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Gauging reaction to the Cutler deal around the league

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It is being hailed as the greatest move general manager Jerry Angelo has made in eight years with the Bears. No price was too steep to finally bring a franchise quarterback on board.

Let's get a sample of what they are saying elsewhere about the addition of Jay Cutler for two first-round picks, a third-round pick and Kyle Orton. Yes, we didn't forget the Bears will get a fifth-round pick back in return, which might not matter if it doesn't turn into, say, the next Mark Anderson.

*** Sports Illustrated's Peter King writes that Cutler doesn't know what he is getting himself into.

"It's a massive step down. Maybe Cutler will make the Bears a lot better. He certainly should. And the Broncos will take a step back, at least until [Josh] McDaniels develops a quarterback in his own image. The saddest thing here? Cutler could have been a truly great player in McDaniels' offense. He may be great with the Bears; he certainly has the talent to be. But the Denver attack was tailor-made for Cutler's brains and ability to throw the deep ball. Whatever he says now, I know he'll always wonder how great he could have been in that offense, with that bright young coach -- whether he liked McDaniels or not."

*** Mike Ditka
knows something about trading a lot for one player. He dealt away an entire draft for Texas running back Ricky Williams when he was the coach of the New Orleans Saints. Then, Williams got in a wedding dress to pose for a picture with Ditka. He weighed in on the deal for the Denver Post.

``They gave up an awful lot to get him, they'd better be getting their money's worth,'' Ditka said.

``I think [the Bears' offense and culture] will come as something of a shock to Cutler. The philosophy has always been play defense and run the football, and I don't think the Bears are going to change their character too much.''

*** Alex Marvez of says the Bears still have plenty of unresolved issues after landing Cutler. He makes the astute points that Cutler has a cast of unknowns to throw the ball to with the Bears, and the defense, which has been largely forgotten this offseason with the exception of Lovie Smith taking over as play caller, has slipped dramatically.

"The defense isn't what it once was either. The Monsters of the Midway were more Mothra than Godzilla in 2008. The Bears ranked 21st and 16th respectively in yards and points allowed. Chicago was especially poor against the pass, which explains why opponents attempted more throws against Chicago (622) than any other NFL team."

*** Over at Yahoo! Sports, Jason Cole writes that the Bears finally woke up and realized they needed to get a guy for the most important position on the field.

"Cutler doesn't just make the Bears a contender next season, he makes them a contender for the next 10. In a division that has been starved for great quarterback play for decades--for every Brett Favre or Fran Tarkenton or Bart Starr--the rest of the teams in the division can each name 40 frauds who have started for them--the Bears got a guy with a chance to be great.

*** At, Gene Wojcieshowski writes that it is time for Cutler to shut up and put up.

"Cutler couldn't reconcile the business side of the NFL with his own feelings. He felt deceived by the Broncos, took it waaaaaayyyyyy too personally, forced a trade and got it. Now he had better deliver or else his legacy becomes one of a whiner who wasn't worth the trouble (and the new contract his agent will undoubtedly request)."

*** In Denver, coach Josh McDaniels is cautioning not to underestimate Kyle Orton.

"It was never going to work out in Denver with Cutler and new coach Josh McDaniels, who tried to move Cutler in a package for Matt Cassel at the outset of free agency. Considering the Broncos had to deal Cutler, they're calling it a win in Denver.

`I think you might be underrating Kyle's ability,' McDaniels said. `I think Kyle has good ability. He's 21-12 as a starter. To me that's the most important statistic in football. It represents how he affects his team. This guy has been productive. He does a lot of things well. He's smart, he's accurate. He's a very competitive player, he's tough and he's a great teammate and we're looking forward to adding him to our roster.'''

*** Keeping it local, or in the NFC North, Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press writes that it was another familiar failure by the Lions not to land Cutler.

"Jay Cutler goes to Chicago. He's now guaranteed another Pro Bowl season because he'll face the Lions twice a season. The Bears couldn't offer Denver two first-round picks over the next two years better than what the Lions had at their disposal. But the Bears had one thing the Lions couldn't offer--a veteran quarterback barely possessing a pulse."

