall of Famer. I hope that he does well in Chicago (except when playing my Broncos, of course).

I like a lot of things about Orton, although I had hoped that the deal would bring Brady Quinn (who could use a fresh start in a new town). I like his intelligence, I like that he has decent physical skills (although not on the same level of Cutler), I like that he has a workmanlike attitude and won't play the role of a prima donna, and I like that he'll be playing in an offense that has some great weapons and a hell of an offensive line. I’m hoping that competing for the starting spot here in Denver brings out the best in him.

So, good luck to y'all and here's hoping that your boy does well for us here in Denver.

I am a broncos fan and its great to hear all the well wishes from bears fans for Orton...except for that idiot Creighton yep you are real classy..go back to kissing your sister and leave the nfl chatter to those who know football...Chicago , you are my second favorite team and my family still resides there, congrats you FINALLY got a VERY TALENTED QB..(just do not piss him off ever)..he is a liar ,a baby and can be a very good player. yes I believe he has EVERY reason to not have trusted Mcdaniels, but he has no problem trusting his new coordinator..(who incidentally revoked his college scholarship at him huh..he actually thinks its funny now) GROW UP JAY THIS WONT EVER BE THE LAST TIME YOU MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRADE BAIT ...While Orton has nowhere near the talent of Jay, its gna be real interesting to see how Orton is with all the weapons here at his disposal...and what Jay can do with out his go to guy in Brandon Marshall and another great group of wideouts...Chicago you have a STAR in the making at Rb in Forte and that will help Cutler grow there...but you better surround him with talent and VERY quickly not just Forte and Olson...and Lovie better learn how to open up the offense now that you have a guy who can sling in further than 30 yards..and he will kill you guys when you see the chances he takes thanks to that rocket arm...and when he develops a rapport with a receiver (more likely to be Hester) just wait til you see him thread it to him in double and triple coverage...just be ready to see more picks...Is Orton our answer..likely not..but we have a ton more flexibility to build...thanks to DA BEARS and it sounds like we got a well respected man from the Windy City...hang tough Chicago, may we both succeed, enjoy our talent, ( I sure hope he isn't another Jeff George for your sake and my fathers lol) WE ALL GOT A GREAT DEAL!!!

"hot chick? uh dudue did you see the picture? do you also think your moms friends are hot?


Yep, I knew it.... either your twelve or your gay.

Go Bears !!

Kyle, you were and always will be a classy guy. Ok the neck bear was not cool, but so what, you came to play every single game, did not look for a scapegoat when things got screwed up and shared the applauses with your team mates when the goings were good. You never got into any controversies, always stayed level headed and cool. I as a Bear fan has utmost respect and admiration for you, I am sure you will find success wherever you are whether it is Denver or elsewhere. thanks for the memoreis of a 10-5 season, Kid. that was some games you played ( ok some people might call it managed but thoase guys don't have a clue what it takes to manage 2000 lbs of defense rushing at you at once).

Good luck and God bless. Show them what you are made of!!

For one I will be watching Broncos play too and cheering for you. But deep inside my heart I am a Bears fan.

The reason Cutler wasnt traded to Denver was that Cutler told his agent he wouldnt play for Mangini. Cutler seems to have some real problems with some coaches.

And the Broncos would have rather not traded him to another AFC team.

By Anonymous on April 5, 2009 4:28 PM
Yep, I knew it.... either your twelve or your gay.

atleast you seem to wish i am. im guesing your bnsonsucks but your just too afriad to use your sn. just stay away from me, my kids, and my grandmother you pervert.

ooppss, I meant to say that the reason Cutler wasnt traded to Cleveland.....

First of all, it is jerks like "By Ortons a clas act?" and "Creighton" that make me ashamed to say I am from Chicago. It is guys like Orton that made me proud. Criticize a player for his skills (or lack of them) if you like, but getting personal (Creighton) just shows how class-less you are, and getting personal about a lady that happens to be in a picture with Orton just shows how ugly you are inside that you can't even appreciate beauty. I know, so now you will just get personal about me. Go ahead, prove my point.

As for who got the better QB? Well, Let’s see! On one hand you have an excellent receiver core that can get deep, but Orton, who can’t throw it to them. On the other hand you have Cutler, who can throw deep, with a simply unproven receiver group, that includes explosive Hester (that Orton couldn’t throw to) plus Earl Bennett (that Cutler is familiar with from Vanderbilt), as well as a great running back in Forte that can catch, and one of the best tight end tandems in football. Add to that Orton is not a team player (as shown by his hasty return from injury before he was ready just so Grossman did not get a chance to get his job back), while Cutler now finds himself with a “player’s coach” and a team that does not negotiate through the media. My bet is the Bears have finally solved their QB problems, but Denver is just starting theirs

By Kurt on April 6, 2009 8:07 PM
I know, so now you will just get personal about me. Go ahead, prove my point.

