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Draft dish: Locking the Bears into a receiver in the 2nd round

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Earlier this week it looked like the Bears were in a position where they had to draft an offensive tackle in the first round.

What a difference a few days makes. Not only do the Bears not have a first-round pick any longer after acquiring quarterback Jay Cutler from Denver, they filled a pressing need on the line by signing seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle Orlando Pace.

That leaves the Bears with a complete line, minus a young tackle to eventually join Chris Williams in the starting lineup, and some flexibility when it comes to the draft, right?


The addition of Cutler has made it a virtual lock the Bears will have to draft a wide receiver when their pick comes up in the second round, 49th overall, the 17th pick of the round. The idea that Cutler will make the cast they currently have better is only going to go so far. There is no Brandon Marshall on this roster. There might not be an Eddie Royal on the roster either depending on how Devin Hester progresses. Marshall and Royal gave Cutler one of the better 1-2 combinations in the league in Denver.

"I don't think quarterbacks make receivers, and I don't think receivers make the quarterback,'' Cutler said. "It's a joint mesh there, we've got to both be on the same page. I've got to deliver the ball and they've got to be in the right place. I can't do it without them, and they can't do it without me."

Cutler did the right thing in praising the receivers, rattling off Hester's name and going down the list with Earl Bennett and Rashied Davis, mentioning tight ends Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark and keeping running back Matt Forte in the conversation. He's not going to throw for 4,526 yards again with the running back leading the team in receptions, however. Also on the roster at receiver are John Broussard, Brandon Rideau and Devin Aromashodu. General manager Jerry Angelo and college scouting director Greg Gabriel can talk about the possibilities with the No. 49 pick all day--and they will leading up to the draft--but they've also hung a ``Help Wanted'' sign in front of Halas Hall for a wideout.

The good thing is there is some depth at the position in this draft. If things fall just right, they could have their choice of a number of talented receivers. The key is finding the Royal in the bunch, not the Mark Bradley. Ten wideouts were drafted in the second round last year. Three made impacts.

33--Donnie Avery, St. Louis
34--Devin Thomas, Washington
36--Jordy Nelson, Green Bay
41--James Hardy, Buffalo
42--Eddie Royal, Denver
46--Jerome Simpson, Cincinnati
49--DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia
51--Malcolm Kelly, Washington
53--Limas Sweed, Pittsburgh
58--Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay

For the sake of a more complete look at what could be available, let's show the previous four years as well when a combined total of 14 receivers went in the second round:


44--Sidney Rice, Minnesota
45--Dwayne Jarrett, Carolina
51--Steve Smith, N.Y. Giants


36--Chad Jackson, New England
44--Sinorice Moss, N.Y. Giants
52--Greg Jennings, Green Bay


35--Reggie Brown, Philadelphia
39--Mark Bradley, Bears
55--Roscoe Parrish, Buffalo
58--Terrence Murphy, Green Bay
61--Vincent Jackson, San Diego


50--Devery Henderson, New Orleans
54--Darius Watts, Denver
62--Keary Colbert, Carolina

If the Bears can find a Donnie Avery, Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson, Greg Jennings or Vincent Jackson, it will be a success. That is five impact players out of 24.

So, let's take a look at what players could be available when the pick rolls around. There is going to be plenty of draft to watch on April 25 before the Bears go on the clock, barring the second trade up by Angelo in eight years.

Kenny Britt, Rutgers, 6-3, 218 pounds.

The skinny: Britt is a big target who has been clocked fastest at about 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He was wildly productive for the Scarlet Knights but the competition in the Big East isn't the best. He could make an impact quickly as a possession guy with the size to give defensive backs problems. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner showed up at the Rutgers pro day.

The chance: Britt will likely be off the board well before the Bears select. He could go in the second half of the first round.

Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma, 6-1, 210.

The skinny: Ran a 4.5-second 40 at the combine and reportedly did well with his route running at his pro day. He's a tough performer who will go over the middle and do the dirty work. Has a burst in short space. The Bears like players from big programs, especially OU, but Minnesota might be showing the most interest in Iglesias at this point

UPDATED: The Bears will put Iglesias through a private workout on Tuesday, a day before he travels to Minnesota for a visit. So interest in him is rising.

