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Four Down Territory, April 7: The case for a 2nd round receiver, continued

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We've been tied down with some other football stuff recently so we'll get to five questions in today's Four Down Territory. We'll get to another one on Wednesday so get your questions in and thanks for your patience. Let's get right to it.

Q: I have to disagree with the idea of a wide receiver in Round 2. Earl Bennett was a bust last season but given the typical trajectory of NFL receivers and the fact that they usually take two to three years to click, isn't it worth the risk to see if he develops this season? Especially given the unusual circumstance of having a playmaking and familiar quarterback now on the team? Bennett is in his best possible position to succeed and I think the Bears should realize he's got a better chance of making an impact than a rookie second rounder, a spot where the busts far outweigh the impact players. Busts can come from any position, but I think the Bears may find a safer gamble should they look for a safety (as you noted) or even a guard or defensive tackle at that spot. Seeking a veteran wide receiver to add now and a rookie in the later rounds would be just as wise, I think, and concentrate on defense in this draft.

Chris M., Pasadena, Calif.

A: I don't think you can call a player a bust after evaluating just one season, and I've certainly not said Bennett will be a bust. But his 2008 rookie season only created more questions about his future. Your concerns are valid, that there are no sure things in drafting a wide receiver in the second round. That being said, the same concerns have to be in place for a receiver selected in the third round like Bennett. I don't think there is a risk involved to selecting a receiver in the second round this season, I think the Bears would give themselves a better chance of succeeding. If they don't go after a receiver at the beginning of the draft and if Bennett does not pan out, then where is the offense? As you suggested, it takes a few years for a receiver to develop. That only ensures the offense is set back further. We'll see what happens.

Q: I know the fever right now is for fans looking for Jay Cutler jerseys. I am all about the lineman. What number will future Hall of Fame Orlando Pace be wearing? Thanks.

Rich R., Chicago

A: The Bears say that no number has been assigned to Pace, the seven-time Pro Bowl performer, yet. He signed his contract on Monday and participated in the first day of voluntary offseason workouts. Players can do that in shorts and a T-shirt, so he doesn't need a number just yet. But I am told by a source close to the situation that Pace hopes to wear No. 76, which is the number he had with the St. Louis Rams. The only issue at play right now is that John Tait's old digits were already assigned to Frank Omiyale. Given Omiyale has one NFL start on his resume--and he seems like a good guy--I doubt this will be a big issue for equipment manager Tony Medlin to negotiate. I don't expect a Henry Burris ransom note. Well, it wasn't exactly a ransom note but the story goes that when Kordell Stewart arrived in 2003 he was seeking to wear No. 10, the number he had in Pittsburgh. Burris had worn it the year before and he thought he was entitled to something for relinquishing the number. Stewart got No. 10 without a negotiation and that was that. For what it is worth, new offensive lineman Kevin Shaffer has been assigned No. 78.

Q: I would be more inclined to say the Bears could wait until Rounds 3 or 4 at wide receiver if they signed a veteran. Is it a mutual lack of interest between the team and Torry Holt? Is Plaxico Burress out of the question because of character concerns? Other than those options, maybe they could sign someone who is cut after the draft. I would like to see them upgrade at safety to add an immediate contributor but unless they add a veteran wideout it is too risky to pass up a second-round option for Jay Cutler.

Joe B., Oxford, Conn.

A: I can't speak for the club or Holt himself, but his agent Kennard McGuire told me last week this is not a likely destination for the player dubbed "Big Game.''

"I don't see that,'' McGuire said.

I've never known an agent to rule a team out as a negotiating ploy. While there has been considerable speculation about the possibility Holt will join the Bears, if the agent says he doesn't see it happening, well, I'm inclined to believe him. As far as Burress, the possibility has to be investigated. One of the real issues in play is if Burress will be available for the 2009 season. He's facing potential jail time for his shooting incident last November in Manhattan, and that doesn't begin to address possible league discipline. Stay tuned.

Q: With the recent free-agent additions and acquisition of Jay Cutler, what is the status of payroll compared to the salary cap? Do the Bears have flexibility to pick up any additional free agents or cap casualties from other teams? Also, any word on a re-negotiated contract for Cutler or will he play out the terms of his rookie contract?

