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Hester: "[The Bears] are shocking me because they're making big moves

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Devin Hester will be one of the players most impacted by the acquisition of quarterback Jay Cutler.

He reacted to the news on Sporting News Radio on The Monty Show.

What is your vision knowing Jay Cutler will be in Chicago?

DH: "As far as the GM, they went out there and made a pretty good move. My thoughts go out to Kyle Orton, I feel like he was getting ready to come to his peak, but the NFL is a business and things happen for a reason so... but on the other side of the hand now we have Jay Cutler, which has proven himself as a pro bowl quarterback. I think he'll come in and kind of boost up the team and probably fill in some of the pieces we're looking for."

Do you think this changes the way you guys will play offense?

DH: "I think Jay is a great quarterback. I've watched the film on him, I've played against him and you know just hearing rumors around that he throws some of the most incredible passes. Jay Cutler is a great quarterback, and I'm looking forward to playing with him this year and I think he's going to come out and shock the world. He's a great quarterback. He's got the ability to move inside and outside the pocket and squeezing those passes into areas that need to be thrown in."

This is going to give Matt Forte more space, which will in turn give you more space.

DH: "Right, you know it works hand in hand. In order to run the ball you've got to pass the ball, so that right there is hand in hand. With Matt Forte coming back, with the rookie year he had last year, I'm looking for something even better. We're moving on to new things that I guess with picking up Jay Cutler we're looking forward to throwing the ball a little bit more."

With Jay Cutler coming and Orlando Pace coming to Chicago, this is a big day for your offense.

DH: "I feel like Jerry and those guys are really making big steps and they're going out and doing whatever it takes and they're shocking me because they're making big moves and things that you know we've been striving for to get back to being a Super Bowl team. The moves that they're making are incredible and we're striving to be a Super Bowl team."

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Spoke like a man of true intelligence. Jay is a great quarterback, jay is a great quarterback, Jay is a great Quarterback, Rexis a great quarterback, Jay is agreat quarterback

Forte will run for at least 1500 yards this season. This is a great day to be a Bears fan.

@ Jobo. Every question they asked Hester was about Jay Cutler...both me and you would run out of things to say about Jay Cutler if asked more or less the same question about him multiple times, especially on a live radio show

I loved the trade until i heard they got rid of Orton.Our offense is not going to look too much better than it looked last year.For some reason I just cant imagine us having a good offense.I heard hes not answering calls or responding to emails, hes mad the broncos get the last laugh, because they brought him here to die.

Devin Hester has never been considered a Rhodes Scholar but jesus give the guy a break. Even he summed it up with his own shock and surprise and then said "The moves that they're making are incredible and we're striving to be a Super Bowl team." It's a spur of the moment, reactionary interview with a young guy who's not the sharpest knife in the drawer ... his reaction is THIS IS SOMETHING and sounded like a kid in a candy store. Take heart Bear fans!

And dice ... it must really suck to be the loneliest, angriest "bear fan" in Chicago today. Maybe you and PackerBacker can get together later for a little dinner and some heavy petting or whatever is you guys do when you know Chicago is heading in the right direction.

@ dice. Chicago isn't the place where quarterbacks come to die. You're thinking of receivers.

Chicago is the place where the quarterbacks are already dead.

The way I understand it Jay has spoken with your GM and he is elated. He grew up a Bears fan and it was one of the two places he mentioned that he wanted to play. He is very excited and so should all of Chicago be. Earl Bennett was Jay's number one guy at Vandy so look for the second year receiver to explode. Congrats on making the Bears better than they were when they lost the Super Bowl!

Lani (Denver)

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