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Gauging interest in the Cutler Sweepstakes around the league

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The phone lines are no doubt on fire as Denver as teams work to get a feel for what kind of package the Broncos are seeking in exchange for disgruntled quarterback Jay Cutler, who will be traded in one of the most controversial deals in the history of the NFL, at least over the last few decades.

Let's get a quick feel for what is going on in other cities and the pulse there on possible landing spots for the Pro Bowl passer:

Detroit has the No. 1, No. 20, No. 33 and two third-round picks. General manager Martin Mayhew has said he's open to trading the No. 1 pick. Detroit has already worked out Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and if the Broncos pick up the pick, maybe Stafford becomes their next QB.

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune writes that it might take a three-way deal for the Broncos to move Cutler no matter what city he'll be moved to, an interesting idea. Of course, Tampa was where Cutler was headed in the original three-way trade that never happened. The Bucs don't have a second-round pick and they are at No. 19 in the first round, one slot behind the Bears. Don't discount aggressive ownership paired with an aggressive young GM in Mark Dominik.

The New York Jets were one of the first teams to be known to have interest in Cutler. They could offer the No. 17 pick, a third-round pick and perhaps inside linebacker David Harris.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post names the Washington Redskins as a leading candidate to land Cutler. He says the announcement by owner Pat Bowlen Tuesday night was a surprise to Cutler. Probably a good one given his demands.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Cleveland, Carolina, Jacksonville and San Francisco are in the mix as well.

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Make it happen, make the trade. People should be screaming from the rooftops in Chicago. If we get Cutler we go straight to contender and Angelo will look like a champion. If not we will all be seriously pissed off.



Folks, there is ZERO chance the Bears will land Cutler so temper your excitement.

There are a dozen or more teams that want him so what makes you think:
1- ... the Bears will outbid them all? Something Angelo has no track record.
2- ... the Bears have what Broncos want in return? They don't have a top five or even top 10 pick. Also, they don't have a QB replacement for Cutler (Orton-- are you serious?) that they will have to send back.
3- ... the Bears will pay him franchise money? They don't have cap room for him without moving some other big contracts.

If there are a dozen teams, the Bears are 13th in that race. Wake up!

Am I the only Bear fan alive that wouldn't lose sleep if they didn't land Cutler? It's not an indictment on Cutler's ability, Tom Brady wouldn't have success here. The problem is a lack of offensive weapons. Trading away a boat load of picks won't improve the WR position or the OL. I'm not saying that Cutler wouldn't be a welcome aquisition, but the price has to be right. Don't forget that Orton played at a high level in the stretch before his injury when the recievers began stepping up.

I say send the Broncos our first round picks this year and next plus Kyle Orton for Cutler and the Broncos 2nd round pick.

I see the three way deal being the only way this will work. We don't want to give up more than 1 first rounder, and Denver wants a starting QB out of the equation. Funny thing is that I think they may already have him on the roster, at least in the short term until they develop someone. Chris Simms can get the job done in that offense for now, so if you put an aggressive enough package together for the Broncos, I bet it wouldn't have to include the QB.

That being said, I think Cleveland will be in play for this. Brady Quinn goes to Denver, Cutler goes to wherever the third team comes from, and the Browns get at least one of the first rounders floating around for the future. Tampa and the Jets are the front runners to do this, and likely the Jets are not going to work with Mangini. So I see Cutler in a Bucs uniform this season.

Let's see how it works out.

Can Cutler also play guard, center, receiver, defensive tackle, and safety. The Bears have too many holes to fill and once those holes are filled we need to supply quality backups. For what it would take to get Cutler would hurt the Bears for a long time. Case and point Tampa Bay when they gave up the farm for Gruden, it has took them five years to overcome that trade. Cutler would become another Grossman in Chicago without quality linemen, if it wasn't for our weak offensive line Grossman would not have become so frightened in the pocket and we probably would not even be talking about Cutler right now. Now I have a question, why were there so many teams interested in Caleb Hanie at the end of camp last summer? this kid has size and has a strong arm and can throw all the tough routes and has confidence that a leader posses, I think we need to build from the inside and give our q.b's a chance with a strong offensive line and then make a judgement. If we look at any free agent right now it should be Tory Holt this way we would be set at receiver for the next two years as he also will teach our young receivers how to play the position at this level for the coming years. Too many of you are willing to give up way too much for one player. Go Bears!!!!

first things first. bears need competition all over the roster. sign pace then draft ol..ol..ol. get anyone who has ever cought a football and work them out.give orton a solid foundation and se what happens.let the new dline coach adjust some attiudes and remind these guys you have to earn your keep. last but not least,would someone light a fire under lovie's ass.

