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Louis' stay at tight end could be a short one

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When the Bears announced they had selected San Diego State's Lance Louis in the seventh round Sunday, they called him a tight end.

It looks like they're calling him something different three days later.

The Bears updated their Web site to add rookies numbers and positions and Louis has been assigned No. 60. He's listed as a guard.

That makes more sense. At 6-3, 303 pounds, it was going to be hard for Louis to play tight end. Even if he ran a sub-4.8 40-yard dash when the Bears put him through a private workout, one general manager Jerry Angelo attended as the club's brass was already in California for the owners meetings.

There is no doubting that Louis is a versatile and athletic guy. He was recruited to San Diego State as a tight end and he even got looked at as an H-back by some teams.

By classifying Louis as a guard, it means the Bears selected one offensive lineman in the draft.

A team spokesman said no official announcement was in the works. Guess we'll see for sure come Friday afternoon at rookie minicamp. For what it's worth, here are the numbers the other draft picks have been assigned:

Safety Al Afalava 46
Linebacker Marcus Freeman 58
Defensive tackle Jarron Gilbert 73
Wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias 17
Wide receiver Derek Kinder 83
Wide receiver Johnny Knox 13
Defensive end Henry Melton 69
Cornerback D.J. Moore 30

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It's a shame that someone else will be wearing #30. We're gonna miss Mike Brown. I still don't understand the harm in giving him a roster spot. Is is still a fantastic safety, I know he has had many many injuries, but it's not because he isn't in good shape. They are just bad luck injuries. I would rather have him out there than Bullocks or Earl or Steltz. I think he still can come out and play at a high level. If he gets hurt again this year, then put him on IR and sign someone else. Something tells me that if you cut Bullocks or Earl today, no one will pick them up, which means they will be around is Brown gets hurt again. Oh well, I guess I can dream. Thanks again Mike for the years you played.

I was really excited about Louis dropping 30 pounds and being a massive and fast blocking Tight End. Could you find out why the Bears are making this switch to Guard? I understand your analysis and agree but I do not understand their switch from one to the other within days. Thanks.

Who the heck is this obscure guy, anyway? He didn't even get in Mel Kipers Draft Report and he usually goes about 100 deep at most positions. Couldn't find him on nfldraftscout, either.
Most of these guys don't stick anyway, but this guy is so cut it isn't even funny.


At that size and speed, wouldn't Louis be a candidate as a lead blocker (a la William Perry) in short-distacne or goal line situations? The Bears were awful in those situations last year, and while Louis would have trouble making the roster purely as a guard, he would have value on special teams and as a lead blocker.

Your thoughts?

I think he will be precisely that, and come in as a "tackle eligible" when they want some extra beef on the goal line, as the blocking tight end/H-Back.

The Bears can use him as a second fullback, 3rd tight end, and 9th or 10th OL on game day to keep some roster spots open for other players on special teams, assuming he makes the team.

A 303 lb, sub 4.8 40 at fullback. Be afraid. Be very afraid. How about a Redzone backfield of Louis and Melton? Oh man. Maybe we could push the Packers D-line 15 yards off the ball this time.

Bearboy, Lance Louis is the 12th rated guard on Draftscout with the arrow pointing up for rising. They predicted he'd be drafted in the 6th-7th round.

Creighton, recently you were asked this:

By MD Kevin on April 28, 2009 12:33 AM

Gotta ask -- when are you going to wear those pink panties you said you would if Angelo traded for Cutler? Oh and aren't you suppose to say something good about Brando too? Has a date been set? I might fly in for that one.

And you answered MD Kevin with this:

By Creighton on April 28, 2009 3:19 AM
Sorry MD but rumor has it that sombody was posting for me, that sombody you actually just named. That sombody also broke his word to never post here again. But maybe you can get him to show up at opening day and have him keep his word. That person has also been pretending to be a lot of People like Da Coach and Tripper, and many others. Maybe even you I don't know for sure. Shame on you for thinking I was that stupid.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting this, but are you going back on your word, Creighton? Forget about Brando and whatever he said/didn't say, he has nothing to do with this. The stipulation was as follows: If Angelo got Cutler, you would do what is listed below:

"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck... First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

Normally I would leave this issue alone, but you, Creighton, have a nasty habit of putting your rancid foot into your rancid mouth. You consistently brag about how you are right all the time about the Bears (which you're not) and go out of your way to remind everyone on this blog that they never "man up" or "put their money where their mouths are" like you claim to do.

So what's the deal Creighton? Are you going back on your word like a little chicken $&*% coward or will you in fact go through with it like you promised to?

Why was he moved to guard ???

Because he's 6'-3" and 303 lbs !! And, we have plenty of TE's.

