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Dallas could provide competition for a safety

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If the Bears do not draft a safety in the second round with the 49th overall pick--wide receiver is the club's greatest need no matter how you analyze the roster--the Dallas Cowboys could grab one right behind them.

Dallas, which traded itself out of the first round when Jerry Jones paid a steep price for wide receiver Roy Williams, doesn't pick until No. 51 overall. Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Clemson's Mike Hamlin, Western Michigan's Louis Delmas and Texas Tech's Darcel McBath are all scheduled to visit the team this week. The Cowboys did the same thing as the Bears to address this position by signing a veteran--Gerald Sensabaugh--to a one-year contract. That is what general manager Jerry Angelo did with Josh Bullocks. Both clubs are eyeing lonterm solutions and the Bears are known to have interest in McBath too.

*** Speaking of the Cowboys and visits ... TCU safety Stephen Hodge visited Dallas on Monday. He is in New Orleans for an official visit today. Hodge, who is a distant relative of Lovie Smith, is being considered as an outside linebacker by a lot of teams, the Bears included. The Bears could consider Hodge in the mid to late rounds but they have been kicking the tires on a handful of linebackers who will all be undrafted free agents. Hodge will be drafted.

*** The Bears have also looked at several guards who project to be undrafted free agents. The club has shown real interest in Missouri Western's Roger Allen. Area scout Ted Monago was at his pro day where he worked out fully for the first time since suffering a sports hernia injury in the Texas vs. The Nation game. Allen made a visit to Kansas City on the Chiefs' day for area prospects. He's drawn keen interest from Carolina and Indianapolis as well. Allen put up 38 reps on the bench press at 225 pounds.

*** We'll check back later on this afternoon with a short draft profile for a scenario in which the Bears don't choose a wide receiver in the second round. We'll also get to Four Down Territory and cover some more wide receiver issues.

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I get the fact that WR is the biggest need, but FS isn't far behind. Unless Brian Robiskie is there when they pick - the closest thing to a no-miss this year - they should take the FS. FSs make a bigger impact as rookies than the majority of WRs. At least with the Bears they do. I am still cursing JA for trading Chris Harris.

After watching chris harris get burned for several long runs and completly miss steve smith against carolina his rookie year I was suprised he had a descent year after that. HE JUST WAS'NT THAT GREAT BUT THE BEARS WHERE THAT THIN AT THE POSITION.

I'm surprised Dallas is looking at the draft for safety help. What, did the state pennitentiary run out of inmates?

Insane, I respectfully disagree. Harris had his shortcomings, but the dude is an aggresive player who delivers violent hits and has a knack for creating fumbles. Everyone remembers how he made Garza airborne last season. I wish he was still a Bear.

Already the tabloids are looking to smear Cutler in some way. Seems like a non-issue in my opinion. Hey Brad, your old buddy Jay Mariotti works for them:|main|dl4|link4|

I could see Dallas leaning towards a CB or a safety with their first pick in the draft. They are hurting after letting Roy Williams stay on the field in passing situations, and the Pac Man disaster...But they pick after we do, so they either have to give up something to get ahead of us (something Jerry Jones has been known to do), or take their chances that one of their guys will be there.

Either way, we need to make a decision as we get to the 37th or 38th pick, depending on what has happened so far in the draft. Are we going to be able to stay where we are and get the guy we want at either WR or safety, or do we go to one of two alternate strategies:

1) we use either our 4th rounder or a player on the roster (Vasher, Clark, Idonije) with the 49 pick to get ahead of Miami and New York at 44 and 45 to get the guy we want. Both teams are potentially going to be in the market for a WR, CB, or Safety.

2) We accept that we won't get the guy we targeted at 49, and try to move back to 55-60 and get an additional 3rd rounder, where we can fill 2 more needs by the end of the third round.

There are a lot of teams that have similar needs to us in wide receiver and safety (1 or both of these are significant needs):


And probably others. There will some action at those two positions early, and we could lose out on the top talent if that occurs.

Sean Smith if he lasts that long might be a great pick at #49 he is projected as a free safety in the NFL with 6'3' height, 214 lbs and has 4.53 speed. Played CB at Utah but packs a punch and might be able to take the pounding of the NFL better than most.

I am still OK with the BEARS choosing the best available athlete with the best graded value at #49 whether it is OG, OLB, FS, WR, or D line either tackle or end.

Sean Smith if he lasts that long might be a great pick at #49 he is projected as a free safety in the NFL with 6'3' height, 214 lbs and has 4.53 speed. Played CB at Utah but packs a punch and might be able to take the pounding of the NFL better than most.

I am still OK with the BEARS choosing the best available athlete with the best graded value at #49 whether it is OG, OLB, FS, WR, or D line either tackle or end.

Who cares if Jay was seen messing around with Julia Allison, that b#### is fine as h###, I hope Jay hit that s###. Good for him. So what if he was out, it didn't mean he was drunk. He has type 1 diabetes, believe me if he was getting hammered on a regular basis you would know it, because he would be in the hospital. Alcohol is pure suger, it's all carbs. Ask an doctor if a type 1 diabetic could do all the drinking they say Cutler does and look the way Cutler does and perform the way he does. That kid takes good care of himself. I swear to god you play in the NFL and if your a high profile player your not suppose to do anything but sit in your house saying a prayer for children and then when you do leave you are there only to give clever media interviews. If you have any kind of life your a horrible human being.

Give me 4000 yards and 25 or more TD's, stay out jail and your fine in my book.

Harris had a bad game, but that happens to everyone. He is not great in Pass protection, but he is a SS and he is slid against the run and he strips the ball with the best of them. He also hits like a truck.

I'm surprised that Dallas and the Bears are after the same type of safety. We need a FS and already have a couple of guys who can play strong safety. Dallas lost a SS in Williams.

Joe I here the Raiders are going Safety in round 2, or maybe even round 1. Al Davis is one crazy SOB.

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Well what about whiskeys, Vodka and other more Pure alcohols... are fine foe a type 1 diabetes and for the Atkins diet so....... Unless Cutler drinks beer or fruity drinks...... I said it again fruity.... then yes he can drink like an adult.

If I player is not there at 49 that JA really loves, I'm all for him trading back. But instead of getting an extra 4 or 5, like he usually does, I'd try to get a 2010 #1 or 2 out of a trade back in the second round.

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