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Live from Halas Hall: Bears finally pick! DT Jarron Gilbert is their man

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The Bears finally drafted.

General manager Jerry Angelo, using the third-round pick he gained in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks, selected San Jose State defensive tackle Jarron Gilbert with the 68th overall pick, the fourth selection today.

The New York Jets began the day by taking Iowa running back Shonn Greene and St. Louis followed by grabbing his Hawkeyes teammate Bradley Fletcher. Then, Kansas City took Purdue defensive tackle Alex Magee.

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Why did they pass on Michael Johnson when they needed a DE more than a DT?

Solid start to the draft. The Bears didnt reach, and they got a guy who could make an impact on our D-Line. Marinelli has to be smiling cause this guy could be a beast.

Most people remember him from his YouTube video where he broad jumps out of a swimming pool, but the kid has talent.

He's 6'5, 288 and had a dominating Senior Season, was the best player at the East/West Shrine came and had a great combine.

Jarron Gilbert Senior Stats 52 tackles, 22 TFL, 9.5 sacks

He also has the versatility to play DE. He played both in college, but I think we took him to play DT.

This is a joke right? Just wow.

I don't think they'll slide him inside. They see the athletic ability and explosiveness and they'll have him drop 10-15lbs and slide outside. This is a good pick although the Michael Johnson pick would have been a little bit sexier. This will be solid since we'll lose at least one DE after this season.

To be honest=I was STUNNED he was still on the board! He was rated in the top 5 DL's before the draft. A REAL STEAL. This guy led yhe nation in tackles for a loss. A real solid pick. A definate second round quality player! GOOD start for the Bears. Tes, the top of the list is Safety, WR= but THIS guy? WAY too good to pass up!

Smart pick! Bolstering the pass rush in any form is crucial. WR needs to be addresses via a trade at this point or picking up WR's to be cut in the next few months. Or they are really counting on Earl Bennett. I wouldn't mind if JA goes on his defensive mode draft run at this point.

This shouldn't be a surprise. JA and his well-known comfort zone with D-line players, UFA's on the d-line after this season. Great pick going into the future and '10, bad pick going into this season. Even with free agents coming in after the draft we still need a WR (x2), FS, OL, and CB. I am still repeating my mantra.. Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler, to keep from feeling down about this draft thus far. Here's to JA's magic!

Well, I hope he's more boom than bust. They needed help at DT, but at 288 is he going to be stout enough against the run? I'd have rather seen them take someone that will help them shutdown Adrian Petersen. Let's hope we get our WR and FS soon.

Nice pick ! I thought Gilbert would be gone by now.

I'm hoping for Iglesias with the next pick.

Bear Down !

I doubt they play him inside permanently. The versatility is great and he could do some situational stuff inside but for the most part I believe he will be a starting DE in 2010. Ogunleye, Anderson and Idonije are all working on expiring contracts so it would seem that Gilbert will get some seasoning this year with an eye on starting next year.

Ogunleye will be gone for sure, Anderson and Idonije could be fighting for a new contract but I doubt both of them will be brought back.

Solid pick, Go Bears !!

Yep.... Another DE picked at 104 !!

I think the writing is on the wall for a couple of our underperforming DE's.

Perhaps a trade could come to fruition involving one of our Endes ie... Ogunleye, Anderson or Izzy ??

So Far so GOOD. If we can get some FS help soon then this off-season could be a remakable success. Go Bears !!

Taking Angelo at his word -- that Gilbert will be used as a tackle -- this is yet another grossly undersized player for Lovie Smith's track meet. Smith has still yet to show that his style of defense can work, and I say it cannot. How in the world is a 290 lb. tackle going to be effective stopping the run v. 330 lb. offensive linemen? Being a Bear fan I really hope I'm dead wrong, but if the Bears don't make major improvements on defense, including stopping the run, the acquisition of Jay Cutler will have been largely wasted.

As soon as the NFL starts putting swimming pools in the middle of the field the Bears have got their guy!

This is another Izzy, he won't start but will have some production as a backup. This was a good value pick but does not really help the Bears as he will be 5th on the Depth chart, unless they want to play him at DE in which case he will be 5th on depth chart. No help for this year from this pcik.

He is really a 5tech are switching to a 3-4, I hope? Between him and Izzy we got two 5 techs already. I like him as a player I am just not sure were he fits in the Bears system.

Gilbert will be a good pick, another value pick by JA where he is picking talent and not reaching for talent at the level the Bears are picking.

This kid is an athlete and could be good at DT or DE.

The Bears are giving Marinelli some talent to work with and it appears that T Harris is a question mark for the future.

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