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Live from Halas Hall: Bears add LB Marcus Freeman

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The Bears found an outside linebacker with the athletic ability to make an impact quickly on special teams in Marcus Freeman of Ohio State. They grabbed him in the fifth round at No. 140 overall.

Injuries hobbled him somewhat during his senior season and he was forced to wear an ankle brace, but he gained some real momentum at the Senior Bowl. Freeman piled up 109 tackles as a junior for the Buckeyes and is the prototype the Bears seek, undersized at 6-1, 235 pounds.

He's an intelligent player who already has his degree, and he plays well in coverage. Freeman will immediately challenge Jamar Williams and Joey LaRocque on the depth chart.

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Freeman is a good player who could have went in the 3rd round.
I wish that they would get a LB that can stop the run some day instead of always going small.
This is not a turf or dome team yet they keep building it that way.

The first move JA has made I'm wondering about.

The rap on Freeman is he plays soft and has trouble in space. Maybe a couple years on special teams will help if he makes the team.

JA has done a great job of grabbing the highest rated players at the point they are drafting. I especially like that he has not "reached" for a FS when it's such a weak year.

If they're not going to address Safety, then get Johnson or Robinson and show Garza the door!

Josh Bullocks has got to be very happy at this point. Apparently he will be the unquestioned starting FS for the Chicago Bears 2009 squad.

Not entirely unquestioned. I'll still question why we signed him, he's a scrub. Year in and year out the Saints have had one of the worst secondaries in the NFL, and he got cut there.

I thought the bears should of drafted clemons or vaughn a while ago.Big disappointment.

Freeman, a backup to Briggs, or Clemons, a challenger for the starting job at FS? I would have taken the safety. Unless Freeman can play the strong side and run with the TE, this was a depth pick, and we still have a gaping hole at FS...

Joe F, it appears we also have a gaping hole at GM.

I guess the trade for Cutler scrambled Jerry's brain. Clemons sitting there and Jerry takes a questionable LB ? Did'nt he spend MILLIONS on B.URL and L. Briggs last year ? Don't we have a GAPING hole @ safety ? I just don't get it.

There are some real values with the picks there making but a lot of them don't fit a need or the Bears Scheme.

Gilbert a 5 tech end
Moore a guy who projects to Nickle Back
Melton, this pick I just don't like, but it's really the only one. They should have grabed Lang.
Iglesias love the player but he doesn't play on the line and is more of a Flanker/Slot player, which we already have.
Alfalfa or what ever his name is, a SS. Hello Josh Bullocks is are starting FS. By the way I actually called that the day they signed him. Ugggggg.

I like 4 of the picks but I don't see exactly how they fit with the Bears.

I think we are looking at a very interesting class.

From the film I watched, it seemed like Iglesias was on the line at OK, but I don't think he can do that in the NFL (not physical enough).
Gilbert could be an interesting rotational guy for DT, and might be our new Tank in nickel situations
Moore seemed like a foolish pick to me, but was a tremendous value at that point
Freeman was a solid value, but a backup LB over a potential starter at FS was a poor choice there.
Melton was a total reach, no matter how athletic he is. A guy who is still learning the basics of his position is not worth a 4th rounder
Afalava is a ridiculous pick to say they took a safety in the draft. I would rather not take a guy than take another SS. He doesn't have the coverage ability to play free, and unless he is better than Payne, he won't see the field
I do like the Knox pick as a slot guy for us, so we can finally be done with the Rashied Davis experiment, but we still need a split end.
Maybe we still get Ogletree in the 7th, or some OL depth....

Seems like good picks, but not for us...

Joe I agree, interesting and this class will be fun to watch. I am not convinced we made the best choices overall but do like both the WR picks, given what we were working with. Of all the picks I am most unsure of Afalava and Melton, I really would have preferred a true FS and OL depth...of course if Marianelli turns Melton into a pass rushing terror, I will applaud the genious of the pick adn the quality of the coaching.

Either way, I am wondering what everyone thinks of our roster in comparison to the other NFC north teams.

Joe I disagree I think they should leave him at DE along with Melton if he comes along like they think this draft will have set bookends for years to come. They need to start building a D-Line a.s.a.p just like they needed to build the O-Line the clock is ticking on Wale,Brown and Anderson.

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