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Big Game Torry Holt to sign a three-year contract ... in Jacksonville

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Torry Holt has agreed to terms on a three-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars that is worth up to $20 million.

ESPN reported over the weekend that the Jaguars were moving in and a deal was imminent. The only other team that showed known interest in Holt was Tennessee. Holt made a visit to the Titans at the end of March.

The Bears never showed interest in the veteran wide receiver, who has a lingering knee condition.

Holt's agent Kennard McGuire told the Sun-Times that Holt was not going to be a fit for the Bears.

This could lead the Jaguars to target a wide receiver in the second round before the Bears are on the clock at No. 49. Jacksonville was considered a possibility to draft a receiver in the first round, but the Jaguars will probably not do that now. Jacksonville has to replace three receivers it let go--Matt Jones, Reggie Williams and Jerry Porter.

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I'm sorry to hear that Holt signed with the Jags. I was really hoping for the Bears to pull that signing off.

I thought he would have been a great addition as a WR and mentore to Hester.

Why can you clowns get anything right. The link you provided says it's a three year contract not two year.

I don't see how the Jags is an environment conducive to success for Holt, but it's his life/career. Not sure why we didn't at least kick the tires on him and see if that knee could hold up in the cold. IMO, he should have waited 'til after the draft to find a better fit with whoever misses out on the WR draft pool.

It is in fact a 3-year $20 million contract as Wendell ever so kindly noted...

So now maybe JA can put some focus on either Ochocinco or Burress. Hopefully Ocho because although he may behave more like T.O. he at least doesn't have a rap sheet.

Who cares !!!!

The guy is 32 yrs. old, has played on turf, ( his kind of field )


oh well doesnt seem like he wanted to be here and besides 20 million is a lot for an aging injury prone dude.. we will have to look to the draft and deal with what we got BEAR DOWN

By Mick on April 20, 2009 8:42 PM
Who cares !!!!

The guy is 32 yrs. old, has played on turf, ( his kind of field )


Ok your right whats the plan?

Adam, Holt wanted to play in someplace warm, he's in Florida now, and has one foot out the door to retirment. Tenn or the Jags, money talked. They outbid the Titans, he should have taken the hit and gone to Tenn. I always see these guys go money first and they're never happy. Besides Holt said he didn't want to play here and I have said a couple times now he wanted to go to a warm climate. He now plays 11 games a year 8 in Florida, 1 Houston, 1 in Indy(a dome), and 1 in Tenn. Holt always was a little soft. I also don't think Holt would be willing to change to a Split End and I don't think the Bears are going to put Hester in the slot until he proves 4 years from now without a shadow of a doubt that he is not a #1 WR.

Too bad. The Bears could really have used Holt, despite his potential limitations at wide out that Creighton has discussed. Regardless of whether you think he's a flanker or a wide out, he's still far better than anyone else on the Bears and would have been a huge improvement in the receiver corps.

The Bears had better get at least one good free agent receiver after the draft. If they don't, the trade for Cutler will have been largely wasted. While a really good QB like Cutler can make receivers better, the receivers the Bears currently have are so weak that even Cutler won't be able to do much for them.

Holt is like Moose....we don't need another one of those!! We should concentrate on DEFENSE!!!!! We'll be fine on O...Our defense needs more help than our offense.
Did anybody happen to hear what Orton is saying? He's so glad he now has a QB friendly offense!! What a loser!!!! Our offense IS QB friendly, we just had to scale it down because our QB SUCKED!!!! Orton couldn't throw the deep ball so all he did was dink and dunk!! What a chump!!I bet Simms beats him out. Broncos just had mini camp and they said that Simms and Orton are equal in all phases but Simms has a stronger arm!! Sit down, Kyle! By the way..check out the Broncos's brutal, even if Orton does start his won/loss record will soon go south and he'll end up being replaced!!!Thank God he's gone!!!

You guys - Holt is done. He has ONE TD in his last 18 road games!

