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Missouri kicker Jeff Wolfert to get tryout at rookie minicamp

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Add Missouri kicker Jeff Wolfert to the list of Tigers coming in for a tryout at the rookie minicamp.

The Bears are already bringing in quarterback Chase Patton on a tryout basis. Special teams coordinator Dave Toub worked at the school for more than 10 years, and spoke at the coaches' clinic there during this offseason. It was reported in Columbia, Mo., that Toub saw Wolfert work out then.

The Bears are unlikely to bring a second kicker with them to training camp.

After roster limits were lowered last season and the NFL Europe exemptions went bye-bye along with the developmental league itself, it became tougher for teams to carry backup specialists into camps. Because veteran punter Brad Maynard has been bothered in recent years with hamstring and back issues, the Bears are more likely to go with a second punter in training camp. That is what they did last summer with Zac Atterberry. In a perfect situation, Toub finds a punter who can also kick for training camp.

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why didn't they sign graham gano?? no brainer. ravens get him
he kicks,punts, most valuable of his bowl game. come on.

Wolfort is a really good kicker. I don't know about MVP or anything, but the guy didn't miss much, even from 50 yds.

Wolfert is the most accurate kicker in NCAA history and also punted at times for Missouri this season. He's a good pickup.

There's no doubt that Wolfert is an accurate kicker but he lacks the ability to kick beyond 50+

I had classes with Wolfert at Mizzou. He is small for his size. If he puts on some muscle I think 50+ yarders becomes less of a problem for him. He is deadly accurate.

Most accurate kicker in NCAA history. I don't know why anybody wouldn't want him.

It has always been a mystery to me why some guys are successful kickers in NCAA then wash out in the NFL.

Wolfert was certainly an elite NCAA kicker. He was also a world class swimmer who gave us his swimming schollie for a chance to play football, so you know he has the desire.

go bears... go jeff...

Brian Mitchell out of Northern Iowa went 26 for 27 in 1990 and is listed as the most accurate kicker in NCAA history. Wolfert tied his record I think, but playoff games didn't count back then for records and Mitchell kicked one against Boise State in a playoff game to go 27 for 28 in field goals.

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