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Peter King is a douche. What a fat tub of s&&*. Nothing can bring me down from this great feeling of knowing we got ourselves a great QB and Pace on the same day. Only way King is happy is if its 2 for 1 day at Dunkin Donuts.

This is a great day for Bears football and the city of Chicago. What a great day. Can football start tomorrow?


I just read this off of ESPN and if Cutler and Bennett are really this close look out for Earl Bennett this season. That really sounds funny.

Williamson also predicted Cutler could make a significant player out of receiver Earl Bennett, who did not catch a pass last season but has been penciled in as a starter for 2009. (The Bears no longer having a 2009 draft choice further reduces the possibility they'll be able to draft a receiver who can step into the starting lineup right away.)

Bennett and Cutler were teammates at Vanderbilt and are so close that Cutler returned to campus last year to throw for Bennett's pro day workout.

"They had a tremendous rapport at Vanderbilt, and that's actually a big deal when you talk about quarterbacks and receivers. While he was a disappointment last year, you could see a guy like Bennett being much more viable now -- particularly on out routes and intermediate routes. I don't think he's going to be a field stretcher. That will be Devin Hester's job. But Cutler is going to help guys like Bennett, [tight end] Greg Olsen and even [tailback] Matt Forte be more productive in the passing game."


Everyone knows King is a Patriots honk, nothing they do could ever be wrong, he also loves McDaniels so you know he's going to stick up for his boy, but the fact is we got something pretty much the rest of the league wanted, the BEARS have a good set of tight ends a great pass catching back in the backfield one good receiver and can probally get another one, we upgraded the o-line and now need to shore up some holes on defense and playoff run is coming up this season snd for many more. thanks to Angelo for pulling the trigger, and I hope his guts turn into glory on this deal.....Go BEARS......

Slight change from my previous nick, but I'm "thoroughly" the same guy.

All deference to Da Coach, but I don't think he paid much attention to the Wannstedt years. When Ron Turner had a healthy, productive QB to work with the Bears were an outstanding passing team. Sure, Eric Kramer had the highly underrated Jeff Graham and the slightly overrated Curtis Conway catching his bombs, but it was Turner's offense that lit up the scoreboards like we've not seen in this city. Wanny was a failure as a head coach in almost every other way, but that '95 season proved that it's possible to have a aerial offense in Chicago. I believe Jay Cutler is a far better QB than Kramer (bigger, stronger, healthier, more mobile, stronger arm). Enough to make up for the lack in talent at WR? Maybe not, but now that JA has made this and the Pace deal happen anything is possible. Torry Holt, anyone?

The writer who slams the Bears defense has a point as well. However, the team still has quality players on that side of the ball. The defense may be able to come around and play better (perhaps if they're not on the field so often?), whereas the offense just plain needed more talent. It was more important for the Bears to upgrade on offense. They're not done yet, but they took two huge steps today.

The hack who commented that Cutler "took it way too personally" is waaayyyy off-base. Here's the thing: Cutler comes off of a Pro Bowl season, with one of the finest offensive coaches in football guiding him on an upward career path. The team, which features paltry talent on the defensive side of the ball, fires the well-respected, long-tenured coach. Cutler is (rightly, I believe) miffed. Then, they hire a guy with scant experience who is barely older than Cutler himself. The new coach starts making noise about wanting to trade for a QB who has had a grand total of one decent season in his life. Cutler is a Pro Bowler, remember. This is pretty deep disrespect. NFL QBs are all about confidence and bravado. This wasn't some petulant child feeling unwanted. We're talking about a highly-skilled, finely-tuned athlete whose career is careening toward stardom being told that he's less worthy than someone who was, prior to the past season, nothing but a question mark. I think anyone in Cutler's position would "take it personally." McDaniels committed a huge blunder. When he tried to recover, he only made it worse. This was a terrible way to start his tenure. There was a time when the "old fashioned" guy in me would have thought Cutler was being a big wuss. But modern pro sports have changed so much that I actually think Cutler did the right thing. In the past players didn't have a whole lot of control over where they played, nor for whom they played. Nowadays they do. Cutler only exercised the rights that huge contracts, incentives and collective bargaining made possible for him.

I was always a fan of Kyle Orton. Hate to see him go, but in this case I couldn't be more pleased. I wish Kyle the best with his new team and offense-minded coach.

