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Doesn't look like Holt will catch on with Bears

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A day after adding players at arguably the most important positions on the field--quarterback (there is no disputing that one) and left tackle--don't look for an acquisition spree by the Bears today.

Not if you are thinking veteran wide receiver Torry Holt, any way.

Holt visited the Tennessee Titans on Thursday and it does not look like the ex-St. Louis Ram will be coming this way.

"I don't see that,'' Holt's agent Kennard McGuire told the Sun-Times.

McGuire brokered the deal to get another ex-Ram, Orlando Pace, to the Bears on Thursday but Pace is focusing on the Titans and Jacksonville, where he has also visited. There is no rush. The situation could take its time to play out and that is what Titans coach Jeff Fisher said he expected to happen.

"We have several other teams that are interested,'' McGuire said. ``Torry has a process and he is going through that process. We will [have another visit] it is just a matter of time. He has to give his approval.''

Holt, who turns 33 in June, is reportedly looking for a good pay day. He'd be an instant upgrade for the Bears even if he has a knee issue that prevents him from being the vertical threat he once was. It could come down to an old-fashioned bidding war between division rivals that don't care much for one another. Just don't look for the Bears to be involved.

They're going to have to find some receivers for new quarterback Jay Cutler somewhere. We'll examine some draft options in a little bit. Check back.

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Is Drew Bennett still available? How would he fit in with the Bears' system?

Matt friggin' Jones.

What coke problem ?

If he's just about the payday then he might want to look somewhere else, but if he wants to come play with a great QB and fight for a championship, I think the Bears represent the best option. He's foolish if he really is not interested in the Bears at this point.

Nothing that the Bears and J.A. do will surprise me now.

Here is a quote from this blog--and I completely agreed with all five points:


Here's our top five reasons why there is no way Cutler will come to the Bears:

1. The Broncos were going to trade Cutler to get a quarterback they wanted--Cassel. The Bears don't have a quarterback Denver is known to covet. Caleb Hanie may have been popular down the road at Colorado State. Not that popular. Denver gains nothing in moving Cutler and not getting a top passer in return. The only other quarterback on the Broncos' roster right now is Darrell Hackney.

2. The Bears have fallen over themselves declaring their confidence in Kyle Orton ever since general manager Jerry Angelo's end-of-season press conference. They intend to show how much they believe in Orton as he's the unquestioned No. 1 going into 2009.

3. You really think Angelo is going to cook up a blockbuster deal like this? He likes trading draft picks about as much as he likes trading up in the draft.

4. Trading Cutler now would just about seal McDaniels' fate in the Mile High City.

5. When in doubt, see No. 1. If you're still holding out hope, then see No. 2. Repeat as needed.

The fact is the Bears will come up whenever there is discussion about a name quarterback being available. Kurt Warner? Sure, we've heard it. Cassel? Yep. The Bears get linked to quarterbacks of all ability levels who are entering the draft, free agency or the trade market because their quarterback situation is unsettled and has been for ages. That's the way it's going to be until something changes. The fact of the matter is, Denver isn't going to shop Cutler now. Period. You can't buy what's not for sale, and again, the Bears would have no quarterback to offer in return.


24 hours ago, it didn't look like Jay Cutler was coming to Chicago either...

You guys are are not looking at the big picture, Vasher is on the trading block with a 5th or such draft pick for a WR, Lucas would be signed for depth

What about Marvin Harrison?

What about Marvin Harrison, or maybe a good trade for Boldin or Ocho by dangling some of our defense players like vasher and Dvorcek, and maybe Rashid Davis with Adrian Peterson or Garret Wolf? I just hope we get a good vet to help with the passing game, because for right now we have virtually nill for WRs.

Go Bears!

Hey Brad,

Now that Burress has been released by the Giants', could the Bears go after him?

I think the Bears should address the WR position in the draft. Holt, Harrison and Burress are good players, but in their 30's and past their prime.

The draft actually has good options out there and 2nd round picks are have good value, too.

I'd rather do what it takes to get Kenny Britt in the draft. He can be our version of Brandon MArshall.

Too bad if the Bears don't get Holt. He's easily the best receiver available, including the draft. Cutler will need some competent receivers to throw to, and right now the Bears just don't have that at the wide receiver positions. Devin Hester might excel with someone like Holt opposite him, but if he has to be the No. 1, forget it.

He is going to The Titans!!

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