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Before Cutler felt burned by McDaniels, there was ...

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Jay Cutler's exit from Denver is easily traceable.

He felt he could not trust Josh McDaniels after he got on board with the new coach, bought into the program McDaniels was selling, and then the new coach tried to trade him. The nearly five weeks of banter back-and-forth, a teleconference, a face-to-face sitdown, text messages, he said, she said produced nothing but drama, a riveting offseason story the NFL probably cherished.

And it ultimately led to Cutler becoming a Bear, the 12th starting quarterback of the Jerry Angelo regime, Thursday afternoon in a blockbuster deal that will define the general manager's career one way or another.

Now we'll see where Cutler can pick things up with another coach he feels has jilted him, or at least did at one point--Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

Yep. Add Turner to the list of coaches that might not be high on Cutler's list. Those close to Cutler have said so, any way. It ought to make for some interesting questions when Cutler is introduced at a 5 p.m. press conference at Halas Hall. Here's betting the Bears work to smooth this one over before he fields any of those queries if they already haven't. We'll see if in the passage of time this one has blown over.

Jay Burch, the athletic director at Heritage Hills High School where Cutler prepped in southern Indiana, described it to Denver Post columnist Woody Paige back in December.

``[Denver coach Mike] Shanahan is a very wise man,'' Burch said. ``I wonder if Ron Turner now would have wanted Jay at Illinois and in Chicago.''

As the story goes--and it's unfolded in the Denver Post, on and in the Post-Tribune in Merrillville, Ind., among other places--Cutler accepted a scholarship to Illinois without having visited the campus. Turner, of course, was the head coach at the time. Cutler's high school football season led straight into basketball season (he was a three-sport star who reportedly had the talent as a switch-hitting shortstop to play professionally) and he didn't get to Champaign, Ill., to check out the campus until the end of December. When he got there, things weren't all ``Oskee Wow-Wow.'' Try ``what the hell?!?''

``When Jay went for his official visit, the coach told him they were rescinding the offer because they had some hot-shot quarterback from California,'' Burch told Paige.

That hot shot turned out to be Mike Dlugolecki, who quickly transferred away from Illinois to San Diego State where he made his mark, if you can call it that, passing for 2,597 yards with 10 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

``It's not right,'' Cutler's father, Jack Cutler, told's Pat Forde in an April 24, 2006 column. ``I still have a bitter taste in my mouth over that.''

Cutler had turned down interest from Purdue, Duke and Maryland to commit to Illinois. When he was left empty-handed in Champaign, he was forced to scramble.

``That was dirty,'' Jack Cutler said in Mike Hutton's May 3, 2006 story in the Post-Tribune. ``But that's what happened.''

Michael Smith at The Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal attributed the same word ``dirty'' to Jack Cutler in a Nov. 12, 2005 article.

The Bears were ecstatic Thursday with the addition of Cutler and should be. Sid Luckman's last season was 1950. The Bears have traded away Bobby Layne, lost a coin flip for Terry Bradshaw, traded away a first-round pick for another quarterback from Indiana, Rick Mirer, and wasted precious time waiting for non-prospects to become prospects. Landing at Vanderbilt certainly worked out for Cutler. He became a first-round draft pick. The rest is history.

Angelo just better hope Cutler can get on board with Turner, who told the Tribune in the past that Illinois never rescinded a scholarship because it never offered one to Cutler. Maybe they should get together on this one.

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Loyalty runs very deep, and I don't blame Jay at all for bolting the Bronco's, I mean if a QB can not trust his Coach whats left? as Far as Ron the same situation applies, if it were me, I would want a steak dinner from Ron for me AND my Dad, with apologies all around as that was just plain wrong, but of course I believe this trade has been in the works for longer than any one realizes, and Jay knows he is starting out with a new team (his favorite team) and all will be forgiven and all will be good as long as we are winning of course.

oh btw Thanks Jerry!!! and McCaskey's!!! and Ted!!!

oh and what did I say I would give for Cutler? (toot my horn :) )
Yeop, 2 firsts/Orton and I think I said a second so maybe Jerry is a better GM than me. lol
Don't we have 2 3rds this year, now 1? and with the 5th we are not looking that bad.

oh yeah, and Brad please don't forget to mention Jim Mac. Not sure why you left him out above?

If there are any issues, the Bears should dump Turner. He has been a fairly bad and very predictable offensive coordinator.

I like it that Cutler doesn't stand for being lied to. That should be refreshing for Chicago where politicians lying to citizens is practically the official sport of Chicago.

Yes, ITS 4:30 A.M. I have to be at work at 7:00 a.m., but I am posting on Da Bears! This is the best thing to happen here since 1985 right? I mean forget the beating by the Colts (who we WILL repay AGAIN)

Saw alot of clips on Cutler, and the man can throw on the run, he does have it all, and maturity will come as a Bear.

Two thoughts about the Cutler's family pattern. Insulted by the University of Illinois and Ron Turner, but not willing to take the 250 mile trip to visit the campus. Having your ego bruised seems to run in the family, Jay and dad Jake. I hope Jay Cutler does not fall into the same pattern as Eric Lindros.