Steve, Oak Park

A: The straight swap of Cutler for Kyle Orton actually lowered the Bears' cap number for this coming season by a small margin. The addition of Orlando Pace and Kevin Shaffer are not big-ticket purchases that are going to leave the Bears cash- or cap-strapped this year or in coming seasons. They still have the flexibility needed to make any moves. Of course, they don't share their budget for the season with media. At this point, I don't know if there is a big-ticket item out there other than perhaps Plaxico Burress, but he might come at a discount given the baggage he's carrying. Our friend Kevin Seifert over at addressed the issue of a contract for Cutler on Monday. It's been suggested that Cutler could push for a contract before a $12 million roster bonus is due in 2011, the final year of the deal. Suffice to say the team didn't trade for him to have Cutler for just three seasons. I think it's reasonable to expect the issue could be visited after this season but let's sit back and watch for a while.

Q: If Torry Holt is off the market for the Bears, why not go after 6-foot-6 Matt Jones? He's a big red-zone target and that's exactly what the Bears are looking for. Sure, he's got thorns and a suspension probably waiting for him when he gets back for violating his plea agreement by drinking beer on a golf course, but beggars can't be choosers at this point. Just do your homework to make sure he's on the right path now and make sure he says all the right things at the press conference. Do you foresee any interest on the Bears' part?

Dan M., Wheaton

A: Prior to the acquisition of Cutler, I said no. With Cutler at the controls, I think general manager Jerry Angelo will do everything he can to ensure Cutler succeeds. There is no question the club has likely done some homework, as you put it, on Jones. What they've found, I couldn't tell you. He's worth taking a look at but the team could wait to make a move on a veteran until after the draft plays out.

Thanks for participating and thanks as always for reading. We'll check back with another Q&A on Wednesday.

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Brad, do you remember that promise Creighton made regarding the Cutler trade? I'll refresh everyone's memory...

By Creighton on March 25, 2009 11:48 PM
In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him [Cutler] that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck.

Oh and he did give the date...
"First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

Anyway Brad, I was wondering if you and the SunTimes staff would be covering that? After all, Creighton, god bless him, is a product of Inside the Bears. He's homegrown Brad, there's no denying it. It's because of your blog that he exists. So how about giving back to a guy who has spent countless hours reading and commenting on your work and give him his fifteen minutes of fame?

p.s. This wouldn't be the first time Creighton's had to do something stupid for losing a bet. Back in the eighties, in New York City of all places, he did something similar. Only instead of pink panties he just wore a scarf and a sailor's cap. All that clammy, white flesh... :(

They caught it on camera so you guys can see it here if you want:

The people who saw him were just terrified! :)

Granted we need another WR to help out Hester, but what is with this Carol Slezak wanting Plaxico??? Didnt she write a column about getting Michael Vick???? What is with that woman?? That guy is a team cancer. I would not take him for anything. Im sure we will find a veteran WR to help out. JA had the hones to get Cutler, Im sure he will do something about the WR spot. If not done in FA then the draft will bring some talent in Round 2. But to suggest Plaxico?? Good grief woman... get a clue!!!!!

OK Brad, what's Dan M got going for him? I asked you about Matt Jones and you just rained on my parade. W'sup with that dude?

Oh well. God Bless Jay Cutler. Every sports writer in Chicago has probably been able to adjust their medication, lower their bar bill, and quit kicking their dog.

On the receiver deal I still don't think it's that bad. Sure I'd love to see Jerry Angelo stick in his thumb and pull a plum out of the draft or free agency. I just think the Bears already have some good football players at wide receiver. They just have not had the opportunity to shine.

Don't think so? Try this. I will rattle off a handful of successful "francise" quarterbacks (by my definition). Try to name their #1 wide receiver without thinking too long. (not tight end or running back, just wide receivers)

Joe Flacco
Phillip Rivers
Matt Hasselbeck
Drew Brees
Donovan McNabb

Did that make you think? That's what I'm talking about.

We have seen all of the free agents, and have beaten the draft prospects with a heavy stick. What can you tell us about the buzz of players under contract with teams? Who are the potential casualties that could hit the open market, and trade candidates? Obviously, our front office can't discuss players under contract, but that surely won't stop us from speculating, right?

It's Time to Man Up by far the most funny post I have read on this site EVER. While me and Creighton go back and forth it is very tasteless and down right degrading in ways. Creighton did say that. I remember very well and I left it alone. Reason: He is a fair weather fan. If the Bears do there thing and not what he wants he starts to cry like a 3 year old, hates on everybody and stuffs his face with Popeye Chicken. Yes give the man credit he does do his homework on the college kids and in some weird way he has passion for the team. Just not in a positive way.

