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Iglesias confident he stacks up with receivers in draft class

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If anyone has the pre-draft buildup figured out it's Juaquin Iglesias.

The Oklahoma wide receiver got away for five days last week when he went to the Turks and Caicos islands with some players he has been working out with at Competitive Edge Sports in Atlanta, Chip Smith's facility that Brian Urlacher has done a lot of work at in the past. Iglesias, along with his girlfriend, vacationed with Arizona quarterback Willie Tuitama, Maryland linebacker Moise Fokou and Georgia safety C.J. Byrd.

"Working out and relaxing,'' Iglesias said. ``That's all I can do.''

Iglesias returned on Tuesday and is counting the days to the NFL draft now. He's hopeful to be selected in the second round and will likely be off the board by the third round. The Bears put Iglesias through a private workout on April 7 in his hometown of Killeen, Texas. Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake worked out Iglesias the day before he traveled to Athens, Ga., to put Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi through a private workout.

While the Bears did their best to downplay the possibility the team will choose a wideout with its first pick--No. 49 overall--there is no denying it is the greatest need on the roster. It's been NFC North teams that have shown the most interest in Iglesias. Minnesota personnel boss Rick Spielman and coach Brad Childress attended the Oklahoma pro day. Iglesias then made an official visit to the team's facility.

"I'm very excited to get the opportunity to play anywhere in the NFL,'' he said. "I'm waiting around really.''

The all-time leading receiver in yardage for the Sooners, Iglesias has a much more polished resume than Mark Bradley, another OU receiver the Bears selected in the second round in 2005. He has quick feet and good hands, but it's a crowded field of wide receivers in this draft.

"I feel like I stack up well,'' he said. "I think I do a lot of things different from the other guys. I think I am consistent. I think that is the thing that goes a long way for me. I can do anything. I can play special teams, I can do a lot of things for the team and I think I pick up offense really well. I think I stack up good. I believe in my talent and we'll see where it goes."

Iglesias' meeting with Drake was more or less a get-to-know-you session.

"It went well,'' Iglesias said. "We talked about the offense a lot and I got an understanding of it. It was really similar in some ways to the one I was in at Oklahoma, the way it was called and the terminologies. We talked about that, ran a few routes and really just got a feel for each other. I felt real good coming out of it. He seemed like a good guy and a good coach and he gave me a few pointers.''

Of the available receivers who could go in the first two rounds, the Bears are known to have met with Iglesias, Massaquoi, North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks and Rutgers' Kenny Britt. They are in search of someone who can step in and help this season on a depth chart that is razor thin.

"I feel like that is one of the things that is going to help me out the most,'' Iglesias said. "I can adapt well, quickly. Just like when I went down to the Senior Bowl and basically learned a whole offense in three days, and I had a good Senior Bowl and I came out in the game and made a lot of plays [game-high six catches for 90 yards]. That is one of the things I have going for myself. I can pick up an offense well and play. I feel like I am going to contribute pretty early.''

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I'll give him credit for one thing. He knows what to say- picks things up quickly and will contribute early. Who's his agent?

That kid can play, great runner after the catch, fits the WCO. Good size and speed as well.

Another case of beauty in the eye of the beholder. Looking at a few scouting services:

Sporting News War Room has him as the 24th ranked WR
Scott Wright (NFL Draft Countdown)(who I trust a lot more) has him at 9th
Pro Football Weekly has him at 12th
Scouts Inc (ESPN) has him at 14th

Looking at the reports on him, they seem to underestimate his speed. he may not be a burner, but he seems to beat his man consistently . Good hands, and played split end in the footage I watched on him. Not a bad prospect, but is he worth the 49? One would ask the same question of Massaquoi.

That is why I think we need to try and manuever back to mid 50's, and try to pick up another 3rd. We can take whoever we want at 58 (my choice for where we move back to), and then get 2 3rds to draft our safety and an offensive lineman

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