I hope that jay don't take this out on bears fans and I'm not that fond of turner anyhow.That was pretty dirty and I'm a illinois fan and would have loved for him to play QB there.

I wouldn't look into this story to much. First of all, its no secret Jay Cutler wanted to come to Chicago, and I think he already knew who the Bears offensive coordinator was. Also, I think Cutler is gonna love Turners offense, if Turner can get 3000yds and 20 plus tds out of Rex Grossman, and about the same production out of Orton, can you imagine what Cutlers numbers are gonna look like! There's no reason Cutler and Turner can't coexist together, I think they'll be fine.

There's a couple other issues that worry me a little bit more than some old skeletons in the closet between Cutler and Turner.

First, the Bears defense. Cutler had a pretty good record when Denvers defense was doing their job, Chicago is going to have to do the same now. The good out of this is, this is Jerry Angelo's specialization, defense. Hopefully Angelo can land some more second day gems on defense, namely at free safety. Also, Chicago's front four is gonna have to do a better job of creating pressure, guys like Mark Anderson, Adewale Ogunleye, and Tommie Harris are gonna have to step up. Also, hopefully young DT Marcus Harrison will continue to improve, I think he will. A young strongside backer wouldn't hurt either, maybe California's Zack Follett in the third round?

Second, the fanbase. This is not a very fun fan base to play in front of if your having an off-day. And yes folks, Jay Cutler is gonna have some off-days, so be prepared and have patience, especially at first. It might take Cutler a couple games to get use to Turners offense, but when he does, watch out. Also, Cutler is a gun-slinger, so he's gonna throw a pick here and there a la Brett Farve. Bottom line, the Bears have a QB that can really make their offense work with his strong arm and ability to buy time in the pocket. This offense is gonna be a whole lot better with Cutler, Im excited, hopefully the Bears found their QB GO BEARS!!

Almost forgot, did anyone else watch NFL live last night on ESPN? When I saw Mark Schlereth was one of the anchors, I said to myself "oh boy here we go with the Cutler and Bear bashing," and I was right, but there were a couple problems I had with their analysis.

First, I get why Schlereth was angry, his former team just gave up a young franchise QB, and made fools of themselves in the process, not good Denver fans. Have fun finding another franchise QB, because theres not one in this years draft. Schlereth kept going on about how the Bears gave up so much, not necessarily. Yeah, the Bears lost two first rounders, but Chicago didn't have a first rounder in 2006 they traded down if you remember, 06 was the same draft class Cutler came out of, so the Bears gave up this years first rounder for Cutler, I say we're pretty well even, Denver just lost their first rounder in 06. Also, Chicago still has 8 picks this year, and Angelo usually finds his best players in the later rounds. Schlereth made it sound like the Bears gave up their entire draft and didn't have any picks? Schlereth talked about Elway. Schlereth, in all of his anger never took the time to remember Elway was the crybaby who wouldn't play for the Colts, at least Cutler has a legit reason to want to play elsewhere, its called being stabbed in the back by your boss. Trent Dilfer was the tell tale that they were only Cutler hating. When asked who lost out the most of all the potential teams that were in the Cutler hunt, Dilfer said, "I think Detroit did, they should of went after a young legit franshise QB like Cutler, and they lost out the most," and he's right. That statement just proves, the Bears got the better deal GO BEARS!!

I was a big Grossman fan, but this is completely off the charts; no Bear fan actually knows what to do, this is such a stupendous trade. Chicago Bears history will be divided into pre 4/2/09 and post 4/2/09. As for Turner, say you checked back, you did offer a scholarship and rescind it, it was the stupidest thing you ever did and you hope this makes up for it.

That should smooth over any lingering anger.

Bring back Grossman at #2.

It was an UTTERLY FOOLISH and COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE move paying what we did for Jay Cutler. I had great difficulty sleeping last night.

This trade will DEVASTATE the Bears for years to come. He may prove to be a slight improvement over Orton, but that's a big MAY. Remember, the guy hasn't had a winning season since at least High School.

as a Freshman in 2002 Vandy was 2-10
2003 = 2-10
2004 = 2-9
2005 = started 4-0; finished 5-6

In Denver

2006 = Cutler played last 5 games . . . 2-3
2007 = 7-9
2008 = 8-8

College + Pro career as a starter (Wikipedia says he started all 45 games he played in, so I'll back off one loss from above) =


Highest QB rating 88.5 in 2006; 86.0 in 2008; 87.1 overall

Kyle Orton high in 2008 was 79.6 . . . only 6.4 points below Cutler; career is 71.1, but he improved each year, whereas Cutler has fallen ever so slightly each year.

Orton will be 27 in Nov and has proved to be able to take a beating and still play. Cutler ????

At Purdue =

It looks like he started from 2002 to 2004. If he started every game (he may have missed a couple either Jr or Sr due to injury . . . his college starts were hard to find) it
would be =

2001 Sun Bowl 0-1
2002 = 7-6
2003 = 9-4
2004 = 7-5

In Chicago 2005 = 10-5 as a starter . . . one of only 2 or 3 rookie QBs to win that many.
2006 = DNP
2007 = 2-1
2008 = 9-6

College + Pro career as a starter (again, if he started all the college games listed above)


While I realize many other factors play a role in these numbers, they still paint a picture not discussed as people are still fawning over Jay Cutler. I have nothing personal against him (I don't even know him), but this is the WORST TRADE IN THE HISTORY OF THE BEARS!