Just watched two anuses over at espn - Dilfer and the other guy - crap all over the Bears on this deal, mostly because Cutler is a "crybaby."
I don't see his whining in Denver as much of a problem here in Chicago. But the upside of the deal is through the roof for the Bears.
Nice, bold move.

Tom I couldnt agree more. Peter King IS a douche. He's always been a Bear hater. I can't remember him ever saying anything positive about the Bears. Regardless of that fact, I can't say I care for or respect any of his 'expert' analysis. I just ignore him until he says something dumb like this.

People always hate on the Bears. We will see who laughs last.

Yeah i find it funny that a lot of the former players and reporters are hating on chicago so bad schlereth has always talked garbage on the bears and he held true to his colors today again but you know if he went to another team they would praise these guys for getting cutler...Cutler is going to come out of this looking like a hall of famer because the city of chicago will be right behind cutler and he will end up being just as big as jordan and payton was when its all said and done. Cutler is what that offense in denver and he is what made their WRs and he will show what he can do in chicago.

It is the dawn of a day. A breath of fresh air for Chicago.
The different scenarios that present themselves now are exciting.
Jerry Angelo has made a bold move and I salute him for his
diligence in addressing our QB slot. Go Bears./././

It's amazing how some people (espn) are down on Da Bears and Cutler what a crock! Da Bears fans are going bonkers! And I agree with NED., If I were Cutler I would be da.. pi... off, and nowadays if you have the talent you can be sure you have the right to play where you want to take your probowl football, lol.
I couldn't say it better than NED it's all about respect, I mean the dude is a Pro Bowler and he gets disrespected before he even throws a pass for the new Coach? I woluld have been out of there faster than Cutler was. No phone calls, no text messages, adios amigo's I'll play for a Coach that wants me! Lovie, (he and Ron will make up asap) and with a chip now as well! We don't have any WR? Dude's wait till Hester catches his first bomb, and Bennet and Cutler are ALREADY on the same page. And Olson, the man can catch the football already, and Forte out of the backfield, and Cutler can throw on the run which will make any WR 2 notches better. I would focus on the D with the 2nd pick now as Url needs a replacement asap. Not a knock, he's just getin older and a step slower, but of course Cutler will make our D better by being off the field as much, It's a win win Baby!!!

Good Luck Kyle, I had all the faith in you as a Bear this year, and I know you will do great in Bronco land.
Alright bring back the Colts!!! We have unsettled business there still.

I agree, Peter King sucks. Tailor-made for Cutler's brains? Apparently his head coach didn't think so.

I could not be happier with the Bears pick-up of a known quantity like Culter. They have helped the O-line to potentially be better then 05'. Apparently none of these writers saying the defense did nothing to be better have read anything coming out from the D-linemen about coach Marinelli. I feel it is all in place to make a strong statement as soon as this coming year. They will address positions of need in the draft and in free agency afterward. Good job, and let the games begin!!

I think this receiving corps will be very similar to Turner's group with kramer. Hester is our Conway, and is much more dynamic in the open field. Bennett may not be as good as Graham (yet), but Olsen and Clark are way better as a tandem than what was on the roster in 1996, so the possession role is well covered. We just need the big body guy to go downfield, and Olsen might be our answer to that if the rookie can't contribute. This could be very interesting for us.

If we get a guy like Robiskie in the second round, then we are going to make a quantum leap as far as this receiving corps. We will have Hester, Robiskie, and Bennett as our top 3 (not sure which order yet). You put either Hester or Bennett in the slot in the 3 WR set, and they get off the line with no trouble, and can run wild through the secondaries of the North. Even if we don't get Robiskie, we can get some interesting prospects in the mid rounds. Jerry is risking a lot banking on Marinelli and lovie to make the defense better, but he is taking the right steps to fix the offense. Left tackle, Right tackle, left guard, FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK....not a bad run so far.

Hopefully, this will shift the way we think about building our team, and plan on supporting our offense with our new FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK! The defense just has to be good enough to keep us in the game now....