I know this will not be popular, but it must be written:

In watching more of the Bears vs Philly 2008 last night, it occurred to me that most of Orton's passes are nice tight spirals (yes even the ones down field) and save for the really deep balls, they are usually thrown with a good chance for the receiver to make the catch. The problem has been with the receivers, NOT ORTON!

Orton is not a mobile QB whatsoever, but more often than not (maybe my brain is damaged from watching Rex step into the rush for so long) he seems to make a step up or to the side to buy himself enough time to make a play. Again, the receivers in Chicago have been the problem.

I say we keep Kyle and draft a 2 OLs and a WR with 3 of our 1st 4 picks. Why get Cutler in a deal that will surely cost us in terms bringing in young OL and WR talent. Will our receivers mysteriously be able to catch passes thrown by Culter where they were dropping Orton's?

Finally, let's be realistic. If this trade is about Denver getting draft picks, and why wouldn't it be, no one can match what Detroit has to offer.

If I'm wrong and it's about getting established players, the Bears probably still don't have a shot, as who could we offer:

Hester = yes, but with the new rule outlawing wedges on KO returns, and his lack of development thus far as a WR, how much trade value does he have?

Briggs = yes, of course, but he's our best player on D

Orton = yes, some value as Denver would need a QB

Urlacher = at this point in his career?

Tommie Harris = maybe, but too much is unknown as to whether or not he can stay healthy.

In summary, JA, please keep the picks and get the best OT, OG and WR available!

Let's wake up people this is not going to happen! Angelo will not give up the farm or have the guts to do this deal! So people don't get excited! It is a 100% guarantee that he is not going to be a Bear! With The History of the Bears for the last 20 years, what gives any notion he will come here. Let's live in reality people!

Look, as Bear fans, we want the team to make moves to get better. I cringe everytime we trade picks to fall deeper in the draft for more picks. And we never make a splash in FA, why, i don't know. Here is an opportunity to get a Pro Bowl QB and as a fan, some of you are 'poo-pooing' the idea. The arguement that we don't have any one to throw to is crap. We have the makings of the St.Louis Rams of a few years ago...Faulk (Forte), Holt (Hester), and Bruce (Davis?, Olsen, or Draft pick). There QB was a guy who had one heck of an arm in Warner, who the Bears were looking pick at one point. Orton is a good 'game manager', but I don't get excited. Cutler is a GAMER! He will make plays, and get the ball in spots Orton just can't.

All I ask is for the Bears to be in the mix and make an effort, instead feeling like they are on the sideline watching. This isn't T.O., Ocho Cinco, or Pac Man (excuse me, Adam). He's a quality guy. And stop saying he's a cancer and a baby. If you found out, that your boss was trying to get rid of you and you found out, and now your boss is playing nice, you'd be upset too that deals were being made behind your back. Its called Trust! Jay can't trust anything that comes out of McDaniel's mouth anymore.

Listen up JA, Lovie, and McCaskey Family goons (except Grandma), trade 2 1st rounders and change. The good news is we won't have worry about drafting another David Terrel.

Go Bears!

Ok just like everyone else I’d like to see the Bears walk away with Cutler under the arms but at what cost? I think two first rounders are out of the question for a team as deficient as the Bears. The current contingency at WR is a problem but not insurmountable through free agency (I like Torry Holt). My problem with this deal has always centered on character. Chicago is a works hard and play hard blue color city. Once you’ve lived there and experienced it, it will stay with you your whole life. That being said who really is pulling the strings for this Cutler deal. I’m guessing it’s more a Bus Cook deal than a Jay Cutler idea. Bronco’s fans know the essentials of having a world class quarterback they had one in Elway for fifteen years now all of a sudden they lack the ability to keep one based on a coaching change and a trade request on another quarterback. What happens if Lovie leaves are we in for the same? Or does everyone have to kiss his butt to confirm him consistently as the number one quarterback in Chicago. Several teams are in the Cutler sweepstakes and the pool is growing. Two are surely in need of a quarterback Detroit and the Jets. I think they will be willing to give up more for Cutler’s services than the Bears. Since Cutler has yet to state a preference for where he would like to play outside of Denver I’m left to conclude it involves big money and draft picks. Since the Bears are lacking historically in using both why should we storm the gates at Halas hall and demand something that will still leave us insufficient for rebuilding for years with no real guarantee of a winning season. When Jay Cutler is hot he’s hot a high passer rating of 137.5 last year against Oakland but when he’s not he’s cold a 49.8 against the same team. Remind anyone of a number one QB we recently cut who kept being booed for inconsistency. I’m sure Jerry Angelo would love to consummate a deal for Cutler to salvage the last eight years but with a depleting offensive line, no real free safety or WR and a abundance of other needs does he have the chips to stay in the game over Detroit, New York and Washington which always seems to get what it wants? It seems to make this happen in my mind will take more than the Bears have to offer but I’m always looking to be surprised.