Finally, consider:

The Bears performed background work on Cutler's history of immaturity, but Angelo said they didn't speak to him directly until after the trade agreement.

We didn't even have a conversation with a guy for whom we traded our starting QB, 2 #1s and a #3. UNACCEPTABLE! This will sink the Bears for years to come

Cutlers first day:

Jay: But I wanna better locker....

Jerry: but their all the same


Jerry: But Jay....

Jay:(fingers in ears) LaLa.Lala.Lalala

p.s. make sure the locker room is stocked up with diapers

JPCZ you are a complete idiot, and to waste so much time on that. He is going to be the best thing ever for the BEARS.

Yeah, Kevin I saw Mark's comments what a boob!
and bearbabysitter, how about writing some facts instead of what you WANT to happen. Must be a Bronco\pack fan, lolol

Cutlers first day:
Cutler to Hester TD!
Jerry: My job is secure!
Jay: Great speed Devin!
Jerry and Devin: Great arm strength Jay!
Jay: (hand in air) high fives!
Bears Fans: whoohoo we got Cutler and you don't!
p.s. make sure we get to play the Bronco's so we can offer them (and the pack) a NICE CUP OF SHUT THE F UP!

NBS, I see you call yourself packer guy now,

There's no need for name calling. Why so much hatred? Perhaps if you did a little research instead of just spouting off, you'd understand that while Cutler MIGHT end up being an improvement over Orton, it won't be by much, and certainly not worth 2 #1s and a #3. I'm not against Cutler, we just overpaid, mortaging the future for marginal improvement.

This doesn't make our current receivers catch the ball any better, and that has been a major issue the last few years.

Did you not see Creightons post on the 1st rd draft picks we have had? and just what makes you ASSUME we will get any player better than Cutler with ANY of those picks? You can not possibly answer that as you don't know, which is the point exactly, all we have to go on are the 1st picks Jerry has already taken and if you read Creighton it would be obvious that all of those picks COMBINED are not worth Cutler, package them all Mister and they do not equal a Pro Bowl QB. So how can you possibly say that as you don't know the picks JA would make? Would you trade Ced? Rex? Haynes? etc... and the 3rd - we had 2 3rds and we get a 5th back and Orton for Cutler? gimme a break thats a no brainer and thats coming from someone that likes Kyle. The guy that had Cutler in my fantasy football league? Killed us with Cutlers stats Mister.
The worst trade? hmmm compared to what trades exactly?
Did you forget to mention the ProBowl?? Did you forget to mention 4,526 yds? Did you forget to mention 25 tds? Did you forget to mention 100% owned in Fantsy Football? 62.3% completion?

ok compare to Orton:
2972 yds
18 td's
owners fantasy 77.1% hey Fantasy Owners are NOT stupid their respect is on the line and they tottally endorse Cutler and do not endorse Orton.

Why is that when Ron Turner screws up, the Bears pay for it? Even something that happened a few years ago.

Great job Turner, you idiot.....


It's been 20 hours, and I just stopped dancing. I'm wiped.

Would someone PLEASE give Mr. Angelo his Key to the City?

Hi Randy,

Please read my post carefully. I'm NOT saying that Cutler is a bad QB. 2 #1s and a #3 plus our starting QB have FAR MORE value than what we got. JA caved in to fan demand, panicked, and gave up way too much. Kyle plus a #1 would have been better. Maybe JA thought he balanced things out snookering them out of a 5th rounder.

That said, the only stat that really matters is W's. Kyle has them, Jay does not. Also, fantasy stats do NOT win NFL games. Sure they're fun to talk about, but again, the only stat of consequence is # of W's.

If, however, you do wish to talk stats other than W's, how about Cutler's QB rating? It's 87.1 not 107.1. It just didn't justify what we spent to get him. While I agree that JA has a poor history of #1 picks, it still doesn't justify what he did. We simply have way too many holes, and Jay Cutler comes NOWHERE NEAR filling them.

Yes, I like Kyle as a QB. He played fairly well with minimal talent around him. He should really blossom in Denver. This could end up being the NFL version of Trading Places with the movie ending before Dan Akroyd gets redemption.

9-7 here we come!

I wonder how the Orlando Pace deal was connected to this trade. Without a first round pick, we'd have to lock up a bona fide tackle or receiver in FA (assuming we'd use the 2nd rounder on the other). At the same time, to lock up a true bona fide OT/WR... we'd probably need to show that there is a reasonable chance of winning with this team.

The Pace signing happened within an hour of the trade. I wonder if that was a necessary condition for Angelo to do the trade and/or if the trade was a necessary condition for Pace to sign. These moves were likely made in tandem.


One can make stats say almost anything when you start with your conclusion already made.

In 2005, when Orton was a rookie, he had a quarterback rating of 59.7 in 15 games, and threw only 9 touchdowns for the entire season.

In 2006, Cutler's rookie season, he played in only 5 games, threw the same 9 touchdown passes and had a quarterback rating of 88.5.

