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Cut to the chase: Briggs' injury not serious as he participates in workouts

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Lance Briggs' right hand injury is not serious and the Pro Bowl linebacker participated in the voluntary offseason workout program Tuesday at Halas Hall, a team spokesman said.

He was no longer wearing the large wrap that was on his right hand when he made a public appearance Saturday at a telecommunications store in Algonquin. The wrap was covering a cut that occurred in an accident.

Even though Briggs was not present for the voluntary offseason workout program on Monday, he can maintain perfect attendance for the week. There are makeup dates, typically on Fridays, and players can attend those. With rookie minicamp starting this Friday, it's unknown if it will be available for a makeup date.

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Thank God Mariotti is not still in town. We surely would have been subjected to some long winded column about what a bad egg Lance Briggs is. this incident has nothing to do with him crashing a car or anything else. Briggs is at Halas Hall, getting ready to dominate this season and that is the only thing we Bears fans need worry about.

ahhhh....i here you ctgobears. taht looser marioti was allways so NEGITIVE ans he says bad things about teh bears. i just cant understand how somone can bee so negitive al teh time. you support teh team feelas! thru thick ans thin! just like i always have! but i have to addmit i do love teh marioti hotels. my mommy takes me to the marioti in ohare and i get to swim in there pool.

also too brad....were are teh new stories????? lord nows i do nothing with my life but play xbox ans read abot teh bears so MAKE LIKE MY MCDONALDS HAPPY MEAL ANS HURRY UP!!

but you guys now me old crap-ton just trying to be posative...

ps. i can only watch the oriley factor when im naked!!! :)

Will you please, please, please start filtering these blogs to football comments only. I mean really. Who wants to see a man in pink panties at a football game. I live in New Mexico and going to a game at Soldier Field is on my "bucket list". I'll be the happiest man in the world I can ever afford to make it to a game there. Especially if Urlacher, and old college friend of mine, is still lining up.

So, why in the world would I want to see anything described by these "football fans" at what I've been told is the best football venue in the world.

Seriously Bears bloggers - I'm embarrassed by what gets posted on this page. Hopefully Packer and Viking fans don't come here.

Go Bears!

"Brad, Will you please, please, please start filtering these blogs to football comments only." - NM Bear Fan

Hm, last I checked New Mexico is still part of the U.S. and still abides by the Constitution, including the freedom of speech.

I see a lot of posts I don't like NM, some stupid (wood), some annoyingly repetitive (Protect the QB), some hypocritical (Hadji) some arrogant(Holland) and some all of the above (Holland again). And guess what? I can either ignore them, or reply to the person and voice my displeasure. But I'd never, ever, want any of them to be blocked just because I didn't like them. That's un-American, comrade.

Your whining above about what should/shouldn't be posted seems unrelated to football. Maybe Brad should have blocked that too, comrade.

Well said Mike. I stand corrected.

Go Bears!

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