`Ok your right whats the plan?'

Exactly, as Ocho/Plax are left and here is the list of possibles
There are a few lesser knowns that could help us as well.
Any ideas on any of these WR that are left being a Bear?

2 yr 3 yr? not big enough deal to call someone a clown, as the point was he signed elsewhere.
But I don't feel Jerry is going to open the purse for a WR, as I think? Cutler's salary was low when we traded for him wasn't it? He will renegotiate but still wasn't it low?

I just want to apologize now for the last post. There is something really, really, really wrong with my sense of humor. I apologize to everyone except Crap-ton and NBS who are probably too busy corraling the tadpoles like RAWKSTAWRS! to bother reading my follow up post.

ps. Gee, despite the NUMEROUS idiots who kept questioning Biggsy about Tory Holt and what his agent said ... it seems there WAS NO INTEREST by Chicago or Holt. It's like it's Biggsy's job to actually KNOW things and REPORT them.

"The Bears never showed interest in the veteran wide receiver, who has a lingering knee condition ... " as reported by me, Brad Biggs,but continuously questioned by know-it-all morons who for some reason think I run Halas Hall instead of just reporting on the facts.

Lets make a trade for OCHO CINCO! Take a risk. He could become a great player yet. Love to see Cutler thow to Cinco on one side and Hester on the other along with the short game underneath with Olson and Forte. Would Cincinatti take a 2nd rounder maybe two?

Dah Church
You ARE Crap-ton and NBS, PackerBacker too. So shut up!!!!!!

Holt could have helped but he was old and it would have been a stopgap, I feel we can get a WR FA yet that can compliment Hester/Bennet.

Orton was pretty da.. good before the injury, I know as lots of fantasy owners were trying like heck to trade for him before the injury and not many after the injury. He was a hot topic and very much in demand before the injury, and Fantasy Football owners know their players believe me.

I like Cutler better, who wouldn't but Denver did not get a slouch in return, as they could have accepted any trade but they took Orton.
He was a Bears and will always be a hometown kid in that respect

Thank god Holt signed with another team!

One as Creighton said and what I have read he has bad knees.

If the Bears did sign him I believe it would have been another Marty Booker experiment. As much as I liked Booker he was done for as a productive Wide out in the NFL.
Heck he has 2 wonderful plays and that was it.
That catch on the side lines was a thing of beauty. The 55 yard TD that he ran for about 50 of those yards were great.

What I'm trying to say here is Holt now is about where Booker was last year. The Bears need young up and coming WR to make run for the playoffs.

Um...Holt is not Booker...Holt has more talent in his pinky then booker has in his entire body.

He has better hands, is faster, smarter and just BETTER than Booker....the only problem with Holt and the Bears was the position.

Split end is what we need. We already have Hester for the other side, we need a WR on the other side, Holt cant play split even if we would have signed Holt we still would not have had a split end...

Why do I need a plan ?

I just don't think Holt would have brought a lot to Chicago.
I TD in his last 18 games, he was with the Rams, so you can discount that stat, I think. He played on turf in a dome for how many years. Why would a 32 yr. old, want to come to Chicago? Where it is cold and windy, and on natural grass. Now he is on a different type of field for 10 to 12 games a year, also outside where it is coooooooooooold. That, I think is a bigger issue. Even his agent said it probably wouldn't happen. Why is this a suprise? Plus, he has had knee problems! Those do not get better with age. So why waste the money?
There will be other cuts! A good QB makes his receivers better! A good front four should make the whole defense a little better, if you have a decent backfield, Corners, Safties, and LB's. If you put pressure on the Qb, he has to hurry. We do have some talent in the back seven. We need help along the front four.
My feeling is we draft 1 WR, 1 O-Lineman, and the rest we concentrate on the Defense.
What about Amani Toomer? Would he be worth a look?
There are a # of WR's hitting the market next year.
We can't do everything in one year.
Let's be happy we have CUTLER ! I am


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