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One hot linebacker: DuSable grad Williams has 10 pre-draft visits

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Jason Williams is going to earn his wings before the NFL draft. Maybe he'll even score a free future ticket.

The Western Illinois linebacker is one of the hottest risers with just three weeks to go as he crisscrosses the country getting in 10 pre-draft visits. That is more than any other player we've heard of to this point as the visit season cranks up with teams whittling down their draft boards.

Williams will travel or has already traveled to meet with Cleveland, Dallas, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minnesota, New England, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Tennessee. Using the handy Air Miles chart on page 216 of the Bears media guide, that's 13,332 flown miles. Teams want to give Williams a physical and get a better chance to know him.

The DuSable graduate started getting traction when he performed well at the East-West Shrine Game and then turned heads at his pro day March 4 when he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds with 14 teams in attendance. That was on a basketball-court surface though and there were some questions for a guy who is 6-1, 241 pounds. Some didn't believe he was that fast. Try faster. Any of those questions were answered when he showed up March 12 at Northwestern's pro day and ran again. This time, on a slow FieldTurf surface, he clocked in between 4.42 and 4.48 seconds according to scouts we polled at the event. The interest only grew.

Now, a guy who was not invited to the combine could come off the board as early as the third round. What is boosting him is teams that run 4-3 and 3-4 schemes are interested. He's got instincts, tackles well in space and is smart. We spotted Bucs linebackers coach Joe Barry at Northwestern where 17 teams were represented with some scouts saying they were there for the sole purpose of watching Williams. Philadelphia is also believed to be interested as reported that Eagles linebackers coach Bill Shuey was in Evanston. When more than one-third of the league is checking you out, something good is bound to happen.

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Show 'em what being a Leatherneck is all about! Somebody is going to get themselves a helluva a player, I only wish it was the Bears.

This IS my final blog under the name "NeckBeardSucks"!!
I just wanted to say I'm sorry to Mr. Jerry Angelo for all the negative things I blogged about him. You ARE a man of your word!!!! Thank you for the trade!! You did not give up too much! Denver did not get enough! Good luck, Jay!!!!
My new name will be "AngeloRules"....He is the man!!!!
One more thing......Creighton, you sure changed your colors after the trade!!!....I've been saying Neckbeard sucks since the begining of last year with you and everyone else ragging on me, telling me to go what did you say??? "I am so glad that b#### is gone............etc, etc, etc," HAHAHA I hate to say it but I TOLD YOU ALL SO!!!!!! It feels good to be right!!!!Now step to the back of the bandwagon everyone!!!

Get this man! whatever it takes. We need freaks on D! Were the effen Monsters of the Midway!!!

NeckBeardSucks, your one to talk!!! You sit here and crybaby all off-season calling yourself neckbeardsucks, then when Angelo does something you agree with, you call yourself AngeloRules?????? Your a bandwagon rider big time!! Heck, I bet the first int Cutler throws you'll be on here calling yourself CutlerSucks!!!! Your not a bear fan, your a crybaby, bandwagon riding, fair wheather fan!! go back to green bay with this crybaby bull &*&#!!!!!!

Tyler Dumbden....You don't know your head from your a$$!!! I told everyone that I thought Orton sucked and that the Bears will go nowhere with him as QB, everyone told me where to go, that I was some idiot and to shut up, but now look!!!!!!! Angelo sent that neckbeared loser out of town and I'm the smartest guy on this blog!!!! You and everyone else should bow down to me because I was right the whole time!! Even the almighty Mr. Angelo agreed with me, Orton sucks. If he didn't think he sucked, Orton would still be here. And how does that make me not a Bear fan, or a crybaby??? I just want to win and now that that neckbeared, underthrowing, sitting duck, receiver stare downer is gone we will. And how am I a fair weather fan? You're don't even know what that means, you moron!Aren't they calling Cutler a crybaby too?? I guess I'm in pretty good company then!!

neckbeardsucks said: "and how am i a fair weather fan?"

let's see, at the time, you bash your favorite team [i think??] starting qb by calling yourself neckbeardsucks!! and now that the team does something you like/agree with, you re-name yourself something positive "angelorules" toward the team [bears]. like or hate orton at the time, he was still your teams qb, and all you did was bash him, like say, packerbacker, so like a packer fan, you bashed the bears by bashing orton. the bears do something you like, and now all of the sudden your angelorules....give me a break how can you even ask how am i a fair weather fan????????????????

now you think your some kind of genius because angelo traded a player you dis-liked, your not. ther were a lot of us that knew an upgrade was needed at QB, but if orton was our qb, then as a fan, you support him, you don't bash your teams qb just because you think he sucks. thats not team support. so again, by bashing orton, you were bashing the bears, like a packer fan would. and now that the bears do something you like, your supporting the bears, and that is being a fair weather fan. so you see neckbeardsucks, your the one who needs to step to the back of the bandwagon.

jay cutler was angry toward his former team, and he had a legit reason, thats not being a crybaby. you came on your favorite teams site and whined about their qb, thats being a crybaby. now look in the mirror and ask yourself...who is the moron??

"you don't bash your teams qb just because you think he sucks. thats not team support. so again, by bashing orton, you were bashing the bears, like a packer fan would." - Tyler Durden

Tyler, your rationale is idiotic at best. So are you saying that when like, every Bears fan in the nation was calling for Grossman's head after games where he posted QB ratings under 50 or his performance in the SuperBowl, that all those people weren't Bears fans?


NBS/AngeloRules loves the Bears like the rest of us on here, but that doesn't mean he has to throw his support behind every player/coach/personnel member on the team. I for one wouldn't mind seeing Lovie et. co. get the boot.

I agree with losingMBrown... If this DuSable guy is a beast on D like they say, regardless of position, bring him in!

Thanks Mike.....I couldn't have said it better!
Grow up, Tyler. I've been a Bears fan longer than you've been alive! I've forgotten more about the Bears than you will ever know!

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