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Mississippi State DB Pegues to participate in minicamp on tryout

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We've got a few more names to add to the list of tryout players for rookie minicamp this weekend.

The Bears will bring in Mississippi State's Derek Pegues and he is expected to have a similar tryout next week with the New York Giants.

Some considered Pegues a potential first-day draft pick but his stock obviously went on a freefall. He was twice arrested while in school and served a one-game suspension last season for what was described as violation of a class attendance policy. One of those arrests was for assaulting on off-duty police officer. He and five other players were charged with felony assault but pled guilty to misdemeanor simple assault for a 2006 incident.

Perhaps hurting him more was his 40-time from the scouting combine. Pegues clocked in at 4.69 seconds. Listed as a cornerback at the combine, that was the second-slowest time for the position. That being said, he made 11 interceptions in three seasons as a starter at Mississippi State. He played there as a safety but most are looking at him as a cornerback in the NFL. He also has return ability.

Here are two more names courtesy of agent Eugene T. Lee:

North Carolina cornerback Cooter Arnold: Arnold started out with the Tar Heels as a running back when he was a true freshman, got moved to safety where he started as a sophomore and then wound up playing wide receiver even though he was somewhat buried in the depth chart behind Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Tate and Brooks Foster. The Bears will look at Arnold at yet another position--cornerback.

Auburn running back Brad Lester: Lester averaged 6.5 yards per carry in 2005 but battled injuries throughout his career at Auburn. He's bulked up over 190 pounds and is healthy now.

Also, add Virginia wide receiver Maurice Covington to the list. Like Pegues, he will also have a tryout with the Giants next week.

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Most draft links I've read state that Pegues is a true free safety and at his best away from the line of scrimmage where he can use his elite instincts and ball skills, and his natural savvy for taking the proper angles to the ball. I think the Bears are only looking a Derek as a free safety, name one other safety on our roster who is described as having the same skill set the way I just did with Pegues. One draft magazine I read described Pegues and Delmas battling it out for the top safety spot in this years draft. Obviously that did not happen for Derek but I promise you that he will make this football team, and will push Bullocks to start at the free safety spot.

He is one of the best and the young man accepted a plea bargin because he did not want to jepordize his scholarship. he was with teamates and had nothing to do with it. He didn't leave the combine early and he didn't test positive for drugs.

This kid is a pure playmaker. Cannot believe that he was not drafted. Guess based on his size and previous issues, teams let him slide. The NFL is wayyy to caught up in height/weight stuff. The kid has shown pure magic in getting to the ball in college. I agree with Bill Holland. This guy will be a steal of a free agent and should make a play at the starting FS spot... GO Bears..

Derek Pegues's pedigree is football. His immediate aceleration is unmatched. He's one of those D-backs that can get from A to B, to the ball, on a dime. That's Derek Pegues. Some guys can run straight line times in a race, pumping for 40 yards. But Pegues is more like a Walter Payton. He has football speed.

Derek was the best player i ever seen play football in mississippi as a high school quarterback/safety he made all the plays from running with the ball to throwing a few passes and he was tenacious on defense a pure playmaker. I was happy to see Mississippi State get him and he was a all-sec player there i was sure he would get drafted but i guarantee you he will play at least ten years in the NFL because football was what he was born to do..He will be signed if not by the bears another team will get him and the Bears will regret they didnt sign him just like all the other teams that looked over him in the draft..

BOTTOM LINE! Someone needs to go ahead and pick up Pegues because I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HIM IN ACTION on the football field again! I do not know that much about football, but my brother played in the NFL as a linebacker; thus, I learned what I know from watching him. However, I know a little bit about the cornerback position, and Pegues' name is written all over it! Go Pegues!

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