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Live from Halas Hall: Waiting, waiting, waiting to pick

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According to PR information man Mike Corbo, this is the third time in history the Bears have not had a pick in the first and second rounds of the draft.

Year Round Pick Player

2009 3 68 ?????

1978 3 78 Brad Shearer, DT, Texas

1970 3 54 George Farmer, WR, UCLA

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Looks like Thomas Jones just lost all his leverage for a new deal....

So, after trading away their second round pick and with the need to draft offesnive players, the Bears first pic, is a DT? What's going on?

GREAT PICK-for all you "naysayers" GILBET is A STUD! From the beginning of the draft, I figured him in the top 3-4 Defensive Ends. Can move inside as well. LED the nation in "tackles for a loss" GREAT PICK by Angelo! This guy STARTS next year! It WAS 'worth the wait" and they STILL have a pick this round, and TWO next round. I'm feeling better they will find good players.

Harry, they already drafted their offensive player.....Jay Cutler.

Jerry's going to ride that one out.......

Harry- This guys is a STEAL in round 3 !! This IS a "need" area for the Bears-and this guy is a STUD, a playnaker WHO WILL START. He SHOULD have gone in round 2. He led the nation in tackles for a loss. The Bears must have had their eye om him. When you can steal a PLAYER AT A NEED POSITION, YOU grab HIM. a real FIND. CONGRATS BEARS ON THIS PICK.

Well Jack....I'll write what Mike Mayock had to say about this I know he's probably not as knowledgeable as you.

Boom or bust kid who's talent doesn't equal his production.

Now remember Jerry says 3 starters come out of this years draft.

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