In 2008, Orton played in 15 games, threw 18 touchdowns, had an average of 6.4 yards per reception, was sacked 27 times, and had a quarterback rating of 79.6.

In 2008, Cutler played in 16 games, threw 25 touchdowns, had an average of 7.3 yards per reception, was sacked only 11 times, and had a quarterback rating of 86.0.

Cutler is more mobile than Orton, has greater arm strength, and is a more accurate passer downfield. It makes Cutler simply a better quarterback.

Finally, maybe you're not aware, but in the NFL its against the rules to talk directly with a player a team is trading for. Its called tampering.

Kevin A I saw that on ESPN and was like oh god here we go. But you know what Mark is the worst Analyst on the show, he is always wrong so it cheered me up. 50 percent of all first round picks are busts. How many first round picks does it take to find a top 5 proven 25 year old QB who has nothing but upside and was trained by non other than Mike Shannahan and has already broken mutiple Elway records in Denver. Are you kidding me? You can't draft that, it doesn't exist. Somehow I will find it in my heart to live with the fact that the Bears did not get another Haynes or Grossman, oh wait we gave up A third, not Okowo as well how will we ever make it? Boy did we get robbed we got Cutler instead of that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I already ordered my Jersey, 5 days baby number 6.

If you listend to Doug B and Dan Hampton they talked about Turner and Cutler and given what Turner runs and what Cutler does well it looks to be a perfect fit. In fact what the Bears really benifit from is the fact that Turner can now open up the playbook all the way. Nobody has a clue as to what the Bears offense will be like next year, other teams cannot even scheme it right now cause they haven't seen it. Not only to do we get Cutler but now are offense is a mystery.

Every team in the NFC just went "Hey fellas, the Bears can now stretch the field, no more stacking the Box"

Just wait till the Bears get to meet him. As Hampton said football is the ultimate Alpha Male sport and if you can ball with the best every guy in that locker room knows it and respects it. Ted Sunquist said Cutler hung out and was friends with the best character guys in Denver. Hunter who I don't think much of as a LB is known as a great character guy and is good friends with him. Your talking about a QB that gets in the face of opposing DT's. None of this Prius driving, soft spoken garbage. I am sorry but Orton was like pitty party, oh everyone is against me.

All these Analyst will talk a lot about how the Bears got robbed, until Cutler takes the field. Then it will be this was a great trade for Chicago, Cutler makes everyone around him better, McDaniels is the next Lane Kiffin end of story.

Throw Pace in and the Oline just got a lot better, Williams has a guy to model himself after and Pace knows a little something about Air Coryell. Go get Holt, throw him at Flanker, put Hester at the slot and draft a WR in the second. Look what Cutler did for Eddie Royal a second round pick in his rookie year. 900 and 90. Awsome. Holt would put up over a thousand yards.

If they get Robiskie, Nicks, or Britt, it's so on. How does this sound, Holt Hester and one of thee above. Throw in Olsen and Forte and how good is the offense now? Focus on the defense after that. Not to mention the Bears themselves are gonna be pumped about this trade. Wait till they see Cutler in training Camp. Wait till they see him in the gym working out with the LB's. Wait till they see him throw a 40 yard dime on a bootleg to a flat out Hester across his body and make it in tight coverage.

JPCZ - Wow, I am always amazed at how people like you with closed minds, seem to open their mouths so much. Don't you think you are being a little too reactionary? "WORST TRADE IN THE HISTORY OF THE BEARS" Really? So we should have kept Kyle Orton, even though he still has not proved that he is the guy, and he was going to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year?

No, you trade him now when he has some value, not much, but at least a little bit of value. Orton benefited in college from playing in the BIG 10 which is an overrated conference at best. Cutler may not have won a lot of games in college, but where did he play? Oh yeah, the toughest most competitive conference in college football, the SEC! And he played at what perennially the laughing stock of the conference in Vanderbilt, and actually made that team somewhat competitive. As well, he was the SEC player of the year his senior year there. How many Vanderbilt players have been the SEC player of the year? Hmmm....the answer to that is 1. Jay Cutler.

The kid is highly competitive and the games his teams won were BECAUSE of him, not in SPITE of him like Chicago has made a habit of in the past. Cutler has never benefited from having a good team around him, or in the case of Denver, a good defense. Likewise, the Bears have never had a QB that could extend plays, convert 3rd downs, and keep the defense on the sidelines. The bears Defense has struggled because they are tired for most of the game because the bears go 3 and out so often on offense.

Cutler on offense will make the defense better because they will get a rest between series. He will take a lot of the pressure off the defense by producing points on offense. He will take pressure off Matt Forte and the offensive line because defenses will finally have to game plan for a bears QB, and will have to respect his arm and not put 8 in the box.

As far as the draft choices go, I will take a proven commodity over unknown potential, any day of the week and twice on Sunday. 27 different quarterbacks since Jim McMahon. Getting a franchise quarterback is going to cost something. You will never steal a franchise quarterback, just like you will never say, "Look at the Ferrari I bought for $10,000. There were about 10 other people that wanted it, but I got a super good deal on it!"

