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Cutler talk of draft: Angelo addresses QB's nightlife

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General manager Jerry Angelo and college scouting director Greg Gabriel sat down Tuesday afternoon to discuss the Bears' draft, the one that already began with the acquisition of quarterback Jay Cutler.

The draft, at least Saturday's first two rounds, will be anticlimactic for the Bears. Their only selection is No. 49 overall, the 17th pick of the second round and that will not come until some time after 7:30 p.m. The longer the draft session went--it lasted a little more than 45 minutes and we have some updates from it right here--the more Cutler was part of the discussion. The Bears shipped Denver their first- and third-round picks as well as a first-round pick in 2010 for Cutler and a fifth-rounder this year.

``I know not having a No. 1 pick will put a cloud on the draft,'' Angelo said.

But Cutler is the Bears' first-round pick, the closest thing the organization has had to a franchise quarterback in decades.

For Cutler to be effective, he's going to need better play from a wide receiving corps that was one of the NFL's weakest last season. The only moves the Bears have made so far are to cast off Marty Booker and decline to re-sign Brandon Lloyd. Unfortunately, that doesn't qualify as addition by subtraction.

``I think it will be better given the fact that our quarterback is going to play better,'' Angelo said of the receiver position. ``I feel that is something that is going to help that position and the whole offense overall. We want to create some depth there. I feel we are going to be better there as a whole.''

In fact, the more Angelo talked, the more he talked about Cutler making the offense and team better as a whole. That's a lot of weight to place on one man's shoulders and makes Cutler an expensive investment, one the Bears want to monitor. That is why there has been considerable buzz about the Internet pictures that have tracked Cutler partying around town in the last few weeks. He has Type 1 diabetes, which makes his nightlife a concern for a franchise that has been used to watching its quarterbacks ride a carousel. You don't have to be an Internet surfer to find the evidence.

``When we did our research, we know he goes out, we know he does those things,'' Angelo said. ``We talked to our medical people, we talked to the Denver medical people. It comes with the territory. We're comfortable with it. I really can't answer it beyond that.

``I'm not going to micro-manage a person. If we have to do that, that's not a good sign. Some lessons, they have to see and learn for themselves. I don't think that's a big thing at this point. It's what he does on Sunday is how we're going to evaluate him. That's the bottom line. He's got a good foundation coming in here. He's a young quarterback, he's played in this league, he's shown what he can do. He gets it. That's the biggest concern. He gets it.''

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How in the heck can Angelo expect anyone to succeed with this group of receivers, imagine if Hester went down, it would be Bennett and probaly the worst WR in the league in Rashied Davis as our starters? OUCH

Looks like those reporters have forgotten all about Orton's infamous partying pictures from Iowa a couple of years ago. I don't see it as an issue.

Lets think positive, Hester will not get hurt....
and Cutler will make our WR at least twice as good, he throws on the run quite effectively and Hester runs on the run extremely well lol but more importantly I have seen Hester catch on the run too. (I really did see it)
I like a QB with an attitude Jimmy Mac had an attitude and he was our last ProBowler, McNabb has an attitude as he is always having to apologize for things he says :) -
I really like our first rd pick this year, yes we could use a WR - Bennet will be much improved, but I feel Jerry will get another WR.
Who is the only question?
We really can not go wrong in this years draft, our first pick is already a ProBowler! and Jerry usually picks secnd/third pretty good.

Im just wondering sence were talking Cutler talk and how is the Bears first round pick.....

What are the Stealers fans gonna think of this nut in drag (pink underwear) signing a song holding a sign that nobody is gonna understand and have a tatoo on his forehead saing Angelo rules?

Well I think about the same thing we think of him already!

OMG, no, not a QB who drinks! Everyone knows they don't win Super Bowls. Guys like McMahan, Stabler, Namath, etc., etc. etc. what did they ever win?

Give me a guy who rides motorcycles without a helmet any day!

I mean come on people, this is a jock we're talking about, right?

I'll admit it's not too smart for a diabetic to be drinking, but we are talking about a jock, right?

Kudos to Greg Olsen, a coach's son, for taking Cutler under his wing and "bonding" with him. I'm sure he NEVER drank with Orton. Oh, wait a minute, Orton was a walking drunk when he wasn't under center.

I guess if McDaniels was worried about Cutler's drinking he did his due diligence on Orton, right?

What??? Dude, that makes absolutely no sense at all!

@ Brando...

it's usually totally lame to take space up on a forum or comment section to point out somebody's typos...

but I honestly have no idea what you said

I think enough of us know 'who' Brando is talking about.

I keep looking for these Cutler Picks that show him drunk. I have seen a couple of him having a beer, but none of him drunk and nothing new posted in the last year. So what if the guy goes out, have a good time, and hook up with some ladies man your NFL qb HAVE A BLAST!!

Hey Brando who are the Stealers? Mister perfect speller. Hahahaha.

Thats right, thats the game you will see me at, the Stealers game. Hahaha. Oh and who is we? Nobody ever talks to you, people like NBS better than you. You don't even talk football, look at your comment it has nothing to do with the post. It makes no sense.

Everyone knows your Chicago Bear hating Packerbacker/Crap-ton, who posts here to annoy everyone.

Hey Brando. You know I know your Gay? You joined the wrestling team in HS because you liked the uniforms and wanted to be pinned by another guy.

By the way it doesn't help you keep asking to see a guy in Pink Panties. Man that is gay.

No MJ they don't because you my friend are Brando posting under another name as usual. Hahahah. You have to makeup people to talk to. Thats so sad.

