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Live from Halas Hall: Hit and miss of taking a QB No. 1 overall

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Chatted with a coach who was on a staff that recently drafted a quarterback No. 1 overall.

We talked about Detroit's decision to select Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford No. 1 overall and marveled at the deal he landed with agent Tom Condon.

Over at, Kevin Seifert takes a look at the biggest contracts in league history in terms of guaranteed money. Stafford's $41.7 million tops the list, edging out Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

"They can make you or break you,'' the assistant coach said of quarterbacks taken No. 1 overall. "And if they break you, everyone is losing their job.''

Stafford becomes the 12th quarterback selected No. 1 overall in a span of 21 drafts, dating back to when the Dallas Cowboys selected his idol Troy Aikman with the first pick. Here are the hits and (more) misses that have been found in this spot.

2009--Stafford, Detroit
2007--JaMarcus Russell, Oakland
2005--Alex Smith, San Francisco
2004--Eli Manning, San Diego
2003--Carson Palmer, Cincinnati
2002--David Carr, Houston
2001--Michael Vick, Atlanta
1999--Tim Couch, Cleveland
1998--Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
1993--Drew Bledsoe, New England
1990--Jeff George, Indianapolis
1989--Troy Aikman, Dallas

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1 Comment

"They can make you or break you,'' the assistant coach said of quarterbacks taken No. 1 overall. "And if they break you, everyone is losing their job.''

Does this yahoo even realize what franchise he's working for??? This "team" went 0-16 last season. The are and have been broken for a long time!!! You can't brake them anymore! And if they win at least ONE game next season, they've improved!

Speaking of the Lions, I just had to share some of the sentiments from Lions fans that I came across regarding the Stafford pick.


-"I'm gonna puke! This [profane]ing sucks!"

-"[profane] IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go lions way to go you stupid son of a b****es! these new dumbasses are just like matt millen! get ready for another 0-16 Lions, i will be rooting for you to lose every game i watch you pathetic losers!!! I apologize for being upset but i am sick of the lions screwing up every year"

-"6 MORE YEARS OF LOSING SEASONS!!!!! Stafford isn't even close to Matt Ryan more like see Andre Ware"

-"Im done as Lions fan. OFFICALLY!!!!! I hope the franchise folds, they don't deserve to play in the NFL."

-"Stafford...I already hate you. If I ever see you at the bar I am going to jaw you and kick you in your fuc*ing face you jack-ass. Mayhew, I would punch you in the head but that enormous cranium would break my hand. 0-16
Clay-Ford...Please leave...You are old and worthless and have failed at everything you do. Haven't you figured out why the auto company wasn't put in your hands? Daddy wouldn't have it because he knows you are a failure. If not for NFL revenue sharing you would have failed long ago."

-"lions picking a qb at #1? again? destined 2 b a flop!!!!! -"I hope he breaks his fuc*ing arm before the contract is signed. Then I hope Mayhew, Lewand, and Ford are abducted and sodomized. I would get some sort of satisfaction given all the ass-fuc*ing I have received from this organization for 30 years!"

-"Ryan Leaf II"

-"DUNT, DUNT, DUNT...another one bites the dust! ........Sorry it had to be you Stafford! You need to pull a Ricky Williams now and head to Asia to smoke some Cheech and Chong, but dont come back like he Ricky did. Take the money and run BABY why you still are not hurt! PAYDAY!"

-"Stafford could not pour piss out of a boot with directions on the bottom let alone solve a defense. Look at some game films and see his interceptions with his bad reads and multiply that by 50 in the pros."

-"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! $70 mill to set on the bench!"

-"Well good bye Detroit, hello Oklahoma Lions??? You guys SUCK!!!! I have never done thisbefore, but as everyone else has said, Ford, Mayhew, what a bunch of ignorant incompetent fools and I'm sick of it!! As a life long Lions fan, I am officially done. It's a great day to be a Patriots or Bears fan, at least they have a warrior mentality towards winning.
Hey I'll bet if you hurry and offer him just a mere $23 million guar. you could sign Brian Bosworth to shore up the defense!!
NFL PLEASE get a rookie salary cap enforced NOW so dumbasses like the Lions can't bankrupt themselves over stupid picks like this. I'm sure a QB that SHOWED he could play in the NFL like Cutler or Cassel would have entertained $41 million guar. Since no one else is getting that much!!
Keep all of it up and the fans will leave. Anyone see the whopping 5,000 fans in Philly last week. Keep paying sub par untested athletes so much money you have to double ticket prices....A nice high def. TV is only 800 bucks, way better then going to support these fools, best seat in the stadium right here and free parking too!!!"

-"Good call Lions! Now when we're down by 21 in the first five minutes of every game we'll have Stafford to turn the game around. What a great decision, because defense NEVER wins football games..."

-"good night to all and to all a good night"

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