Brad give the dude his 15 minutes.

No Creighton I did not post under It's Time to Man Up. Believe it or not there is alot of people that see your negativity. They just wish not to get caught up in all the sophomoric, idiotic, senseless acts of people bashing.

Me Brando on the other hand kinda get a kick outta it. I DONT degrade anyone's family which NO ON ON THIS BOARD SHOULD!

"I've never known an agent to rule a team out as a negotiating ploy. While there has been considerable speculation about the possibility Holt will join the Bears, if the agent says he doesn't see it happening, well, I'm inclined to believe him."

Brad, you're the premier NFL writer in Chicago, but I'm glad you're not running the Bears, because this is a losing attitude. Instead, your attitude should be, "don't take 'no' for an answer," "it ain't over till it's over," etc. Regardless of what Holt's agent says, make an offer and keep at it. The difference between getting this guy and not could be the difference between whether the Bears have a good offense this season or not. Remember, we're talking about probably the worst set of wide receivers in the league; we need a large improvement, not just some castoff or a rookie who probably won't contribute significantly for two or three years.

fans we are one year behind on wide receiver on the bears and that's
why it looks so bad. brandon rideau and earl bennette should have played some games last year. lloyd was hurt and booker wasn't doing anything. i don't understand why rideau wasn't on the roster after the preseason he had. they should have played as soon as the bears were out of the playoffs, that's when you look to see what you have for next year. now we don't know about them and we must get a free agent receiver. but what if the fa gets hurt. you can love lovie all you want but he is unprepared for situations and he doesn't develop his players at all. we may have to waste the second round pick on a player who won't do much for us this year. that pick should go on defense because we need it. we can put olson out wide and let the other tightends handle the inside. we have options but there needs to be some creative thinking by lovie or turner. with cutler olson will come into his own. draft a project receiver in the third or fourth round. not unless we get nicks or someone just as good should we take a chance on a second round receiver. it wouldn't hurt to get two free agent receivers and cut davis.

Wasn't Matt Jones recently caught cutting up a white powdery substance in his car? In his car?!? Are you kidding me? What up loc?

I'd consider Plaxico before Jones, but what up with Plaxico? He thinks he's above the law, that's what. He shoots himself, puts other innocent bystanders at risk, and then has the audacity to dis the cops that pulled him over for reckless driving? Bet if someone that had his best interest at heart approached him with some sound advice he'd explode in a fit of rage. He's got no appreciation for America, the land of the NFL. The dope probably thinks America owes him. Just keep on thinking with that 2 cent brain, Plaxico, and you'll end up like Vic...broke, in the clink, and eventually denied bankruptcy. I wonder if in Vic's heart of hearts if change has occurred. Even if his choice of entertainment hasn't changed, you better believe he respects the law now...he certainly isn't above it. Took him multi millions, a career, and jail time to figure that one out. Keep on thinking, Plaxico.

If he'd wake up, I'd love him as a Bear. But this guy just aint there yet...he hasn't hit bottom yet it seems.

I would like the Bears to sign Malcome Floyd. You can get him cheap and at times shows great up-side. He is 6-5 so he does have the height we need and he his young.

I'd like to see a preview of the letter to season ticket holders Pat Bowlen will send out at season's end when the Broncos are 5-11 and the Bears likely have something closer to a mirror image record (11-5). The Broncos have arguably the toughest schedule in the league even with KC & Oak in their Division. They face the NFC East and NE and Pittsburgh as their non Division games.

So, will Lucky $p3rm Club member Bowlen still be blaming Cutler then?

Malcolm Floyd has a second round tender on him as an unrestricted Free Agent. Outbidding San Diego and giving up our second round pick for their #3-#4 receiver who is coming off of a big surgery and is probably a little out of football shape is not any more proven, really, than someone we would draft at that spot.

2-49 Rashad Johnson FS
3-99 Mike Wallace WR
4-119 Fenuki Tupou OT/OG
5-149 Kyle Moore/Matt Shaugnessy DE
5-154 Marko Mitchell WR
6-190 Brandon Hughes CB
7-246 Antonio Dixon NT
7-251 Phil Trautwein OT

I'm getting my tickets for the home opener and I want the exact location I can watch Creighton "man up" and make good on his preposterous claim. It might ruin pink panties for me for life, but it will be well worth it. I recall I was skeptical about the Bears trading too much until Creighton opened his mouth and inserted his foot/panties.

