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Cutler happy to be on same page with Turner

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Any rift that was in place between Jay Cutler and Ron Turner over a scholarship to Illinois that one says was rescinded and the other says was never offered is gone.

So says Cutler.

The quarterback addressed the issue Friday at his introductory press conference at Halas Hall, less than four months after the athletic director at Cutler's high school in southern Indiana made critical comments to Denver Post columnist Woody Paige.

``I think it's going to be great,'' Cutler said of working with Turner. ``I talked to him [Thursday], we talked about the offensive possibilities for a good 15, 20 minutes. We have a lot of weapons. That makes it fun. You can do a lot of different things.

``[The reported rift] was too long ago. I think it's kind of funny now at this point I'm back here, he's here. Things happen for a reason. I'm lucky to be here. I'm excited to be able to work with Ron.''

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Kinda seems like a non-issue to me. Brad, do us all a favor and ban Creighton from posting on here.....Ban him, ban him, ban him. Hey Creighbaby, it's ur old friend Brando and I decided that I would post on these blogs anyway....have fun in your pink underwear at the coldest Bears game of the year....then maybe we will let you back into the Bears fan club again. Don't speak...just go...go away and never come back!!

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but you guys now me old crapton just trying to be posative...

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Ahhh must be the start of the weekend...
Chi byaitch76 starts out stating the Cutler-Turner history"seems like a non issue to me"...then goes into a Retarded potatoe-pototoe rant against creighton ( somebodies feelings get hurt in the past?). Chi Byaitch76 seems to be the perfect judge when it comes to issues ....Fudgepacking Moron! Can't even decide who he is, purely gutless!
As much as I disagree w/ Creighton at times and think he has WAY too much time on his hands, at least the dude always has some good input..and isn't chickensh*t to hide from his opinion. OR Identity CHIBYAITCH76!!!

Let's stay on topic ladies!

Cutler this and that Cutler that. the dumb@$$ bears already had a QUARTERBACK and his name was REX. yeah you idiots go ahead and laugh all you want but you will all be in tears when the vikings pick rexy up and they crush the nfc north a;l the way to the superbowl!

how many playoof wins does cutler have? ZERO.

superbowl apearances? ZERO.

winnning record? NOPE.

Chicago is going nowehere this season and you retards are blinded by a shiny new quarterback from denver whos done NOTHING. you herd it here first.

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