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Live from Halas Hall: Bears add depth at CB with Vandy's D.J. Moore

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The Bears added some depth at cornerback by selecting Vanderbilt's D.J. Moore in the fourth round with the 119th overall pick.

Moore was rated fairly high by some but he's short at 5-9, or a shade under, and is about 185 pounds. But he's a three-year starter and is considered a fierce competitor who made 12 interceptions over the last two seasons.

Moore has good speed. It will be interesting to see where he is used first. He could fit in nicely.

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Apparently FS is this year's version of OG, i.e. the position of dire need that Jerry is pig-headedly determined to avoid at all costs in the draft. But hey, at least they picked up someone to compete with Trumaine McBride for the honor of "smallest defensive player allowed on the field."

He may be short but he played for Vanderbilt!
Everyone knows that when you want real NFL talent you think Vanderbilt.


I've had a bash at Angelo, so it only seems fair to complement a great pick here. This guy was listed late 1st to 2nd round by a lot of places.

Maybe Chris Clemons will still be there in round 5

I've been reading up on this guy. He seems like another Hester type player. Although he's certainly got talent, I wonder if he's going to be another guy spread out too thin.

I like the D.J. Moore pick. We need safety help but can certainly use help at CB as well. Furthermore, I like Jerry's trade yesterday to move out of the 2nd round. I don't believe we missed out on anyone especially since Iglesias was available late in the 3rd round. I'm not sold on Melton but at least he should put pressure on Ogunleye and Anderson.

Nice value pick here. So far they are 2 for 4. I hate they're DL picks!!!!

This is starting to look really good. Saw this kid play a few times and he looks like the real deal. To go with Gilbert and Iglesias, this is a nice little draft. Don't know about Melton. Now, get me Ogletree and/or Jemon Meredith and we're all set.
Go Bears!!!

Not really a bad pic as far as value goes. My hats off to Biggsy though I'm stuck at work and this is one of the few sites I can access.

The Bears got one heck of a player in D J Moore. I'm astounded he lasted until the 4 th round.

While he's 5'9", he has an extraordinary 39-1/2" verticle leap. He reacts to the ball quickly and is a quick learner.

With Moore as the fifth Vanderbilt player on the Bears roster, joining quarterback Jay Cutler, wide receiver Earl Bennett, offensive tackle Chris Williams and linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, Chicago is now Vanderbilt North.


I like what the Bears rare doing. I just the OU WR stays on the field longer than Harris or Bradley.

You know early in on I mocked this guy to the Bears as a joke, because he was from Vandy and he was undersized and he was slow for his size.

He is a value pick but the question is, if he is such a great value at Corner why did every team in the NFL Pass on him 3 times?

The Bears need a FS and are waiting for Mike Mitchell in round 5. Little do they know Al Davis has struck again. Derek Pegues is still on the board I think, I mocked him to the Bears in round 5.

Johnson is on the Board, go get Duke Robinson, now.

The Bears are getting some good players that should have been off the board in the previous rounds. This kid was a projected 2nd rounder, Gilbert was projected as a 2nd rounder, as was Iglesias. Melton is going to be a bit of a project but has outstanding athleticism and should be able to contribute in year 2. Even though safety wasn't addressed thus far, I can't complain about the overall strategy- they're focused on the D for the most part they're getting great value.

hey..I'll the expense of our future X GM....Vanderbilt got their azzez handed to em in the SEC...I'm sure they'll win in the NFL...

been married to a Steelers fan with a 190+ IQ for 3 years now...and for the last two years...sorry honey for my rants...but... she's asked when they're gonna fire the fag and hire me..


6-10...Kyle gets even more help

Fenuki Tupou a OT who can play OG
Jamon Meredith OT total value
Derek Pegues FS what are you waiting for Jerry
De Angelo Smith DB
Duke Robinson OG
Zack Follet

we got two picks in round 5 grab 2 and you can say you had a strong draft.

Jerry talked about getting someone with size for FS. Pegues wouldn't fit the bill. I like the idea of Clemons, as long as he slides to our spot, but after that, it is a crapshoot. Maybe Jerry wants Curtis Taylor from LSU?

DId anyone confirm that the Bears were planning on Mitchell in 2, and the Raiders beat them to it? I was hearing that on ESPN today, and can't believe it...but then again, it wouldn't shock me completely.

He is actually a good pick here. He was projected to go higher so they lucked out with this one.

Wow Marcus Freeman, I didn't even realize he was still on the board, thats a solid pick.

Joe ESPN said the Bears were looking at Mitchell in round 3. Thank you Al Davis. I would much rather have Gilbert than Mitchell.

Packers got Lang and Merideth, wow how about every position they need just fall right into there lap. WTF. Unreal. They are having such a strong draft. Bears are doing well but every f###### need the Packers have is comming at incredible value for them and there all perfect fits. I am gonna send Raji a gift basket with several free gift cards for Old Country buffet, all you can eat big boy.

Bears have had 4 solid picks.

A thought on Moore he projects as a Nickle Corner, he is too small to be a Safety he could be a number 2 corner in the Tampa 2, but he lacks speed and again he is small. Manning's contract is up in 2010.


She can't be that smart-she married you. Aren't you missing your clan meeting?

I am with you on the Pack. My wife is a Pack fan here in Cheeseland, and I have been using very inappropriate language every time they pick. They have gotten everything they needed so far, like it was scripted that way.

Moore could be our nickel back, and is probably more instinctive than Manning in coverage. Maybe the new plan is Byrd converting Manning into a functional free safety for this year, and we hope for Taylor Mays next year....Anyone we get now should be considered a contributor in 2010 or on special teams.\

Vanderbilt finished 4-4 in the SEC. Hardly getting thier "azzez" handed to them. Clearly the best conference is the SEC and the closest athletically and speed wise to the NFL. Vandy has produced very good athletes and many pros the last several years but it is still overall depth that keeps them from getting over the hump in the SEC. Their academic requirments hurt them in competition.

DJ Moore looks like one of the fastest guys on the field in pads. He was their Devin Hester. He caught 2tds and wideout and got 2ints in one SEC game. He is a super athlete. I was astonished he ran a 4.55.

Dudes was an absolute steal in the 4th round.

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