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Live from Halas Hall: Wrapping up Day 1

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Talk about a long wait to see the Bears not do anything.

In trading the No. 49 pick to the Seattle Seahawks the Bears not only left Georgia wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi and Missouri safety William Moore on the board, they ensured they would go without a pick in the first two rounds of the draft for the first time since 1978. It's been so long the team doesn't have records of what it acquired for the first rounder that went to the Los Angeles Rams and the second rounder that went to the San Francisco 49ers. If you recall, let us know.

Now, general manager Jerry Angelo goes into Day 2 of the draft, which begins in about 10 hours, with nine draft picks. They start with pick No. 68, the fourth selection of the third round. Angelo has a depth chart at wide receiver that looks worse than it did last season, if you can imagine that.

Receiver Career receptions

Rashied Davis 74
Devin Hester 71
Devin Aromashodu 7
John Broussard 4
Earl Bennett 0
Brandon Rideau 0

Progress has been made if you look at the team's official roster, I suppose. The Bears, just in recent weeks, list Hester as a punter returner/wide receiver. He was listed as a punt returner/kick returner all last season. Perhaps that's evidence they do, in fact, believe Hester can emerge as a true No. 1 receiver. This much is certain, new quarterback Jay Cutler will not be getting a No. 1 in this draft or with what is out on the street right now. Angelo mentioned there could be some players cast away after the draft that could be considered too.

Multiple league observers were scratching their heads wondering why the team passed on a receiver and a safety at No. 49. Angelo explained it's about the grade and the team didn't want to reach for a player it feels it can get on Sunday. He said the Bears, who already had seven picks on the second day, have spent an inordinate amount of time evaluating the talent that would be available from Rounds 3 through 7. They feel they have a good handle on those rounds and will be able to turn up productive players in those rounds. It's worth noting Angelo has done well in the past with an early pick on the second day of the draft, getting Alex Brown, Nathan Vasher and Kyle Orton in similar situations.

Receiver strikes as the most pressing need but it's a good bet that Lovie Smith's defense will be addressed at all three levels. Angelo has had success with safeties in the later rounds and the team could look for help at defensive end and linebacker early. Wisconsin's DeAndre Levy is a good fit at linebacker and he could make an immediate impact on special teams. Keep an eye on Texas defensive linemen Henry Melton and Roy Miller. The Bears will likely add a cornerback too.

The action starts at 9 a.m. We'll be blogging throughout the entire day and this time we promise we will have players to analyze. Thanks for following us.

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Dont understand the Bears logic with a trade down and value picks? If they pulled off a key wide receiver free agent I could see the logic but not after picking up a franchise quarterback. Plus the needs on the aging defense!

Ok Brad, what's the chance Jerry makes a trade for Braylon Edwards? The Browns have to do something with him....don't they?

The Bears 1st pick in '78 went to the Browns for Mike Phipps - Clev traded it later to LA. The second round pick was for Tommy Hart. Two stellar trades

The trade down doesn't bother me. Massequoi is a solid prospect, but to me he is just as flawed and in the same tier as Louis Murphy, Derrick Williams, Ramses Bardin and Juaquin Iglesias. Mathematically, we are guaranteed one. But what if Michael Johnson falls to us? Or Julian Johnson? Or Duke Robinson? I still wouldn't get desperate to select a WR at 68 (Michael Johnson would be a huge pick up). But I think I'd be as happy with one of the four wideouts mentioned above as I would have been with Massequoi.

Did the Bears fall asleep and forget the draft was today?

I don't like the trade down, but it didn't look like we missed much more than a WR with a case of the drops so far. Could we possibly trade our 2 fourth round picks to get to upper or middle 3rd round, and take a 3rd round WR, 3rd round FS, and a 3rd round DE (with the compensatory pick)? If so I think the trade down was a good move, I'll happily drop 1 rank on our safety chart to pick up a higher wr and a safety. If not, I think we should have grabbed a safety right then.

Sounds like the Raiders may have saved him from himself though by reaching for a guy whop couldn't hacked it at Ohio State. Not unlike when the Bears wanted Plaxico Buress but the Steelers picked him first and left us with a converted safety from New Mexico instead.