He WILL be lead blocking ----- From the OG position.

Would rather have a guard who actually knows how to pull as a run-blocker from the natural guard position than a guy who can't catch and isn't an exceptional pass blocker take up a spot in the backfield when we could have a 2nd TE or a 3rd WR on the field for Cutler to throw to. Fine about moving him to tackle or TE for a goaline scenario, but beyond that, he should remain a project at guard.

By It's Time to Man Up/Brando
"Maybe I'm misinterpreting this, but are you going back on your word, Creighton?"

Now if I gave my word about something I would clearly go through with it. Unlike you.

But when you write something I have nothing to do with it.

"So what's the deal Creighton? Are you going back on your word like a little chicken $&*% coward or will you in fact go through with it like you promised to?"

I actually can't go back on your word, only you can.

"Forget about Brando and whatever he said/didn't say, he has nothing to do with this."

Ummm he doesn't? I hate to break this to you but you are in fact Brando. All anyone has to do is click on your link and it says click here, and if you click on that your name comes up. Your pretending not to be you while posting a link to who you really are. Not only are you a crazy liar, but your stupid to.

Your calling me a coward when your the one who runs around pretending to be other people. It's a nice try on your part to make me look bad, but maybe when your pretending to be other people you shouldn't post a link to who you realy are. Now why don't you just go run along and pretend to be someone else.

If your not going to talk about football and sense everyone hates you maybe you shouldn't post here. Nobody wants to read this garbage, by you. Maybe I will just change my screen name and then Creighton will disappear to you forever. Yes I think I will do that and take a nice little brak from posting now that the draft is over. Bye Bye crazy your just going to have to find someone else to bug and do all your crazy stuff too. Creighton is now gone. You know its going to drive you nuts too, wondering who I am, were I am at. Maybe I will pretend to be you, like you do when you pretend to be me. That will be a lot of fun.

It looks like they picked the guy because he was an athlete. In the seventh round I like that better than picking the 27th best guard and hoping for the best.

It doesn't matter what they call him. This guy may develop into something and maybe he won't. That's what you get with the 250-something pick. The reason it's a good pick is that he has special talent. Good coaching can maybe teach an athlete to play football. You can't coach them to have talent to start with.

Creighton: "Bwak-bwak-bwak."

Dude, if you're going to make a promise and be so bold about it, at least back it up. I for one can't say I'll miss you if you stop posting. But I doubt you actually will.

zookeeper, get your head out of the past. mike brown served his time, to bad his best years was on the ir list. but he can't cover enough ground to be effective now. in the falcons game on the last play he didn't get to the spot to break that pass up. you can't play forever you know. for you saying no one would pick up bullocks
or earl, has anyone picked up mike brown? the reason why is he's no longer any good. if he still wants to play i hope someone picks him up. who knows maybe the bears will low ball him back on the team.

HAHAHA Creighton.. forget Brando.. just own up to ur pledge. time to sport the pink panties. no need to rant on for paragraphs.. let's just see u keep ur word opening day! Man up bro. lookin forward to it.

We haven't had a big, fast, pulling Guard since Christ was a Lance Corporal. Can you see him leading a sweep for Forte? Sweet!

Everyone keep in mind here that this is just a change in what the Bears call him. Louis played as a tackle for San Diego State last year and a guard the year before that. You have to go back 3 years for the last time he played tight end. He just got too big. This guy was an offensive lineman when he was drafted, it was just assumed he would play tight end.

At 6-3 303lbs, and the fact he ran a sub 4.8 40, yeah, you try him at guard. Thats moving for a big guy. Currently Chicago is sat at guard with starters Josh Beekman and Roberto Garza, and reserves Dan Buenning and G/T Frank Omiyale. But with Lance Louis, maybe down the road he could be something special. I look for Louis to make the practice squad this season, probably replacing one Mr Tyler Reed. If the Bears work with him for a couple seasons, he could be in the 310lb range and still moving like he does, Louis could turn out to be a steal.

I still think starting left guard Josh Beekman is gonna take another step and surprise some people this season. The Beekman vs Omiyale battle should be the most interesting position battle of the upcoming pre-season. I look for Beekman to edge Omiyale out because he knows the system a little better and Omiyale doesn't have much experience at playing guard. Omiyale seems more comfortable outside at tackle. It should prove to be an interesting summer especially with Jay Cutler running the offense GO BEARS!!

I hope Afalava lives up to #46, something like Doug Plank. I'm also waiting for Angelo to bring in Gary Fencik. He would be better than the SS's they're hoping can play the FS spot

Who the **** cares about your little spat? That doesn't belong here.

As for Louis, I really don't care where he ends up, so long as he can actually contribute at that spot. I'm tired of seeing wasted opportunities on 4th and 1 or 4th and goal.

