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Ogletree a fit for Bears if they pass on receiver in second round

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One of the issues the Bears have to be batting around at Halas Hall on the second day of full meetings with the scouting staff is what the difference is going to be in this draft between the seventh or eighth wide receiver vs. say the 13th or 14th wide receiver.

There is considerable depth at the position to go with some top-end talent. At safety, arguably the Bears' second greatest need going into this draft, there is not the elite talent you have seen in recent years and there also isn't a lot in the way of depth.

Bears college scouting director Greg Gabriel likes to talk in terms of combinations of players and that is what you have to do here. What combination of receiver and safety could the Bears get if they go with a receiver at No. 49 overall and a safety later on? What combination of safety and receiver could they get if they pull the trigger on a safety at No. 49 overall? At that point they could probably get a top five safety, maybe even top three depending on how the draft unfolds.

If the Bears opt for a receiver in the second round there is a good chance they will wait until the later rounds for a safety given their history of finding players such as Kevin Payne, Chris Harris and even Todd Johnson in the fourth round on down. If general manager Jerry Angelo makes a play for a safety in the second round, our bet is he goes with a wide receiver with his next selection at No. 99, the second-to-final pick of the third round, the compensatory selection for losing Bernard Berrian via free agency.

That is why we introduced Virginia's Kevin Ogletree as a possibility here. He's gaining some momentum and the Bears might be more comfortable with someone like him and a safety who could compete immediately for a starting job than a receiver like Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi or Oklahoma's Juaquin Iglesias and a safety later on in the draft.

``It's probably just guys going in and really looking at my film and evaluating me as a player,'' Ogletree said Thursday morning when asked why he was gaining some buzz with the draft nine days off. ``They're probably seeing some of the little things. I played with a bunch of quarterbacks, I think that helps. Given the opportunities I had, I did everything I could.''

Ogletree would have been a perfect fit for the Bears in the pre-Jay Cutler era. He played with four quarterbacks last season alone. Sound like an NFL team you follow from time to time? Despite that turnover, only North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks had more receiving yardage in the ACC last season than Ogletree. What probably surprised most people was the 40 time Ogletree blazed at the scouting combine. His stats at Virginia--12.5 yards per catch last season and 11.2 in 2006--certainly didn't tip you off to the 4.36-second time he ran.

``I think that really stuck with some guys and some scouts,'' Ogletree said. ``Just because they didn't expect it from me. I knew the whole time, I knew how fast I was. All the teams and scouts had me in the 4.3's and I knew I could move that fast. They probably expected me in the high 4.4's or something. I didn't get to run a lot of long routes at Virginia. It didn't really show that much on film with all of the plays I was making, I wasn't able to get out there as much as I would like.

``One of the biggest part of my games is my quickness and agility and I think I showed that too. I proved to people I'm a good ballplayer and they are believing in me more and more as this process goes on. I'm still under the radar and that's fine. It's about what you do when you get there that counts.''

He was in the top 10 among the 45 wide receivers at the combine in four events--1st in short shuttle, fourth in three-cone drill, ninth in broad jump and 10th in the 40-yard dash.

Ogletree has gotten to know Rex Hogan, who scouts the East for the Bears, and he has had four private workouts recently with Carolina, Miami and New England three of the teams to come in and visit with him. The Bears are not the fourth team. He has good size at 6-1, 196 pounds, and should be able to come in and contribute in some way as a rookie. He likes the fact that the class of receivers he is a part of is considered so strong.

``I have heard it is one of the deepest in a whole which means we have some good ballplayers in this class,'' Ogletree said. ``I think I match up well to them. When I get my opportunity, wherever it's at, that is what is going to separate me. If I am able to play better than the next guy, that will put me ahead. I always have confidence in my ability and I have always had a competitive nature about myself. I want to show a team I am worthy of being selected where I am going to go.''

Ogletree had a year of eligibility remaining with the Cavaliers but elected to leave school with a sociology degree in hand. He redshirted in 2007 to heal a torn ACL but has healed completely. He's mature and there really wasn't anything left for him to accomplish.

``That was real important to me, earning my degree,' he said. ``Looking back on it, that is one of my biggest achievements and I will have that forever. That piece of paper meant a lot but I was ready to move on to the next part of my life and that is to live out my dream to play in the NFL.''

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Ogletree in the third round??? Seems like a bit of stretch but then again Angelo has taken a lot of guys early if he likes them. if Wallace, Gibson and Bardon are all there and he goes for the stretch I would not be surprised. But he really is a 4th or 5th round pick. He reminds me a little of a young Andre Reed who was a 4th round pick for the Bills in 85. Well I think it was 85. But he really isn't Reed he doesn't do much after tha catch and struggles with seperation. I know why Angelo likes him though. He is smart, he already graduated. Plus he missed the 2007 season with a torn ACL and has a history of wrist injuries. Sounds like an Angelo guy to me. I think he is a risky pick for a team that really needs to hit on its picks this year.

