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How the 2009 draft looks after landing Jay Cutler

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After the Jay Cutler deal, let's recap quickly the impact on the 2009 draft.

Here are their current draft selections.

Round-Pick-Overall pick

3-20-84 (Yes, we goofed that up. That pick goes to Denver. Thanks for the posters who caught this.)
3-35-99 (compensatory)
5-4-140 (From Denver, originally belonging to Seattle)
7-37-246 (compensatory)
7-42-251 (compensatory)

Denver gets the Bears' first-round pick 18th overall, third-round pick 84th overall, and 2010 first-round pick.

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I am confused by your list of draft choices after the trade. I thought they traded the 3rd round choice (84th pick) yet you still show it in their list of picks remaining. Please clarify.

brad, didn't the bears send the 3rd round pick (#84 overall) to the broncos in the cutler deal?

Looks good to me now I don't have to worry about another first round bust. We should dod this every year.

Guess we have a third because that is the Bernad Berrian comp pick. We had two 3rd rounders now we have one.

Now we need to hope that Britt falls to 49...Not likely, but we should have a shot at Robiskie, Tate, and some others at that spot. Now we need to get Lucas in here to play FS, and we are on a roll....Time to start scouting the free agent list to see where we can get our linebackers, and Marinelli gets to start earning his paycheck...

Yeah Joe it would be real nice if Britt fell, but after his Pro Day I doubt it. Still we could easily wind up with Nicks, Robiskie or Bey. But here is hoping that Britt falls, Cutler to Britt.

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