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Cutler and Bears have not talked contract ... yet

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When in doubt, follow the money.

It's the safest rule there is to follow in the NFL. It's the only explanation you need when trying to understand precisely where the Bears' confidence in Kyle Orton stood. The guy was going into the final year of his contract. The Bears were demanding more from Orton before showing him the money. That tells you right there how confident they were about him as their longterm quarterback.

General manager Jerry Angelo had some very kind things to say about Orton on a conference call earlier this evening. They were probably heartfelt. But Angelo's confidence in newly acquired Jay Cutler is far greater. The man who treats draft picks as if they're virtually untradeable forked over two first-rounders and a third-rounder. Ultimately, not having those picks could be a good thing for the Bears, or Angelo, any way.

And Cutler comes at a reasonable price. How reasonable?

He's due to earn $1.03 million this season. While he had already forfeited a workout bonus of $100,000 in Denver (the Bears know a few things about those forfeitures) he might be able to earn that dough here. If he follows his contract--which the Bears inherit--that states he has to appear at 90 percent of the offseason workout program to collect, he'll probably get it. We'll look into that when we can. But a hundred grand is a moot point. Cutler will actually cost less this season than Orton.

In 2010, his base salary climbs to $1.42 million and he has a roster bonus of $4 million. A small price to pay.

Then in 2011, the base salary rises to $1.81 million and he has a roster bonus of $12 million. By then, he figures to probably be in a new contract. There had been some speculation in Denver that he could have ultimately returned to the Broncos if the club "bought'' his trust back with a new contract. That didn't happen, of course. There were never even any talks.

"We have not talked to his agent [Bus Cook] about that,'' Angelo said.

Rest assured, the Bears will. Sooner rather than later. It might not happen this year, but Angelo didn't deal away those draft picks to get Cutler for three years. Think 10 years. I've kidded Angelo for some time now, asking him on occasion if he's just itching to write that monster contract for a quarterback. Since 2001, the Bears have invested less in terms of salary cap in the position than any team in the NFL. He'd always reply with a bellyaching laugh, which I translated to mean he'd whip out the checkbook in a heartbeat if he found a guy he deemed worthy of cashing that check.

Mission accomplished.

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I had a good feeling that Chicago was in the top three teams for landing Cutler and 5 hours after hearing about the trade, it finally hit me and I just started yelling out loud. What a great feeling to finally not have a huge question mark hanging over the club.

I'm glad this got done, because I think eventually the longer this went on, that Minnesota would have seriously entered the fray.

Wow, wow, wow.

I'm looking over the horizon to where Cutler does not prosper in the Lovie/Turner "offense" this coming season. What then? Angelo jettisons Lovie and staff for one Mike Shanahan. He is currently unemployed; and Eastern Illinois alum; and Cutler loves him! Let us pray!

brad ,

cutler also has a $4 mill "bonus" in 2009 for playing in 70% of snap in 2009 and he gets a $1.95 mill bonus each year if he is in the top 5 in any qb categories and a $500,000 bonus each year if he gets team to the SB

The absolute best thing that could happen to the Bears. As far as fans thinking that it was too high of a price to pay, look back at ALL of the 1st round busts the Bears have a penchant for choosing. The team has always faired better with late round picks and developing those players into solid starters. While Kyle Orton did a good job of "managing" the game, (in english that phrase means not blowing it) he wasn't a game breaker. With Cutler at the helm, the Bears will not only have a bonefide quarterback who can possibly attract a few of the big game receivers available in the free agent market, but will also have defenses thinking twice about throwing 8 men in the box against our often anticipated running game. As far as receivers on the roster goes, Hester (only his second year at position)will emerge as a true gamebreaker now that he has someone who actually has the arm strength to match his speed, and finally do not lose sight of the fact that Greg Olsen and Matt Forte both have the speed (and hands) to line up and take it to the house.

The Broncos with Kyle, just got more likable for me. The Bears next step should be finding another WR via free agency, maybe Marvin Harrisson or Torry Holt, and then getting another in the draft. I what a physical, middle of the field possession type receiver with some speed for yards after catch. I am hoping Brian Robiskie or especially Kenny Britt might still be available at #49 but will probably have to move up somehow to get Britt. Can we find a trade partner for one of our current players to move up in the second round to get him? Just hoping. Go Bears!!

"Can we find a trade partner for one of our current players to move up in the second round to get him? Just hoping. Go Bears!!"

You won't need to trade anybody to move up in the draft. Angelo can still shop a 4'th, the (2) fith, a sixth or a seventh rounder in a package deal to acquire another second or third rounder. He still has (8) draft picks this year. Only the two compensatory picks at the end of rounds (3) and (7) are untradable... That's (6) picks he can move around in hopes of acquiring an extra pick or two in rounds (2) and (3).

It seems certian that the 48'th pick will be WR, after that it could be time to bargain to gain an edge and a better position at some more early round talent ie..... FS, O-line, D-line, LB ect...

Go Bears !!

Viera Cutler fits perfect in Turners system, with him Turner can now open the playbook all the way, the team can stretch the field. Everything Turner does Cutler excells at, it's a perfect fit. More play action, more bootlegs, the offense can be more aggressive, defensess will have to sit back which will help Forte get even more Yards, every reciever on the Bears just got better. He throws one of the best deep balls in the NFL, Hester will be having the ball come to him deep no more short passes, he will come close to 1000 yards this season with Cutler and at least double his TD production. Olsen will go from a 500 yard TE to an 800 yard TE. Forte will still see a lot of passes just like Faulk did. If the Bears go and get Holt to play Flanker and bumb Hester to Slot all the Better, Hester will still go for 600 yards and Holt will give you 1100+, get a reciver in the second round to play split end and you got an offense. Look what Cutler did for second round pick Eddie Royal, 900 plus yards and 90 catches in his rookie season and this years crop of WR is better than last years by a long shot.

YESSSS! after acquiring cutler we have more trade bait to get vince young!!!!

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