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Look ahead to 2010 draft telling for 2009 Bears' season

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With the [fill-in-the-blank] pick in the 2010 draft, the Denver Broncos select ...

Is it ever too early to start mock drafts? We would suggest it is a little early but it's interesting to see what some long-range prognosticators think about the Bears. No, not who they are going to draft next April. How they are going to finish in 2009.

The Bears dealt their first-round pick to the Denver Broncos for next year, so they will not be in action until the second round (or later if they trade down again, right?).

It doesn't look good for the Bears if you follow Todd McShay's draft at He has the Broncos selecting 13th in the first round.

Yes, 13th. So that means he has the Jay Cutler-led Bears doing worse than they did this past season when they were at No. 18. If it's any concession, McShay has the Green Bay Packers (9th) and the Detroit Lions (3rd) doing worse. Talk about a rotten season for the NFC North. By our estimation, that means McShay has the Bears losing most games not involving the Packers and Lions. For what it's worth, he has the Broncos taking TCU linebacker Jerry Hughes with the pick.

Over at, Andrew Perloff likes the Cutler-led Bears a little better. He has the Broncos choosing 21st. That likely means the Bears are one of the last teams in the playoffs as the NFC North winner by virtue of his breakdown. He has Denver using the pick on Missouri linebacker Sean Witherspoon. We think you'll recognize a defensive trend here.

Peter Schrager at also likes the Bears to sneak into the postseason. He has Denver using the 22nd overall pick on ... you guessed it ... a linebacker--Boston College's Mark Herzlich.

Walter Football likes the Bears to get a win in the postseason, or at least earn a first-round bye. It has the Broncos picking all the way down at No. 26 and choosing Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Maybe he's the man to replace Cutler, not Kyle Orton.

Who knows? Time, a year of it, will tell.

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I wonder what kind of conversations happened between Seattle and Denver during this trade. Denver had 2 first round picks to trade and ended up trading their own, and kept the Bears' pick. Does this mean they thought the Bears would have a worse record than they would next year so wanted to keep the Bears pick? Or ... was Seattle smart enough to recognize the Bears would be better this year and demanded Denver give their first rounder instead of the Bears? Would love to find out the story on that.

Beyond all that ... trading your 2010 1st round pick for a nickel CB is just silly.

@ Silky

amen. Champ Bailey won't be dominant in a few years, but what's the rush?!? I think time and time again the NFL draft has produced a variety of 3rd and 4th round CB's who are average nickel guys for a few years, then gradually develop into average starters. But, of course, the Broncos traded 2 third round picks for a mid-2nd round pick to get a blocking TE, despite still having Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler on the roster.

I have to believe that Denver got the word on which 1st round pick they'd trade because it was already a trade favoring Seattle. In that case, the Broncos would no doubt bet on their team to do better than the Bears. I disagree that Denver would be a better team, but you can't blame them. AFC West + the desire not to think your own team won't improve = trade our own pick

I'd have to assume, Silky, that any talk of giving up the Bears' pick instead of their own was squashed pretty early on. That'd be one hell of a vote of no-confidence in the McDaniels/Orton Bronco from management, wouldn't it? The suggestion, before training camp has even begun, that they expect to do worse than the Chicago Bears - never a team with a ton of respect around the league - would be awfully hard for the Broncos to take.



Not a hard one to figure out.
Denver has a new coach, new offense, new defense, new everything.
Usually that translates to no winning record.

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the Broncos traded the Bears frist round pick for the 2010 draft. No need to flip out over McShay's prediction. It's not like anyone ever pays attention to media predictions, or evaluations of teams or players. 95% of the time they are wrong, but it's a good read while enjoying a cup of coffee, much like the funny pages.

I love having Jay Cutler on the team, but the mediocre defense, lack of experience at wide receiver and unsophisticated game planning and play calling will leave the Bears 8-8, giving the Broncos a pick in the middle of the first round. Bank on it.

Just to defend McShay a little, he's not the one who came up with the draft order. That was Matt Williamson's power rankings and it's nothing new. All last season he constantly put down the Bears in his rankings. In fact, so desperate to be noticed, he often ranked teams either higher or lower than any of the other ESPN analysts.

The Broncos traded their own pick, not the one they STOLE from us.

Michael K,

You sir, hit the nail on the head!

McDaniels is in so far over his head that he will never come out. Like most Belichick disciples, they believe that without any success on their own, or any proven track record, they can make the team they go to just like the Patriots. Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weis, Eric Mangini, and Josh McDaniels all have come in a preached about how they will change the organization. What they end up doing is stripping the organization of talent, and sending them spiraling into the cellar. The Browns, who have not been very good anyway, are going to be set back 7-10 years because of the Romeo/Mangini tandem as head coach.

The Seahawks knew this, and that is why they wanted the Broncos pick. It could very easily be a top 10 pick, and definitely will be a top 15. With the Seahawks being a good, but not great team, that should give them 2 picks in the top 20 by McShay's projection, which means they can do whatever they need to do to draft Walter Jones's replacement, or Matt Hasselbeck's.

I think the Bears have a legit shot to win the division with Cutler, which puts Denver's first rounder in the mid to late 20s, which is well outside the range to get a QB in round 1.

Michael K. & JPCZ
Are two stupid or something?? Cutler is and will be better than any first round QB coming out in the next ten years. The Bears STOLE him from the Broncos for no good picks and that scrub Orton!!! Superbowl here we come!!!!

I don't think you can trade a pick you get in a trade. I'm not 100% sure on that though.

JPCZ, I has thrilled that we gave yes GAVE the Bronco that 2010 first round pick. They didnt steal it from the Bears, The Bears willinly gave it to them. Is willinly a word??? DaCoach help me out here buddy!

your right on track...Belichek Disciples rarely prove themselves leading their own ship! they don't have that kind of security. Did anyone notice during the draft inside War-room cams..Beli was wearing a suit? The dude lives for this time of year, It's his time to build his team, that's why he can relax in sweats and cut-up pullovers during the season....Hell, next SuperBowl..he might just coach in some torn up crap-stained tidy-whities.

I love analyzing the future draft! I really want the broncos to pick Colt McCoy. He's a great player, can make great plays, and is exciting to watch (I saw him at the Red River Shootout!) As far as a teams future success is concerned, it would be unfair for me to say that the broncos couldn't make the playoffs or the bears could make the playoffs: there is no crystal ball and everything is up for grabs. Now, unfortunately I do believe that the broncos stole some picks from the bears: I was not at all surprised when I read that McDaniels had his eye on Kyle all along. Josh isn't dumb and he got the MOST out of the bears because remember the bears were "in it to win it." Had they done more homework, they probably would've recognized that McDaniels would've taken the deal that they originally offered. With the cba set to expire, I would've unloaded one of them also. I think that Mcdaniels will do fine, alot of legendary coaches started out a little off balance and ended with a bang.

Yeah partyup Major Applewhite and Vince Young were great [college] players so-so to not-so professional players.

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nfl history hiddjf

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