Let's not forget this guys got one kidney.

Having said that Cutler's a good grab at a rationale price. With either immediate needs, '10 salary issues, or age issues, we need a FS, OT, DE, WR, and CB. Also LB at some point.

This is a situation where I'm glad Angelo's dealing with this instead of some drunken sailor like Daniel Snyder. But we've got lots of needs and it's been proven year after year that guys who win it all have lots of strengths and balances. Cutler's good but he's not Peyton.

Detroit's in the drivers seat here without question they have last look.

Some deep thoughts and meditation as to how the Bears should and could get Cutler.

Some good points made by many but please consider that the draft is not a guarantee (as Bears fans we know this fact) and the draft can be a crap shoot at times, so draft picks might not be as valuable as say a proven MLB in Urlacher, a multiple probowler that has played albeit not at the elite level last year but he is effective and has special talent with speed for MLB.

Also Denver needs desperate help on the defense. A player like Vasher (pro bowl) or Harris (mutiple probowls) or Urlacher adds a proven starter to a Donkey's D that is pathetic and can't stop the run.

Denver has stated that they must have a starting NFL QB as part of the packaged trade and Orton could fit that requirement. If I had my choice I would give Urlacher, Vasher, Orton and next years #1 pick to the Donks for Cutler. The BEARS then pick a stud middle linebacker at #18 like Muaulaga (spelling) from USC, sign Lucas for either safety or corner and pick up additional OT, Pace would be just fine.

Then the Bears can go WR or D line (DT or DE) in the second round

Then they could make me the GM and pay me half as much as JA with the rest of the money going to my favorite dog rescue charity or more likely to my ex wife.

Happy April Fools day. Key word is fools, since we all must be fools to keep wishing and hoping that the Bears are going to pull this trade off.

It simply won't happen, don't we know yet that the Bears don't need no freakin QB at least history for the last fifty years proves that. And lets face it, the McCaskey's are so tight a dime would not fit where the sun don't shine.

I hope the BEARs prove me wrong and do make the move to get Cutler. Please, please prove me wrong!!!

"and Bruce (Davis?, Olsen, or Draft pick)"

Dude, you did NOT just insult Bruce by throwing Rasheed Davis in for a comparison !!!!!

Bottom line here is that unless the Bears can make a deal, they just don't have enough ammunition to win the Cutler derby. Why would Denver want a couple of mid- first rounders in 2009 and 2010 for a probowl type QB when they can get much better value from say Detroit, Cleveland, the J.E.T.S. jets jets jets, 49'rs, Redskins, Rams, Bills ect... ???

stead79 nice comment about David Terrel. What a bust that kid was?

Now to this topic. Trading the number 1 this year and next year would not set us back any. Getting a Pro Bowl 25 year old QB that can do it all on the field and is nimble on his feet, who is game tested, is far better than whatever our #1 would be this year and next year. We would have a franchise QB for the next 10 years. Please, we haven't had a QB that lasted more than 2 years. We all have seen the pitiful list of crappy QB's over the years. We still have needs but this would solidify the 1 spot that we have been lacking for years and years and years. This trade would be worth it and would make this team better right now. No more QB carasel, no more QB battle, just 1 guy we can count on. WE HAVE NOT SEEN THIS SINCE LUCKMAN AND HOW LONG AGO WAS THAT. I think Luckman's mom actually babysat Jesus. Just Kidding. But I hope you get my point. This move makes sense all around. Sign Pace as well and this team just upgrades 2 spots.