Be glad that Jerry Angelo went out and got a Pro Bowl QB that threw for more yards last season than John Elway or any Bears QB ever did in a season. The teams he played on lost those games as a team. If Cutler throws for 400 yards and 4 Touchdowns and no INT's and the team loses 35-31, is Cutler a loser? Or did he not get support from the defense? It is like calling a pitcher who throws a perfect game until the 9th inning and gives up a run, but they lose because he didn't get any run support.

Trading for a 25 year old franchise QB that is good now, and who will only keep getting better in the prime of his career is unprecedented. So, open your eyes, and take a look around, do some more research, and look at the big picture. Or you could just keep stomping your feet, and crying, and wishing to continue the quarterback carousel that has plagued this team for the last 59 years since Luckman.

Here we are bear fans I've made few comments and one of them was trading Orton and 2 first rounders for our team to have instant credibility around the league. Do you remember the comment about the bears that this is the team receivers go to die. My friend JPCZ that's what Cutler fixed that Orton couldn't b/c everyone around the league KNOWS not wonders KNOWS what he can do with a quality receiver. We are not playing football as a one hit wonder here this is for the long haul. We will acquire free agent receivers now who's incentives include touchdowns and catches and yards things the bears in the pass didn't really get done. Now were close. More rest for our defense a quarterback that makes those around him better. A quarterback that allows the defense to take chances b/c with our offense 21 points is the avg not an amazing day in the field a running back that runs and catches our the backfield and people Kevin Jones is healthy that will help believe it. Instant credibility. Do we have enough on offense to make people sweat with a revamped offensive line two solid tight ends and gunner at quarterback and a sprinter at receiver and a 3 down back why not. Lets see them try 8 in the box now. You watched last year how often did you see 8 in the box. Love Orton's heart but he missed on several long bombs and missed some wide open players b/c he played to cautious at times. Look for Olsen and Forte to excel to pro bowl numbers if not the pro bowl. Lovie wont allow his defense to not excel b/c now it's all on him or it's over. One more chip could get us closer Tory Holt then I say watch out people watch out. Go Bears good work Jerry goood work. People get sold on potential to much This guys a proven commodity hell they can have those picks hell take the 7 rd too. WE HAVE A REAL PRO QUARTERBACK.

Well written JB78. I couldn't have stated it any better myself.


The Broncos D had a lot to do with Cutler's poor record.

On Cutler -

Looking at his W-L stats belies the fact that Cutler was

a) with a horrible Vanderbilt program that was decent because of him

b) with a pretty bad Denver squad that he made decent

A QB isn't going to solve everything. Everyone knows that. But Cutler had to toss 240+ passes in the last 6 games for Denver. No QB can be successful in that situation. Their RB's dropped like flies, their defense was a sieve. If this was baseball, we'd be complaining about a manager ruining his pitcher's arm.

What do we get in Cutler that's better than Orton? For one, we get a guy who, prior to the issues this offseason, was largely acknowledged as someone his teammates, at least on offense, respected. That was the case in Vandy and that was the case in Denver. He was a guy that made his supporting cast better - Earl Bennett can attest to that, and if you watched Denver games last year, while Marshall/Royal is a better combo than we have, Cutler made them better, not the other way around. Eddie Royal is only slightly better than Hester right now, and Royal has been a receiver for much longer.

We get a QB that sees the field. Watch Cutler play. He has the ability to diagnose the field and not only see, but attack, the different planes of the field. Kyle Orton couldn't do that. By attacking the different planes of the field, what I mean is that some QB's often get tunnel vision, going through their reads systematically, which works, but in Cutler, we get a guy who can diagnose it all in less time. In Cutler, we get a mobile QB, which will help. Let's face it ... Orton wasn't much of a mover. Cutler has the arm to make the throws that Orton couldn't do consistently (those 15 yard outs and the deep ball, for example), and Cutler has the better mechanics to avoid issues (quicker release than Orton, Orton had a windup on his delivery as well).

This seems like a lot of bashing of ORton ... but it isn't. Orton can be a decent QB, and in McDaniels system, perhaps even good. In Cutler, we got one of the top 8 QB's in the league in his prime. Reality is, without this trade, we were likely headed towards a Drew Brees situation (drafting a first round QB). Sure, a lot of talk was made on OL and WR, but QB was always there. No, I don't know what the future will be, but if we give Cutler a decent defense and a strong run game, and a healthy Kevin Jones should really help in that regards as the number 2, I like our chances. We have OL depth now, as Shaffer is an exactly number 3 tackle and Beekman/Buenning is a solid interior backup tandem. I'd like to get a bigger target on the periphery, although a veteran WR like Holt would be a good pickup as well, provided the expectations on Holt are realistic (he's a number 2 WR at this stage). (If I could dream, I'd toss our 2nd and 4th for Braylon Edwards (Giants supposedly could've nabbed him for a 2/5/Steve Smith, but that's a dream as I don't expect us to thin the draft that much.) We do need some work on defense, namely, perhaps another safety and some young DL pieces to groom under Marinelli.

All in all, I am a fan of this move.


"JA caved in to fan demand"

If that was the case, he would've fired Benson, Orton, Grossman, Turner, Babich, Lovie Smith, AND himself maybe 3 years ago. I think he saw that proverbial "face of the franchise" and decided it was worth more than they could get for the picks he had. Did he overpay? Yeah, but a young QB with demonstrated potential in the pro's is gonna cost you a lot. No two ways about it.