The chance: There is a good chance he will be available at No. 49. Will probably be in the discussion.

Mohamed Massaquoi, Georgia, 6-2, 210.

The skinny: Boosted his stock with a strong senior season and then again when he was clocked between 4.47 and 4.53 seconds in the 40 at his pro day. Good leaper. Runs good routes. Was a two-time captain for the Bulldogs. The Bears are interested enough that wide receivers coach Darryl Drake will head in for a private workout next week.

The chance:
There is a good chance he will be available at No. 49. Will probably be in the discussion.

Louis Murphy, Florida, 6-3, 203.

The skinny: Murphy blazed through the 40 in 4.32 seconds at the combine and wisely chose to stand on that number at his pro day. He has the speed to be a dynamic vertical threat but there is some boom-or-bust factor written on him. Raw skills might make him worth a shot.

The chance:
There is a good chance he will be available at No. 49. Could be in the discussion.

Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina, 6-1, 212.

The skinny: Nicks is an explosive run-after-the-catch target who the Bears have shown great interest in with Gabriel attending the pro day and then Drake going in for a private workout. Nicks does a lot of things naturally and could thrive quickly at the next level.

The chance: Slim. Nicks took a hit when he was out of shape at his pro day but he's still targeted for the middle to end of the first round.

Brian Robiskie, Ohio State, 6-3, 209.

The skinny: Might possess the best hands of the group. Allayed concerns about his speed by running a 4.5 40 at the combine and then had a 37.5-inch vertical jump. Comes from a big program and is considered a strong character guy. Upside is he is a No. 2 who catches everything in sight. Downside is he is a possession guy on third down who doesn't gain a lot of separation. The Bears are known to be looking into him.

The chance: There is a good chance he will be available at No. 49. Will probably be in the discussion.

Mike Wallace, Ole Miss, 6-1, 199.

The skinny: Opened eyes with a hot 40 time at the combine, clocking in at 4.32 seconds. Has the speed to be a vertical threat and has a frame that he can fill out a little bit more. Definite risk/reward to this selection.

The chance: There is a good chance he will be available at No. 49. Probably too early for him to come off the board.

Derrick Williams, Penn State, 6-0, 194.

The skinny: Will the real Derrick Williams please stand up. Ran a miserable 4.65 40 at the combine. Followed it up with a 4.37 at his pro day. Something isn't right here. Had solid career for Nittany Lions and possesses traits to be successful in NFL right away. Just not sure.

The chance: There is a good chance he will be available at No. 49. Could be in the discussion.

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I would disagree that this locks the Bears on WR in the 2nd, mostly because their other big early need (free safety, IMO) has a greater talent disparity between the 2nd and 3rd rounds than WR. If Cutler in Denver teaches us anything, it's that Cutler doesn't help the WL record unless the defense does its job. One of the top FS should still be around when the Bears pick in the second (Louis Delmas or Rashad Johnson) not to mention CBs who might be a good FS fit (Sherrod Martin or Jairus Byrd). If they wait until the end of the third, prospects are much more dim as far as finding immediate help with guys like David Bruton and Chip Vaughn figuiring to be your best bet. At WR, after Robiskie goes off the board, I'm not convinced there's a big difference between the second rounders (Massaquoi, Murphy, Iglesias) and guys you could get at the end of the third like Jarett Dillard, Austin Collie, Brandon Gibson, or Ramses Barden. If there's a guy that knocks the Bears socks off in the second at WR, that's great. But don't lock into it if the value's not there.

Thus far everything Cutler has said makes a lot of good common sense. He said it takes every facet ( offense, defense, and special teams ) to make a winner and said receivers are as important as the quarterback. Can anyone seriously argue with that? The only point that perhaps needs a little more credit is the offensive line protecting and opening holes.Even there though,his quickness and escape ability partially compensates.

if we can still get kenny britt in the second round, this is really a dream come true.

Watch Orton's numbers be the same as Cutlers this season.Orton is a perfect fit for their system as as Cutler is to ours.I think Hester is headed to the pro bowl this season.Later in the season Hester was killing everybody deep but Orton couldn't get it to him.Cutler is going to scramble in the pocket for them extra 3 seconds;who can cover Hester for 6-7 seconds.

