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Live from Halas Hall: The need for speed, Bears grab Knox

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The Bears tabbed Danieal Manning out of Abilene Christian in 2006, and they have gone back to the school again, this time to get speedy wide receiver Johnny Knox in the fifth round with the 140th overall pick.

Knox grabbed the attention of scouts at the combine with a 40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds. He's 5-11, 180 pounds and will need to be developed but he instantly adds a possible vertical threat to the offense.

Knox spent two years at junior college before going to Division II Abilene, so making the adjustment could take some time. There will be a learning curve.

The Bears will be on the clock again shortly. They select again at No. 154.

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Love this pick. This kid could be great. He is a hard worker with great speed and hands. Let this kid study a play book and see what he can do.

kudos to the scouting department...worth a looksee....especially because we're...well...we're us

I'm right with you NCBear...

This kid is a burner. Tremendous speed and has return ability too. Hopefully they can get him on the field alittle this year but I think he projects as a special teamer mostly in 2009. As he matures he should be able to get over the learning curve and add a few pounds to his thin frame but man-o-man can this kid play !!

With Cutler throwing the pill around to Hester, Bennett, Isglesias and hopefully Knox the Bears can pose a definite threat downfield that should open things up nicely for Forte and our solid group of TE's !!

I sense some bright things in the near future for this Bears Offense !!

Another "project" at WR?? GREAT, Just great. Cutler is in for a rude awakening when he realizes that the Bears have a collection of #3's and #4 WR's. Can we end the Hester adventure at WR immediately? I attended 10 Bears games in person last year, and I can tell you that Hester knows only 4 routes (barely). He is just not that smart, will never, ever be an impact WR. Playing him on offense last year clearly destroyed his confidence in the return game. Put Hester back on kicks and punts. Leave him off the field on offense. He stinks. Unless there is a miraculous trade, the Bears will march out a WR crew that wouldn't start for UFlorida

Very nice pick!

A little, no a lot, perplexed by the draft strategy here. Not that I dislike Knox but I definitely feel he could have been grabbed later. Where is the safety help? Is that going to be DJ Moore?

Another project when they could have picked Louis Murphy out of Florida.
Once again Jerry sets the bar low and if the pick is a waste then no one will complain.
Why stock pile these lower round picks if you are going to reach for one player after another that could have bee taken in the later rounds or signed when they are not drafted at all?

I love all these arm chair GM's. What makes you a better evaluator of talent then GM's in the NFL? Let's start with the fact that Cutler had Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal to throw to last year. I'll repeat...Eddie Royal? How many of you said "Stud Reciever" when Eddie Royal got drafted last year? The QB makes receivers better. Let's see how Eddie Royal does this year with Orton throwing him the ball. Hester will be fine at receiver. I find it funny that while some think this group of receiver could not start at U of Florida, but I can't remember a receiver from Florida who has made an impact in the NFL!

Louis Murphy? Sorry, but given the choice between a Florida WR and a #4 value meal at McDonalds, I would draft the value meal. Murphy may turn out to be a decent player, but he would be the first from Florida in years. We already drafted one WR from a spread offense, so one project that needs to learn how to run routes is enough for now.

I wanted a safety there, but if we had to take a WR there, I was aiming for Ogletree, but am happy with Knox.

Pat, I honestly was hoping the Bears would draft Royal last year.

The bottom line is the Bears once again, barring a later trade or big roster cut signing, will enter a season without a # 1 receiver.

It only took Jerry 7 years to get the QB right, let's hope he's solved the WR puzzle by then.

So Murphy playing at Florida made him faster and now he will be a slug in the NFL?
I am pretty sure that Florida WRs play against much tougher competition than any player from some junior college and Division II Abilene Christian.

Getting all wrapped up in what school someone played for and trying to tie that in to players from the past makes no sense.
That is like saying that a band recording on the same record label as Brittney Spears means that they will suck too.

Maybe Jerry uses this method in picking players and that is why it looks like he is an idiot on so many draft days.

Pat is right.

Almost every player drafted is a "project".

DBTH, Hester caught over 50 balls for 600+ yards in his first year at WR. Settle down.

Please list all of the "non-project" sure thing wide receivers and their stats from the drafts the past few years...go!

I realize some of you (DBTH) don't know what you are talking about because you've never heard of this guy. As a Cowboys fan, I was disappointed that we didn't pick him up. He is certainly NOT a project. Mark my words, he'll be your #1 WR in less than 5 years, Hester will be relegated to the return specialist that he is, and Iglasias will be the #2 guy.

Did you see the video done by the Draft Guys?

That'll tell you a lot more about the COMPLETE WR you got.

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