"...the only stat that really matters is W's. Kyle has them, Jay does not."

That statement is a massive oversimplification, and if you've been a football for even 3 years you know that. How about this - The only wins that really matter are Super Bowl wins. Trent Dilfer has it, Dan Marino doesn't. Therefore, Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino. Would you buy into THAT logic?

None of this matters as long as "RON TURNOVER" is still the "OFFENSIVE" Coordinator.


I was hoping the BEARS would have a losing season, so they would get rid of TURNOVER, but Cutler will save his neck, (9 - 7) get blown out in the first round of playoffs.

To all of you wonderful loyal fans: I have been a Bronco Fan for my whole life and let me tell you, Jay is great. He can literally make every throw on the field and run rock as well. My beloved Broncos really screwed up with this one. I hate the hire of this little punk Josh McDaniels and I really don't see him lasting fo too long. We had been waiting for a QB like Jay since Elway retired and we had one we could get behind. Mc Dumb Ass screwed it all up. So please Chicago embrace this gift and I can't wait to see Cutler and Urlacher hoisting the Lombardi Trophy together in the near future. I was wobdering is there any room on the Bears bandwagon for a 3o yr old betrayed Denver fan??
Aaron in Denver

JPCZ, Angelo couldn't talk to Cutler before the trade to get his story. So you can't blame him for that. You can't talk to a player that's under contract by another team. It's against NFL rules. It's called tampering. This was well covered in the media and Angelo reiterated it in his press conference. Also see SF and Lance Briggs.

Did the Bears pay too much? Maybe. But, they paid what they had to in order to get the deal done and beat out the competiton. And that's all that matters. Is Cutler that much better than Orton that the difference comes out to 2 1st round picks and a 3rd rd pick. I don't think so. But, when you're trying to get a trade done, you have to entice the other team to give up their valuable asset(franchise quarterback). In this case that asset is very rare, or else every team would have one. No one can really say who won in the trade, because we have no idea what the Bears would have done with those picks. If you believe Creighton, Angelo would have blown them anyway. But Creighton also never thought the Bears would get Cutler, so it shows you how much he knows. No matter how much they try to convince you, no one can predict the future. Although it's fun to try, or we all wouldn't be on here.

Which leads me to my next thought, how good is Cutler going to be next year? He has a better defense, believe it or not. He has a better RB, that's a fact. But he's not going to have Shanahan calling plays for him, helping prepare him for games, and develop him even further. But, Ron Turner showed in '06 that if the QB has the talent (Grossman) and can be consistent(not Grossman), Turner can dial up his fair share of plays (Grossman to Berrian anyone?). Cutler is already developed, so Turner doesn't have to worry about that. Cutler will throw his picks, but I think he will bounce back from them a lot better than Grossman did. Here's to hoping Cutler will have even better success in many more years to come. GO BEARS!!

I really liked Orton, and wish him the best in Denver, but I take my hat off the Bears organization for pulling off such a great deal. Listen, I know we gave up 2 1st round picks, and a 3rd this year, and Orton, BUT how many #1 draft picks make an impact when they get to the NFL? How much money do teams pay for a 1st round choice who probably won't be to camp on time because of contract negotiations, and in most cases they don't make an impression their first year, and in a lot of cases, they don't live up to their billing at all. The Bears won't have that first round hassle this year or next, and we still have several picks left for WR, Safety, and OLB. Earl Bennett was one of Cutlers favorite targets at Vanderbilt, and he will be playing a prominent role this year. Also, with us having Cutler, that means that the Lions or Vikings don't have him. No matter what the Bears do, there will be naysayers arguing that they should have done something else, but I believe that the large majority of Bears fans are more pumped than ever about this season and many seasons to come.

Bears' fans can celebrate! Broncos' fans have to field excuses. Check out the letter I got from Pat Bowlen today as a season ticket holder. Trying to explain away the biggest flub in franchise history. As Aaron said earlier in the comments, is there room on the Bears bandwagon for some ex-Donkey fans.

OK JB and Steve, meet me at the mailbox at 3:30 . . . LOL!

Seriously, I think you guys and some others are missing the point. We paid too much! Word was it was Kyle Orton that made the deal go. Why 2 1st rounders? Why the 3rd rounder? If it was Orton + #14, I'd be OK with that. Apparently Jason Campbell didn't do it for the Broncos. Why? Because lowly (not my opinion) Kyle Orton was a better fit. That said, maybe the deal would have gotten done for less.

A couple of people mentioned things to the effect that Cutler made bad Vandy teams competitive. Is 11-34 competitve? Really? I don't care about the stats or the arm as much as does he lead his team to wins. So far, he has not. Will that change in Chicago? I hope so.

There are a lot of good points on here that work in favor of Cutler. Again, remember that my argument is that we paid too much, not that he's not an upgrade. I agree that he will make the 'O' beter, and would make a FA WR take a serious look at Chicago. Torry Holt? He would be a nice addition. However, I think we are most certainly going to draft a WR in round 2, unless JA decides there's a place kick holder out there he's just gotta have instead of the pick.