Hey, maybe if Angelo keeps trading down maybe he could get every pick in the 7th round.

what is Angelo thinking. he almost has to take a receiver with that 68th pick and hopefully he is leaning toward Barden. if he doesn't take a reciever with that pick there is a good possibility that Iglesias, Barden, Murphy, Tate etc... could be gone cause of all of the other teams that need receivers by the time the bears pick at 99

On some of these blogs you'd think the Bears and Angelo are the biggest idiots in the world. All I can say is, quit the griping! Living in the Bay Area I'm also a Raider fan, and what the Bears did was brilliant compared to the way the Raiders wasted their first pick (Heyward-Bey, who some Bear fans were hoping to get with the 18th pick, instead of Crabtree or Maclin). The quarterback and offensive line positions are vastly improved over last season, and it took the first round pick to get Cutler. Jerry Angelo is correct when he says that it's stupid to draft by position instead of recognizing that the players at that position are not worth drafting that high. Just sit tight and wait for day two, then let's see what we've got. And hopefully, there will be more free agent signings or a trade (Braylon Edwards?) that will make an immediate impact.

Ok lets take a look at what happened, the good and the Bad and the current problem with the Bears drafting methodology.

First you have the Bears Trade.
The Traded the 49th worth 410 points to the Seahawks for the 68th worth 250 points and a 4th rounder worth 84 points. 410>334 pts. So from a point basis this was a bad trade. Look no further than the trade the Steelers made the 64th worth 270 pts and a 4th rounder worth 40 pts for the 79th worth 195 pts and the 84th worth 170 pts. 310

Now we look at what the Bears really need to help themselves. Angelo believes the QB makes the WR. But this is not exactly true it is more of a thing were they help one another. Look no further than Berrian who has put up good numbers but has never had a great QB, or even Andre Johnson who has put up great numbers and has also never had a great QB. Sometimes the QB helps the WR by making a great throw but he cannot stop a reciever with bad hands from droping the ball or make a WR run crisp routs, or block, or have good timing. A WR may make an amazing catch on an under thrown ball but he cannot make a QB accurate, or smart. This makes me think the WR is a great need for the Bears and while Cutler will help out a lot he cannot be excpected to just fix the wr position on his own.

In Denver Cutler suffered from lack of an red zone running game. To often the young gun slinger was forced to try and wing a ball into the red zone because his team was down 14 points in the 4th and could not punch the ball in using a rushing attack. So teams sat back in nickle and dime zones in short yardage and waited for Cutler to make a pass. This is not a good thing for a QB to have to do. The Bears have a good running back, but there line did not have the abiltiy to punch a ball in for TD's in short yardage. Has this been fixed? Not really Pace is not the run blocker he once was and Williams has never been considered a run blocker. Olin is in the same boat as Pace and we all saw Garza get pushed back in those short yardage downs to many times. A powerful Guard would really help this on the right side. Duke Robinson or T'J Lang.

So the two biggest needs on offense are probably a WR and OG. A guy like Lang would be a big help and so would Jauquin Iglesias. Can the Bears get both in round 3?

As for the defense, were to begin, it needs a full overhall. FS, CB, DT, DE, LB. Lots and lots of needs Pick your poison with the defense.

In 1978, The Rams used the pick on RB Elvis Peacock and The 49ers used the second round pick on Guard Walt Downing.

Why is everyone hating on this? I think the Bears had to trade down...who did we miss out on? We were strapped for picks after trading for Jay Cutler, and the blue chip guys just weren't there. We only traded down 15 picks and picked up another 4th rounder.

We now have 6 picks in rounds 3-5...I think we have a chance to get 4 to 5 solid players.

Who was in the second round that's going to be better than what we have to choose from in the 3rd?

William Moore or Mohammed Massaquoi? I like them both, but I actually like Ramses Barden and Rashad Johnson better..and they are both STILL on the well as Michael i'd love to get Michael Johnson or Duke Robinson..we'll see..i cant wait..i cant sleep!!!

no, the bears were not asleep. they decided that if the ohio state reciever was gone then why over pay. there's still good players left
on the board. the trade with the seahawks allows them to draft from the top of rounds 3-4. the recivers left at their second round pick weren't can't miss recievers. they now have the picks to trade up if there is someone they didn't expect to be there, or they can trade down also. plus, jerry may still have a trade up his sleeve after the draft too. you see jerry went after boldin who he felt was worth a second. watch jerry help the defense and get a tall reciever who can be groomed later.

