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Live from Halas Hall: Angelo said Bears talked Boldin with Arizona

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Jerry Angelo said the Bears talked with the Arizona Cardinals about Anquan Boldin but the team was unable to get a deal done.

"I would assume so," Angelo said when asked if the deal was dead now that the team has traded its second-round pick.

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Damn...i wonder if he's just saying this

A 2nd round pick was never enough to get Boldin. That was Arizona's way of generating more serious discussion. I doubt Chicago had the reasonable ammo to get Boldin at any point since the Cutler trade. Boldin's good, but he has some injury concerns and he's already 29, so I don't know if this was a golden opportunity missed

NOW will people shutup about JA not going after Boldin...

because he did...arizona is overvaluing the hell outta Boldin and they couldnt come to an agreement on compensation...

Was McBath one of the defensive players that were taken and made us trade down?

Great. So now we get 0 impact players from this draft, and head in to the year as recieverless as we were.

Why havn't they talked to Edwards?

should have given Hester for Boldin. Hester's past his prime and no longer the best return guy on the team....BTW he's a terrible Wr.

I hate how my best friend is a Ravens fan, and can always rely on them to do the right thing in the draft. Even last year we were worried about Flacco - Turned out great.
Jerry Angelo now harps on about lack of value at the pick. Thats crap, or you wouldn't be able to trade it. People were trading next year's first rounders for 2nd rounders this year (broncos and more a more reliable gauge of talent, the panthers) so there must be plenty of value.
From this draft we will NOT get the 3 starters Angelo expects (does anyone believe this will happen now?). Will will get: The usual couple of scrubs Angelo picks which was out (Okwo, Airese Curry types) and we will get a set of decent backups. Angelos ability to find capable depth in the later rounds of the draft has not been in question, but we're not going to get the quality we needed now.

Who cares??? We no longer have Orton and now have the best QB in the NFC!! Jerry will get the players we need.....have faith, Bear fans!!! I still say we will get a WR in free agency before training camp!!! BEAR DOWN!!!..................ORTON STILL SUCKS!!!!

Anonymous, you're a moron. Hester is a stud and a real weapon. He can beat any corner in the NFL and get open. The only reason his numbers wasn't that good is because you still need a QB to get the ball to him. Orton had control issues last year and couldn't help Hester the way Cutler will. I can't believe there are actually people this stupid in the world. It's no wonder you hide behind a computer. Hey Anonymous, do us all a favor and off yourself.

It's funny how people get caught up in the now and forget about what they already have. BTW, Jay Cutler, a franchise QB, was our 1st round pick today. A better QB than anything drafted today!!!

Their is still talent on the board and the Bears will pick fourth tomorrow.

Go Bears!!! 34

Wow. We blew it by not grtting Lodholdt!!!!!!! That guy will only furter help Adrian Peterson steemroll our defense twice a year. And for what Probably a couple of defensive ends and a db that will never amount to anything in the next few picks. Find it self defeating to trade for Cutler and not get either a big target WR for him or a YOUNG oversized RT to block for him on the right side for years to come!!!

We have a really terrible bunch of WRs. You can't just ignore that. With or without Cutler, we need people to throw to. People we won't get with the 68th pick and beyond.

ja said himself he wasnt going to draft another Tackle...because he didnt want to carry would take away from other positions that play ST...

so why not drafting loadholt is a surprise to anyone boggles my mind

I like the move to load up on picks, Angelo usually does his best work on the second day in the 3rd-6th rounds anyways. I thought for sure Massaquoi was gonna be their pick, guess not. I thinks its gonna come down to either Juaquin Iglesias the receiver out of Oklahoma or Alabama safety Rashad Johnson with their first pick in the third at #68, well see tomorrow. Today was boring as a Bear fan, but tomorrow should be a pretty eventful day for the Bears with 9 picks, oh well GO BEARS!!

At least he attempted to do the deal, but the Cards were not on the same level. That having been said: I honestly wonder what the point of them giving the seahawks the 2nd round pick. Was it to get more quantity picks? I just hope it works out because the Viqueens picked Percy Harvin who although has a rap sheet he according to the analysts will be a huge playmaker. So, Lord willing all this works out for us in the end and we manage to be a successful team, because we have been waiting for this for toooooooo long. Go Bears.

In regards to our WRs, Devin Hester is the same guy all of you loved having back in 2006 and 2007! He is still faster and quicker than most WRs in the NFL.

When I look at Hester, I see the next Steve Smith [with the Panthers]. Smith came into the NFL as a return man, and after a couple of years, became a hell of a WR. Hester has the same speed, size, hands and quickness. I can't believe so many of you have forgotten Hester and his abilities. How many yards would Jerry Rice have had at retirement if he played with our QBs and not TWO HoF QBs? The better the QB, the better chance the WR has to showcase his talent.

Further more, look at our TEs. We have three good TEs, one of which(Olsen) has the speed and ability to cause mismatches in the secondary. Dez Clark has proven time and time again of having the BEST hands on the team. He also has great concentration to go with those hands and is still our number 1 TE. Last year's 5th rounder, Kellen Davis, is a stud and looks to become a hell of a talent. All three of these guys are players Cutler can throw to and have big production for us.

Earl Bennett is the SEC's career leader in receptions (236), has great hands catching at least 75 balls every year at Vanderbilt, is a good possession guy and can break tackles to get more YAC! Give the guy a chance to prove himself before giving up on him. Those stats show that he could have what it takes to be a success at the NFL level.

If the Bears don't draft a WR tomorrow, its ok, they have players that can produce and make big plays. I still think that the interior offensive line, free safety and the defensive line is the priority, not WR.

This is the first time the Bears have had an All-Pro QB since old Sid was around. I'll bet that if the offensive line (which I place a higher value on than WR) keeps Cutler upright, than all of you will see that the Bears actually do have WRs and TEs who can produce.


I have always associated Percy Harvin with Devin Hester. Florida did a lot of the same things with Harvin that Miami did with Hester.

Harvin is exposive and a nice weapon for those damn Viqueens. However, he is kind of in the same position Hester was in the fact that he didn't play just one position in college and needs to learn how to play WR, especially at the NFL level. Still a good pick though as long as he controls his attitude.

That said, that does seem to put more emphasis on defense and getting a quality FS or D-lineman. You know, it won't be long and we'll be needing another MLB too.

Don't count out the Boldin deal. It could still happen!
The Bears will be working all night long getting something done. If not Boldin, lets get Iglesias, Bruton, Ogletree. There is going to be players available for the Bears. Keep the faith my friends. Did we expect Cutler? No, but it happened! JA knows he has to do something and he will! Go Bears and JA, just do it, pull the trigger man, were behind you, go for it!

No plank it's not going to happen, we don't have the Picks. If the Rams who are known to like Juaquin Iglesias draft him ahead of the Bears, there is a problem. The Bears missed out on some real talent in round 2. If the the 4th round pick they got does not work out then the trade is a bust. Johnson is still on the board bt the way Kevin I told you he would drop, first round pick? Haha.

By Larsonite on April 25, 2009 8:24 PM
Was McBath one of the defensive players that were taken and made us trade down?

That is a good bet, I think the Bears thought Martin would drop to the third round as well and thats why they made the trade. Angelo showed he was not ready to do anything again when his guy was off the board, this trade screams of a panic move. I think he paniced thought Martin would be there in round three. He thought he could trade down and it looks like he payed for it.

WR looks to be a bust this year but thats not really Angelos fault. This has been a crazy first day.

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