According to Mark Schlereth the Bronco's are probably looking to get a Defensive Tackle or End along with a first round pick, this may be doable for the Bears where they would not have to give away many picks and still build thru the draft, but I have a feeling Carolina may become a player for Cutler, I would not be surprised to see them offer one of their running backs Stewart or Deangelo along with Peppers and possibly a Delhome.


You obviously don't know what you are talking about.
You said...
"Cutler would become another Grossman in Chicago without quality linemen, if it wasn't for our weak offensive line Grossman would not have become so frightened in the pocket and we probably would not even be talking about Cutler right now."

Well...there are 31 other teams...none of which are interested in your Rex Grossman. Either you are right or those teams are right...that is...Grossman doesn't belong in the league and the league knows it.
Please stop blaming everyone around grossman for his failure. If there was even a notion that the line didn't protect him, he would have been on another team by now. He can't even find a job as the water boy.

TJ- dead wrong pal. Cutler is under contract for two more years, which is less than $2 million a year. Secondly, Orton is better than any other QB available with the teams currently interested in Cutler. Thirdly, who's to say the Broncos want the #1 pick? It's costs a ton, and guarantees nothing; most of the other teams have picks right around the Bears pick. Finally, the Bears have plenty of money to re-sign him two years from now. It sure looks like most, if not all, your points hold no water.

So Val, your saying the offensive line has not been the bears issue the past few years, I think you obviously have no clue. My point was to address the offensive line and not give away the house for one player. In regards to Grossman his NFL career is over mainly because of what you consider a good line apparently. By the way Val I never was a Grossman fan, but I bet you were in his first days with the Bears.

If you deal for Cutler, then you better sign Pace and Holt. It'll take minimum a 1,3 and 7 this year and a 1 next year. JA will have to fill holes at WR, S, OT, OG, DE, DT, CB and LB, and he won't have as many draft picks to use. He better also get ready to open the check book during free agency next year.

I like the idea if the Bears are willing to go all the way. They are 5 players away now, and 8 players away within 2 years. It's doable. If it's done right, going all the way, then you have a very solid team for 3-5 years.

If JA doesn't go all the way then we're stuck with a nice gun an no bullets for years to come. I understand you need a foundation to build around (ie. franchise QB), but what good is that if you don't commit all the way?

Here is a deal I can see happening, given the recent news on Donte Stallworth:

Tampa sends their #19 pick and DE Greg Peterson to Denver, and Antonio Bryant, Brian Griese, and Jerramy Stevens to Cleveland. Cleveland sends Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers to Denver, and Denver sends Cutler to Tampa

Bryant is solid, but not worth franchise money. And Tampa doesn't need Griese if they get Cutler, but they will want to keep McCown as an experienced backup to Cutler. Denver needs guys for the 3-4, and Peterson has the size to be a 5 technique at 6'5", 285. Rogers could play the nose and might be abe to resurrect his career in Denver. Besides, don't all former Cleveland D-linemen end up in Denver? Brady Quinn would make McDaniels happy since he is a Charlie Weis guy. Cleveland needs a replacement for Winslow, and a second receiver to play opposite Braylon Edwards.

I see something this complicated being what it takes to get the deal done. It probably will not be a 2 team deal, just because of the asking price being too steep for most teams. It would have to be a team who sees the window of opportunity closing to make a run at a Super Bowl, and feels like the QB is the missing piece...wait, that sounds like us.....

Hey guys,

The Bears are players in this. I think it's more up to Angelo and what he's willing to sacrafice. Chicago has ready, young talent at Linebacker and Defensive Tackle that both Cleveland and Denver needs.

I can't say the same for any other team in the sweepstakes - except that Washington is a great wildcard with their QB and crazy aggresive owner.

I think McDaniels probably wants Mark Sanchez or Brady Quinn. But they DESPERATELY need help at Linebacker and Defensive Tackle. If the Bears can help them get Sanchez or Quinn an extra draft pick - then them Briggs or Brown or Anderson, or Izzy, I think they've got a ton of ammunition to make a deal.

I'm just unsure as to how aggresive Chicago is going to be and whether or not Cleveland would work with them if Quinn is the guy that Josh wants.

If we did trade for Cutler and it involved Brian Urlacher... I wonder if this means signing Derrick Brooks to a two year contract. He knows the defense inside and out and knows Lovie and Marinelli VERY well. With all of the talk the past few years about Briggs being able to play MLB... one of them may be able to move to the middle while the other mans the WLB slot.

