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Number swap: Pace lands No. 76

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A week after he signed his contract, the Bears have updated their roster. Pace will wear No. 76, the same number he has worn throughout his career with the St. Louis Rams. That is according to the club's Web site and the roster, which was updated at some point today.

Frank Omiyale, signed on the first day of free agency, has made a switch. Originally, assigned No. 76, the club lists him as No. 68.

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When will the Bears retire the number 8?? After Cade McNown and Rex Grossman, nobody should ever wear that number again!!!!!

As for the Bears chances this year - They can NEVER have enough linemen. Titles are won on the backs of the lines, both offensive and defensive! Last year's defensive line was pathetic. Have the bears done enough to improve?

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