I would sign Jones real quick with behavior stips and incentives in the contract.

Oh yeah, and Creighton I think you should have the tatoo put on backwards so you can read it every time you look in the mirror. Also, think about a wig and maybe some high heels. Just bring your humility, if you have any.

Jones or Plax..choose your poison literally! I like Jones, but Ja IS NOT gonna bring him in after his work last ThursdAY. The Bears are on course for a major trip deep into the playoffs, but w/out these 2 !Jones is the more likeable out of the 2, but Plax...I just want to puke! The guy has had the chance to work for the 2 classist organizations in the pros , and made himself an "I" over "we". No thanks, he deserves the ring he earned in NY, but he soon gave up on the team as his ego took over the next year.
Stick w/ the picks, don't be tempted by the flies hoovering over the crap pile ,JA!!!


A combination of the "Elite" QB Cutler and a "Elite" O-line, combined with a steady good Defense should get us 3 Superbowls.

It seems the way it's going to be is that the Bears are going to have to find out what their current group of WR's can do with Cutler before making any moves to get more WR's. This may mean losing some games to figure it out.

I don't think "mediocrity" on the O-line is enough to get a dynasty. I think Pace and Williams are high injury risks. What happens if they go down? Omiyale, we don't know what he can do, he barely played. Schaffer is just equal to what you lost in St. Clair.

I expect injuries, mediocrity, and eventual frustration and heartbreak from this group. This is a dominating line? A dynasty from them???

Nope. We must blue chip the O-line in my opinion. How it exactly gets done I can't tell you because the Bears would need to pay me to figure that out for them.

But a little free advice and suggestions, okay.

We might say "Blue Chip" is one of the Top 5 ranked/rated picks at Center, Guard, and Tackle.

At , they have rankings in an article called "NFP Top 5 Offensive Rankings" where you can see what O-linemen are ranked and I think it represents more or less what most people think.

If we took any one player out of the Top 3 in each category I think we would do well. Which 3 do you want and think you can get? Here's the choices:

Offensive Tackles

#1 Eugene Monroe, Virginia (6-5, 309)
#2 Jason Smith, Baylor (6-5, 309)
#3 Andre Smith, Alabama (6-4, 332)

Offensive Guards

#1 Duke Robinson, Oklahoma (6-5, 329)
#2 Herman Johnson, LSU (6-7, 356)
#3 Andy Levitre, Oregon State (6-3, 305)


#1 Alex Mack, California (6-4, 307)
#2 Max Unger, Oregon (6-5, 309)
#3 Eric Wood, Louisville (6-4, 310)

We're building a dynasty. With 3 of these players, and with what we can salvage from what we have, we hope to have an "Elite O-line" that will DOMINATE. By combining Cutler with this line, I think it will make every player at TE, WR, and RB twice as good as they normally would be. So you can plug in average players and get at least above average production from them all. How cost effective is that? Low round picks would flourish.

But you probably won't like the fact that you're going to have to initially give up value to get value. But it must be done. Now how much the Bears give up is up to their bargaining abilities. But we're talking about getting players who will play for the next 10 years or more, going to Probowls, and making everyone else around them better the whole time.

So what I suggest that seems doable is this. We get Andre Smith, Alex Mack, and Duke Robinson. We take Robinson with the #49 pick.

It seems there may be teams who would want Greg Olsen in exchange for the pick to get Alex Mack. Olsen was a #31 pick. Mack is a projected #32.

Andre Smith is being projected to go anywhere from #8 to #16. Within those picks are teams that may want Matt Forte who was a #44 pick.

Now if you can give up just future picks to get these players, great! If you need to trade Forte, Olsen and picks or other players, okay. Forte was a #44 pick and Olsen #31. It shows you we can replace them with low picks, not to mention Free Agency.

It seems Smith and Mack are once in a generation players. Mack is called the "safest" pick in the draft. Andre Smith is called "the next Orlando Pace". The Bears must get them while they have a chance.

We may lose a few games without Forte and Olsen, but they will be replaced and we will prosper in time.



By Carlos: "they should have played as soon as the bears were out of the playoffs"....

Yeah, I agree, after we gave up that last TD late in the 4'th quarter of game (16) vs. the Texans we definetly should have trotted Rideau on the field !!!

