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Cutler likes Bears' "weapons," has to study up on Luckman

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Jay Cutler called his arrival to the Bears the beginning of a new chapter for him and did his best to avoid questions about the saga that led to his departure from the Denver Broncos after a two month saga.

"I couldn't be more excited,'' Cutler said at his introductory press conference at Halas Hall. ``I am here to help this team win and bring a championship back to Chicago.

"I want to thank [Denver owner] Pat Bowlen and the fans of Denver. Obviously, there has been a lot said on my part and the Broncos' part over the last couple months. I think both sides would possibly do a few things different. This is a dream come true for me. I am looking forward to the future.''

Cutler said the experience was like draft day all over for him as he waited for the Broncos to deal him following Bowlen's announcement earlier in the week that the team would deal him.

"I think we are going to be really close,'' Cutler said.

One of the glaring differences between the organizations is that the Broncos have a much stronger cast of offensive talent starting with wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. Cutler didn't see it that way.

"I think weapons-wise, I think we are really similar to what I had in Denver,'' he said. ``They can make plays. It's going to be learning the terminology, memorizing some stuff. The offensive line looks great. I couldn't be more excited about it.''

The idea is that Cutler can home in and make Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Rashied Davis and the cast of others better.

"I don't think so,'' Cutler said. "I think the receivers are going to be excellent for me. I don't think the quarterback makes the receivers. I don't think the receivers make the quarterback. It's a joint mesh there. I can't do it without them and they can't do it without me.''

Cutler disputed the idea that he would be the savior for the organization that has not had a Pro Bowl quarterback since Jim McMahon in a familiar year, 1985.

"I don't see myself as that at all,'' he said. "I think in this league it takes offense, it takes defense, it takes special teams and it takes great coaching. If you don't have all of those four you are not going to go very far.''

But Cutler will have to go way back to find out how he stacks up vs. the franchise's all-time quarterback--Sid Luckman.

"I'm going to have to do some research on Sid,'' he cracked.

Well, there will be some time for him to study up on the history books. The Bears are planning on having Cutler in place for, oh, about a decade.

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"I don't see myself as that at all,'' he said. "I think in this league it takes offense, it takes defense, it takes special teams and it takes great coaching. If you don't have all of those four you are not going to go very far.''

100% correct! So now that we have 3 out of the 4 let's get rid of Loser Smith, BFF Babich and Mr. 0-16. Immediately promote Toub to the head coaching job and let him assemble a staff.

And before anyone objects on me being "too hard" on our comatose coach and his former treehouse buddies, may I remind you, ladies and gentlemen, of the final 11 seconds at Atlanta.

Mike, apparently you dont do much research about our current coaching staff before you leave your comments, first of all Mr. 0-16 is one of the, if not the best, d line coaches in the NFL, he has elevated many of the leagues premier pass rushers, including, to name a few simeon rice, warren sapp, j pep, ect. secondly Lovie is an excellent coach, not exciting or brass, but excellent none the less. Secondly do you even know anything about Dave Toub? obviously not, he is special teams ONLY, he has never had ANY coaching experience other than special teams (other than a brief stint as head coach in the big 10). This team is hands down better and I am tired of everyone blaming our coaching staff for PLAYERS not bieng motivated. and with the Atlanta game, is it Lovie's fault payne blew his coverage, is it Lovie's fault that mike brown didnt keep him in bounds? NO!!! and its funny Toub (your glorious leader) called the play to squib kick it which led to the loss. nuff said chief...bear down chicago

Mike wrote:

"And before anyone objects on me being "too hard" on our comatose coach and his former treehouse buddies, may I remind you, ladies and gentlemen, of the final 11 seconds at Atlanta."


Ok. This is where I remind you that this is only the second coach to take us to the SB. He has a winning record. He has won the division twice in five years. Oh, and he regularly beats the Packers. Funny how that is what Lovie said on his initial press conference.

I tend to look at the full body of work and not just an isolated 11 seconds. But if that is how you deal your coworkers, family and friends who am I to argue. If that works for you, have at it.

Smith is set up to get launched. If the Defense does not return to form he is gone cause it's all on his head now.

Mike I don't think your being Hard enough.