This begs the question: Would the upgrade from Orton to Cutler compensate for the downgrade from Urlacher to Brooks?

My guess is the trade would have to be on par to the no. 18 pick, Urlacher and Orton for Cutler. Maybe we also throw in Vasher and they throw in a decent LB.

Watch the Bears try to nab Cutler on the cheap and flop miserably. They should sell everything..including the kitchen sink and the get him!

If the past tells you the future...the Bears will try to nab Cutler on the cheap and flop. They should sell all and mortgage the stadium for him. However, I am concerned that if by fluke we get him..will he be able to stand up to the intense media frenzy in Chicago??


I thought the line held pretty well last year with St.Clair at left tackle. I didn't see Orton get rushed too much. Of course if you put 10 on the line, there is no offensive line that can stop them from coming. With Taite gone, I expect Orton to be running for his life this next season unless the Bears get some seasoned tackle in place.
The line won't be good this year but when grossman played, the line was ok and could be better....not a total collapse as you are suggesting.

I'm not saying that the Bears shouldn't be improving the line every season. There is always room for improvement but you make it sound like there was a complete collapse on the offensive line....far from the truth.
I agree with you in addressing the offensive line before and during the draft. With Taite gone, the line is in deep trouble. Even if he wasn't gone, they should still draft high for his future replacement.
But to blame the line for Grossman's woes is absolutely wrong.
Once it got around the league that you can rile him up with a pass rush, every team started doing it even if they had to put 10 on the line. It worked. No offensive line can hold back 10 players trying to get to the it was turned the ball over.
To me, the biggest reason why grossman failed is because he wasn't patient. He only had one ball to throw and that was the long ball. You need more seconds from your line to throw long balls. No line can hold a defense everytime so you can throw the long ball. Yes, the coaching staff tryed to change that in him but he just couldn't do it...when all he had to do is throw the long ball.
He wasn't patient enough to take what the defense gave him by throwing short passes and using his running game.
So he failed...and now sits in the QB pile of players of about 30 waiting for the phone to ring.
He's a done deal. Don't bring him up again. He is toast.

How can you bet that I was a grossman fan. You don't even know me.

Finally, I am against the bears picking up Cutler. It will cost too much. ...and ...he won't have anyone to throw to.
I would rather have an average Qb surrounded by talent and backed up by a very good defense than have a possible great qB with no wide out, no strong offensive line, just an ok defense...etc, etc, etc.

Make a three way deal with Cleveland. I'd much rather have Brady Quinn than Cutler!!!


What good does it do to sell the farm for one player? We would create so many other holes to do this trade.

What if Cutler were to get hurt?

I say we avoid putting all of our eggs into one basket. Orton will be fine with a healed ankle, decent WRs and a younger more protective OL . . . all of which are well within reach!

If our 'D' can play at the level they are capable of, with our special teams and the aforemntioned upgrades on 'O', we don't really need more than an 80.0 rating from our QB to contend.


Premiere WR's won't play with Orton. Hines Ward, Housh, Moose, Berrian, even Brandon Lloyd have all joked about the QB situation and basically said they'd rather play for Grossman.

Orton cannot get out of the pocket and is very inacurate on long-pass plays. That inhibits the WR's ability to rack up stats, which translates into contract money.

No one wants to walk into free agency with 58 catches for 450 yards.

Sorry pal, Orton can run a two-minute offense. Orton can dink and dunk. Orton can HELP win a superbowl. But he's not a big time QB. He's not a franchise QB. He'll never lead a dynasty. Face it, but.

BTW, Orton's rating last year = 79.6 . . . with a bad ankle for the last 7 games. His rating has also improved each year.

Cutler had an 86.0 rating last year. Why trade so much to go up 6.4 points.

We're better off making our picks in what is a deep OT and WR class.

Val, I do agree with you regarding Grossman he never did step up into the pocket to avoid the rush and I can't stand either a qb who takes a 5 step drop either, so we are on the same page there. The reason I feel the offensive line has to be addressed is for the fact that the Bears ranked: 26th-Total yards per game
29th- Time of possession
So I cannot agree with you in regards to the O-line even being fair last year or before. But all in all it looks as if we both view the Bears and its needs alike.


You make some points I agree with:

Orton's not a big-time QB and he throws a poor deep ball. I also agree that he is a part of team that could win a Super Bowl, but so is every QB that ever played, albeit the great ones were a much bigger part than Kyle will likely ever be.