Ummm, you do realize that if the Bears would have beaten the Texans we would have been in the playoff's as the wildcard team right ????

just sayin !!

Protect the QB,
While I agree that those players would be of significant benefit, you need to get it into your head that at 49 and 99, with no 1st rounder next year, this flat out isn't going to happen. The only one that we have a shot at is Herman Johnson, because he is so slow-footed he could slide into the 4th round. And he will probably be moved outside to RT, to take advantage of his size. He is a little too tall for the interior I think. Both Smith and Monroe are gone in the top 10, and Andre Smith could be as well. We do not have the ammo to move up and get any of these guys. We probably don't have the ammo to move up to get Eben Britton or William Beatty at the tail end of the first round. Building a solid O-line was the plan for this year, but the Cutler deal basically shot that plan to he!!.

It's not like the cupboard is bare though. Pace is an injury risk, as is Williams, but Shaffer is an upgrade over St. Clair no question. Shaffer can actually put a hat on someone and drive them off the ball in the running game. And if things work out like the Bears want it to, he will be the swing tackle. Pace played in 14 games last season, and for the first time in 3 years, he is not going into the offseason rehabbing from surgery. Every scouting report I have seen on him says that he is still a premier pass blocker, and his only limitations are in the run game. This is not necessarily a good thing, but I would rather have someone that can slow down Jared Allen than St. Clair, who forced Orton to throw from 3 step drops all game long. If Williams is the player they think they drafted, that is a big upgrade over Tait on the right, because he had started breaking down with injuries to his knees and ankles. Omiyale, Kreutz, Beekman, Garza, and Buenning is solid, but not spectacular as an interior group.

The fact that you are offering up Forte and Olsen just tells me that you have no idea how the NFL works. The tight end and running back positions are extremely deep this year, and that diminishes the trade value of those players. Would Buffalo take Greg Olsen? Probably, but we would be hard pressed to get their second rounder for him. Jeremy Shockey, who is a perennial Pro Bowler, only pulled a 2nd and a 5th, as did Kellen Winslow. Both players are or were considered at the top of the game. Greg Olsen is likely only worth a 3rd rounder at best, and then you would have gotten rid of the best weapon we have today in the passing game. Give up Forte so we can draft a guy who may not even play tackle in the NFL? This kid is one year into his career, and looks to be the real thing, and you are ready to jettison him for a head case? Andre Smith is being considered by many to be a better guard prospect than a tackle prospect, as he does not have the ideal size and length to play on the edge. A once in a generation player doesn't look like Fat Albert in his workout, and blow off the Combine. Every year, there are players in the draft who are as talented as the guys that are there this year. Ryan Clady is a better pass blocker than Monroe and Smith, and Jake Long is a better prospect at OT than Andre Smith. Ben Grubbs is significantly better than any of the guards in this draft. Gil Brandt gave 3 tackles a top 10 grade in this year's draft, and Andre Smith was not one of them. Britton, Jason Smith, and Eugene Monroe got his high marks.

You want to dismantle the team so we can roll the dice on a few draft picks on the OL? Robert Gallery and Tony Mandarich were once in a generation players too...You just don't get it. A dynasty is created by building over several years a solid core of players who stay together for the long haul. Mortgaging your young core and your draft for the next 2 years to get a few offensive linemen will not create a dynasty. The Bears got good fortune in Olsen slipping to 31, and Forte was a steal at 44 given his skill set and performance. Those are the types of picks that help you build a dynasty. You get lucky and get more value out of a pick than you should. You make some smart signings in free agency to shore up positions you don't think you can solve in the draft, and you lock up your own players over the long term.

The Giants are regarded as having one of the best OL in the league, and there are no first round picks there at all. The best OL don't necesarily have the most talented players, they have the best unit performance. Kreutz, Omiyale, Pace, and Williams are a solid group of 4. Hopefully Buenning will beat out Garza, and make this a better run blocking group. Beekman and Shaffer as your primary backups is solid too. Why not address the fact that Rashied Davis is your #3 WR, and your best WR is Devin Hester, who just started playing the position last year? Why not address the fact that Hunter Hillenmeyer and Nick Roach can't cover the tight end? Why not address the fact that Josh Bullocks is your starting free safety? Why not address the fact that neither of your starting DTs in 2008 could stay healthy? Why not address the fact that we were not able to generate consistent pressure on the QB?

