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Live from Halas Hall: Melton a project for the Bears at end

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This was not a particularly impressive class when it came to defensive ends but the Bears might have found one here at the start of the fourth round that can make an impact.

Henry Melton is still learning the position and he has one of the best combinations of size at nearly 6-3 and 270 pounds and speed. He was timed in the 40-yard dash at 4.65 seconds, and will be a project for new line coach Rod Marinelli.

The Bears brought in Melton for a visit. You can find two of the three players they have selected so far on the list of private workouts and visits we kept. The Bears surely wanted to ask Melton about off-the-field issues. He was arrested and charged with DUI while at Texas.

He was a fullback on the Longhorns' national championship team but now he adds depth to a position that the Bears will need help at next year. General manager Jerry Angelo said he was fine with the depth chart for 2009 going into the draft but three ends--Adewale Ogunleye, Mark Anderson and Israel Idonije--are coming out of contract after this season.

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Why pick a project like this in the 4th? He would have been there in the 6th!!! Why not Sidbury??? There are safeties available that were worthy of that pick rather than this bust out who barely played last year! Angelo is always out classed at the draft by smarter GMs! The Cutler trade will buy him a couple of years then he will be gone! See ya, don't let the door hit you in the a--!!!! So far this draft, outside of Iglesias is a waste!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry drafts like a guy who has a contract in place with little chance of being fired....oh never mind

I'm starting to think that Jerry should always trade down all of his high picks. If he had nothing but 5s, 6s and 7s to work with he could never be accused of reaching for a pick, ever again!

While I was typing my comment on the previous post regarding Melton the above was posted, thereby confirming my suspicion that Melton is officially a "Rod project." So instead of doing that critical work for which he was hired (i.e. inspiring the DL to play to its alleged potential) Rod's gonna spend his camp playing DE kindergarten with Henry Melton and Ervin Baldwin, eh?

Sidbury is a better player and Jerry passed on him for a guy who is a 5th round round pick with off the field issues.
They could have taken Michael Johnson but drafted a DT instead.

What the hell is he doing today?
They need to take Louis Murphy with this pick right here.

another Vandy player...can he convert to free safety?

Pass on the better DEs, pass on Safeties all together, pass on the burner at WR and draft project guys that no one else was looking at.
I though that Marcus Harrison was supposed to be the Bears "look at how clever we are" 3rd round DT pick.

Jerry is giving me a headache already.

not at 5'9" 185 lbs....He might allow the Bears to keep Bowman or even move Graham back to safety. But if things keep up like they are now, we might be able to get Clemons at 140..>We'll see

They blew this Pick Lang was on the board and they should have grabed him. This is just another DE project that will not workout for the Bears.

Agreed Creighton. It seems to me they are leaving a lot of talent on the board. It's who they're NOT taking rather than who they are taking that's really bothering me.

I don't know that Melton is a bust before he even straps on the helmut.

Here is a raw talent that may turn into something special. Converted from FB he has size and speed, how about 4.65 speed. Yes, he is completely raw but he may have the tools to be a great rush defensive end with that speed and size. I think he projects to be an end instead of a tackle, we will see and Marinelli will make a difference.

If nothing else he may be a beast on special teams and just think the 1 yard fullback plunge that (every team knows is coming) most likely would work with Melton in the backfield something like the refrigerator Perry, everyone knew he was coming but no team could stop him for less than a three yard gain.

Lets give him a chance, he may really surprise.

So far I am really happy with the draft, particularly Inglesias at WR. It seems that the value of the pick is good so far and the Bears are not reaching for talent that they could get in later rounds.

Taking Melton where they did is looking like the dumbest pick in the draft.
Maybe Jerry knows something that everyone else does not.... like the kid has has a serious knee injury. Everyone knows that Jerry loves his damaged players or project taken too early.

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