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Dollars and sense: The Kevin Shaffer contract

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Looked into the numbers on the Kevin Shaffer contract. It seems like about two months ago that the Bears added the veteran tackle. That's how much movement there has been recently. He looks to be in a position now where he will be the swing tackle. That will be an adjustment for Shaffer, who has started all but two games over the last five seasons for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons.

The Bears reeled in Shaffer before they knew they could get Orlando Pace. You cannot rule out Shaffer as an option to start. No one knows how Chris Williams will develop on a move the right side. Pace has missed 25 games over the last three seasons. Injuries happen on the line. The Bears were one of only six teams to have five offensive linemen start all 16 games last season.

Shaffer's deal was originally reported as an $8 million, three-year contract. The base value of the deal, as we detail below, is only $6 million. That means the Bears get an experienced swing tackle at $2 million per season. That's not a bad price. The extra $2 million is likely in the form of escalators that are based on playing time.

Here is the breakdown:


$550,000 signing bonus
$1.2 million roster bonus
$250,000 workout bonus
$750,000 base salary

Total: $2.75 million
Cap figure: $2,383,333


$1 million base salary
$250,000 workout bonus

Total: $1.25 million
Cap figure: $1,433,333


$1.75 millon base salary
$250,000 workout bonus

Total: $2 million
Cap figure: $2,183,333

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I am still not sold on Chris Willams, he will have to prove that he can handle playing against NFL caliber talent, and if he can`t, then we know that Shaffer can, it was a good move to get him.

For what it's worth,
Actually a co-worker that just moved here from Cleveland and is a big Browns fan says they called Shaffer an `olay' lineman as he was like a bullfighter and let the D blow by. I can only assume he is telling the truth as he knows his Browns and thinks St. Clair is an upgrade there....for real.
That is worrisome but then again he does not know St.Clair that well either so the joke's on the Browns lol. hearsay in a court of law I know, but this isn't court.
I thought I recalled someone putting up Shaffer' sacks allowed and it wasn't that bad.

Randy, that Browns fan is probably referring to his first year in Cleveland as the starting LT. He was given a big contract and from all accounts he wasn't worth it there. When Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach came in the overall line play in Cleveland improved and Shaffer did much better on the right side.

I'd take him any day over St. Clair.

IN response to Adam, Shaffer gave up about 4 sacks last year in comparison to St. Claire giving up 9.5!!
So I would take it your co-worker is just a fan that will always look for a way to put down another team that swapped players with them. I get the feeling that if his team was Denver he would somehow try to prove to you that Orton is much better than Cutler.

I think they upgraded.

It's hard to tell with O-line. Maybe Shaffer only gave up 4 sacks because HIS man was a half step late and could only jump on the quarterback pile. That would happen when somebody else O-line stunk worse than he did. Or maybe the QB knew he wouldn't hold up and just started running left at the snap. I seem to remember the Brown's QBs running for their life a lot on highlights.

I don't think any of those things are true, I think they upgraded. The point is, it's hard for the average fan to tell with O-linemen because we don't have game films.

John St. Clair was a hard worker, and a good teammate. But he was not an NFL starting caliber tackle. We improved by taking him out of the starting lineup. We replaced him with Orlando Pace, and we replaced a broken down John Tait on the right with Shaffer (a younger, more physical, and nastier player), and now Chris Williams. We have significantly improved, despite what anyone in Cleveland or elsewhere thinks. When St. Clair is being abused on the right side by every team he plays against, the Browns will be longing for the days of Shaffer.

The only reason he was on the market is Mangini is a jacka@@! He wanted to come in and make a point, and went after a few players who Romeo Crennel liked, and forced them out, just like he did in New York (see the pattern with belichick disciples? They run every team they go to while trying to make it the religious cult culture of New England). Shaffer felt he shouldn't have to take a pay cut, so Mangini ran him out of town....

Lucky for us, they don't act rationally. We got a better player, for less than they paid for St. Clair.

Lets see:

St.Claire allowed (credited with) 9.5 sacks last season in (16) games

Shaffer allowed (4).

Olay anyday I say !!!!

Shaffer is a younger, stronger and definelty an improvement over St.Claire.

Go Bears !!

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