Why not understand that focusing on one position group at the expense of the rest of the team is not dynasty building, it is writing your ticket out of town. Jerry was hanging on by a thread with his draft track record. There is no way after giving up 2 first rounders that he is going to mortgage more draft picks, or trade away his top talent. He is going to be smart about this, and build around his new core. He has a young LT of the future, a young RB, a young TE, and a couple of young WRs to go with his franchise QB. That is the core you build around.

Protect the QB:
Please, for the love of God quit talking. Quit writing 30 paragraph nonsensical crap with such things as "How it exactly gets done I can't tell you because the Bears would need to pay me to figure that out for them."

Wow, I would get on Bill Holland for his crap but saying that Chicago should "pay you" for your retardation is truly taking the cake. You propose we trade picks (yes it would take them) and proven talent (Forte and Olsen) to pickup three, unproven rookie lineman because some draft rag has them highly rated?

That's some fine franchise planning right there:
#1 Find two teams willing to deal.
#2 Hope that these guys are available.
#3 Take them on the slim chance you fulfill 1 & 2.
#4 Pray they actually pan out.
#5 Figure out how the hell to replace the guys you gave up as well as holes you need after trading away picks and talent.

Dude, you're like Matt Millen yoda!

How about BYU's Austin Collie at pick 99? The only difference between him and the P**ckers Jordy Nelson (a high R2 pick last year) is that Collie is a little older because of taking a Morman mission. The guy was ULTRA productive at BYU - go look at his game logs:

If he'll be there at 99, jump on Rashard Johnson at 49, or Louis Delmas (probably the best pure coverage FS in the draft).

"I don't think "mediocrity" on the O-line is enough to get a dynasty. I think Pace and Williams are high injury risks. What happens if they go down? Omiyale, we don't know what he can do, he barely played. Schaffer is just equal to what you lost in St. Clair."

I don't believe Williams is a "HIGH" injury risk. Having the surgery and rehabbing last season should help him on two levels. (1) he will be physicaly stronger now that he is able to train pain free and (2) the mental aspect of not knowing when that back will give out is behind him now that he was able to participate in the last (6) games of 2008, the recent voluntary team workouts and mini-camp without a set-back....

Pace proved that he can still play at a high level. He came back from a season ending shoulder injury in 2007 and played in (14) games in 2008 allowing a mere 2.5 sacks. The thing I like is that he avoided injury to his shoulder, repeat injuries to players should be cause for concern but injuries happen and thankfully for Pace his injuries are not related to one another.

In 2006 he tore his tricep that landed him on IR.

In 2007 he injured his shoulder in the season opener that caused him to miss the season.

In 2008, he started (5) games then missed a start for a thigh contusion. He started the next (4) games before sitting out a game with the knee injury and finished up starting the final (5) games.

To say Shaffer is equal to what we lost in St. Clair is not accurate. Shaffer is definetly an upgrade over St.Claire. He started (15) games for the Browns last season and allowed (4) sacks. St.Claire started (16) games last year and was credited for allowing (9.5) sacks.

The loser of the Williams/Shaffer battle in training camp will be the swing tackle in case Pace does go down. Omiyale is a an OT by trade so "if" we unlikely suffer devastating injuries to (2) OT's Frank could fill in if neccessary. I think depth for OT is fine, any rookie drafted after the 1'st round may not be ready for the job right away so drafting O-line, O-line and O-line this year doesn't make much sense.

I do agree we need to draft either an OT or OG but WR and FS are the areas that concern me the most depth wise.

Go Bears !!

I must thank you "Protect the QB"

I think I lost a few million brain cells by reading your unrealistic dribble !!

It makes NO SENSE whatsoever to draft (3) O-lineman with picks #49, #99 and #140. First off it aint gonna happen, secondly Angelo just shelled out roughly $38 million dollars (not all gauranteed of course) over the next three season (five for Omiyale) on O-line upgrades and thirdly, you would have to be a village idiot to want to trade off your best TE, your ONLY RB who should be a star in the league behind a bigger O-line that we already have in place thanks to the Omiyale, Shaffer and Pace signings plus who's to say any of those prospects you listed will (a) still be on the board and (b) won't be complete busts ???

It's a 50/50 crap shoot at best.

