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Live from Halas Hall: 1 pick until Bears are on the clock

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Jerry Angelo likes to trade down and this time he traded right out of the first day of the draft.

The Bears sent the 49th pick of the draft to the Seattle Seahawks for the 68th pick overall, which is the fourth pick of the third round. They also got the 105th overall pick, which is the fifth pick of the around.

The Sun-Times reported Friday and Saturday the Bears could be looking to deal down and Angelo did just that, leaving Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi and Missouri's William Moore on the board.

The Bears now have nine picks on Sunday.

Here they are:

3-4-68 From Seattle


4-5-105 From Seattle


5-4-140 From Denver via Seattle





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I guess I don't understand. I realize that the draft is deep at WR but you have a free saftey in Moore who can step in right away and they trade down?

LOL!! Bring Cutler in and give him no one to throw to, then keep the defense about as bad as last year. Duh Bears.

Ok so how about now we send a 3rd round pick & Hunter Hillenmeyer to Cleveland for Braylon Edwards or to AZ for Boldin? Anyone with me?

Obviously they weren't sold on Massaquoi, and while they probably like safety William Moore, they'd probably like to take the next best safety on their board in the third round AND get the best WR left on their board. It's reasonable logic. What is unreasonable, perhaps, is suggesting that the Bears were too picky in the way they valued the remaining WRs

I'm a little suprised with both Massaquoi and Moore on the board. Is Angelo a little snake-bit with the draft these days, or was their interest in these guys just hot air and smoke?

Here other teams trade up and give up a 1st rounder, and we give up our 2nd rounder for a 3rd and 4th? Big fu---- deal!!!!! Great, the 68th player in the draft will contribute????? Good luck to Cutler to have no one to throw to!!!!!


It doesn't even matter anymore now that any hope of a DYNASTY is gone. You're not going to win 3 Superbowls. You may not even get one in Cutler's career. Most likely it'll be 2026.

What an insult to you on the blog who thought the Bears were going to come through for you. You defend the Bears mediocrity and then they pull the rug out from you.

Which is what I warned you about. I told you. MEDIOCRITY, MEDIOCRITY, MEDIOCRITY.

The Bears are what I think they are. Told ya.

As long as we beat Green Bay....

i dont know on what planet 9-7 is mediocre but besides was the best move to make. Massaquoi is inconsistent and moore not only projects to be a SS

the value of the WR and the FS at this point are going to be the same in the 3rd round...

Vikes just got Loadholt, that is going to be a nasty line to try and stop the run on.

The trade down makes little sense the Bears have gotten two starters out of the third round in the lst 5 years. Well if you can call Dusty a starter.

Does Angelo know the further you go down in the draft the harder it is to find Blue Chip prospects or starters. I know he feels starting low end talent counts but it really doesn't help the team get better.

Protect Shut the F### UP you told nobody nothing, you said the Bears should draft 3 first round picks tis year when they don't even have a first round pick. You know nothing of how the draft works and I don't know why I am saying anything to you because you never have read a single post except for your own. You warned nobody about anything. Could you and the rest of nut jobs go post at the trib so that people who actually know the game and understand the draft can talk about it.

We're gonna add 2 WRs, a CB, and a FS that will be an upgrade over what we currently have. They must not have graded the DL prospects remaining highly enough to pick. Either that or they have a move up their sleeve. We all shot JA down for inactivity earlier this offseason and then he signed Cutler and Pace. We're not done yet.


I know you don't like the trade down. But who would you take in the 3rd and 4th rounds as it stands now? You know what the Bears need. How would salvage this draft at this point?

a OL was out of the question str8 from JA's mouth...were are not going to carry 9 linemen...

the FS on the board would have been either reach or a project like sherrod

and the wr on the board all have serious flaws and werent worth a 2nd round pick...

im ok with this move

In all honesty, I think Jerry was screwed as soon as Robiskie went off the board if they were looking WR or safety. I thought we were pretty well screwed for WR before the draft started. 6 in the first Johnson is still there, but obviously concerns about his transition to the pro game have pushed him below Chung, McBath, and Martin. I am disappointed that they passed on Fili Moala, who could have solved our DT problem as he could have given us a 3 man rotation of guys who can wreak havoc on an offensive line in Harris, Harrison, and Moala, but there were no WRs worthy of that draft position. Indy got themselves a steal when they took him late in the round.