I am sure whoever the next coach is, will be very happy to have Cutler who will be 26 at the end of the season. Lets see what Turner can do with Cutler though, he has never had a QB like this before, Cutler is proven if Turner still sucks with him see yah.

They're not done with FA. Teams are purging and the Bears are flyin high. Ilove the new breath of air. Just wait and see another big name WR be available soon.

Tiny Tim,
Quick question. Does research for you entail taking the corporately-endorsed words of Larry Mayer as stone cold facts? Mr. 0-16 elevated Simeon Rice? Really? You mean the same Simeon Rice who was a star player with Arizona before Tampa acquired him in a trade?

And J. Pep? Please tell me you're not talking about Peppers. Or is Marinelli now responsible for developing every great d-lineman in the NFL?

I understand the line and the defense was fantastic while Rod was the d-line coach for the Bucs, but does anyone realize that Tampa placed an insane amount of emphasis (1st, 2nd round picks, high-profile trades) on getting the best players for their d-line to make the Cover-2 work so well? Hey, could Rod maybe have benefitted from Tampa's philosophy, by being doused with top tier talent to "develop"? 'Cause he sure as hell couldn't duplicate his success after Tampa.

On to Toub, who has proven himself to be the most creative and able minded member of the current staff, does the name John Harbaugh ring a bell, Timmy? Forget the squib, calling the "infallible" Cover-2 in that situation is absolutely asinine.

And Doctor Kevin, PhD, you said the following:

"This is where I remind you that this is only the second coach to take us to the SB. He has a winning record."

Well Rex Grossman has a winning record. And I guess one could argue Rex "took us to the SuperBowl" as well. You want him back under center, doc? You better believe I keep those 11 seconds under a scope because I believe a toaster could produce the same result; but not an NFL coach.

I like the Cutler trade. It's implications are great. It shows the Bears doing whatever it takes to try and bring the lombardi back to Chicago. I agree with the few that say that the 2 draft picks we surrendered were a small price to pay as of now for a proven commodity. I just pray that the Bears get him a cast around him to help him succeed before the boo crew rips the guy of his esteem and he pulls a Grossman on us. I am really on the fence. Why couldn't they get Orton some help? I will never know. I will miss Kyle and his leadership....however, this is a new era. Teams with better passers than Cutler have not always gone the distance, Chargers, Colts, Giants, Green Bay, Dallas and Pittsburgh. The defense is the key to all of this working. Go Bears!!

The 11 seconds was terrible Coaching as well as the D Coaching all last year, the worst I have seen for awhile, I blame Babich mostly but we played soft in the Super Bowl with Ron and that cost us the game as well, that speaks directly of Lovie, But at the same time our offense did pretty good last year all things considered, I would give Lovie the benefit of the last 2 years with Babich idiot but this year is it, as he has been setup (I believe by Angelo) by being D caller, if the team fails then Lovie is gone and Jerry stays bc after all it was Lovie Coaching the D that failed, smart move by Jerry but doesn't mean squat now as Jerry secured his position for a couple more years at least with the Cutler signing. So...Lovie will be here this year get used to it, but this year is his make/break year, no playoffs no Lovie next year. The offense should be above grade, no problem there but the D is the big question, URL/Harris big questions, will Babbich mess Url up again? sure he's slower but a Coach has to recognize that an not play Url so close to the line and then backing him off into coverage, as well as playing the dbacks so far off their man they cant recover in time, thats where Rod comes in when Rod elevates the Dline to get to the QB faster then Url/Dbacks will be able to recover in time to intercept balls the way we used to.
So... it all depends on Rod - 0-16?? That is past history he has a new start here and I hope he motivates and plays Adams!!/Harrison all year - Harris? who knows? I am not wanting him on the team with an attitude that he is not in shape yet. I would bring back Tank, I feel Tank has learmned his lesson and he is perfect for Lovie D scheme and he has stayed out of trouble.

