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Live from Halas Hall: Bears add Texas rush end Henry Melton

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After a slow first day that never materialized in a player for the Bears, they're coming fast and furious.

General manager Jerry Angelo just made the club's third selection, choosing Texas defensive end Henry Melton in the fourth round with the pick No. 105, the second choice the Bears received from Seattle for pick No. 49.

That means the Bears turned pick No. 49--which the Seahawks used to choose Oregon center Max Unger--into defensive tackle Jarron Gilbert and Melton.

He is a converted fullback who is still raw on defense Melton made four sacks last season and became a hotter prospect after his pro day. He's 6-3, 280 pounds, and the Bears will likely look to use him as a rush specialist right away. Lovie Smith is adding to his defense.

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I understood the concern with the defensive ends on the cusp for next off-season, but I guess I underestimated how that concern would play into how the Bears would draft. The larger part of anything written about Chicago's draft talked about nothing but WR's, and anybody who made it over that hill talked about safety. I guess the Bears feel more confident they can find players to plug the lineup in case one or more of their current crop is gone next off-season. They already are crowded at safety in terms of players, just that none of them are solid. I expect a CB next from the Bears

was melton a necessary pick in the 4th? i would expect that guys who dont have profiles listed on would still be around in the 7th...i thought the bears were shooting to get 3 future starters...didnt think they were talking about the practice squad.

Great point jared.

Another case of Angelo and company outhinking themselves.

Melton best available player for the Bears needs? No way.

Congratulations, the Bears have the dubious honor of being the first team to select a player in this draft for whom the site has no biographical information. Generally that doesn't happen until the sixth or seventh round. This tells me that the pick is likely a stretch.

From the info I found on him, it sounds as if he's got decent speed. He started his career as a RB (mostly FB), and switched to DL only in his junior season. As a result he's a "raw" talent (read: not NFL-ready) who doesn't have many moves, nor good instincts as a pass rusher.

This guy has "Rod project" written all over him. I wouldn't mind this kind of player being drafted, but he was likely a reach at the 5th pick of the 4th round. Still some good FS types on the board, and Jerry already addressed his pet project - the DL - earlier.

We like to talk about what we know but the fact is they are smarter at this than we are. So your brainiacs, get real. isnt a premier NFL Draft site...go to, they have a full scouting report on Melton and seem to think with the right coaching that he could easily become a starting DE in the not sold on the pick, but i dont think it was awful either.

I love the pick of Jarron Gilbert and I really liked Juaquin Iglesias pick. Too bad we missed out on Rashad Johnson..

I think I would have rather had Lawrence Sidbury, but he's still on the board, so maybe NFL teams know something I dont.

As for next...i think we need to address FS..or maybe get DJ Moore? and move tillman to Fs..i'd be cool with that if he lasts..we'll see.

Is this the same Henry Melton with a DUI charge dating back to 2007?

Are they, Duane?

By league standards, during Jerry Angelo's tenure the Bears have NOT been a good drafting team (notice how the article states, "What cannot be debated is that the draft-driven Bears' organization has not built its 2009 team through the draft."). The rest of the league often seems to differ with Jerry's assessments. Example: at #49 the Bears had no one valued highly at any of their "need" positions. Massaquoi was sitting there, but they didn't think highly enough of him, so they traded the pick. How did the rest of the league value Massaquoi? THE VERY NEXT TEAM SELECTED HIM! This is a perfect illustration as to why Bears fans are frustrated with Jerry Angelo's draft analysis.

Most of the people who comment on these boards aren't forming their own opinions based on extensive video review, combine testing, etc.. It's generally "conventional wisdom" that we fans go along with. Angelo's M.O. seems to be to flout accepted notions. That'd be great, if he had a good track record in the draft, but as the article above points out, he doesn't.

By Duane /Rockford on April 26, 2009 11:58 AM
We like to talk about what we know but the fact is they are smarter at this than we are. So your brainiacs, get real.

Thats bull plenty of people here have made better calls then these GM's. Last year I said they should have taken Albert with the first pick and that Williams had a bad back. Angelo picked Williams, well guess what I was right he was wrong so I guess there not all that smart.

If they are all so smart explain Al Davis.

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