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Northwestern QB C.J. Bacher to get tryout this weekend

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Northwestern's C.J. Bacher will join two other quarterbacks on a tryout basis at the Bears' rookie minicamp this weekend.

Bacher will be one of three arms for the three days of practices that will involve the team's nine draft picks, undrafted free agents and tryout players. Florida State's Drew Weatherford and Missouri's Chase Patton are the other two quarterbacks.

Bacher passes for 7,319 yards and 43 touchdowns in his career with the Wildcats, culminating in a trip to the Alamo Bowl this past season. He completed more than 60 percent of his passes over the last two seasons but there are concerns about his arm strength at the NFL level.

Also scheduled to come in on a tryout basis is Ball State punter Chris Miller. That's the same school that produced former MAC player of the year and Bears punter Brad Maynard. NFL rules prohibit veterans from participating in the practices or otherwise Maynard could share some tips of the trade.

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Good luck, CJ, Peterman, and Basanez! GO CATS!!

Why? Are the Bears looking to corner the market on out of work Northwestern QB's? Which would encompass all of them?

Weatherford is a great kid. I believe he is related to William Wallace (Braveheart). To his misfortune, the coaching at FSU during his first two years was, in my opinion, not good. Hopefully, Coach Fisher was able to correct some of the early teaching he recieved at FSU.

Good luck Drew and go Noles!

This guy (Bacher) is weak.... Patton or Weatherford would be much better third string or even back up. We need someone with a solid arm, and Bacher is not that someone.


Too bad Tyrell Sutton is on the Packers.

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