oh and I would look at Burres hard, as he is better than our WR, if he can straighten up he can really elevate our WR asap with Cutler. Hey, lets not be stupid, the Giants don't win that SB w/o Burres. He shot his leg?, ok, bring back Tank and maybe he can do the job right :) seriously I don't have a problem giving people second chances, who on this blog never needed a second chance in their life, maybe not shot yourself, but we have all read about gun accidents, (would you turn down Marvin Harrison? how about Ray Lewis? (I would turn down Lewis but you see my point.) Stuff happens, Tank is better, we need him he needs us, sign him! with clauses same with Burrres clauses in contracts can settle those issues real fast, and we can go to the Super Bowl like the giants and watch Burres catch the winning TD pass this time. What? we might see him shoot himself again? dudes, I don't see anyone stupid enough to shoot themself twice - roflmao, lolol, but I do see catching a SB winning TD pass! Twice!
Bottom line - forget the past we ARE DA BEARS with a new beginnig with Cutler so give Lovie this year as he has a great QB to work with and he is a D Coach, thats his niche, give the Man a shot. He demoted Babich (should have fired him but..) so lets see what Rod can do before you run him out of town on a pole, he has not screwed up here yet. oh, you want a mob attitude on a man that you say WILL mess up? geez what a tuff attitude you have there.

as you said Bruhnke, I will miss Orton as well, I feel he will be great in Denver I was looking forwrd to him having a better year this year but Cutler is a probowl QB now, and the future is now. whoohoo, Lets hope Rod can motivate that Dline as thats the main ingrediant, we improved every area of the Offense, but D line will make the LB/DB better (or not)

dang bring back Tank! The man has stayed out of trouble! He fits Lovie scheme perfect! and Harris may not be the old Harris, (and he aint even old)

Tim, I agree with you on Rod, he did have talent at Tampa but anyone can mess talent up and he did not, he did make that talent work, and no the players were not motivated but thats the Coaches job to motivate the players and the DCoach's did not do there job in that regard, so I disagree with the Coach comment, as I felt (Babich) really did a lousy job Coaching (and Lovie sure did not step in to fix it) - Did you see the Dline with no stunts just straight ahead rush? or the Dbacks playing off their man by yards? or the LB playing so close to the line they could not recover? It's ok to play close and fake a blitz but not on every single down. I mean cmon mix it up a bit, maybe have the LB play back and rush the line or not every now and then? not on the line every down, and then run back into coverage like a chicken with it's head cut off, that was pure ppoor Coaching. Motivation was always Coach Knight thing, maybe you did not like Coach Knight but he was a motivator, and thats my point it's the Coach's job to motivate, if you are a motivator and they don't motivate then someone has to go, players or Coach and the entire D except Briggs was not motivated, that tells me it was the Coach. Maybe the players were mad cause Ron left but a good Coach can bring those players back into the fold asap, that did not happen with Babich at all. and Babich was Lovie man.
BUT I say give Lovie a new start this year, and Rod as well - it's a new beginning. and I for one am excited to see what Rod can do with that Dline Dends. Lovie did take us to the Super Bowl give him this year to make amends for the last 2 years, then make a decision.

I'm estatic about the Cutlar trade! I believe he had a right to be upset and I'm glad he stood his ground based upon principle. What the coach tried to pull behind his back was wrong as well as avoidable. When you sacifice blood, sweat and tears and are treated this way in return, anyone would be upset. But since he's an NFL quarterback living under a public microscope, he's labeled as a whiner. B.S. We (Bears fans) are the recipient of dirty backdoor business backfiring in the face of coach McDaniels and the Broncos ownership. Too many times people are shady and dishonest and it's nice to see it work out in a way that benefits those who deserve it (Bears fans) and Cutler, who grew up rooting for our team. I hate to see Orton go, but he'll be fine and should flourish in Denver. As for Cutler, people can call him a whiner all they want, but I'm sure Olin Kruetz will be able point him in the right direction and he should be able to do it without even having to break his jaw! It is on in the NFC North. GO BEARS!!!!

Some people make me sick. Focus on the good you two morons (Mike and Creighton).

1. Lovie Smith is the 3rd best coach in Bear's history.
2. Marinelli is an upgrade over Brick Haley.
3. Lovie is taking over the defense.
4. They signed a future HOF tackle, and the line is solidified for the season.

They have instantly jumped ahead of the rest of the division, and probably have the 2nd or 3rd best QB in the conference right now. This also makes them instantly better than the 2006 team. Urlacher will play with more fire and energy knowing he might have one or two more chances at winning it all. They defense will have way less pressure on it. They now can still win if the defense has a bad day.