Earl Bennett
D. Manning
C. Steltz
Zack Bowman
G. Wolfe
M Okwo
D Babuzin
D Dvoracek

Were all considered reaches when they were drafted.

You gotta go FS first and WR next. At this point, with the addition of Cutler, Pace, Omiyale...the offense has improved over last year. Granted, we need a couple WRs, but the opposition gashed us with the pass last year. The Tampa-2 needs a solid, playmaking FS along with a consistant pass rush. We're looking at not making the playoffs unless we shore up the pass D. There are more options available past 49 for WR, and few for FS beyond 49.

In light of this, a dream first three picks:

49---Michael Johnson, DE
99---Ogletree, WR
119--Mitchell, Edison, Murphy (WR)
4th--Mike Mitchell, FS, Ohio (get him now before it's too late)

This is one of a few guys that leaped out at you at the combine. He reminded me a lot of the way Eddie Royal went through his drills last year. Robiskie would be awesome but there's no way he lasts to 49. Massaqoui, i suppose at 49, BUT..
Give me Rashad Johnson at 49 and Ogletree at 99. And that's as good a draft as you can have without a first rounder

Make that the first 4 picks.

He has the right height for a split end, although he probably needs another 5-10 lbs of muscle looking at his build to help beat the jam at the line.

There is something to be said for a player who has graduated from the University of Virginia, a tough school to get into, and out of for that matter. Knowing that he is mature, intelligent, and decptively fast only helps his potential development as a wideout. I don't view him in the same category as a guy like Nicks, Britt, or Robiskie, but I do see him in the same group as Massaquoi, and can be had in a later spot.

So if we decide to go safety in round 2 (personally, since the success of JA has been in the later rounds when it comes to DBs, I would prefer a defensive front 7 pick, like a Connor Barwin if he is there), I like the idea of Ogletree in 3, but will he still be there at 99? A month ago, I would say he would be there at our 4th round pick, and that may still be the case. But I would feel fine with taking him at 99 as that is basically a 4th rounder anyway.

The only pitfall of waiting until 99 is that there could be a run on the next group of wideouts, and then we are looking at table scraps, and holding off until the 5th-7th rounds, and relying exclusively on Bennett to make the leap from year 1 to year 2. I would like to have some fallback options, or a potential starter or two to come out of the draft. The kid from Pittsburgh (Derek Kinder) seems like a nice 5th or 6th round option, but I would like for him to be the second receiver we take, not the first.

maybe some WR's will fall to #49 but my belief is that if the BEARS go WR at #49 it may be a reach for what is left of the top WR talent. I am all for the best graded talent at #49 with the hope it fits a need at OLB, D line, OG, FS or WR.

Of the talent I think there will be more depth at WR in the later rounds than in past years, so unless a special WR drops to the BEARs I am all for picking best available graded talent as noted above.

Despite his speed, this guy is a 5th rounder at best. He runs a 4.36 and averages under 12 yards a catch? Not exactly making the most of the speed, is he?

In the 3rd round, if that's when they decide to wait, focus on Brandon Tate of UNC, Mike Wallace of Ole Miss or Austin Collie of BYU instead.

Unless Brian Robiskie, from Wide Receiver U (also know as OSU and my alma mater) is available when the Bears draft in the second, I would take a FS. While there are no guarantees in life or the NFL, Robiskie is as close as you can get to a rookie WR who can actually play.

The need at FS can't be downplayed. That D just does not work without a good one. Try visualizing the Steelers without Troy I'll Kick Your Ass or the Colts without Bob Not in My Neigborhood. Well, OK the Steelers have some other parts, but the FS is critical.

And Brad, please don't ever mention Chris Harris again. If that trade doesn't happen we are not having this conversation. We're talking about what WR we're taking. One of Angelo's worst trades.

What about Patrick Turner out of Cal? I think he is better than all of these guys.

FS in the second round, DE in the third, WR in the fourth......WR in free agency....Oh, who cares anyway....Orton is gone!!!!!!!! I'd be happy with Ralph Kramden in the 2nd, Fred G. Sanford in the 3rd, and Al Bundy in the 4th......ORTON SUCKS!!!!!!!

By the way.....Al Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in one game in High School.....

bob k spits da troof! The Bears gotta fever...and the only more FS. I gotta have more FS, baby.

