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Live from Halas Hall: Are Bears concerned about Tommie Harris?

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General manager Jerry Angelo said that while Jarron Gilbert, the third-round pick from San Jose State, looks like a defensive end, he likes him most as an under tackle. That's the three technique position that Tommie Harris mans for the Bears.

What's more, the Bears were looking at another three technique tackle at this pick too.

Angelo said when the draft ended Saturday night and the Bears were reviewing their board and what would be available today, they targeted three players with a strong feeling one of them would be there when they selected at No. 68, the fourth pick of the day.

"Well really had three we were real comfortable with and obviously we had the fourth pick today,'' Angelo said. "And the way it came out a couple of those players were gone but one of them obviously, Gilbert, was there and we were real happy about that."

The other players that were gone?

Purdue defensive tackle Alex Magee, who most view as a three technique, went No. 67 to Kansas City. The Bears were also targeting Iowa cornerback Bradley Fletcher, who went No. 66 to St. Louis.

That means the Bears made the tackle position a priority with their first pick. Harris struggled last season and was suspended for one game for conduct detrimental to the team. The Bears maintain that his left knee has checked out fine, and they backed that up by committing to pay him a $6.65 million roster bonus in February.

But it's clear the team is backing itself up with other options at the position. It could be Marcus Harrison, the third-round pick from last season, is now being viewed as a nose tackle.

Stay tuned.

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So Jerry drafting a player to cover for another potential 1st round failure? Shocking.

Surest way to be an average to below average team? Drafting players to replace other bad draft picks.

They should be concerned for Harris just like Harris should be concerned for his job. Harris is too frail and I believe he's milking his contract, though I could be wrong. Hopefully this fella will produce that challenge or at least fill the void that will be soon enough be brought on by Ongunley.

Go Bears

This regime is unbelievable this draft has been a mess and the best they can do is draft a DE and say he translates into a undersized tackle, get these boobs out of here one big move in all these season does not give them a flyer. These are some real idiots Micheal Johson is a better athelete with more upside and the draft a pool jumper. What a bunch of idiots.

If you don't like the pick that's your opinion but if your clamoring for Michael Johnson your an idiot. Watch some tape on Gilbert making plays and then watch Johnson's reel of almost getting there or over celebrating the most basic mundane plays. This guy has bust written all over him. Gilbert is a solid pick. He gives u depth immediately and will more than likely develop into a solid stater eventually if not this season.

they're gonna trade harris for edwards

Great potential. Makes you wonder if Tommie Harris and his contract may be on the way out? But that can't be if they just paid him 6 million in bonus money he didn't earn... maybe next year. Thank heaven they did not take a DB with this pick, 75% of the problems in the secondary were caused by no pass rush last year.

Bye bye receivers.....sure hope Iglesias is around....

What's up next? Who is left for the bears to take at reciver, the Flordia kid and the one from Oklahoma?? Are they hoping to become a player in the running for Braylon Edwards? Who may be a veteran reciver that gets cut due to drafting of a younger player. Reciver is GLARING weakness, it has to be addressed NOW!!! This reminds me of the year before the bears got Olsen, when everyone in the world was saying they were going to draft and tightend and they were saying they were going to draft a tightend, but it never happenned.

I like the pick. They got the best available player! Rashard Johnson is still on the board right now and they could possibly pick him up with the 99th pick if they want him there. There was just a huge run on WR's in the 3rd round. Ogletree is still avaiable as well. Gilbert could play end as well, the Bears need bodies on the d-line with 3 contacts being up after this year.


Gilbert looks like a freak athlete but I worry the Bears just picked another Daniel Manning of the D-Line. A great athlete that won't be able to play up to his natural ability in the NFL.

Iglesias is still on the board......I like it....

Uh oh.....Jerry's boy just got picked.

Or is he an ammo pick to get Braylon Edwards or Boldin from a team needing a 5 technique end? Or perhaps a piece to try and get Glenn Dorsey from KC? I don't know that I believe he will be on the roster come August....

Joe interesting insight, I have talked about Dorsey before and the switch to a 3-4 KC is doing. I think he will be on the Roster if they wanted to sho a 5 tech they always have Izzy who they have not given a new contract to.

I thin k they are doing this to protect Harris. I will hold off on the "I told you so" but it is not looking good for Harris after his performance at Mini Camp.

I posted that they were after Magee last night, nice. This was there fall back pick.

Harrison to nose?

If the 3 technique tackle is the most important on our D it makes sense Angelo would stockpile them when they become available. Nothin' like competition to get players going. Harrison stays where he is and Tommie gets a wee nudge that he's replaceable.

Who are you calling a idiot Mr.Rogers? A opninon as you put it is not clamoring, you are the idiot when you think drafting Mr. youtube who was never heard of before the video. I live in the south and I have seen Johnson live not on youtube and I know he is a DE with a 6'7" frame the can hold 20 more lbs. of muscle and not lose speed. How many times did you rewind the video? did you see him for four quarters? Before you call someone a idiot be sure you don't appear to be one. If you think drafting a DE to move him to a under-sized tackle when we got our butts beat on the line of scrimmage then once again you are the idiot.

im 53 years old and a chicago fan ( not sox lol.)but i will pull for them. and the blackhawks are my only one team sport. iv been a laker fan eaven before the bulls redsox after the cub,s steeler after the iv. seen a lot of personel in my time.and i no the 85 chicago bears don,t come around evry day but come on. i see talent in the bears secoundry sometimes as much as 85 but who,s teaching thease guy,s budy ryens deafince was a gambing d and still did not make the mastakes thease guys do. i did not go far in shcool so please excuse my spelling.

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