On the other side of the coin, I'm not advocating WR in FA or trade. We need to draft them, and this year is a deep class. We simply need guys who can catch, and some better pass protection.

As for Orton dinking and dunking, I disagree. He throws a nice 15 to 25 yard pass, and would be much more effective at scoring if the receivers didn't drop the ball so much, or in the case of the gb games, get off the line of scrimmage.

We shouldn't trade so much to get only incremental improvement. If we still had Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, or Jonathon Quinn, the play for Cutler would make much more sense.

Finally, maybe Brandon Lloyd was referring to playing catch with Grossman on the sideline.

My trade idea:

The Bears trade Orton, Urlacher, Harris, Vasher and Hester.

The Broncos trade Cutler, Marshall, and their # 1 this year and their # 2 next year/

just an idea



As much as I'd like to see Cutler in orange and blue, what's going to happen is that the Bears are just going to run up the price and drop out. That's probably a good thing.

It is possible Angelo could work a trade with just Denver, but there are just too many players. It's going to wind up like a mob scene where the collective IQ of the group is equal to the lowest individual IQ in the group.

In other words somebody is probably going to take this to the stupid level before a trade comes down. I would be in favor of the Bears trading reasonable value for Cutler, but not all the way to stupid value.

Do you really want to sit here next year wondering what the Bears will do with their first draft pick.....which will come on day two in the third round?


If you could pull that off, you're a better pitchman than Mr Obama.

BTW, Orton's rating last year = 79.6 . . . with a bad ankle for the last 7 games. His rating has also improved each year

Cutler had an 86.0 rating last year. Why trade so much to go up 6.4 points.

This is actually a good Question. First a lot of people talk about Ortons bad ankle but this did not stop Orton from having 3 of his best games after the injury. In fact he tended to struggle when faced with a defense that pressured him and jammed his recivers.

Some things to look at with Orton. 3rd down conversions with Orton throwing the ball were not good, thats the money down and thats a huge stat. His completion percentage was also ranked 25th in the league, also a very important stat. He threw for less than 3000 yards. And a lot of people feel it was not his ankle that was the problem but game film of him and the Bears offense in the second half that brought the QB down. The same thing happened to Rex. People started spotting Ortons tells and he has some mechanical problems, which is why he struggles with accuracy.

This is why Cutler is good it is an article by Pat Kirwan:

Before any team calls the Broncos to inquire about what it would take to acquire Cutler -- if Denver even really wants to trade him -- it must look at his production.

Cutler has numbers that seem to command a big price tag. Take a look at what he did in 2008 and consider that the Broncos' defense was ranked 29th overall and last in creating turnovers with just 13 takeaways. They were 30th in points allowed. Overall, they had 44 starts from rookies -- the second-highest total in the NFL behind a Kansas City Chiefs team that was in a full-blown youth movement. In contrast, the Pittsburgh Steelers had only one start by a rookie all season on their way to winning the Super Bowl.

Other interesting facts about Cutler:

» He guided the second-ranked offense in the NFL.

» He was No. 1 in fewest percentage of sacks, with 11 in 627 pass plays. That equates to one sack every 57 pass attempts.

» He was No. 3 in the NFL in third-down efficiency, the "money" down. The average NFL team converted 39.5 percent of its third downs; Cutler converted 47.5 percent.

» He was No. 3 in the AFC in yards per pass play (7.3).

» He threw for more yards than Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger, to name a few.

» He had just two 100-yard rushing days from a running back all season: Peyton Hillis (129 against the Jets) and Michael Pittman (109 against the Jacksonville Jaguars).

» He had eight games of 300-plus passing yards (five of those at 350 or more), connecting for 15 touchdowns in those contests.

» Sure, he threw 18 interceptions, which is unacceptable, but his ratio of picks to attempts was 1:34, which tells a slightly different story. Last season, Brees had an interception every 37 pass attempts. Favre's ratio was 1:23, and Roethlisberger's was 1:31. Cutler's career ratio is 1:33.

» Only Jacksonville's David Garrard threw more passes in the fourth quarter of games than Cutler, who completed 100 of 167 passes for 1,212 yards and 11 touchdowns with just four interceptions.

Cutler is not a finished product, but when you consider his age, production (54 touchdown passes in 37 games) and contract, he has serious trade value. If Cutler is traded, the prorated signing bonus stays behind with Denver. Only his salary, workout bonus and likely-to-be-earned bonuses go to the new team

One last thing to consider the Broncos defense gave up over 112 point in there final 3 games, Cutler threw 3 picks in garbage time on Hail Mary's.

