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Live from Halas Hall: Should the Bears think safety now?

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With the Minnesota Vikings adding Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin to a stacked offense, and the Detroit Lions selecting quarterback Matthew Stafford and tight end Brandon Pettigrew, should the Bears factor that into their decision with their first pick at No. 49?

The Bears need help at the last line of defense--free safety--and they needed help their before their rivals bulked up their respective offenses. The Bears have had trouble stopping Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Now, there is plenty more to worry about.

Missouri's William Moore and Oregon's Patrick Chung are believed to be options for the Bears at 49. Should they go safety even if one of the top eight receivers is available?

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Patrick Chung is the next Mike Brown. The Bears defense was at it's best with Brown at Safety. Chung can hit just as hard, and is fast enough to cover the long ball.

With the 49th pick in the 2009 NFL Drafty the Bears select Patrick Chung, safety, University of Oregon.

without the "Elite O-line" the Bears and Jay Cutler are screwed. They've turned an "Elite QB" into Kyle Orton. Dink and Dunk.

You don't need WR's since Cutler will either be laying on his back or running for his life until he gets injured. Then you'll need a "game manager QB". Sound familiar?

So you'd better LOAD UP on Defense and pray you make the Superbowl once in the next 12 years.

Enjoy your mediocrity Bears fans.

Yeah BRAD ... Don't you know that Orlando Pace and Kevin Shaffer are NOBODYS in the NFL! Chicago needs unproven rookie talent to BUILD THE DELUSION!!! C'mon what kind of "reporter" are you that doesn't give me the news and information that I WANT!!!!

List of best Safeties Available????

Da Bears 55,

At Free Safety Delmas and Moore are still on the board, they are the top 2.

Jesus. Is PTQB also NBS?

I want the Bears to draft Max Unger from Oregon who can play both center and guard and that is what the Bears like, versatility.

I think we need a younger tackle to replace Pace, who could be on the IR at any time, but I also want an interior guy that can be the next Olin Kreutz or Ruben Brown. As of now, I believe an interior lineman is the priority.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The Titans picked Kenny Britt @ 30.Well im done watching the draft, the rest of the WR left are not that good in my opinion.

Below is a current news story. But it is also one of the future for the Bears. Where it says the word Bengals replace it with Bears. Then where it says Carson Palmer put Jay Cutler. This is the future for the Bears.

"Bengals need to help offensive line in draft

By JOE KAY, AP Sports Writer Apr 24, 3:54 am

CINCINNATI (AP)—If it were up to Carson Palmer, the Cincinnati Bengals’ draft plan would be simple.

“I’d like us to use all of our picks on receivers and offensive linemen and have a bunch of weapons,” Palmer said. “But obviously, that’s a quarterback’s fantasy.”

His fantasy is part reality.

The Bengals’ biggest challenge in this weekend’s draft is to do something about an offensive line that let Palmer get turned into a pinata last season. He broke his nose in the preseason, sprained an ankle in the second game of the regular season, and tore up his passing elbow in the third game.

Palmer appears to be fully recovered from partial tears to a ligament and tendon in his elbow, which healed with rest rather than surgery. Now, it’s time to fix that line."

Yes, when these things happen to Cutler, maybe you mediocrity lovers will say;

"Now, it's time to fix that line."

Yup! PtQB is a genius!

Chicago gave up 29 sacks last season and brought in 3 free agents to bolster the line. Cincy gave up 51 sacks last season and Carson Palmer wants lineman ... That is the greatest comparison since chocolate and the milky way! Please impart more knowledge I am gaining SO MUCH from your posts!

It looks like there is an extensive run on W's in the draft. I sure Robiskie will be gone before 49 as well it's time to look to shore up the secondary and the defensive line in this draft. The Bears have had success with WR's in later rounds so I'd look for one at 99 and keep focusing on the best defensive talent at 49. Ooops PatChung just fell to NE looks like a run on secondary talent as well.

Some people just don't get it. They never will.

29 sacks? Why do you think Forte was 39 per cent of your offense?

Do you understand what a "game manager" is?

Do you understand Dink? Do you understand Dunk?

Do you understand DYNASTY???


You have your mediocrity now. Why can't you just be happy the Bears are wasting Cutler's talent? It's not easy ruining an "Elite QB".
I'd think you'd be celebrating. Mediocrity forever! Whoopee!

As long as we beat Green Bay....

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