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Defensive coordinator offers scouting report on Cutler

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We've got a scouting report on new Bears quarterback Jay Cutler from a defensive coordinator who spoke on the condition he not be identified. We'll just get right into it:

"I like him because of his arm strength most. He's got a little gunslinger attitude to him too and he's not afraid to fit that ball into some tight spots that some guys might not be able to do.

"He throws a good vertical ball. Anything over the middle, he's usually pretty doggone accurate with it.

"He has a good head on his shoulders. If there is one thing about him, it's his temper. At times he might lose his composure out there. That would be my only negative. I think that's something, with a little more maturity, he'll be better. He's very impressive.

"He's mobile but he looks to throw before he runs. He doesn't get sacked much and that's because he's big, he's strong and he can move.''

Cutler will be working with a different set of players with the Bears. No Brandon Marshall. No Eddie Royal.

"But that's what makes him even more impressive,'' the coordinator said about Cutler trading places. "He didn't have any running game at all last season. How many running backs did the Broncos use? Eight? They didn't have any running game and people were dropping all their guys and he was still able to find the open guy.

"If he gets a receiver going in Chicago, he throws to the backs in the flat real well and he's going to use the backs and the tight ends well. They'll be running the ball. They'll use his mobility a lot, more play action. They'll run boots and waggles and that might add another dimension to their team.

"I'm not sure he needs a great, great receiver there as much as he needs a good one. I don't know if they have one. But they're in a good situation now.''

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How about a scouting report on Orton. Hahahahahahaha.

Look another Pro likes Cutler what a shock.

Hey Brad did you know that Glazer at Fox is taking credit for breaking the story? I heard it was Mulligan though.

WOW!!!! I never thought this deal was gonna go down! The Chicago Bears now have a franchise quarterback. I said earlier when all this Cutler stuff began that if the Broncos trade Jay Cutler, they need to fire their GM or whoever is running the show on the spot for trading a young pro-bowl QB! But Im glad they did it, thank you Josh McDaniels!!! I still like Kyle Orton and think he's gonna be a pretty good QB, but Cutler is an upgrade.

The cool thing about all of this is Jay Cutler is a life long Bear fan himself, thats cool. Chicago's offense will be totally different next season, Ron Turner hasn't had a QB of Cutlers caliber since Erik Krammer. Also, Earl Bennett played with Cutler at Vanderbilt, this move will help in his development also.

Next move for Chicago now is, who do you take in the second? I say go with Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina or Ohio States Brian Robiskie at #49, we'll see GO CUTLER!! GO BEARS!!


Was it Glazer or was it Urlacher with his hand propped up Glazer's arse? There's a difference, you know.

Unnamed Scout: "I'm not sure he needs a great, great receiver there as much as he needs a good one. I don't know if they have one."

OK, I admit it ... it was ... just about EVERY DAMN POSTER on these boards who could have uttered those two sentences. Really? that guy is overpaid if that's all he has to offer! :-)

I can't believe how great a trade this is! JA brought in a PRO BOWL QB in his prime! This guy is only 25! He can make all the throws, big, strong, great arm, good head for the game and talks smack!

What amazes me is how methodically JA has gone about getting the Bears in a position where if the opportunity came and he had to give up 1st rd picks it would not set back the Bears.
He still has a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and another 5th to find a WR, OL, DT, & FS.

KA - I agree get Hicks or Robiske in the 2nd and after that defense, defense, defense.


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