As for the Bears Oline, it did suck last year, Mulligan did an article about it and the line could usually only hold up long enough to do a 3 step drop. 5 and 7 step drops were almost impossible to execute. They also struggled to get to the second level on run downs.

I know a lot of People want Cutler including myself, and some don't. But hey at least there is something exciting to talk about instead going over the same old, same old on the draft which we have been talking about non stop for awhile now. I don't think the Bears will get him but I sure don't mind the excitment.

Very well said Creighton.

CREIGHTON: Good article !!!
I would like Cutler also, but I do not want to give away the farm. If we could give players instead of picks, I am all for it. We still would need an OG in the draft, another WR, or 2. I would also be OK having Orton as QB, if we strengthen certain areas. I also have thought if we trade Urlacher, we could possibly pick up D Brooks to play outside if we move Briggs to MLB. Let Brooks and Briggs groom a new LB.
It sure would be nice to have a better than decent QB for a change, for the next 10 years.

Here is a thought and should anyone decide to look into it you may find the facts interesting.

We all want to know what Cutler is worth. Me I don't know but I am sure the Broncos will milk it for all it's worth. Now many people do not want to sell the family farm to pay for this guy. And there right you shouldn't do that. I don't think it's fare to compare Rick Williams to Cutler though. Cutler is a proven product entering his prime and a QB. Williams is a RB and has never proven anything. It has been proven that you can find a good RB almost anywere in the draft. QB's are mutch harder to find. Do you trade a whole draft for Cutler or do your trade multiple first round picks and players for him?

Now would anyone do these trades. This is just a hindsight question and it's about the Bears draft picks.

How about the first 2 picks? Both are first rounders.
Rex Grossman and Mike Haynes were the Picks. Would anyone trade these two for Cutler? The Bears would currently loose nothing.

How about the first 5 picks?
Tommie Harris, Tank Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Nathan Vasher, and Leon Joe.
Would anyone trade those 4 picks for Cutler. The Bears would currently loose Harris and Vasher.

Would anyone trade Kyle orton and the entire 2005 Bears draft class?
The Bears would currently loose Orton. So would anyone trade Orton for Cutler?

Would Anyone trade the first 5 picks of this class for Cutler?
D Manning, D Hester, Dusty D, J Williams, and M Anderson?
The only major loss would be Hester who is now a 600 yard reciever who may get better or not. Would you do that for Cutler. Or does Dusty, Williams and the rest mean more than a Pro Bowl Franchise QB?

Would anyone trade the first 5 Picks from the 2007 class
Olsen, Bazuin, Okowo, Wolfe, and Beekman for Jay Cutler? Or Currently Olsen Wolfe and Beekman for Cutler.

How about the first 5 picks from this class.
Williams, Forte, Bennett, Harrison, Steltz. Or a guy with a bad back a Solid RB, a reciever who cannot get on the field, a decent backup DT and a slow backup safety. For a Pro Bowl 25 year old Franchise QB?

If you you were to just trade the first picks it would be:
Chris Williams(has yet to start a game and the Bears are trying to get Pace at LT)
Greg Olsen a 500 yard TE who cannot or will not Block

Daniel Manning a Nickle Back who has yet to win a job on the team

Ced Benson don't even need to explain this

Tommie Harris how healthy is Tommie?

Rex Grossman and Mike Haynes again no need to explain this.

Now if the Bears were like Pitt and were great drafting there picks might mean more to them. But the fact is the current regime is not good at drafting and the chaces are better than good that they will have another bad draft.

2 First rounders and 2 third rounders, plus Orton and Harrison does not seem so bad when you know your probably just going to blow those picks. Or you can get a young Pro Bowl Frachise QB to build around. If not your just going to have to continue to hope the Bears draft one. Sid Luckman was our last Franchise QB. So I wouldn't hold your breath. I would also like to point out the direct relation of franchise QB's and Super Bowl wins and dynasty teams. Not to be rude but the Bears are not going to go into this draft and come out with 9 All Pro's. According to there draft History you would be lucky if you got 3 decent players and probably not a single Blue Chip player. Cutler is as Blue as the get, and you would really only be loosing a 1 and 2 three's over two years. Thats not bad at all, the Bears wast more picks than that every year.

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