Thank you Jerry and the McCaskeys for Jay Cutler! With the signing of O.Pace it might appear that the Bears are in "win now" mode. I'm all for that! I think they should be in "win always" mode. If they're in "win now" they need to contact Tory Holt. The guys a true pro with some gas left in the tank. As Hester is quoted as saying Holt would be a great guy to learn from and the young Bear receivers could certainly use some learn'n. But, if the Bears do sign Holt (please, please, please) they need to turn their draft attention to an aging defense. Both DEs are on the bad side of 30,
a middle linebacker who is definitely on the decline from a Hall of Fame career, and no real solid free safety or strong side line-backer. Jerry should draft immediate need (Free Safety) and for very soon future need on the defensive side of the ball. Perhaps the lesson learned is that you can build a solid O-line through free agency as Jerry did a few years ago, and this year, and build through the draft for other positions.

Did I thank Jerry and the McCaskeys for Jay Cutler? THANK YOU!!!

it may take awhile to gell but i feel were going in the right direction.. cutler can buy time and not only throws a cannon but has an excellent touch and good on his feet scrambling if need be.. the bears may still pick up a free agent when all of the training camps clear out space.. a good mentor for hanie as well.. im still excited!!

the defense might be and should be better if they are spending less time on the field - - i believe our offensive TOP last year was near the bottom of the pack . . . JA: lost my faith in you with the lack of boldness to make winning franchise-type choices - - gotta hand this one (Cutler) AND Pace (to that mix) to you - - way to go! Even if it doesn't pan out like we're all hoping it does, at least you had the nads to go out and say: "we're in it to win it"
Well done.

good one, that is so right, Cutler and even an improved Oline will give Hester extra time and no one can keep up with Hester except the Ball from Cutler.
So, with Bennett reunited with Cutler we should go D in the 2nd. as the D lost the games last year not the O, and we improved the O big time already we need D improvement asap.

and wags, thats true aboput alot of us, we lost faith in Jerry the last 2 years but even if this does not work out, I will be happy with Jerry and the Owners bc they tried, give an E+ for effort for many years to come.

Brandon Marshall is a free agent next year

Let's not forget, Cutler has two very good targets in Dez Clark and Greg Olsen. Scheffler was a potential Pro Bowler with Cutler throwing to him, and Olsen is a lot more talented as a pass receiver. Add in that Forte is a better receiver out of the backfield than some of the guys we have on the roster at WR are on the outside, and it's not like the cupboard is completely bare for Jay to come to Chicago.

I still think we need a bigger body to run the intermediate crosses, comebacks, and skinny posts. Olsen can work the seams and corner routes, Clark runs the zone read routes, and Hester can be the quick slant, fly route, and the deep posts.

A guy like Robiskie, who runs precise routes, has great hands, and can go up and get the ball is what we need. If he is there at 49, I hope the Bears do not hesitate to grab him. Unless Britt is still there, which is highly unlikely, he will be our best option at 49 in my opinion. Putting him, Bennett, Hester, Olsen, Clark, and Forte as our top 5 weapons with Cutler is not bad at all.

First, all this sounds really desperate, even if that's for good reason. Draft picks are for the future, not the present. The chances of a rookie making an immediate impact are very slim. What the Bears need to do to fix the offense for 2009 is sign Torry Holt, period. Failing that, they still need to sign a free agent receiver who is significantly better than anyone they have.

Second, getting Orlando Pace "leaves the Bears with a complete line, minus a young tackle to eventually join Chris Williams in the starting lineup"? WRONG! Come on Brad, you know more about football than I do, but even I know that you cannot be successful in the red zone without a running game, and the short yardage and red zone running game cannot be successful with the small guards and center the Bears have who cannot get any push in those situations. Getting Pace was a huge improvement, but the Bears still need to beef up the interior of the offensive line. One good way to do that would be to put Chris Williams at left guard and let Omiyale and Shaffer battle it out for right tackle. Omiyale is supposed to be a better pass than run blocker (i.e., better tackle than guard) anyway, and it's foolish for the Bears to insist that he play guard, which both diminishes his effectiveness and does nothing to improve the interior of the line.

