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Bears to open home schedule vs. Super Bowl champion Steelers

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The NFL will release the 2009 schedule at 6 p.m. but we've picked up some details on the Bears' schedule with more than 90 minutes to go until the full release on NFL Network.

As we already know, the Bears will open the season at Green Bay on Sept. 13 on NBC's "Sunday Night Football." That is the first of what is scheduled to be five prime-time games. The Bears could get flexed into a sixth game later in the year by NBC and the NFL.

Obviously, with the addition of Jay Cutler to the team in the league's second-largest television market, they are going to be a big draw.

The Bears will return home from Green Bay for their home opener Sept. 20 vs. the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Currently, the Bears are scheduled to have two more appearances on NBC. They will host Philadelphia on a Sunday night and play at Atlanta on Sunday night in a rematch vs. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who crushed them in the closing seconds at the Georgia Dome last season.

The Bears will then square off vs. Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary and his San Francisco 49ers in a road game to be televised by NFL Network on a Thursday in November. Get ready for the hype for this meeting.

The Bears will host the Minnesota Vikings on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

More details as we track them down.

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Atlanta owned the Bears in that loss last season. The Bears were lucky to take the lead in that one. I know there's only so much a team can do to improve over the offseason, but there must be improvement in the pass D.

I live in SF and wanted to go to the game here along with some other Bear fans, but now I don't know. Note to the jerks who run the league: real people have to work the day of and the day after the game. Weekday games really suck. At least on Sundays you can be relaxed all day instead of having to rush to a game from work.

But of course, the league hasn't cared about people going to games for decades. What they really care about is how much money they can get from TV, which has degraded the game immensely.

5-6 priime time games???????? ROFL!!!!! you dont need to see your team get humiliated that much on network TV do you?????

Couldnt agree more Wrigley, the people who pay the salary get hosed. Us. How many 2nd halves do we have to miss?
And when they say 8:15 its more like 8:35.
(Indiana time) I have to get up at 6:30 a.m. so forget the end of the game unless it's the Bears.

btw bb, you blo.
Thats just what we need someone who's NOT a fan predicting the won/loss record lolol yeah like your really going to be accurate. what a dork

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