Mel jr,
Remember that he didn't have much at the QB position to work with, and Al Groh is not the most aggressive strategist out there as he hails from the Parcells tree. Not saying Ogletree is a true deep threat, but don't disqualify him on the basis of the offense he played in, or the guy who was lobbing the ball to him.

I think we take a WR at 49 if Robiscke, Britt, or Nicks drops to us. Otherwise we take one of the top 3 FSs at that point. If we grab Johnson, or Delmars at that spot with the 99th pick we take Collie/WR/BYU, Olgetree/WR/Virg or Kelly/Wr/Clem. Then with the 4th round pick we take Melton/DE/Texas, a high upside former RB.We address our 3 greatest needs IMO.


Most of those guys were considered reaches...but Earl Bennett definitely was NOT considered a reach. He was graded as a late 2nd/early 3rd round pick last year...and was in Mel Kipers top 5 available talents when he was drafted.
Scott Wright from had Bennett listed as a 2nd rounder.

And IMO, Zach Bowman was a steal in the 5th round.

..but by some accounts Devin Hester and Matt Forte were considered reaches too.

Neckbeard why do you keep wasting space with that foolishness? Grow up you nitwit, now we know why you are like you are you watch too much boobtube boob. I kind of agree with 24/7 Johnson is lanky could take 10 lbs of muscle mass and be good, I like Ogletree he gives options.

Smooth I don't really follow Mel much, and I know Wright and Walter really liked him as well. But there are others who didn't and myself as I am sure many people here will tell you was not a fan of the pick when it happened. I saw him as a reach in the third, I also was one of the people who said there wasn't a first round reciever in the bunch and so I had everybody going a round later than Mel and Wright. Which turned out to be pretty accurate. I am not so sure Mel is always Wright? Get it. I know it was lame. Anyway I and some people had him as a early 4th. This is what Wright said about him.

[Scott Wright] "I think he'd be a reach at the top of round two. He's more of a late second or early third. With that said I think he's a better prospect than Early Doucet, who is much more hyped. Bennett reminds me a bit of Greg Jennings."

I don't really see him as being like Jennings, but the Bears tried to play him at Split End anyway, which put him on the line and that was pretty much was all she wrote. There gonna try him there again this year, I think thats a mistake because he is Flanker and will struggle to get off the line which will knock his timing off on his routs which means he will be getting there late.

As for Bowman you can't steal what nobody else wants. He was considered a a 7th round or later pick because of his injury issues. Which turned out to be right on as he has had his third season ending injury in 3 years. Yes three years ago he was considered a 1st round talent and then he started getting hurt. Most had him as to much of a risk and placed him as a 7th or post draft FA.

12 yards per catch is more than Boldin did for Cardinals last year

Guys...if the seven WRs that are actually worth the 49th pick are gone..we go FS.


There is a chance that Nicks or Robiskie are there..But probably not. Now, if those WRs are all gone..You look at FS. Delmas will be gone..but Rashad Johnson should be there. I take him over Massoqui and Iglesias...Rashad Johnson WILL start from day one..and he will make plays. This kid was a walk on at Alabama who went on to be named team captain TWICE..which very few have done. Saban..who broke into coaching as a defensive backs coach, called Rashad the smartest player he's ever coached. People talk about his weight..Look at Ed Reeds weight...Look at the other FS around the league..They dont play much heavier..This guy is the real deal at S..We have found the QB of our offense..Rashad Johnson will be the QB of our defense..PLAYMAKER..Youtube him and you will see what this kids about.

At the end of the day you take the best player available. You never know what will go down on Draft day, which makes everything a crap shoot. If Boldin gets traded or Holt is signed, it will change the draft, players will shuffle around and who knows, WR Nicks is there, shouldn't be, but he is, so pick him up.

We all know there is some kinda science behind it all and players value changes by the second. If he's a stud, get him! Don't care if its OL.

Go Blackhawks!

"The Bears gotta fever...and the only more FS. I gotta have more FS, baby."

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who caught that SNL reference.

I'll be really disappointed if they pass on Johnson at 49. Primetime, you are 100% correct. The Bears were sooooooooo much better when they had a guy in the secondary acting as a defensive coordinator ala Mike Brown. He was another guy that didn't wow you physically but in his prime, once he got on the field, he'd line guys up in the secondary, constantly be around the ball and in general just made plays.

As bad as their passing offense was last year, their pass defense was worse. Cutler will improve what we have automatically on the offensive side of the ball. You give me a QB of the secondary and the Bears can get back to punishing people on Defense. If we can find our pass rush.... that's for a different post.

Sweet, bizarre, Christopher Walken.

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