You wanna talk about 11 seconds? Go right ahead. But fact is Smith still led this team to within one game of the playoffs with a 21st ranked defense and a 26th ranked offense.

So now you can go back into your caves, be negative, and suck oyur own thumbs, or you can wake up, smell the roses, and get excited about the first legitimate QB the Bears have had in 2 lifetimes.


So now it comes down to trading Orton because Coach Smith coached him or because we got a better QB than he actually was? If a player blows coverage on basically one play and we lose because of it when does it come down to just one play being a mirage? Actually the QB that got us back into that game got traded because we deemed him not good enough. What is so practical about that? And why is it guys are saying that Urlacher is playing too far from the line when we are getting ate up in pass coverage. Wouldn't that mean that he is playing close enough to the line to back up run plays since it's the run plays we were better at? Which one is it? I thought it was a lack of pass rush and DBs containing players that got us on our heels. Keep thinking that Urlacher is this cape wearing player when he is at that age where you lose a step. I'm glad it's not too many guys on this board who are pointing fingers at coach Smith. Now that Angelo did what just about everyone wanted you want to turn Coach Smith into the off season whipping boy. I'm not going to live and the past and not take a wait and see approach about an upcoming season that hasn't happened yet. Why start blaming Coach Smith about first round flops panning out when I can't see him being the reason that they got drafted in the first place. What great coaching got any of the other flops in the draft signed to other teams? Just about every player cut or not resigned is languishing at home or at the end of a bench somewhere. And please don't bring up the great array of failed WRs who are playing with teams who are better passing teams than we were? They are not setting their present teams on fire. And I heard a great big sigh of relief after everyone of them left except Berrian and we all know he got paid way to much to do practically the same thing with us and with a better RB scaring opposing teams. Is it Coach Smith's fault that Bennett wasn't smart enough to know the play book? You can't make anyone into a mensa. It has to be who you are. Some of you guys can't write a one sentence entry without mispelling at least two words and that doesn't make you a dummy. Just a person who isn't a wordsmith. All I can say is that Coach Smith can't make a guy who isn't a stud into a stud. That's why so many of our guys who were 1st day draftees are without jobs. That just weren't football players. I haven't seen Smith ruin one player. Now if you bring up Chris Harris ,fans were jumping all over him after we lost the Super Bowl. He might not have bounced back with the type of fans we have here. Rex never could. And don't bring up Jones because if he felt Smith didn't like him he wouldn't have been the first player embracing him after we won the NFC championship. Trading him was an Angelo attempt to soothe Benson into the starting position and we know that back fired. Pace came to the Bears for LESS money because of Smith. His relationship with players is superb. Guys get on him for sounding canned with the: ___ is our QB. And now we can see with Josh Daniels how players can feel hurt by feeling otherwise. Smith can't be anyone but who he feels he has to be with his demeanor on the field. It can work for him like it worked for Dungey. But when you don't have the weapons that Dungey had it doesn't come off the same way. Do you really think that Cutler will benefit from having a Coach like Smith who doesn't scowl when he mess up? Maybe if you guys called Coach Smith something other than Lovie you would have more respect for him. I'm sure he would appreciate respect for what he has done inspite of what he had to work with.

Hey lets not be stupid about this sh.., Lovie did NOT take this team to the playoffs, Lovie DID let his D Coach blow alot of games, and Lovie DID not motivate this D last 2 years, our D was a pathetic bunch of losers last 2 years. So smelling the roses is not any part of losing last I smelled., Now I may be willing to give Lovie the benefit and go with it this year as I do like Lovie, but I am in reality with the situation, and Lovie stunk it up last 2 years as well as Angelo, just bc we got Cutler absolves them both of nothing, but does give them both an extension.

the Dbacks blew coverage on alot of plays, not just one, and Url was playing too close to the line, and he was not getting the coverage done, no confusion there at all, twist words all you want but it remains the same, the Dbacks played off their man too far AND Url played too close to the line (and THEN tried to drop into coverage but he was late 90% of the time)