Conversely, there are a lot of emotional statements above that bear little factual support. It reminds me a lot of the recent election. It would take me a day or so to debug them all. Since I get one guy accusing me of oversimplifying (which is a fair comment), and another that calls me names because I offered too much, I will refrain.

Also, someone ask Dan Marino if he'd trade some passing records for Dilfer's ring?

I will say this, if Cutler lights it up and gets us a SB ring, I will admit that I was waaaay wrong. If he does not, how many of you will admit the same?

Chicago-Get ready cause you are in for some excitment! As a Broncos fan I know this.
Jay will getcha plenty of yards between the 20s, but come crunch time, he will fold. It is known through-out the league about his fragility. Several players on other teams (San Diego, Indy to name two) have been quoted in their respective papers that it is easy to get inside his head, example being the PHilip Rivers situation and the KC game last year when he threw 3 INTs in 60 sec after a WR ran a wrong route.
Jake Plummer said it himself (QB he replaced as starter), Cutler has all the talent in the world, but the head of Jeff George.
I will be plenty happy with Kyle Orton and the picks.


Are you for real ? You said, "Turner can dial up his fair share of plays (Grossman to Berrian anyone?". Okay, even a blind dog finds a bone once in a while. Have you watched Turnovers play calling, he sucked when he was first with the Bears, he sucked as "HEAD Coach" at Illinois and he SUCKS now as Offensive Coordinator. He is the most predictable play caller ever.

I really really like the trade for Cutler, but the offensive problems were not Orton's fault. Partly old offensive Lineman;(Like those guys, but most were past their prime or never had one)and mostly Ron Turners play calling. Hard to pass when the defense knows what play your gonna run. Why hasn't Turner ever stepped up and taken some blame ? (Gutless just like his play calling) Let's see what excuses he uses for not throwing now. Can't blame inexperience, QB doesn't know the play book, "got to keep it simple" Yeah, like his simple mind.

Come on GSH, are you really "Ron Turner" or Michael McCaskey ?

Careful Jxsmit6, the natives are restless.

Compare Vandy pre-Jay to Vandy with Jay. They steadily improved under his leadership. Look ... this is Vandy we are talking about. Their last season with Jay, they had 5 wins I think, which was the highest they've been at in a few years.

Again, to the person talking about Jay negatively, we were likely to take a QB with the first rounder. We're talking about an elite QB in the prime of his career who has all the tools to excel and has excelled. You talk about people not offering factual support, implying that W-L record is a strong indicator of how good a QB is, when in fact, it is more an indication of the overall team's capabilities. That's the only argument you've made against Jay - his W-L record. Again, I challenge you to look up those Vandy teams in Jay's time there, along with a closer analysis of the Broncos mess in Shanny's final years. You want to talk about "emotional" arguments - looking at W-L record is purely an emotional response because it doesn't actually indicate much about a QB's ability, it is a reflection of the team, and it is the "emotional" response in regards to being the simplest thing that can be looked up and countered without an ounce of thought. I challenge you to challenge the arguments I've made for Jay above.

This isn't to say Jay is a cure all. But, for a defense that is rapidly aging, this was a final push to win in this window while providing a face to the next window. Franchise QB's don't come cheap, and Jay can do a lot of things that Orton can't.

Btw, to jxsmith, look at Jay Cutler's 4th Quarter QB rating. It's fine. Simply put, he made a bad Broncos team decent.

I do not blame the Bears fans for being excited, because it is exciting. You are getting a very good QB with a load of talent. Hopefully you will get your $$$ worth out of him. He is just too sensitive. I don't know how much play his post-game conferences got in Chicago, but let's just say he didn't represent himself very well.
However, I have watched him for the past few years and he will throw for a ton of yards against low-quality opponents, but when a decent defense (Carolina, TB or Miami) comes a-calling he tends to struggle and get restless and he will key on one WR too much (He would consistently throw to Brandon Marshall in double or triple coverage in such situations).
Also, the Broncos didn't have much of a running game last year, so Cutler got to throw much more than normal. Usually to underneath receivers who were allowed space by the opposing defense.
Take it all with a grain of salt. He very well could be Jesus in cleats.

One other item, please remember that the Broncos score less than 21
points in half their games last year. And this was a Mike Shanahan team.

boy if we had to dump turner too that would just be crushing.....


"implying that W-L record is a strong indicator of how good a QB is, when in fact, it is more an indication of the overall team's capabilities"

I agree, but if the QB is the leader of the team, then W-L record is most closely associated with him out of all the players. If QB is not the leader, why all the fuss about Cutler.

Also, if you actually read my post, you'll see that I also talked about QB rating. Cutler's career number is 87.1. While that's better than anything we're accustomed to in these parts, it's not 'gotta have' in my opinion.

I shall go on . . . "looking at W-L record is purely an emotional response because it doesn't actually indicate much about a QB's ability, it is a reflection of the team, and it is the "emotional" response in regards to being the simplest thing that can be looked up and countered without an ounce of thought"

Again, the QB is supposed to be the leader of your team . . . at least when you fork over a king's ransom he is. W-L is the MOST OBJECTIVE WAY to measure. How happy are we going to be if Cutler throw for 4,500 yards 35 TDs and the Bears go 9-7 and miss the playoffs? Will the flash be worth it?