Marty Booger is a wonderful receiver. Like a fine wine, he just gets better with age. Just like Rex and Kyle, only mean-spirited bigots hate him. Marty and Rex in '09!! A Pro-Bowl pair they are!!

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't know who Brando is talkikng about. Someone want to enlighten me?

ahhh....i now you loosers now who 'who' is. its ME loosers. teh GRAET CRAP_TON!!! yea I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me. i am man of my word ans i will honor wahtever stupid thing i said. (man i am stupid. why did i say that again???) ans BRANDO...i hope to see you their looser. we can meet face too face. ohh ans i buddy..teh greatest of enemies!!!! oh ans brando dont forget to bring a barf bag. in case you looseras want a preview i am 49 yrs old, weight 400 lbs ans i have hare al over my body (people say i looks like a cross between rosie odonnel ans robin williams...but i get thsose celebruty comparrisons all teh time! :)

but you guys now me old crap-ton just trying to be posative...


Gee a guy in his mid 20's who is single and likes to go out and party! I'd be more worried if he didn't go out at all. What did most of you do at his age, when you were single? tay home every night? He shows up on SUNDAY- in shape and ready to play.FYI he's also the best BLOCKING QB in the league.

"Oh and who is we? Nobody ever talks to you [Brando]..."

Well you're talking to Brando, Creighton. I guess that means you're a nobody.

Oh and for those unclear of what Brando is talking about, let me clarify: By Creighton on March 25, 2009 11:48 PM

"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him [Cutler] that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck."

Date and Time?

"First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

Anyway Creighton, I couldn't help but notice you mentioned Warren Sapp some posts ago. Last I saw him he was doing a roast of Larry the Cable Guy. Which led me to the perfect idea:

"The Inside the Bears Roast of Creighton"

Yo, who dares question Creighton's knowledge on the Bears? The dude knows his stuff. In fact, Creighton knows the Bears like his right hand on a lonely, dateless friday night!

Yo, Creighton spends so much time on this blog, you'd think it was his mom's attic!

Yo, I believe Creighton when he says he's the Bears' biggest fan. The dude is 400 pounds and gets stuck between the doors at Dunkin Donuts. He'd be the biggest fan of any team!

Who's next dawg? Somebody else take the mic!

REALLY? It is absurd to assume that professional athletes dont drink or smoke the me! I can personally attest to that! That shouldnt even be up for discussion. Were not dealing with clergy here people. As long as Cutty throws for 4000 yards and 25 plus touchdowns I could care less what he does in his personal life. What people need to do and dont realize is that these guys are people just like us they just have alot more money and free time! They get drunk, they get high, they get laid.....they do everything that a normal successful man in his primes does, so if these alleged pictures are concerning you just watch the game and dont actually know it. I've hung out with several athletes in Chicago (even the greatest one ever) and other major cities and trust me THEY GET IT IN.
So back to these rivalry going on between some one you bloggers (i wont mention any names cause I dont wanna join the soap, im a real football guy). Why dont you guys make a youtube show! I swear I would watch it! You can aruge back and forth, have spelling contest, tell people who you are, and be MEN and face off. Now thats entertainment! As a matter of fact when I finish law school I'll get with you guys and set up the show! It would be so much better than me wasting my time reading this back and forth BS when I come here for the BEARS! This isnt about spelling, pink panties, or someones weight, what they look like, or sexual preference. Stick to football gentlemen. THIS IS ABOUT THE ORANGE AND BLUE!!. I hate reading through all your BS comments when I come here to read about your opinions, and some of you definitely have good football opinions....STICK TO THAT GENTLEMEN!
Peace in the streets

Bumstead one question: WHAT? Crap-ton or ton of crap why is you no spelling,crap talking, both hand loving, no football knowing probably talk like you post arse doing blogging here? This is a football blog not a gay dating site. Cutler has dealt with his condition and really doesn't appear self-destructive so I don't think there should be a worry. The biggest worry is the defensive line they were pushed around more than the offensive line was, they had give up large chunks of yardage in the air to stop the run. Last year Greise looked like a all-pro. Thats my concern and I think its on Angelo's mind too thats why all these offensive line acquisitions he's gonna go back to what he knows DEFENSE.

"What people need to do and dont realize is that these guys are people just like us they just have alot more money and free time! They get drunk, they get high, they get laid.....they do everything that a normal successful man in his primes does" -wood

Wow. I think Crap-ton's post made more sense than that. People getting high and getting drunk does not equate with success. If you really believe that mindless dribble quoted above, so help us all. And you're enrolled in law school!? Yikes. Here's some advice: Pull your head out of your @ss before you suffocate and you might start thinking more clearly.

The story was that Cutler was spotted having a drink(s). Period. It wasn't about him getting plastered or being caught using an illegal substance. And if he did do those things, then yes, it would've been a big deal because he's being paid big money to keep his body healthy and avoid suspensions/run-ins with the law. Not to mention he has a chronic illness which could become fatal if not treated properly.

Anyway, good luck getting high and getting drunk and let me know how successful you become in the next ten years.

wow mike. perhaps you should spend less time working on your MONITOR TAN and get out into the real world a bit more. people from all walks of life like to party; it's just human nature. wood makes much more sense than you do poindexter.

Gosh I see Brando brought out all his personas. Keep making up friends for yourself nut job. You actually give yourself different names so you can have a conversation with yourself. Heck maybe I am one of your many personalities, I could be and you wouldn't even know.

By the way do you think I don't know you wrote that whole opening day Jay Cutler dare I am some how doing. Gosh you wouldn't pretend to use another name would you? Nice try, crazy boy, seek help.

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