Third, but most important, the Bears must fix their horrible defense. The most glaring needs are free safety and good pass rushing end. The Bears seem convinced that they can play defense at a top level with the players they have now and with some coaching changes; I don't see that. Tommie Harris seems to have chronic knee problems, Brian Urlacher will never be as good as he was, and Mike Brown is gone. It's highly unlikely that Josh Bullocks will be good enough to be part of a top defense, and Ogunleye and Alex Brown are more run stoppers than pass rushers, though Ogunleye has his moments rushing passers.

So the Bears would be wise, after getting Torry Holt or someone equivalent, to draft the best player available at several positions of need. Focusing on one position is never a good thing and almost always leads to a wasted draft pick.

can't wait for cutler to get on the field and when everyone's on the same page we may see the greg olsen we haven't seen yet, seems to me there were a lot of times in the last two seasons he would be open and the ball was delivered...take your choice
over his head
in the dirt
another zip code
i also believe he's a guy who can get open 25 plus yards down field

Brandon Marshall was a 4th round pick, Roayal a second round pick. Brad is there any chance the Bears go out and ask a guy like Ted Sundquist or Mike Shanahan if they want a job as a consultant over the next 3 weeks? Niether are doing anything right now and these are the guys that found Marshall and Royal. Shanahan has one of the best eyes for offensive talent in the nfl, and knows how to find recievers for the WCO. Why don't the Bears call him? Rod Smith (undrafted 2x all pro), Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal 3 good reasons to call him. Plus maybe he wants to help his guy Cutler, who showed a lot of loyalty to him to do well.

All recievers in the WCO who do well have certain things in common. They run solid routs and there great after the catch. You usually want at least 1 big target. Cutler does not need much seperation to thread ball. But his recievers better have good hands and be on there routs, cause thats were he is going to hit them. The Bears need a physical possesion reciever. Don't be surprised if Bennett does well with Cutler.

Nicks fits the bill, Britt could fit the bill really well, as well as Robiskie. A big strong split end. I would still like to see Holt at flanker though. Maybe his price will drop with less demand. Or maybe someone gets cut during roster cuts.

Sorry guys but Hester belongs in the slot. He doesn't have the rout running ability or the hands that you see with most good WCO recievers.

As for Williams and his pro day at Penn. Penn is famous for having a fast track, all there guys ran faster, a lot faster.

Joe having solid TE's is great but the fact it is the WCO is driven by QB and reciever play. Forte will benifit the most from Cutler if anyone will. He is an ideal WCO RB and now has a QB that will be opening up the running lanes for him. This is a really friendly offense for recievers if you find the right type to fit it.

Brad you let me know when 6-7 recievers are off the board in the first round, I would really like to see that.

Hey Cryton, it's i before e EXCEPT AFTER C you dumb a$$!!

Learn to spell, Crieghton.

I agree with you that the offense is designed to be more WR and RB friendly, but if Turner keeps expanding the playbook using Olsen more like Indy uses Dallas Clark, he is basically a 3rd WR when he flexes out to the slot. But that is a band-aid, not a solution. You are correct in that we need the split end. Size-wise, Bennett has the build to play that spot, but I would much rather have Britt, Nicks, or Robiskie to play the spot. Bennett could be a 3rd WR, or a rotational guy, since we will need to go 4 deep at WR on a regular basis, since we might actually sustain some drives this year....

Without the split end, it will all be less effective, and we need that guy. Bennett might be a rotational guy on the outside, but I certainly don't think Hester can be the other guy at flanker. If we do not get one of our targets to split out in the draft or FA, then I would suggest flexing Olsen to split end, putting Bennett at flanker, and moving Hester to the slot to create a 3 "WR" look out of a 2 TE set. One thing that could do is take one of the safeties outside, or a linebacker depending on the defensive package, which opens the draw back up, as well as the screen, which we have not been able to run for years now. It also allows for us to go man on man with Forte in the running game from that formation, which should provide us with an opportunity to set up play action, which will be a lot more fun with Cutler setting up at 7 steps...

Ripping on someone because of spelling is completely ignorant. GROW UP !!!!!!!!!!! Argue his opinions !!!

Usually people who argue minor points cannot grasp the bigger picture.