I'll say it one last time in the event that the facts are getting in way . . . Cutler is an improvement over Orton, but not 2 #1s and a #3s worth. Sometimes you just have to say no!

PJW, are you for real??? Did you watch any of the games in 2006 or just get info from the news or people that watched the games? I'm sure you heard of Good Rex/Bad Rex. Where do you think the "Good Rex" part came from? He had more games with a QB rating over 100 than any other QB in the NFL. The offense was throttling people in some of those games. Grossman was throwing for multiple touchdowns a game. Obviously there wasn't consistency, hence the "Bad Rex". Turner had nothing to do with Grossman's success in those games?? He didn't call those plays? He did suck at Illinois, but he didn't suck the first time he was with the Bears. Maybe you aren't aware of Erik Kramer's '95 season. The Bears offense had some of it's most productive years with Turner the first go round. They had two receivers that went over 1,000 yards in the same season. When's the last time that happened? Answer, Never!

Please, I like Orton, but I could stand 30 yards away from the line of scrimmage with no defense on the field and he wouldn't be able to hit me. And don't tell me it was his ankle. He couldn't hit somebody 20 yards away in the 2nd and 3rd game of the year. He could hit the RBs in the flat, and he could hit the TEs all day long, but his lack of accuracy on the long ball was a major weakness. It wasn't Turner out there missing WRs or making them dive for balls or make acrobatic catches. Orton missed wide open WRs for touchdowns time and time again. They had 1 pass completion over 30 yard all year long. That is horrible. The plays were there and Orton couldn't connect. As for his number of wins, I think people give him way too much credit. There are 21 other players on offense and defense, not too mention special teams. One player doesn't will the entire team to wins all by himself. No one can say with a straight face that Orton is better or even close to Cutler. What Orton did was not lose games, and that is a valuable trait. However, Cutler will take chances and will get burned, but he will make up for it.

no no no jpz, we did not bc look at our draft history of 1st rd draft choices, thats all we have to go on, and with that we did not pay too much as you are assuming we will get a probowl player with those 2 picks - a big assumption as a Bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
AND con't forget Denver did not want to trade Jay KNOWING they would certainly get at least 2 firsts, they wanted and tried to keep him so even Denver felt he was worth at least the 2 firsts and they knew they would get more than that so how can you say we paid too much when quite a few teams including Denver felt he was worth ALMOST what we gave, AND cleveland had 2 firsts and Quinn readu to trade and Cutler himself nixed that deal.

JPCZ, You sound just like a packer backer, you just don't get it and Jxsmit6 I feel for your lost but as a life long BEARS fan i have never been more excited than now, If we had Cutler last season we more than likely would have won those 3 games the defense gave away at the end of the game, That alone make the trade worth it, Cutlers is a 25 year old pro bowl QB who's also a born BEARS fan it don't get much better than that, (he wants to play here) Ron Turners not that bad, with a talent like Cutler you'll finally see what Turner is capable of. Most BEAR fan can't wait for the season to start even with our crappy wheather,, GO BEARS..

JBCZ is NOT dude already said it, bottom line. Cutler has skills...he's better in every tangible aspect. For the Bears to make a SB run again this year the biggest problem is solved. Next to fix:

1. WR: Acquire 1 or 2 more solid tall, possession type WRs...get the guys packin heat...Plax and Harrison are on the market, I would have been able to deal w/ TO drama for 2-3 years if he produced 1200 yds/12 TDs like he's been doing.

2. Get rid of Ron Turn(ov)er...that guy is the plague to da Bears O...the dude is soooo predictable and whatever he's doing in the locker room/film has got to have crack involved somehow.

3. O-Line...if Pace & Williams can get healthy no question the Bears w/ win the division. If cap allowed we should go for Mark Tauscher as well.

Well, at least Cutler won't have to worry about being crushed by the Chargers again ;^))

Responding to JPCZ's April 3 comments on Cutler's collegiate record:

Speaking as a lifelong Bear's fan and a 4-yr, 1st row, 40-yd line observer of every home game of Cutler's Vanderbilt career, I think JPCZ's analysis is a little lacking in perspective.

First off, playing QB at Vandy in the SEC is probably the most dangerous job in collegiate sports. The fact that he even lasted 4 years and still managed to attract ANY NFL interest is a testament to his raw talent, determination and toughness.

When you take snaps for USC or any top 10 program for that matter, it's a lot easier to look good. When you are surrounded by the best talent, it's a lot easier to look good yourself. Too good, in many cases apparently. Which explains why so many of the big program prima dona golden boys wash out in the NFL, while obscure grind-it-out nobodies from nowhere become stars in the league. Until you have proven that you can take a week-in, week-out beating against the best and STILL keep slingin' those guns, its all hype and hope.

I can tell you from up close, first hand experience that Cutler made his bones against the best, regardless of whether the team he played for won. For the most part, the biggest, meanest, best DEs and LBs in the country had free shots at him every week of every season he played at Vandy. And regardless of the score, he was still slingin the guns at the end of every one of those games.

I'm not worried about Jay, and you should not either.

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