OK! please kurt, add a 'cobain' to your name and follow his example. :>

By Ortons a clas act? on April 6, 2009 9:34 PM
OK! please kurt, add a 'cobain' to your name and follow his example. :>

Thank you! Those that resort to personal jabs only prove that they have run out of reason to back up their point of view and have nothing left to prove their point. Thank you for proving mine. Those without class obviously can't recognize others with class.

Um... ok, guys - you guys really need to wake up. Let's compare the QB's AND their surroundings. Before you read this, know that I LOVE Cutler and am a diehard Denver fan.

Was throwing to a Pro Bowler, a "rookie of the year" receiver, Stokley, and Scheffler. OF COURSE he threw for a million yards - nobody could run the ball (except for Hillis who was injured after a couple great weeks). Cutler was sacked only 11 times all year. He had a GREAT offensive line.

Was throwing to a no-name receiver and a "wanna be" receiver in Hester (before you react to that comment, compare him to REAL receivers like... well, Brandon Marshall). Orton was sacked 27 times in 15 games and Grossman was sacked 2 times in the other game.

So... Orton was under HUGE amounts of pressure with nobody to throw to and STILL MANAGED TO HAVE A BETTER TD TO INTERCEPTION ratio?

HMMM... think about it.

Oh, sorry! One more thing... Orton will be playing under McDaniels, um... you konw - the coach who was the offensive coordinator for the high powered Pats and the personal QB coach to Brady and Cassel. He was one of the MAJOR catalysts (if not the primary catalyst) to Cassel's defelopment into a franchise QB.

Oh give me a break! Even when Orton had Berrian on the team he couldn't throw to him! Watch tape! there were plenty of opportunities where he wasn't under any pressure, had a guy deep, and underthrew him.

Don't get me wrong. Orton has class. No one works harder studying tapes. With the exception of competing QBs he gets along well with his teammates. But the two things that separates a good QB from a great QB are things you can't teach: physical ability to throw deep and [what some call] "touch". He has never shown that touch. Cutler has it. The offensive line is not the same one that Orton had, and with a strong running game to take pressure off of him (not to mention Forte and Olsen already proven receivers) and an established offensive system he has everything to look forward to. Orton has to learn a new system with the rest of his team, so no one knows what to expect. Plus it is not a given that Orton will be the starter. In a new system can the coaches risk giving him a year to see if he can be reliable when they are coming from behind? Colorado fans might not have the patience to watch him (after this trade left a bad taste in some mouths)learn.

lol... You can say what you want, but Denver WILL have the better record this year. And they're going to do it with Orton at the helm. Cutler will be throwing more interceptions than ever without those receiver who will go up after the ball. I just hope we get to play post season so Champ can know what it feels like to catch a ball from the "Mighty Cutler".

P.S. I can't wait to get my new Denver Orton jersey!

By Tyson on April 8, 2009 2:05 PM
P.S. I can't wait to get my new Denver Orton jersey!

Yeah! It will be a collector's item. Get it while you can, once the season starts they may stop making them.

No, no, no... See, Denver is different than Chicago. We don't take potential and get rid of it every chance we get. We build players.

However, I must warn you - when players leave, they often leave their souls in Denver. For example:

1) Romanowski
2) Portis
3) Lynch

By Tyson on April 8, 2009 2:52 PM
We don't take potential and get rid of it every chance we get.

Okay, the Bears let a lot of players go. But that argument would carry more weight if the players the Bear's let go were picked up by another team and became stars. Most of the players they let go aren't even picked up. That tells you something right there. Two that come to mind are Berrian, who dropped plenty of passes for Minnesota and didn't exactly become the probowl player they (over)paid for, and Cedric Benson who has done okay for the "Bungals" but still did not hava a 1000 yard year.

Second, it's not like the Broncos have been leading the NFC either. If they have been developing such talent, why haven't they been to the SuperBowl in 10 years?

Finally, ask Muhsin Muhammad if the Bears just need a good receiver. And he caught from Orton AND Grossman.

Ok... let's compare who they have to who they let go. Let's use one of YOUR references:

Berrian - 964 season yards
Hester - 665 season yards

Come on... "didn't exactly become the probowl player" Berrian with 964 is much better than "I should still be a punt return" Hester with 665.

What is it you said? "watch tape"? Well, instead of watching tape, I prefer to simply look at the stats.

Okay, I was going to wait until the season started, but what's the point? In Chicago you have fans going wild over Cutler. When he throws interceptions they cheer the defense for a great play. That's because he has already shown he can get the ball deep to Hester, Forte, Bennett, Rideau and Olsen. Meanwhile, Orton throws an interception in the first days of training camp and overthrows another player, and the Denver "fans" are booing him already. That's because they know he isn't going to be making those completions too often.
Maybe Orton didn't get into a dissing match because he is hoping the Bears take him back after Denver throws him out.
But hey, enjoy your Orton t-shirt!

Orton hurt his finger! Now he has an excuse for not being able to throw deep.

I'll bet there are plenty of Denver "fans" who are trying to give him a finger.

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