I think we have a shot at some decent players in the early 3rd, including a much more reasonably valued Iglesias, Barden, Patrick Murphy, and a guy like Michael Johnson or TJ Lang are on the board. We can still get our free safety in Clemons, Bruton, or Vaughn in the 3rd or 4th, and Corvey Irvin might still be a reasonable option in the late 3rd.

The Bears made the wrong choice in not taking the best available player at 49, but they also get a chance to take 4 of the next 55 players in the draft, and another 2 5th rounders, which means we can get some decent talent or use the extra picks to trade up and get a target. The entire staff will be earning their money tomorrow, so let's not judge them too harshly. Considering Jerry called Arizona once Robiskie went off the board, he was definitely trying to land us a playmaker.

But seriously, is Matt Millen still drafting in Detroit? Brandon Pettigrew at 20, Delmas at 33? What the heck were they thinking? With no left tackle to speak of, and a terrible front 7, he passes on Maualuga and Lauranitis, as well as the pass rushers who were there at 20, and takes a tight end?

And how about the fantastically brilliant McDaniels and Brian Xanders in Denver? Trading a 2010 first rounder to get Alphonso Smith, with Darius Butler still on the board, as well as some pass rushers? Holy smokes, I think he needs a better doctor to help him with those migraines...And Richard Quinn in the second round? He is a moron, and he and the GM are going to squander the Bears draft choices they acquired even worse than Jerry would have.

And no need to say any more than Michael Mitchell to Oakland in the second round....Holy SH!TTT!!!

My thoughts on day one

Tyson Jackson at pick 3 over Curry?????

Eric Mangini loves to collect garbage, nice move Jets. I love Mack but all those trades down got them little.

Al Davis loves 40 times and just ruined the draft for the Bears

Buffalo is Stupid did they know Orakpo was there?

GreenBay just got a lot better.

The 49ers are lucky

Thier is no longer any Question the Broncos are stupid. Moreno at 12? I like him but they have much bigger needs, like there entire defense. Oh wait they took Ayers a 4-3 end to play in a 3-4.

Skins made the fastes 1st round pick in history and no Wonder they got Orakpo at 13.

Chargers took English??? WTF

Eagles took a WR in the first round and this was the nail in the coffin of the Bears draft cause this began a run.

Detroit, I am not sure what to say they didn't address a major need in round 1. You know Mike Oher was there at 20.

Vikings say they want good character guys and then draft Harvin??? Hahahahahaha.

Ravens land Oher and the rich get richer.

Tenn takes Britt you f###### a## holes, Fisher deciedes to finally take a WR and picks the guy I want for the Bears.

Round 2

The Lions just don't get it

Denver trades up, Hahahah using next years first round pick. So now you see what the Bears traded for Cutler. Pretty much garbage. Ayers, Smith and Orton, hahahahahaha, for Cutler.

The Pats so know how to draft

It's amazing how the smart teams continue to find talented players, while the dumb teams always tend to draft bad prospects. Speaking of which.

With the 47th Pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select Michael Mitchell, SS, Ohio. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!

At this point I actually lit my mock on fire. This is the most ridiculous draft. Mel Kiper had Michael Mitchell as his 71st-best safety. Al Davis rules.

With the 48th Pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select Darcel McBath, FS, Texas Tech. Because you can never have enough defensive backs, even if your defensive line sucks.

With the 50th Pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia. Because you can never have enough receivers, even if your defense blows. You just Robiskie tards.

NY, NE, BAL, MIA, CAR, PIT, all had a nice first day and made smart moves.

DEN, DET, BUF, CLE all show that stupid is as stupid does.

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