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Bears tracking another Tar Heel

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The Bears have been doing their due diligence when it comes to one North Carolina prospect, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

The team already put Nicks through a private workout, and he's not the only Tar Heel the team has put under the microscope. J.J. Pesavanto of reports that the Bears have also put tight end Richard Quinn through a private workout. Quinn is considered one of the best blocking tight ends in the draft and that is an area the Bears are looking for improvement after failing to re-sign their own free agent in John Gilmore a year ago.

Quinn is 6-4, 264 pounds, and could be an anchor on the strong side of the line in the running game. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.75 seconds at the Tar Heels' pro day, an improvement over his combine time, and had a broad jump of 9-11. So while he might not be a big plus in the passing game, he's athletic enough to be a dual threat in the red zone, which is what Gilmore was for the Bears.

The problem with Quinn is the Bears might have to invest a mid-round draft choice in him and they'll have to make the tough call on whether that is something they want to do for a player who might not be on the field more than 15 snaps a game.

Iowa tight end Brandon Myers is being brought to Halas Hall for a visit so the position is one the Bears are taking a look at. What importance they'll put in it come the draft remains to be seen. They spent a fifth-round pick on Kellen Davis last year and got marginal special teams play from him.

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If the Bears want a tight end that can be a dual threat [blocker-receiver] in the red zone, their gonna have to invest a mid-round pick. Richard Quinn sounds like he would be a nice mid-round pick for Chicago to fill that role.

Another possible mid-round prospect would be East Carolina's Davon Drew. Drew has nice size 6-4 256lbs, and scouts say he is an excellent blocker. Drew finished the year with 43 catches for 695 yards and 3tds. Chicago could nab him in the 4th or 5th round.

If Chicago is looking for a straight up run blocker at tight end they could go with Alabama's Travis McCall. McCall will be switching to fullback being only 6-0, but the Bears could use him as a blocking tight end & fullback. McCall was known as a powerful blocking tight end at Alabama, some scouts felt he was the best blocking tight end in the nation. Chicago could get him in the 7th.

I also like Brandon Myers of Iowa. Myers had 34 catches for 441 yards with 4tds, and he's a pretty good blocker GO BEARS!!

What about Bear Pascoe from Fresno State. His name alone belongs on the roster.

WOw Kevin, with you around, who needs a scouting department, we can just invest good mid-round picks on a BLOCKING TE, who needs a Safety or OL/DL that we can get to play, lets draft a TE that would most likely be a 7th or undrafted player.

BigDaddy, if you take the time to read my blog you will see I said "IF" the Bears "WANT" a dual threat at tight end in the red zone, their gonna have to invest a mid-round pick, they don't give them kind of tight ends away. Nothing about anything I want the Bears to do. I wouldn't draft a tight end in the mid-rounds myself. If you read my blog some more you'll see I mentioned Alabama's Travis McCall, a 7th round prospect, this is the player I would take and the round I would address the position in.....OK have a nice april fools day GO BEARS!!

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