If you are referring to what I wrote please reread what I wrote as I wrote Url played too close to the line. I said nothing about Url playing too far off the line and I have not read where anyone said that, Did you see all the passes go into Url's area? Did you see Url standing around after the play was over with a clean uniform late on the play agan and again 90% of the plays? That was obvious to everyone that Url was out of position, - out of position for a former probowler means several things, Coaching, Motivation and a step slower. (Coaching, as he was too close to the line) But he was standing around getting late to the tackle time and time again, and he is a cape wearer, he is our middle linebacker, a very important part of the D, was Mike Singletary a Cape Wearer? Yes! Was Butkus a Cape Wearer? Yes! Is Url a Cape Wearer? Yes! If the middle linebacker is a step slower a smart Coach knows how to adjust his scheme to accomodate that, which Lovie/Babich did not do.
In years past he had the speed to get in the QB's face or into coverage or be the run stuffer, last 2 years he did none of this. A step slow? fine, if he can't play the scheme then the scheme needs to be changed or he needs to sit. and guess what? Babich was sat which tells me that Coaching was the reason. Why was Babich hired as D Coach? Lovie.
Now as I said I like Lovie - he did get us to the big game, and Angelo in my opinion did not get him a great team, but Lovie dropped the ball last 2 years to accommodate his friend Babich, Babich should have been fired after his first year, but we had to watch that D fail again the next year as well. why? Lovie.
So I repeat, leave Lovie alone as he will make his bed this year, forget the last 2 years and lets see what happens with the new D Coaching as the old D Coaching is gone, (for a reason) they blew the games.
With the responsibilty of being Coach comes the reponsibilty of taking the blame and the glory. All Coaches know this when they take the job.

Just noticed your last comment William (that was me before) about calling Coach Smith Lovie, I agree it does look disrespectful, but I do not do it out of disrespect, Lovie is just what he is called as Lovie is a `trademark' name, say Lovie and what/who is anyone talking about? The TV announcers say Lovie as well.
No disrespect on Coach Smith on my part, but Lovie is his moniker....and it is a respectful moniker cause Lovie is all we need to say and everyone knows Lovie, kinda like Bird or Wilt or Bush, or Obama, sometimes the name itself is respectful. Now some people do it out of disrespect and with that I agree, but most (I hope) do it as respect for a `nationally recognized name'

You are right Randy I did simplify Urlacher playing too close to the line. But every team compensates when they have ability like we didn't. I don't think the scheme is the main reason that we were worse off than prior years. I think age and subpar supporting casts were also to blame. Wale and Brown and quite a few guys were no where as good as they have been. And since they were better than what was sitting on the bench we had no choice but to work with them. Who is the main reason that we have the bench that we have? We waited practically 3 years for Dusty and after he went down his back up played so much better than he did. Maybe... No forget Maybes.. Bob Babich isn't very good with what he has. But I'm backing him because I'm tired of hearing about Rivera being fired for being so great. He isn't great and he actually had a better bunch to deal with than Babich. Rivera isn't this great big missing pieceof the puzzle. He's an 85 Bear that guys can't stop fawning over. He went to 9 job opening in 2 years and didn't get the jobs he was searching for. He basically let others decide that his worth wasn't what we thought. He showed that he wasn't attractive with all that rejection. And who else could Coach Smith get with what they will pay assistants? Just getting Cutler hasn't erased the fact that we still are a cheap organization. Once his very inexpensive contract is up we will see what they do with him. Will they pay him as the elite QB we are tooting him as right now or will we dogging him if he doesn't repilicate numbers he had with better receivers? Didn't Kyle get dogged slightly for no being a savior with the WRs that we had last year? Didn't they send out the clowns and replaced them with... Wait a minute they didn't actively replace anyone. And I don't just mean you about the Lovie mention. If you are saying that a guy should be fired or he isn't doing his job saying his first name( that isn't masculine to begin with) is a form of disrespect. It's akin to McCain referring to President Obama as "this one" during the debates. Pronouncing a person's name correctly no matter how hard it is a show of respect. I had to stop myself from saying Lovie because it's easy to do I know. But when you are calling them a lousy coach and like one guy calls him "Lovie the loser" it isn't showing guys who appreciate him any respect. Hey, Walter liked being called Sweetness. And if someone came on the blog and said it in a derogatory manner you would get mad. That's what guys do. I'm not just talking about entries on this blog, I'm talking about Suntimes boards that do Bear blogs

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