Greg Olsen will catch at least 80 passes this year. Book it.

"Ripping on someone because of spelling is completely ignorant."

And seeing adult men not be able to spell a few basic words from the English language is RETARDED.

Isn't Brandon Marshall a borderline basket case?..Didn't Cutler have to defend him in the media this time last year when the dude almost sawed off his arm? just saying, Cutler may have wanted out(dealing w/ a 3rd class plaxico-TO wannabe) BEFORE Marshall hits the market taking all the credit for his personal stats,now he has stare-u - down KO to bolster those FA #'s. Oh and Brandon..KO has a hard time throwing zingers over 30 yards, u might wanna lay off the Zoloft digesting your next contract.
If Marshall hits the market next year, it's all going to be said" he had a down year in a new system w/ a new QB". Wrong!!! The dude got by on talent up to this point w/ out exerting himself , and He's due to dissappoint this year. heard that hip is keeping him out till June as well, another potential excuse.
Joe F called it right about Olsen, JC is going to use his TE's . Alot of our players are going to benefit from having JC as our leader,and not have to stay in a 3-5 yard area during panic time. JC is a game-breaker,not a manager.
As much as I want to add a reciever w/ the 2nd, I think we can address the Defense w/ that pick and still get a decent reciever w/ our comp pick .

The Bears NEED TO DRAFT RAMSES BARDEN from Cal-Poly! This kid is
6-6 and runs a 4.4 40. He is this years Vincent Jackson. If not, then the WR Massaquoi (sp) from Georgia is the way to go. He was a captain for 2 years and would come in with the leadership the Bears need at the position. The Bears have flexiblity in their draft plans and probably should draft the best player available on their draft of these receivers with be available between the 3rd and 5th rounds.

There are two names out there that may be of interest I know Plaxico Burress is going through the legal system with the gun charges how about taking a shot at him sometimes a change of scenery can help and boy how would it sound Cutler to Burress or If not then Tory Holt he would be a nice fit to him and Hester would be a down field threat to very fast recievers would be great

(Mario) - Plaxico is a terrible idea, even if he wasn't in all the trouble he is in right now, Holt makes more sense. But bigger is better. Of all the WR's on our roster, Rideau is the tallest at 6'4 and everyone else is b/t 5'10 (Hester) and 6'4, avg. about 6'2...Rideau never made it on the field! We need a big target WR who doesn't get smothered by NFL DB's. If the biggest guy we have is on the bench or practice squad, thats a problem.

I like Kenny Britt and Robiskie if their there. Don't be a hero, just catch the ball. I look at Limas Sweed with the Steelers, and would cringed everytime he dropped the ball when he was 'wiiiiide open' on Sportscenter highlights. These were in his hands, game-changing plays!

The thought of Torry Holt on the team is delicious! 2 deep threats that keep any defense guessing, is good in my book.

Look for Olsen to really break out this year...Pro Bowl!

Bear Down!

If the Bears do go out and get Torry Holt they can look for a "project" receiver in later rounds. Someone who has talent but needs seasoning to take over for Holt in two years. Jerry A. can then look to the defense with his earlier picks (free safety, D-line, linebacker).

If Holt isn't in the cards for the Bears I like Iglesias from OU. Great hands, fast enough with a burst and he's been at a big-time program in big games. He will CATCH the ball.

I'm curious, with Cutler on board, has the balance of power shifted in the NFC North or are the Vikings still the favorites?

I did not get that check in the mail for my spelling? Did you forget to mail it? as I know I got paid Friday at work - and one reason was for my spelling, so when I get your check paying me for my spalling, then I will spell for you like I do for my Boss. :)

And yes, Holt would be good FA and I would go there asap, but if we don't secure him then there are others out there, Is D. Henderson still available? He def. has his moments catching the ball,
I feel Hester has excellent hands as I saw him fingertip across the middle passes, yes fingertip grab bullet passes while running a cross the middle, that is not an easy thing to do, Hester has the hands he just has not had the QB.(or the experience)or the oline to get him time to seperate. Hester wants to be the best and he is motivated to learn so I feel we will see the best Hester yet this year and yes I saw him drop that pass as well, not sure about that one, looked like he was not watching the QB, (The only time Orton hit him perfect lol)) da.... Forte was already a known pass catching threat, that will only magnify 10 times over.
I would grab Plaxico as he will want his money pot to keep filling and he knows annother incident like that and the money stops. I am wanting a WR picked up via FA as that leaves the 2/3 picks for Defense.
we are all divided on what to do with that 2nd/3rd picks, just like we were before Jerry stole Cutler from the rest of the QB ProBowl wannabes, lolol YES! Take that from Da Bears! Howsabout watching Da Bears on ESPN EVERY TIME YOU TURN THE SPORTS SHOW ON! And it's good news!

