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Bears host receiver Chery today on pre-draft visit

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The Bears are hosting Louisiana-Lafayette wide receiver Jason Chery on a pre-draft visit at Halas Hall today.

Chery played in the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game that general manager Jerry Angelo scouted. He's 5-11, 189 pounds, and is fast with a 40 time in the low 4.4 range. He's got the ability to be a returner and compete on special teams.

Chery is probably a late-round prospect or possibly a priority free agent. Typically, those are the players the Bears choose to bring in for their 30 official visits in order to get medical information on them and get a better feel for them.

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Um - shouldn't we have just about our whole scouting staff in CA right now for USC's pro day ?

This quote sums him up:

"At 5-10, 189, Louisiana-Lafayette's Jason Chery is not the most physically imposing receiver in El Paso, but he's caught everything thrown his direction. Whether on a slant, quick-out or nine route, Chery has the quickness to get position on his man and the hands to secure each pass. - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange, "

Sounds like what the team has wanted/expected from Rashied Davis. Could be they're looking to replace ol' Stone Hands, eh? Considering their gaping hole at WR, I hope the Bears won't wait to see if he slips through the draft so they can sign him as a cheap FA. If the guy is fast, runs decent routes and has good hands, spend a pick on him, Jerry!

Dan M can you name a player from USC that Angelo has drafted? Oh look Louisiana-Lafayette yet again, I guess it's back to the well. I hope they don't slight Louisiana-Monroe wouldn't want anyone to get hurt feelings.

Scout USC? Thats a good one Dan.

Wow, I finally agree with Creighton. Being from California I hear about USC all day long and was beginning to wonder why JA did not get along with Pete Carrol cause he never drafts anything that Pete produces. Look at the endless amount of talent coming from that program, you would think we could pick someone to spend a late pick on, but instead we will visit some on-line college for potential sleepers.



Somebody run Gus's comment over to Halas Hall

Bring Dan's comment also

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