"Cutler is going to come out of this looking like a hall of famer because the city of chicago will be right behind cutler and he will end up being just as big as jordan and payton was when its all said and done". Man, I love the Bears and thank Kyle Orton for putting up with all the crap to do a pretty, damn good job. But does this quote by johnny make any sense at all, no, I don't think so. Go Jay Cutler, do what you can, but remember, we run the ball and play defense, that is our DNA. Screw the Packers (had to throw that in).

I agree.. this bashing of JA's move to get Cutler is a joke. The Redskins were getting ready to trade their mothers to get Cutler. And the Browns were going to throw Brady Quinn in on a trade!!! Yes, two first rounders is alot, but you know what you are getting. Cutler is a pro bowler and is still "very" young. The draft is a crap shoot. Even with the picks its still 50/50 that the player will do anything. Cutler is a difference maker. He will help keep drives alive and allow the "D" to rest a bit during the game. I liked Orton, but his inability to hit open guys on the deep passes drove me nutz. The Carolina game, Booker is WIDE open and Orton missed him by like 8 yards. Kyle had some good points, but his deep balls were terrible. Cutler is the total package. Yes he may have some ego problems, but what pro athlete doesnt? We will be fine this year. Grab a big WR in round 2, then start hunting for some stud D to fill in some holes. Cant wait for week #1 in Cheese-Ville... Cannot wait!!!!!!

Who cares what anyone in the league thinks, he is OUR QB now!!

Let these clowns bash. It shows you that they don't pay attention to the Bears in the first place. All you have to do to know if the Bears got value is Sub names for picks. And lets do it in back to back picks just like the trade.

2 first round picks and a third right. Rex Grossman, Mike Haynes and Lance Briggs, Or Harris, Benson, Berrian, or Manning (traded down and got Dusty too), Olsen and Mike Okowo.

Thats right so the Bears may miss out on a Briggs or Berrian but there is a bigger chance that we basically traded Rex, Haynes, Okowo and Orton for Jay Cutler. Looks pretty good to me.

Everyone is acting like the Bears were about to draft nothing but All Pro players. Well good luck with that theory. Whats that old saying? 1 in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Well we got one in our hand. 50 percent of all first round picks are busts, so two picks is more like one pick. The Chance of drafting a Franchise QB in the first round is almost nil.

You know what the Bears are not done yet either.

Let the haters hate. They don't matter anyway.

The fact is, we got our best QB since Sid Luckman in Cutler, a guy who, on any given Sunday, measures up with ANY elite QB playing the game right now; we followed it up with a top LT to watch his blindside; and we can look forward to spending the next several years bearing witness to an all-out war for dominance of the "Norris division" by two smart, tough young field generals in Cutler and Rodgers. This is gonna be exciting.

It's time to start watching the whole game again.

Joe Felicelli, I understand your concern about the Defense but this side of the ball is easier to fix than Offense, and the team's defense is not that far off, need to upgrade Free safety and we are working on that, need a LB on strongside that can cover the TE, and bring pressure on occasional blitzes (this is something that is not Urlacher or Briggs forte), and generate some pash rush from the d-line, this should be helped up by an improved Harrison and Harris showed great strides at the end of last season although he did not work out at the mini camp, they will also be better served knowing that we should have an improved offense to keep them fresher than they have been in past years due to constant 3 and outs and turnovers in our own end. They have some good young pieces they added in the last few years with Graham, Payne, and Harrison, if we can find a bonafide hitter with our picks this years the defense will be back with a vengance.......I'm excited to be a BEAR fan, the critics can do us all a favor and follow the words of Larry Holmes and kiss where the sun don't shine.....Go BEARS

man im so sick of these analysts either on espn with those two nobobodys and jim scum rome or big fat daddy peter king... who the hell are these guys to rain on our parade.. i hope the bears prove them all wrong!! half of them have never played a sport in their life.. idiots!!!

I am a broncos fan that wants to see that crybaby cutler fail. WAAAHHHHh WAAAAAHHH I want to be traded the hell with all my loyal fans who love me in Denver. Cutler you need a bubbua and a pacifier. You got your dream and stomped those of your loyal fans. I hated to see such a great talent have such a whinney baby attitude. Shame on you CUTLER. I hope you get smashed in Chicago. Scott Hastings said it best you are a little bitch.

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