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Bears to put Georgia WR Massaquoi through private workout

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The Bears are continuing their search for a wide receiver and will head to Athens, Ga., next week to work out Georgia wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi next week.

Massaquoi is a big receiver at 6-2, 210 pounds, and he performed well at his pro day last month, running the 40-yard dash between 4.47 seconds and 4.53 seconds depending on the watch. His broad jump is 10-7, and he's considered a high character guy as a captain for the Bulldogs. Massaquoi and North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks, another player the Bears are interested in, were high school teammates.

The Bears are not the only team zeroing in on Massaquoi. He's already had private workouts with New England and Detroit, the latter of which occurred Tuesday in conjunction with quarterback Matthew Stafford's workout. Massaquoi has visits lined up with Dallas and Tennessee. Chances are he will be a second-round selection.

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As long as we don't consider him any earlier than the 3rd round, he is not a bad guy to take a look at. I think the second round is a bit high for him. But I have been known to be wrong before....

If we go WR in round 2, I like Robiskie (assuming Britt and Nicks are both gone), but if Robiskie is gone, I would be fine with moving back a few slots and looking at Massaquoi in the 55-60 range.

This guy seems like a "poor man's" Hakeem Nicks. He's around the same size (minus the extra weight Nicks has been trying to shed) at 6'1 1/2", and runs at roughly the same speed. The difference is that Massaquoi seems to have a reputation for dropping the ball, whereas Nicks is known for making tough catches in traffic. I guess that's why Nicks is projected as a higher pick.

I like the "due diligence" here, but I don't know if the Bears should be spending high picks on guys who can't catch. The way I see it, if the Bears don't trade the first pick for Cutler (and I'm assuming they won't, given their history) and they're set on shoring up offense in the first round they should see how the round unfolds. If Maclin is available at 18, pull the trigger. If not, attempt to trade down a bit and take Nicks. With the number and quality of WRs available in this draft I think this is a good year to roll the dice on a first rounder, even if it takes a bit of maneuvering. It's a gamble, but if they're going to use the upcoming season to evaluate whether Orton is a starting NFL QB they should be willing to put their money on the table for suitable targets. The Bears have apparently ignored the FA WRs, so they must be planning on addressing this need through the draft. Or, maybe not addressing it at all, a la last season. I won't pretend to understand what goes on in Jerry Angelo's mind...

"I won't pretend to understand what goes on in Jerry Angelo's mind..."

What mind?

From a UGA fan...Massaquoi would be an excellent addition to any team. He had issues with drops early in his career, but not in his junior and senior seasons. He is an extremely high character guy with a good motor. Another plus is that he is a really good blocker. He had several pancake blocks last year a la Hines Ward.

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