Nice article on Jerry making amends to Bears Fans after all these years, and the fans being grateful for it.

I hope Jerry Angelo will continue to look at potential FA wide receivers in addition to acquiring a WR in either Round 2 or 3
in the draft. At this point, if Britt, Nicks, Robiske or Iglesias is there at pick #49 in Round 2------I would say grab one. In Round 3 at pick #99(comp pick) look for JA to select a S, OL or a
LB based on the best player available. Some of the players who might be available at this point might be S- Rashad Johnson, David Bruton or Chip Vaughn; OL- Kraig Urbik G/T, Dave Cadogan T/G,
Andy Levitre G/T, or T J Lang T/G; LB Jason Williams OLB, Gerald McRath ILB. That's my "Dream Draft" for the Bears later this month: Rd 2-Britt (WR);Rd 3- Bruton (S); Rd 4- Lang G/T;
Rd 5A- M. Wallace (WR); Rd 5B-J. Davis (RB); Rd 6-H. Melton (DE);
Rd 7A(Comp Pick)-Roy Miller (DT); Rd 7B(Comp Pick)-S. Hodge(LB/SS)

Go Bears!!!!!!!!

The Bears have already either signed or traded for 3 starters on offense this off-season. They are going defense in the second round.

Even if it's wide receiver, it won't matter this year. Haven't y'all been watching at all? Under Lovie Smith a second round pick at wide receiver won't play very much as a rookie - unless it's special teams.

Everybody is going to be shocked to find out the Bears already have receivers. With a real QB like Cutler throwing, the league is going to spend this year looking over their shoulders and quoting Butch Cassidy.....

"Who are those guys?"

first of all i don't understand why lovie kept brandon rideau off the team last year. he was the best wideout in the preseason, scored
more td's than anyone. marty booker should have been cut. the
bears are affraid to addmit they were wrong. but the bears must get
a wideout in fa or they should have left cutler in denver. they have
done everything right so far. torry holt is perfect for the bears,
although plaxico has the most talent he is too selfish to be on this
team, bennett maybe fine now that jay's here. after we get holt the
only wideout we should consider with our 2 rd pick would have to be nicks or someone like him. between rideau and bennett and of course holt we should be fine at wideout. what we really need to do is draft for the defense this year, we should score more points this year to help the defense. plus the offense should improve on time of
possession which will help the defense. no d can stay on the field
all day and win. jerry can and should draft defense this year. when
you add three lineman, a wideout, and jay, that's the best draft you can have. who needs those salary cap eating draft picks who usually waste money. the bears will be able to draft for certain needs now. in reality the bears are doing what new england does all
the time. before the draft the bears and new england have improved
more than any other teams. and that's without new england getting
j peppers who they are trying to get. it's a bunch of crap when they
say you can only build your team through the draft. go bears

Creighton's idea of Shannahan as a consultant sounds like gold to me!

I hope Cutler does turn out. 18ints with a clean jersey does scare me a bit. That's two less than Grossman had in his good year, but with far less pressure and better receivers. At least he has thrown for a boat load of NFL yards (unlike draft picks) and he's a better investment than 1st round busts.

I wonder what Angelo is really thinking. I wonder how much confidence he has in the current receivers and O-line. He does seem to be a bit gun shy on drafting OLs. He seems to prefer to draft defensive players...and I'm hoping he finds a few of his Alex Brown/Mark Anderson/Vasher type steals. He seems to stay clear of the players with really high measurables...and focuses more on their game film.

A change of scenery didn't help Plexiglas before, and I doubt it will now. Besides, odds are good that he won't play this season.

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