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Bears no longer checking out top wide receivers?

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The Bears have a private workout scheduled for next week with Rutgers wide receiver Kenny Britt. It's unknown if that will still take place after the team dealt away its first-round draft pick Thursday in a package to land quarterback Jay Cutler.

One workout has been nixed. Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake was going to make another stop on the East Coast next week to work out Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. A league source said that workout has been canceled because the Bears will not be in position to select Heyward-Bey.

We do know of one workout next week. Drake is headed to Georgia to get a closer look at wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. Drake is a former assistant at Georgia.

Britt is expected to be drafted in the second half of the first round or perhaps slide into the second round. With that in mind, maybe the Bears will continue to gather information on him.

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If Britt or Nicks are not there, I think the target should be Brian Robiskie. He has size 6'2 7/8 210 lbs, decent speed, 4.47 at pro day and NFL bloodline. Massaquoi is another option but I think Robiskie will be a better pro. Go Bears!!!!!!

Getting Kenny Britt would be the best case scenario for the Bears in round 2, I'd love it to happen, but doubt he'll still be there.

F### Bey can't stand him. I would love to have Britt, or Nicks, or Robiskie, heck I would be happy with Iglesias or Murphy. For the first time in my life WR in the draft are sitting there hoping to be drafted by the Bears. Eddie Royal 2nd round pick last year put up 980, 91, and 5 with Cutler, this years recievers are better than last years. We have a shot to get a good one and thats good enough.

Cutler rules.

I could see the Bears trading their extra 5th or 7th round picks to move up in the 2nd or 3rd hopefully to grab a decent WR they think can help.

I just had a funny thought. How much is Bernard Berrian kicking himself? He could of had Cutler throwing to him, if he would have only stuck around 1 more year.

GSH wrote
"I could see the Bears trading their extra 5th or 7th round picks to move up in the 2nd or 3rd hopefully to grab a decent WR they think can help."
That sounds like a plan, except our 7th round pick is gone to Tampa Bay because of the Brian Griese/Dan Buenning trade. Even if we still had that pick, the value chart has only 6.6 for that pick. You would need more ammo than that to move up very much. Also the 2 seventh and the 1 third round comp picks are not tradable. I still would like to move up in the second round somehow to get Kenny Britt if he is there at that point. I think he is a player that would be a force right away. Go Bears!!

Lol, GSH! Hilarious point about Berrian! How fitting that such an arrogant and greedy individual now has to wallow in the purgatory known only as the "Sage Rosenfels/Tarvaris Jackson QB derby."

Sure, Berrian would love to be running down Cutler bombs, but if he was still here we wouldn't have the third round comp pick that allows us to deal our third round pick to Denver to get him.

I hope Britt/Nicks drops to us. Robiskie is likely there at our pick, but who knows how likely that is. DHB could drop if teams begin to question his natural football talent and want to see more than the vertical speed from him. However, some team will fall in love with DHB's speed in the 1st.

We need to trade up to get Heyward-Bey.

Ya like im sure berrian really cares to be back with the loser bears. MONEY TALKS. He is getting payed so STFU

The Bears don't need Berrian. We need to move forward not backwards. Tavarius Jackson is awesome. I'm sure Berrian is very happy. LOL.

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