I want to see this guy as a fullback. I really, really, really do. He would literally steamroll a path for Forte and Jones with that size and speed. Heck, even Wolfe. And as a former tight end, this guy can also catch passes. I'm sick and tired with the mediocrity of McKie. If this team really is a power running team than show me. Show me the conversions on 3rd and short, 4th and short, on the goal line etc. against any opposing defensive line.

Creighton, where you gonna go? The Trib? They suck for sports coverage. I've said it countless times: you make this blog what it is. You play the cynic and at times devil's advocate and while I don't always agree with your viewpoints, it's a fun read. Otherwise, we'd be subjected primarily to dull, homer comments such as this, "I still think starting left guard Josh Beekman is gonna take another step and surprise some people this season. The Beekman vs Omiyale battle should be the most interesting position battle of the upcoming pre-season."

Blah! Yuk! Where's the controversy!? Where's the scathing criticism!? It's so rosy and peachy that I feel like injuring myself after reading that. Besides Creighton, if you leave, Brando wins. Do you really want that? Think about it.

(Armstead I'm just playing lol!)

Sounds like you're both already wearin panties. Now shut the f up, this is Chicago not San Fran, grow a sack for christ's sake. This is for football, not for the two of you to play peepee touch with each other.

Louis is a big guy with tremendous athletic ability. No matter the position I hope he succeeds. We could really use a pulling guard with that kind of quickness/size. Omiyale will beat out Beekman, he tougher and better suited for G. JB is our center of the future. The last ? on O-line is Garza, will Buenning beat him or is that going to be a battle between the 3 of them. I can't freakin wait for this weekend, OTAs and Training Camp. BEAR DOWN!!!!!

Agreed Anonymous! Creighton is always dogging or being dogged by someone. I enjoy the banter, but who cares about 'owning up' on a blog.

Its just nice to see JA drafting 'athletes'. Here's a guy that could line up and pull a Warren Sapp on offense...he could sneak away from the line and catch TD or a short 1st down. Keep the Defense guessing!

Zookeeper I had the exact same thought when I saw #30. This kid probably wont be able to hold Mike Brown's jockstrap, but hopefully he does the # proud. Good luck with wherever you sign, Mike. We'll miss you

Guys if I said I Promised to do something then I would do it. But if I am messing with my stalker(Brando or whatever name he is using these days) at his expense then I am going to mess with him, he very much deserves it. As for going any place I always take a break from blogging after the draft. It's the football dead zone. I never said I was leaving, but the name will be changed for the sake of change and those not smart enough to figure out who I am, will just have to deal with it. Besides I like watching Brando go nuts, if someone does blog as Creighton it will not be me.

Now could someone point out were I promised to do anything, read what is said and interprit it your own way, were does it say I promise to do anything? Saying I would do something and promising to do something are two very different things, I told my girlfriend I would do the the dishes and take out the trash, but yet there they sit, I never promised to do it. Also read the date, it's April 30, I made zero promises to do anything in April, or may or june and so on. I also don't have to advertise exactly were or at what time i do something. Now people have been posting days and times, but that was not me. I made one post. Someone else has been changing and adding dates and times and that would be Brando.

Last I may have already done it. I cannot even prove if I did or did not do it, I never said I would take pictures and even if I did take pictures I would never post them and niether would Brad.

Can anyone here actually prove it has not been done? I have done it a dozen times for all anyone knows. I can't prove it either way that I did or didn't do it because it's a blog.

Now as for Brando he swore to me and to Brad that he would never post here again if Brad did not ban me. He broke that promise less than a day later. He broke his word, which means I have no need to keep my word to him. Probably should have kept your word Brando.

Now several people are going to post here and say they saw me do it. Now maybe I will just be posting with different screen names, whos to say. But once again there is no way for me to prove it one way or the other.

Now have fun for the next month or two, or three. Who knows when I will return or what my name will be. Mike talk to you when I get back have fun playing with Brando, he will need someone he hates to latch onto, oh and he likes nudie pics of his mom(the perv) so give him one whenever he gets upset. Good luck.

Oh guys you should really focus less on me and more football, that is what this blog is for. I know how much you all care, but really poor Brad does not want to read this garbage. Thats why I have to change my name, I can't even talk football anymore I got nut jobs posting love songs to me, that is just going to far even for Brando.


If a player is put on the practice squad, Isn't he available to be picked up by other teams? If that is the case, why put him on the practice squad in the first place? I would rather have the Bears find a spot on the roster for him, if they feel he has the chance to be something.

I saw Creighton do it and it was awsome. He totally Rulzz. The Part were Jay Cutler came over and held up that sign that said "Brando Sucks" was awsome.

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