Ramses Bardin...he's the guy Angelo should target for next.

If Michael Johnson can live up to his potential I'm extatic about him too. Is he more inclined to play with intensity on every down now that he's fallen a bit? He has impact ability. Wonder what the Bears think of him.

With 68 and 99 you'd like to see picks that can play now, obviously. Rashaad Johnson can play. He's not 215, but he can play now. Duke Robinson would be an upgrade at right guard. Go with the best available now, that's the only way at this point.

If the idea is to get full value, the Bears gave up a pick that according to the draft sheet is worth 410 points for two later picks that amount to about 335 points. That is definately trading away value for nothing.

If angelo doesn't pick a wide receiver with the 68th pick, the fans will be all over him the rest of the season. It's going to be either Iglesias (if he is still there) or Murphy.

Watching future hall of fame left tackle Michael Oher sitting there all alone and available at #18 made me sick to my stomach

Not only does Kyle Orton have a better O line and better WR' he's got a better RB

and Green Bay...what a day they had

Minnesota got better, too

my nightmare last night...I kept hearing, " 6? that's all ya got? 6?"

I've got a horrible feeling Angelo will pass on Michael Johnson. If they liked him at all you have to have thought they'd have taken him in the second round. I'm more worried with the revelation that the Bears wanted Michael Mitchell, the safety from Ohio that the raiders took WAY too high. Thank god for Al Davis.
What really pissed me off is that the Bears traded out of the second round for a 3rd and 4th, whilst the panthers and broncos were throwing around next year's number 1's for this year's second round talent. Recouping a first next year would've been brilliant, and made the Cutler trade even better.


I agree with your statement! Sometimes it is refreshing to hear from BEAR fans around the country who see other things from other teams in their area, that The Great Chicagoans don't. ( said with respect ) CHICAGO IS GREAT !!
I live in Minnesota, not too far from Chicago, but I get more Viqueen news than from Chicago. I happen to see more outside the team with other teams, than ""the team"" CHICAGO.
Even though I am not a fan, at all, of Angelo, I think his percentage of overall success is LOW, in every round. And I am not a fan of Michael McCaskey, or even Lovie.
We are not as bad off as some people think. We acquired Jay Cutler, we have improved the offensive line, although, I would have liked to see us acquire Loadholt, That would have been a steal, I think.
Today, I think we really need to concentrate on the defense, with ( 1 ) WR and O-Line pick.
The team has improved.

I will wait till after today to see what Anjello does

BEAR FAN up north

Angelo will draft Bruton (I hope). He is the best FS out there - we really need him. If Bruton is somehow gone, take Clemons. WR can wait for the next pick.

Creighton, don't underestimate Omiyale, this kid is gonna make a huge impact on the O-line. I agree, Garza is on the downside and can only get worse. (Didn't he have a Madden cover?:-)

Special teams also need an upgrade, would consider Al Afalava somewhere between rounds 6-7 - great tackler with attitude.

Draft order by position: FS, WR, DE, FB, DT....

We need a real FULLBACK, McKie is a nice guy but a poor blocker.

"We don't trade up - we trade down" - Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Angelo is one of the best late round rock hounds. The Bears made a push for the best available WR in Boldin and Arizona is crazy and difficult to deal with. There are guys out there in the draft, trade market and free agent, that can be productive.

There are more guys from small schools and mid-majors that will go in the later rounds and become hall of famers.

For example, there's this third round gem: Steve Smith, University of Utah, Carolina Panthers.

Look up some of the best. Many were taken on days 2 and 3.

They're out there. Everybody needs to settle down about the WR. Including you Biggsey.

Remember the WR stats depend greatly on QB delivery, offensive schematic, and OL play. The Bears have improved in those areas, and the existing targets WILL be more productive.

Angelo is doing a good job.

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