If you look up the combine and scouting info on Chris Williams you will see that he was a highly rated, 1'st round type prospect and was drafted as such by Angelo. You have to give drafted players some time to develop before you label them an injury risk or look to replace them in the next years draft. For all any of us know Chris Williams and Frank Omiyale could have a breakout year at RT and LG respectively. Olin Kruetz could be replaced by Josh Beekman next season and own that cenert job for the next (8) seasons... You never know...

Cutler has enough pocket presence and mobility to play well behind even an average O-line. This year we may just see Angelo select one of those O-lineman to develop but not THREE !!! your living in dreamland fella, it aint gonna happen.

Go Bears !!

I think that the Bears should concentrate on the defense this year, while making one draft pick an O-Lineman. Try and sign Holt, and wait to see what WR's are cut after the draft. Then next year, with a # of WR's hitting the market, possibly sign one, possibly draft one or 2, and then concentrate on some O-Lineman, and a LB.

Would we want B. Marshall?
Will Plaxico GROW UP?
Will Boldin be available?

Plus we may get a new offensive coordinator.

Just a thought.

I didn't say building the dynasty was going to be easy or done overnight.

I think you underestimate the value of a PROVEN RB like Forte and PROVEN TE like Olsen versus the UNKNOWN of whoever are the top picks at RB and TE for this year. Remember #4 pick Cedric Benson? How much is he worth now?

Forte was something like 39 per cent of your offense last year. I would think we'd get a high pick for him and an even higher one if we add a pick or picks to the trade. Same goes for Olsen.

The idea behind building an "Elite O-line" now, is that for the next 10 seasons EVERY RB, WR, and TE you draft and put on the field will be able to fully maximize his potential. It is giving your team the best possible chance to succeed, especially combined with the "Elite QB" in Cutler.

When you can dominate with the O-line, Cutler will have all day to throw. Coverages will break down and people will get open to catch the ball. Huge holes will be created for whoever is your RB to rack up yardage, 1st downs and bust off the long one for TD's. You'll make the 4th and ones. You'll get that goal line TD.

Opposing teams will be crying because they can't stop the run and they can't stop the pass.

Opposing offenses will cry because they will have so little time of possession to work with and are down 7 points before they even take the field every game. Always playing catch up to the highest scoring offense in the NFL.

Our Defense, fresh and strong, will be able to go all out 100 per cent because they know the other team has to resort to the pass just to try and keep up.

Most games will really be over by halftime, with the Bears leading 21-0 or 24-0. The other teams will just give up in the second half because they know the odds of them winning are slim. Why risk injury busting your butt in a game you know you're gonna lose? Better to save the effort for when you play against a team you think you can actually beat!

And how well will the Defense do playing every second half against a demoralized team that's given up and is just mailing it in? Players playing just hard enough not to get injured?
The Bears Defense stats will skyrocket!

The sooner we do what it takes to get that "Elite O-line" up and running, the sooner we get the dynasty and the glory days.

You know you're lucky to even get a shot at Andre Smith. Be thankful he's made some mistakes and scared others off so that he will drop low enough to be there so you can even draft him. And he will come at a cheaper price in terms of contract. If you think he's fat and flabby and can still be the Top pick that he is, just imagine what he will do as he gets in even better shape!

They call him "the next Orlando Pace" because of his natural quickness. Now that we have the REAL Orlando Pace here, imagine what an inspiration it will be to Andre Smith! Pace can take him under his wing and teach him all he knows so that Smith can go on to seven Pro Bowls of his own, just like Pace.

You can argue about the ranking of the picks I suggested to get, but they are close enough to be among the consensus Top 3 picks in each category. I offer you potentially the best Center, Guard and Tackle that's available by consensus and you say "Oh my God, what a risk???" Everything has some element of risk, but I think it's the best risk you can take.

NO GUTS, NO GLORY. And NO DYNASTY. "Mediocrity" forever.
7-9, 8-8, 9-7

Jerry Angelo, time to be a hero. Do what it takes. Build that "Elite O-line". Life is too short for Mediocre football.



Without the "Elite O-line" the Bears can be a team that would make the playoffs. But you will have no Superbowl dynasty. And to just keep losing in the playoffs is STILL MEDIOCRITY to me.

And what you may be failing to realize, is that if CUTLER goes down with injury or out of the game due to his health issues, the "Elite O-line" gives the replacement QB his best chance to succeed.

Put a Mediocre QB with a Mediocre O-line and what do you get?



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